Reports this week suggested that Jose Mourinho was going to be offered a contract extension at Manchester United. The manager has denied a new offer is on the table but has insisted if the club do ask him to stay longer than three years he wouldn’t hesitate to sign.

They didn’t! And I’m not expecting them to do that, because they gave me a three-year contract. They are being super supportive with me, and always gave me the feeling that three years is not the time I am going to stay here, I always had the feeling that I am going to stay for more time.

They know that I’m loving it, at every level, I’m loving my job at Manchester United, and they know that if one day they bring the contract, I will sign it, I don’t even need my advisers, I’ll sign because I am loving it.

China money is attractive for everyone, but I love my football at the highest level more. Too young, 53, too young, too many years of football to go to a place like China. I want to stay in the most difficult place to win, so I’m in the right place.