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Mourinho: I’m Proud Of My Relationship With Ferguson

Jose Mourinho was in the stands for United’s 2-0 victory over Everton today ahead of our Round of 16 clash next week against Real Madrid.

“I feel privileged about that because he is such an important person in the world of football and, more importantly, he is good person,” he said. “I have always had a fantastic relationship with him and I am proud of it. We have had so many matches between us which started with Porto. We had some with Chelsea, Inter and now Real. Some I had won, some I have lost, others I have drawn. Of course, I want to win and he wants to win, but I believe the loser will have a little bit of space to feel a little bit happy because of the friendship. But make no mistake, I want to win.”

Mourinho has reflected on the games ahead, claiming that the world is waiting for this game.

“It is the match the world is waiting for,” he added. “People think we are under pressure because a big team will be out. But it is the kind of match we want and the people are not waiting for any other game. I hope we give them what they want.”

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  1. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fletch – like i said, time will tell. It may not be the same bebe we’ve witnessed a couple years ago. Of course he’s behind the youngsters, they’ve all been spoon-fed and coached, bebe was still playing tactical-less football, he’s basically going through the same routine of development now but only slower. Not saying he’ll definitely make it here but with his determination, clear obvious talent, who is to write him off? Fergie will give him another chance when he returns to showcase development and hopefully he takes it but on another case, he could still carve out a career but i won’t completely write him off.

  2. wayne says:

    Don’t see this statement as mind games nothing to do with the match.Maureen being genuine in his feelings for Sir Alex

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The term “Genuine” and mourinho together in the same sentence, Yeah right. He’s classless cunt that will do everything and anything to win, fergie knows exactly what he is but is playing along with his game.

  4. wayne says:

    samuel it’s no secret Maureen has respect for Sir Alex and Utd don’t see anything in his statement that’s mind games.Sir Alex and Maureen have had a pretty close relationship for years.I just don’t see anything in that statement that’s a wind up,you’re obviously seeing it differently

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Eamon Dunphy:

    “United don’t have a midfield do they”
    “United will be killed!”

    Ouuuuch :lol:

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Drv – the next step is for vida to start playing more than a game a week but i agree, gradually he’s returning to his best but if you ask him, he’ll still admit he’s not near his capabilities/fitness yet but his sheer presence breeds confidence, he bullies attackers into submission. He heads,kicks, tackles, no nonesense defender.

  7. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Wayne – it’s never black and white with mourinho, there’s always a hidden agenda his actions, whether that be his usual dramatic captivation of the media, his disruptive moves within his club and when he claims to have a “close relationship”. Looking through, i think it’s a professional respect fergie has for him but the scot-man is experienced to know mourinho is capable of.

  8. King Eric says:

    Fucking belting weekend. Fuck off City, Mancini you greasy snide cunt, toff cunt over rated Hart and dog shit Barry. Not just saying this but I knew Saints would win. A great little side and City have been papering over cracks. All of a sudden their supposed “Best squad in Europe” looks fucking garbage. They haven’t the stomach or heart for a title run in now. All over. United were proffessional as fuck yesterday. Some huge performances from Rafa, Vida, Jonny, Clevs and Jones. All in preperation for Wed. We’ll Never Die as the banner on the stretty read. United are a different animal this season.

  9. King Eric says:

    Oh and what more can be said about Sir Ryan. Fuck me.

  10. iced earth says:
    hope they are ok
    i think rio and vida will start against madrid

  11. wayne says:

    samuel not arguing Maureen causes shit at his own club for ulterior motives and has had his run ins with many managers,no doubt Maureen likes playing head games.I really believe with Sir Alex and Utd he’s past that probably realizes there’s no point to it because Sir Alex is the best at it.In this case i think his respect for Utd and Sir Alex is genuine,i also think he want’s the Utd job so bad it hurts.

  12. medumtum says:

    He is the same guy who accused Roma of being better than United before we hammered them in that 7-1. Certainly one of our greatest European Performances. Also remember him criticizing Ronnie, and saying he would never be abig game player. Personally think hoping for a repeat of that scoreline may be a stretch but I’ll take it as a good sign.
    On City agree theyve lost their nerve. A weakened squad that simply doesn’t look hungry this season. Even when behind by 8 last season they had a drive. Mancini knew he needed to buy and buy big to have a shot with United hungrier and Sir Alex spending. Its amazing how much the press treated City as if they were perennial champion. Its not easy carrying the crown.

  13. parryheid says:

    1999,Question is Is it On Im thinking it is now would that be something.

  14. AlphaRS says:

    @King Eric
    I will be watching Red Nev closely tonight to see whether he gives Hart any shit for his blunder against the Saints. To think De Gea got shit for a weak punch against Spurs…!

  15. wayne says:

    parry yes mate i said that last week,everyone isn’t giving the lads much of a chance against Madrid but for me there’s a unity and a steel about the side that Madrid doesn’t have,get a good result Weds night i think 99 is very much on

  16. domunited says:

    Jose can talk it up all he wants – it doesn’t change the fact that I do not want him at my club.

  17. In David We Trust says:

    medumtum – I disagree on shitty, they were not convincing last year to be honest always looking like they could not handle the pressure, and united’s lack of legs in midfield cost them. Loads were saying, hart company toure silva aguero were outstanding last season, while united 80% of that side were nowhere near at that level, and still shitty could not beat united on pts, technically united were still champions when they were playing football. What has happened is? united have raised the bar for me, in terms of intensity of their entire play, focus, hunger, players are in better form, the impact of RVP. In DDG, rafeal, ferdinand, evans, jones now, evra, carrick, cleverly, rooney RVP, hernandez, welbeck vidic and at times giggs have done a good job, besides Rooney, the rest are in much better form. I think the defense has got it together since the turn of the new year, there was a time this season, where teams could have taken pts off united, when the goals were leaking for fun with united, but united’s ruthless edge in RVP rooney and Hernandez, and realizing not to play scholes and giggs together, and pairing C and C carried them through that awful period, the leaks have been plugged, and the defense is now allot tighter, and in rooney and RVP we have a ruthless pairing, who are both at the very peak of their powers

  18. Bobby Charlton's combover says:

    @Fletch – Don’t mind Eamon Dunphy, he’s either with you or he’s not, he’s throws a lot of shit some of which sticks and more of which ends up on his face. He’s a professional statement maker to boost his own profile.

  19. FletchTHEMAN says:

    medumtum and Bobby CCO,
    Cheers lads, I know all about Eamon. Loves to talk slag. I loved the part of the interview where he says he was wrong about Ronaldo. Also appreciate anyone who stuck up for Roy Keane as I have always been a Keane fan.

    Anyway, Like medumtum says, hope the scoreline is more like the Roma game, though as I recall it was a bit closer at their place!

  20. zigoo says:

    gonna be a toughie…

    id take a 2-1 loss tbh


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