Ahead of the FA Cup final tomorrow between Manchester United and Chelsea, Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Anthony Martial is fit to play following his injury in training ahead of the Watford game, but Romelu Lukaku’s status is still unknown.

Martial is fit and Lukaku we have to wait until the last moment. I don’t want to lie to you and say he doesn’t play and then he plays or vice versa, so [on] Lukaku, we have to wait.

Mourinho claims that the season can’t be judged purely on the result of the cup final but he recognises the importance of winning it.

People can do what they want. The same applies to yourself. You can analyse the way you want to analyse and I can analyse the way I want, so everyone is free to go in the direction you want to go. Of course it makes a difference, but one thing is to make a difference and to consider it good or bad because of one match.

When I analyse the work I did and the effort I put and everything we all did in the club – and that includes the most important persons in the club which are the players – I’m not going to analyse them because of one very important match. But I know the effort [that has been put in] and I’m not going to change my analysis of the season because of one match, not at all.