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Mourinho suggests Chelsea DID offer us Mata/Luiz

In the summer, when Chelsea were confident their club would be prising Wayne Rooney away from Manchester, a rumour circulated that Jose Mourinho was prepared to let Juan Mata or David Luiz move in the opposite direction.

The rumour was quickly dismissed, with Chelsea fans scoffing at the idea that Mourinho would be prepared to let Mata, their player of the season two years running, leave the club.

Chelsea FC released a statement to deny the rumours: “Chelsea can confirm that yesterday it made a written offer to Manchester United for the transfer of Wayne Rooney. Although the terms of the offer are confidential, for the avoidance of doubt and contrary to what is apparently being briefed to press in Sydney, the proposed purchase price does not include the transfer or loan of any player from Chelsea to Manchester United.”

As the months have gone by, and it has been shown that Mata clearly is a player Mourinho would allow to leave, you had to wonder whether there was more truth to those rumours.

Yesterday, Mourinho was again asked about his plans to sign Rooney, but he insisted Chelsea had no chance.

“United were clear in the way they approached the Rooney situation,” he said. “They don’t swap. They don’t sell. I don’t see that changing, they were very clear about that.”

Strange then that Mourinho claims United were very clear they wouldn’t be swapping Rooney for any Chelsea players, when Chelsea supposedly never offered a swap in the first place…

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  1. The One says:

    3 possibilities: 1. chelski did offer Mata but we weren’t prepared to sell rooney to them because we didn’t want rooney to have his way and win his tussle with the club; and 2. maureen’s up to his mischief again; 3 both.

    I believe maureen is dead afraid of united and is doing his best to do as much psychological damage as possible with the hope of unsettling us to the point of no return. Too bad maureen, you’re not gonna succeed!!

  2. sir matt martin says:

    @The one
    You rite i can see united wining at the Bridge tomrw.. will just have to close that gap between us and liverpool.

  3. Marko Maric says:

    If we get Mata AND Luiz for Rooney, then i would sell to Chelski

  4. sir matt martin says:

    Mata and Luiz, you beleav that?

  5. Tommy says:

    I think all he meant was that united wouldnt let a player swap United for Chelsea, nothing in it really, although I did laugh in the summer when they claimed United said in the press in sydney about Mata when all Mareen and the chelsea players did in the summer was talk about Rooney, Pot and kettle spring to mind!

  6. Dela says:

    Mourinho’s biggest interest in Rooney was simply to use him as an attack vector against David Moyes. He repeatedly spoke directly to Wayne through the media as if to show that David Moyes is irrelevant. Mourinho likes to play mind games and when they don’t go his way he loses his shit and sticks his finger in someone’s eye.. He’s an overgrown child who has been compared to Fergie when he actually never ever built a proper team from youth to peak like Fergie did multiple times. Roberto Mancini showed it with City.. you can be a mediocre manager with poor man management skills and still buy trophies

  7. Gazzer says:

    Well I like Mourinho a lot. He’s full of shit, he says things to wind you up, he’s not always truthful, you’ve got to love it!!!

  8. Fletch™ says:

    At some point, I would love to see Chelsea accuse united of tapping up one of it’s players.

    They clearly did it with Jon Obi, for which they paid 10m, but were never charged by the FA.
    Now they do it with impunity for Rooney.


    Bring on tomorrow, Hope we rub their chav noses in it. Up the reds!
    Hope Fletch scores the winning so we can be charged for not controlling our fans! :lol:


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