With the World Cup less than a fortnight away, Jose Mourinho has spoken to GQ about the tournament and the national team, claiming that he isn’t close to taking on the job of Portugal’s manager.

No. No! I am not close at all. I think being the coach of a club is my job. Because I need to play matches every week and train every day. I would say I am even further away from being tired now than I was a few years ago.

When asked who was the greatest ever World Cup player, Mourinho struggled to name just one, but had a list of people who have impressed on the world stage.

It is just too difficult. I was born in 1963, so the 1966 World Cup was too early for me, but I know my football history and players like Sir Bobby Charlton and Eusébio were the ones back then. From 1970 I remember all the teams and all the players and there are just too many to choose from. Beckenbauer, Pele, Maradona, the Brazilian Ronaldo. There are just so many and every four years there seems to be a new star. For me, it is impossible to compare players from different generations.

With so much football on offer, with fans from all over the world being able to watch any league every weekend, Mourinho insists that the World Cup is still a special tournament.

It is special for the fans, it is special for the countries and it takes place in the summer. I always think that when national teams are playing at the World Cup, the whole country stops. I think if you walk down any street in any country when their team is playing at the World Cup, you could steal a whole shop and no one would notice. It is such an amazing tournament that even people who are not football fans fall in love with the national team.