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Mourinho: Ferguson Is The Boss

Jose Mourinho has sung the praises of Sir Alex Ferguson and has also ruled out a move to the Premier League any time soon.

“I think football will lose a lot when he stops and there are not young managers and old managers,” he said. “For me, he’s the boss. I call him the boss because he’s the boss of the coaches and I hope that when I go back to English football he still manages Man United. I have a four-year contract with Real. I signed it and when I signed it I signed it because I wanted to be in Real Madrid in this period of my career and I don’t think in another club. I just say openly that for many reasons after this project, the next step will be England for many reasons, but when? I don’t know, I don’t have an idea and I am so happy to be in this moment as manager of the best club in the world.”

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  1. Costas says:


    What he and Sir Alex definitely have in common is their winning mentality. So in that sense, there’s no one better to succeed him. Like you said, he proved he wasn’t a one hit wonder by recreating his success with Porto elsewhere. And he’s still on track to become the first manager to win a European Cup with 3 different teams. Yes, he managed filthry rich sides like Chelsea and Real, but he also won the Ch.League with 2 sides that didn’t have particulary large budgets.

    We could make arguements about what kind of football his sides play. Although when you look back, only one European side really pummeled Pep’s Barca in the Ch.League and that was his Inter. Likewise, when they needed to, Chelsea and Porto also played good football during his tenure. There’s also the criticism about how much he relies on youngsters, but in light of recent events, I am not sure Fergie trusts them any more than him.

    As for Pep, he’s still a bit of an enigma at this point. Won as many Ch.Leagues as Mourinho, but no one knows for sure how good he would be at another club, much less another league. And I must say that it doesn’t compliment him that he cracked only 4 years into his managerial career.

  2. CyRed says:

    @ Marq:

    Sorry for the delayed response gents but it is not only Milito he bought in his short time at Inter, here are all others:
    Brazilian winger Mancini for 13m
    Muntari for 14m
    Quaresma for 18.6m plus a youngster
    Thiago Motta, do not remember the fee,
    Sneijder! Do not remember the fee, plus
    He swapped Eto’o for Ibrahimovic.

    Hence Inter gone into oblivion after this spree I guess.

  3. Dela says:

    Jesus H Christ, still all the complaining.

    Listen, Fergie had Cleverley and Anderson in the first 11 last season for the start of the year and they were good together. However, Tom got himself injured again after the Kevin Davies tackle and never fully recovered before the season was over. Unfortunately, Tom’s entire history with United is full of injury, he even had to stress that he didn’t want an “injury prone” title. He’s not exactly a kid either, he’s 23 or so, he’s only 3 years shy of Rooney’s age.

    As for Anderson, as soon as Tom was out of the picture Anderson fell back to the mediocrity that has plagued his time with United. Welbeck is also finally feeling the pinch of Sir Alex now after a long spell of inconsistent performances for United.

    That’s not to say that all of these players are shit, they most definitely aren’t shit, there is serious potential among them but there’s a reason why Fergie looks over them in some games. You lot also forget that he sees them in training every day, he’s well aware of their capabilities and their experience.

    As for “relying on Rio, Giggs and Scholes”… Giggs has barely played (and only started against Spurs because we had nobody to play on the left wing since Nani had to take up Tony V’s position)… Scholes has turned games around for us already because he is STILL our best midfielder by a LONG ways, we don’t have anybody who can pass and boss a midfield like he can. As for Rio, he didn”t have the best showing on Saturday, but his start to the season hasn’t been at all bad, he was incredible at Anfield, for example, which is one of our worst grounds. You also completely seem to forget that we have two unavailable younger defenders in Smalling and Jones.. they aren’t being played because they are injured, they aren’t being looked over.

    As for Buttner, another serious prospect but the only game he played for us in the league is against Wigan so far. I was amused when we played Newcastle in the league cup and this place was full of jubilation about how it was out best performance of the season, leaving out the fact that Newcastle also had an under-strength side out, and as soon as Pappiss Cisse came on, the defense couldn’t handle him, he scored 1 and almost scored a blinding overhead kick, which if he had would have brought us to Extra time, and they had finished the stronger side. I have no doubt there are people here who would play that exact same side against Newcastle this weekend in the Premier League, and then wonder why they got hammered. The League Cup is for the younger players and those returning from injury for a team like United and any self-respecting team that challenge for more prestigious trophies.

    I’m not saying people here don’t have the “right” to criticize Fergie, of course you do, but I also have a right to call you on it if I think you are wrong, and I definitely have a right to call people out for scapegoating. Paul Scholes is the new target of criticism now, which is incredible considering we’d have lost to Anfield if he didn’t get us control of the midfield when he came on, and we would have lost or drawn at Southhamtion (a game in which even RvP, after a hattrick, said Scholes should have gotten MOTM and not him). The last few years of United there’s been nothing but scapegoating of single players, blaming them for all of our problems on the pitch.

    Now we face Cluj and we already seem to have a problem with viruses and injuries, so it could end up being painful to watch for us. And if we do lose, I’m not looking forward to the same gang of users here who only comment when we lose and barely when we win.


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