Manchester United beat Crystal Palace 3-2 on Monday evening after going 2-0 down. We scored three goals in the final 35 minutes to go back to 2nd place in the table.

Jose Mourinho has revealed that he dished out the hairdryer treatment at half-time, as well as making some tactical changes, to help the team win the game.

I can’t tell you half of the things that I told them. I can only tell you the other half, which was about the tactical positioning. In the first half, Alexis was on the left and in the second half he was behind Lukaku. In the first half we played with three midfield players but in the second half we played only with two. We gambled a little bit with two against two at the back without Matic’s protection in front of them. Rashford gave us width on the left side.

The message was, I cannot tell you, because of lot of it was bleeping for the television. of bleeping on television. But what I can say was all about the tactical positioning.

To come back from 2-0 down away from home against a team that is desperate for points, it gives us a great feeling.