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Mike Phelan Was A Credit To The Club

Following Manchester United’s exit from Europe thanks to a ridiculous red card decision, it was Mike Phelan who addressed the press, not Sir Alex Ferguson.

Our #2 claimed that the manager who too “distraught” to answer questions on the game at that time. There had been rumours that Sir Alex Ferguson may have been considering retiring at the end of this season and might have seen that unjust exit as his final attempt to win the third European Cup he deserves. If anything, the way we lost yesterday will likely ensure that he will be around for at least one more season.

Phelan, who often gets some stick for his role at United, appearing to be more like a man who sticks the cones out at training than any tactical mastermind, was a credit to the club. Having been at the club since the 80′s, it would be understandable for him to have been wrapped up in the emotion of the travesty he had just witnessed. Instead he spoke calmly and articulately. Fair play to him.

“It’s a distraught dressing room and a distraught manager. That’s why I am sitting here now,” said Phelan. “I don’t think the manager is in any fit state to talk to the referee about the decision. It speaks volumes that I am sitting here now rather than the manager of this fantastic football club. We are extremely disappointed and wondering what has happened and why it has happened. We feel as though we had the tactics right for the game on such a big occasion. We felt we were comfortable at 0-0. It was where we wanted to be, then we scored the goal that put us in a commanding position. We were in reasonable control and then the game totally changed. The decision was amazing but we had to carry on because it is hard enough playing Real Madrid with 11 men. Referees are there to make decisions but there is also an element of doing the right thing. All the media and a television audience watching all over the world will have an opinion on the decision but it was a disappointing one and it spoiled the game.”

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  1. Northwalesred says:

    Well done Mike. A measured, and dignified interview. No need to give Platini and co the ammunition to punish us in next seasons competition. Let’s move on and stuff Rafa and his rent boys in the FA cup.

  2. Red truth says:

    Played by Phelan.

    Although I would have loved his first and only line to have been: ‘it’s a fucking joke.’

    Then stand up and walked out.

  3. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Phelan Did United and himself credit, as he always has. Well done.

    Unfortunately, I was watch via ITV and had to watch a disgruntled former employee make a complete @ss of himself before Phelan’s remarks. Watching Phelan was calming and somewhat inspired. But still a bit disturbed at Nani staying on the pitch, and Rio Clapping the refs face. We are much better than that!

    Just hope the club moves on quickly to the Chelsea match. It would be a shocking shame if we came un hinged like last year. Focus.

  4. AlphaRS says:

    Mike Phelan doing a job for United there. Well done.

  5. mickinny says:

    Well done Mike Phelan. SHOCKING decision from a bent ref. Gobsmacked by a very bitter roy keane talkin shite.

  6. Proverb says:

    Well done phelan you really resembles what this club is about, big up to you

  7. salima90 says:

    OFF TOPIC – But am I the only one who thinks Roy Keane has some serious bitterness to sir Alex nd now by extension to the club. When earlier in the season Rio Ferdinand nd sir Alex had their disagreement about the kick out t-shirt, even though the manager cleared the air nd said it was down to lack of communication, Keane gave an interview nd said sir Alex will nt forgive Rio nd will make him pay one day for making him look foolish. Yesterday because Rooney was on the bench he said the writing was on the wall dat he wasn’t needed at the club anymore. We all will never forget what Keane gave us bt it seems everytime he gets the chance he amplifies issues that would destabilize the club. Who is he to question the boss’ team selection, when the game hasn’t even been played yet, shouldn’t u wait until it’s proven that he got it wrong then u criticize…… Nd by d way sir Alex’s tactics were spot on too bad he didn’t calculate for a rogue referee

  8. The Left Bank says:

    Well said, Mike Phelan.

    But we all can read between the lines, can’t we?

    United were immense. Everything about last night was perfect from the fans down to the players all doing their bit. All was fine until that Turkish referee brandished his red card.

    Time to move on. Onwards and upwards.

  9. RedAlert260599 says:

    Keano is a wanker. He wears a wankers hat.

  10. JIXIE says:

    Yesterday confirms that luck is a big part of football and boy were we unlucky. However its hard to legislate for a card happy ref. We have a great team and manager….so we move on.
    Roy Keane…a giant for us on the field is now a bitter ex-red that has practically thrown away any claim he may have had to being a club legend. You never know he may grow to see the error of his ways. Long live MUFC.

  11. 0161-Jon says:

    I was thinking the same thing. He comes across very well in his interviews.

  12. ahjs says:

    Could he not have said something constructive earlier? Like right after the sending off. We lost a winger after all, not a defender. While Mourinho saw it as an opportunity to win the game, we didn’t try to close the game down? Try and win or take it to penalties. We waited unitil we were two down then tried to outscore them.

  13. Red says:

    I don’t buy “the red card has changed the game” statement. Chelsea faced an uphill at Camp Neo last season after conceding twice and having a defender sent off. They used their available resources wisely and scored twice.

    While Nani’s sending off was unjust and biased from the ref, I think we could have scored 2-3 more goals but RvP was missing and Welbeck doesn’t score. Also the goals we conceded were the result of lack of mentality and stupid defending.

  14. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Damn Rio. You only clapped? I wish every single one of our players spat on the ref as they left. The subsequent 10 match ban for all of them will be so bloody worth it.

  15. Canada says:

    @Red – you’re joking right? did you watch the game? that red didn’t change anything? this has to be a wind up.

  16. denton davey says:

    I don’t know why some Reds shit all over this guy – we have no idea what he actually does or doesn’t do. Mostly, I’d imagine he’s SAF’s yes-man and sounding board. He did well last night in trying circumstaces. Good on ya, mate.

  17. Raizzen says:

    I would rather we play our hearts out like last night than park the bus a la Chelsea and progresses. If anything games like last night are the exact reasons I’m a Red in the first place. And damn proud of it!

  18. ryan says:

    Its just like when the cops shoot an unarmed kid in the face or something. You just hope and hope there will be consequences, but deep down you can be one million percent sure their employer will stand behind them and say they did the right thing. At some point uefa has to realize this damages their brand right? Its really not so special to win a european cup when “who paid the referee? and i assume uefa is fine with it…” is the way you think about winning them…

  19. edcunited1878 says:

    How in the fuck do you say that the sending off didn’t change the game is fucking appalling. United dominated Real Madrid in every single facet of the game named football. Then the red card threw all the work out of the window. And yes, conceding those goals were lack of mental ability and stupid defending? United was never pushed that deep in their own half when 11 v 11. They used Welbeck and Nani to get in behind with RVP pulling into the 9 role which pulled out Varane.

    Chelsea got all the luck in the world last year, simple as.

    Red – are you Keano in disguise, are you Keano in disguise? Don’t be so fucking deluded.

  20. calebkzh says:

    It would have been something if he had wrapped it up by saying, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.”


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