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Mike Dean Bottles It In Turning Point Of The Game

With 70 minutes played and the score at 4-2, goalscorer Michael Carrick was about to burst in to the box, before Michael Turner cynically brought him down, making no effort to even go near the ball.

The crowd were anticipation of a sending off, either as a straight red for denying Carrick a goalscoring opportunity, or at the very least a booking. However, with 20 minutes played, Turner had clobbered Nani and picked up his first booking, meaning he certainly deserves his marching orders.

Mike Dean didn’t have the balls for it though, instead giving Turner a talking to. From this point on, it was a slippery slope for the referee as he lost control of the game. The fans were riled, singing about him being a wanker, as our players became frustrated on the pitch.

“The deciding factor may have been when Michael Carrick was brought down on the edge of the box and [Michael Turner] didn’t get a booking,” Ferguson said after the match. “He’d already been booked so the referee failed in his duty there. It should have been a red card because he was right through. Even a yellow card and the player would have been off. And that makes a difference, you know.”

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  1. glory_911 says:

    Well maybe Turner deserved a red but I don’t think that will affect the game much. United 2nd half display was not good enough and the defender keep on doing costly mistakes. What I see from last few games is our team played damn well in the 1st half but after the break, they turn to something different. Today 4 goals were scored but none of them coming from our striker. I know winning is everything but we need some convincing performance…

  2. Taehr says:

    Ferguson shouldnt even comment on the referee…it was totally fucking bullshit that we could not see out the game comfortably.We shouldnt be talking about referee decisions in this game at all.We were 4-1 for fucks sake.The decision to bring giggs on wasnt too clever.When tevez came on the shape of the team wasnt right.Ronaldo berbatov and anderson were good.Rooney not so…

  3. asidfg says:

    phew… really utd should defend better, berba is klass!


    well it was two chances that hull made in teh second half and they took them, credit to them. i think our second half was a lot better then preious games but once carrick went off we looked a different team, not a giggs basher as i adore the player but this season hes been very hit and miss, some games (everton first 45) hes great but then like today he gives the ball away and doesnt controll the game.

    well we won today and liverpool are drawing so it could be a good weekend for us

  5. timbo says:

    Kiss this season goodbye boys, even with the good result of Liverpool losing to Tottenham. With the kind of one-half displays and complacency United have put in for 10 games, they have zero chance of winning the championship this season unless Sir Alex can bring about an immediate turnaround in attitude from his playing staff. We’ve blown at least three results so far this season with this kind of play that would otherwise have seen us comfortably sitting on top of the table by now.

    Sir Alex also needs to have a good hard look at himself regarding some of the decisions he’s making regarding substitutes. He should never have replaced Nani with Tevez, and Fletcher would have been a smarter sub for Carrick than Giggs. The latter move left the defense very vulnerable – we desperately need a fit Hargreaves back as a defensive lynch pin.

    And he’s also playing Tevez into an out-of-form state by the lack of playing time he’s giving the guy. The man started out the season as our form player up front – now he’s so frantic to impress that he’s forgetting the qualities that made him such an outstanding contributer last season.

    Lastly, we really need to do something about the quality of our midfield. We have a world class attack and defense, but could anyone honestly state that our midfield ranks on the same level? Anderson may well prove a top level player, but the rest range from good to average. Forget the likes of Kaka or Messi – could you point to any of our midfield and claim they’re even on the same level as the likes of Gerrard or Lampard? Giggs in his redefined role in midfield has proven to be just about the best, but he simply doesn’t have the legs anymore to play out more than 60 minutes of football. Scholes is past it and a liability in defense, Carrick is good but not great, Hargreaves seems to have taken on Saha’s role of being permanently disabled, while Fletcher and O’Shea, good team players that they are, simply don’t have the class we really need in the middle. If Ronaldo does move on next season, I’d plunk the money right down and try to use it all to acquire the talents of Messi or Kaka. THAT would redefine United and turn them into a truly world class team.

    Bottom line? The way we played today would have seen United demolished by the likes of Chelsea or Liverpool. If it wasn’t a wake up call, I don’t know what is.

  6. Kings says:

    Getting increasingly concerned with our slacking off in the second half of games.

  7. Drew Vader says:

    Timbo…I agreed with the majority of your post, until you got to the end and I totally dont agree with the last two paragraphs. Kaka and Messi man? A team of Galacticos dont work, you need players to do the grafting.

  8. Drew Vader says:

    And I don’t like Fergie commenting about the Ref…Rooney should have been sent off and how he stayed on for the full 90 mins I will never know. He should have had a yellow for that embarrassing dive in the first half, then could have/should have had a straight red for his horror swipe after the drop ball. It was a shocking performance from him also, I lost count of how many times he passed the ball directly to a Hull player

  9. Anant says:

    hooray …scousers lost!
    coming back to us….over complacency in the second half almost cost us . seems like a recurring theme this season , and something very alien to fergie’s previous teams . maybe this was the wake up call we needed before the arduous week ahead .
    and fergie shouldnt have blamed the ref . we were the ones to blame for self imploding .

    anyway , whats wrong with rio and vida? they seem to be making uncharacteristic errors week after week . nothing like last season .

    also , will the rightful owner of the right back slot please stand up ! am i the only one who seems to think wesley brown is our best right back and should be playing at least 70% games ?

  10. glory_911 says:

    Timbo I agree with you, we really need one influential central midfielder/playmaker just like scholesy in the old days. Currently we have many choice but most of them only decent players. We do have Ronaldo but he is not really a midfielder, doesn’t he? Another thing is I think United need to work a little bit more on set-pieces play…

  11. Drew Vader says:

    I agree Anant…Anfiled cock up aside, we look much more solid defensively when Brown is out there. I would seriously consider leaving the club if I were him, but I doubt he will do anything like that so I guess its a good thing he is more loyal than me.

  12. steve says:

    I bet you were the same person who thought ronaldo was not good enough and say we need to buy ronaldinho and zidane. You say solve the midfield problems yet you contradict yourself by saying messi and kaka should be bought yet they are not midfield players so it shows the lack of knowledge you know there. And I have said this from the day 1 man utd will win the league because they have the best attack. Is there a team in the premiership that as the talent of united like ronaldo rooney berbertov tevez, while Chelsea only have drogba anelka kalou not exactly great is it.

  13. OTRed says:

    Whine when you lose, whine when you win…do you guys ever pick out the positives that could be brought out from this game??? Instead we have ludricous comments like “kiss the season good bye” whilst we’re just 10 games into it. We’ve blown the last three results, i guess by blown you mean 7pts out of 12?? Yes we didn’t carry the good performance throughout the entire match, but to say we’ve “blown” the last three matches is ridiculous imo. Some people…

    @Drew Vader: did we look anymore defensively solid with Brown against Everton last week, i want Brown to play over Neville but i think you’re contacting the Quieroz syndrome.

    Did anyone consider that maybe some of the subs however silly they might have seemed might have been with Wednesday in mind?

  14. Drew Vader says:

    I think we looked relatively solid against Everton, especially in the first half. And I think it was just two uncharacteristic mistakes from Rio that make us look bad.

  15. steve says:

    I totally agree and too be honest after what the boys have done over the past 2 seasons it is about damn time these spoiled moaning brats who call themselves united fans give the team a break. so what if we dont win the league its not the end of the world as long as the team plays well and defend the trophys like real champions.

  16. Gary says:

    United pay the price for their own success, meaning we get spolit bratt fans who call themselfs a United fan from the comfort of their own home and see fit to moan when United dont win 5-0. Its that kind of arrogance that makes people resent our fans, and then our genuine fans get tagged as morons aswel! How about giving credit to a Hull City side that came to Old Trafford and gave us a bloody good game! Thats the first time they have lost away all season, so how can United fan complain!!??

    We win our game in hand were 2 points behind, players are coming back to fitness in the centre of the park and Berbatov is getting better every game! And we have wankers who call them selfs a United fan saying the season is over!? They are a disgrace to the club

  17. steve says:

    I know we should be toasting another great day of the premiership, yes I was mad at them for almost throwing the game away but they won move on but no we have these united fan’s who did it last year bitch moan and say we are not this and that, ok man utd had a bad day at the office at the back but look how we coincided the goals not exactly defensive mistakes and the penalty for hull was a joke. We should look at the positives ronaldo scoring two and getting his A game back and smiling again, Anderson had a top game and looking like the player that we so popular with the fans last year carricks return from injury and the biggest fillet Liverpool and arsenal loosing. The only negative thing was Chelsea winning other than that happy day.

  18. Red Rupert says:

    agree with Gary on the whole but don’t really care what other fans think of us because they’ll invent it anyway.

    It’s looking good on the whole esp considering we haven’t played nearly as well as we can yet, apart from short spells. Players coming back and in Berbatov’s case, settling in – if we get the points on Saturday we’ll be in a good position after a tough/slow start.

    Fergie needs to do a bit of arse-kicking I think it’s fair to say .

  19. nagraj says:

    This is what Ive been saying all along….our midfield CANNOT control games anymore…
    especially against the other top three opponents…
    Mascherano wouldve been a better buy than Tevez..there, I said it…

    Would love to make a play for De Rossi next year when Roma finish out of the top four in Italy…always thought we should’ve bought him over Hargreaves..

  20. bossdem says:

    DREW VADER- wes brown is injured!

  21. steve says:

    And if we bought mascherano instead of tevez would we have won the double last year because our forward line in the 07/08 season was ronaldo rooney tevez saha not exactly strength in depth is it. like I said carrick Anderson and Fletcher are top midfield talents, just get over Roy keane and wait till possebon breaks through Anderson and possebon are going to be a hell of a partnership for years to come have patience look at the benefits of being patient with ronaldo he is the best in the business.

  22. SteRDLK says:

    Why did somebody say our centre midfield isnt good enough

    Then they said that when Ronaldo leaves, we should buy Messi or Kaka.

    Then they said the midfield would then be amazing?!

    Why would replacing the best player in the world, a winger, with other wingers, improve our centre midfield?

    All we need if all of our centre midfielders back from injury and we will be fine.

    Anderson and Carrick are just returning, while Scholes and Hargreaves are still out.

    Anybody who wants Daniele De Rossi over Owen Hargreaves is absolutely clueless.

    When we hit top form, all the idiots will be here praising Fergie and United again. Pure idioticness.

    The Everton game was a blip, and Hull were lucky to have gotten a penalty for Ferdinand and the Hull player going shoulder-to-shoulder, only for the Hull player to be to weak.


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