Not long ago, it appeared as though Luke Shaw’s Manchester United career was coming to an end. His fitness problems and friction with Jose Mourinho seemed to spell a transfer was on the cards. With his contract set to expire in 2018, there was suggestion at the start of this season that he could leave in the January transfer window.

Shaw has managed to turn things around since then though and Mourinho has suggested that not only will the club take the option of extending his contract until 2019 but that he will spend many more years at the club.

Luke is not about changing my mind – it’s just the evolution or no evolution of his potential. I know Shaw since he arrived in the Premier League with Southampton and know his potential and quality. Could he come in my direction [was the question] – the way I like my players to be not just on the pitch but during the training week, and he made a big effort.

He’s been free of minor injuries for a few months which sometimes stops the evolution and I’m really happy. The natural consequence of it is that he will have his contract and he will be a United player for years.