Chelsea fans turned on Jose Mourinho, their most successful ever manager, when he last appeared at Stamford Bridge with Manchester United in the FA Cup. It’s unclear why there was so much hatred felt for him, given he was sacked by Roman Abramovich, but Mourinho responded by reminding their fans that he has lead their team to three league titles. In the club’s entire history, they have won a total of five.

After the game, Mourinho mocked their insults, reminding them that ‘Judas’ is their number one. Ahead of Sunday’s game against Chelsea, Mourinho has insisted he has no different feelings about playing his former club as he would anyone else.

You say it’s emotional but, for me, it’s a game. It’s one more game. No different for me. Not at all.

[To compare the two teams] first of all, some guys are fresh, some guys are tired and that’s very important. But they are top for some reasons – it’s not just because they are fresh. It is also because they have individual quality. It’s because they have collective quality. They have a certain style of play. They stick to it. They do it very well. So they are a very strong team.