Marcus Rashford played more games in 2017 than any player in Europe but in 2018 his role has largely been confined to the substitute’s bench.

Jose Mourinho has dismissed any concerns about the player though and has sung the youngster’s praises.

The good thing with Marcus is he can play in the three attacking positions so, even when he doesn’t start, to be on the bench is such a security for me and for the team. Marcus is a fantastic boy. He is also very grounded and, for sure, we love him, and we believe in him and he’s going to have the chances to keep developing.

Because Marcus had such an impact in the beginning, probably people are expecting him to play even more than he does and score even more than he does and to perform even more than he does. But that’s not so simple.

At his age, what he’s doing is more than enough, and the experience that he’s getting at every level is more than enough, for us to be happy with what we think is going to be his future.

Mourinho was asked whether Rashford’s lack of starts will have an impact on the likelihood of him being chosen to go to the World Cup in the summer, but the manager isn’t worried about that happening.

If the national coach trusts him, he selects him. It doesn’t matter if he plays or if he doesn’t play. I don’t [verbally] reassure anybody, anyone. The main reassurance for Marcus is that he’s always selected [if available]. There is not one single match when he is not selected to start or to be on the bench.