Following Manchester United’s 4-0 win over Reading, Jose Mourinho has sung the praises of his players, especially Anthony Martial.

After a great performance against Middlesbrough, fans were surprised when he was left out of the team against West Ham earlier this week, but Mourinho has explained the thinking behind that decision.

[Anthony Martial] played very well against Middlesbrough but, because he was not playing for a long time, him and myself felt that 48 hours later against West Ham it was better not to start so, today, he was fresh and again very objective playing against a good player. Gunter is a good right-back and he performed very well again but I think [of] everybody, we could name lots of players, we could name Fellaini, we could name so many of them, but, overall, the team collectively played well again and we created lots of chances.

We played well and, without Zlatan today, we had to go for a different style of play and Marcus is very fast in getting behind people. We play with four creative – and three players in attacking areas – and with Michael and Fellaini controlling the organisation in midfield. I think we could have scored more goals but it would be a bit too nasty to them as they presented good football.