Jose Mourinho has won four more trophies than Pep Guardiola and Arsene Wenger but believes he needs to win one more to receive the credit he deserves.

I think that probably 25 trophies is the line that people made about a successful manager. For some managers, they still need to win one more trophy to reach that 25 level. Some others need 25 trophies to reach that level, some others need four, some others they need 12, some other they need 15, some other they need 24. I have 25 but I still want one more. So maybe when I win one more trophy than 25 I have a little bit of credit.

Guardiola finished his first season at Manchester City empty-handed, despite spending more money that any other manager, while Mourinho won two trophies in his first season at United.

Mourinho clearly feels as though the media give his rival manager more praise than they do him though, just as other teams are praised for playing in similar ways to him.

United beat Spurs 1-0 at Old Trafford, yet they beat the champions of Spain, Europe and world 3-1 days later. Mourinho has called out the press for the way they’ve discussed these games.

Before I am a football manager, I am a football lover – and I can spend a whole day watching football. For me, the priority is competition. But what is the magic for you? What is for you phenomenal? The way Tottenham played against Real Madrid? I recently saw another team play exactly that way and yet it I was told it was negative.

I saw a team play exactly that way – defending, pressing, controlling all the penetration, playing with five at the back, the full-backs overlapping, getting possession of the ball, going forward in quick transitions, attacking the last line of defence.

I recently watched a match like that, but it was not on TV. I was close to the action – it was when I was on the touchline.

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