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Mourinho: United Job Is A Special One For A Special Manager

In case he hadn’t made it obvious enough, Jose Mourinho has again hinted that he would be interested in replacing Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager.

“Football without Alex Ferguson? I’m not sure that will happen any day soon,” said Mourinho. “The man lives and breathes football and Manchester United is his club. His hunger and desire to win the biggest trophies remains so I cannot see the day he considers walking away from football approaching. Like Real Madrid, the Manchester United job is special and only a ­special manager is good enough to take the job on if and when it does become available. Of course, jobs like that don’t ­become available every day so the interest will be vast. Like Madrid, it’s a job everyone will want.”

The unavoidable next manager U-Turn

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. RedScot says:

    @ The fly, tell me just out of curiosity how long has Maureen stayed at one club.
    When has United had their greatest success with managers.
    You wont a quick in and out.?
    He will either go to the cash cow, or the National manager of Portugal.
    Not United class

  2. CedarsDevil says:

    My OBJECTIVE take on this

    Those in support of JM look at his success story and rightly so, you cannot question what he has achieved.

    Those opposed to him are also justified, no youth development, perhaps looking after his own interest, no long term security….

    Bottom lime fellas, Sir Alex is simply irreplaceable, we will NEVER have a manager that is going to be at the club for over 20 years. Personally I cannot make my mind up on JM, but who in world football at the moment is better equipped? This is a serious question and NOT a vote of confidence

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    *line* not *lime* obviously lol

  4. RedScot says:

    @ CedarsDevil ohhhhhh Fuck of eh, when has objectivity ever entered a fans head lol.
    Good post mate.
    Bottom Lime I much prefer, are you thinking of taking care of your vegetable garden! lmao
    I stick bye my views, an ex United player than knows the ethos of the club and will respect the traditions.

  5. willierednut says:

    What are yous all gonna do when he’s appointed United manager?

  6. CedarsDevil says:

    Red Scot


    In all honesty mate its the most frightening thought for me, post SAF era! You say ex United player, but who? Brucy, Keano, Ole WHO?

    Blimey better go get pissed and forget about the eternal question

  7. RedScot says:

    @Willie you are so,annoying! lmao.
    Get it in your heid, I have the new managers name in my grasp, and it aint no fucking tarting greaseball.
    Evening mate hope N iron is good. Drink more baileys you no it makes sense.

  8. willierednut says:

    RedScot – United and Mourinho makes sense, and it would piss off a lot of people in England. The only concern I have is the style of football, but football fans, being football fans, if we start winning trophies, that will be forgotten about quickly.

  9. Xyth says:

    @mattbw7 To put it simply – extremely arrogant with no class whatsoever. United deserves better.
    Would rather have any from Pep, Sparky (despite Shitty stain), Brucie, Hiddink, or Moyes.

  10. RedScot says:

    @ Cedars evening mate on progression and heart on sleeve and what he has attained with regards to experience and ethic and win all mentality.
    With a limited budget I would go with Steve Bruce, i previously thought David Moyes, and supported him.
    Different times and days.
    Its like pissing in the wind i guess.
    IF we only did not have the Glazer for me Mourhino would be, toot sweet.
    Get the Glazer out

  11. CedarsDevil says:

    Red Scot

    Still cracking up at your ‘lime’ veggie garden comment! LOL

    In all honesty If I was (God forbid) choosing our next boss I would shoot my self, no one is worthy BUT life goes on. Cannot disagree with Bruce, nor can I disagree with JM… But I cannot also disagree with Hiddink, nor can I disagree with Ole…. Truth be told, best way out, we give a good prayer, SAF stays on for a further 30 years, problem solved

  12. willierednut says:

    Too big for Moyes. Sir Alex said it has to be an experienced manager.

  13. Steve_G says:

    i love mourinho as a coach, but hes the opposite of what we want our playstyle and tactics to be, yes he can win at all costs, but it wont be pretty

  14. CedarsDevil says:

    @ willie

    You are right, SAF did say that and I know you are a fan of JM and I respect that…. Talking of experience, who else is out there worthy of the job that meets that criteria and is not over 60? I guess you have a winner! LOL

  15. GoatinaUnitedShirt says:

    FFS sir alex isnt finnished yet so why do we have to discuss this every fucking month. Do you ot want rid of Fergie??
    Mourinho says its a job for a special one, is he a retard. Does he think hes special, if special means “gifted”, then sure hes “gifted” in a south park sort of way, TIMMY. Now all we need now is for Moyes to come out and say Sir Alexs successor will be experienced and we can have a encyclopedic chat about complete bolox again, and the redknapp …………….. this could go on forever.
    Fergie isnt going anywhere, he will die on the bench. and thats a while a ways yet.

  16. devils favourite says:

    Who keeps asking him United related questions and why? He just keeps repeating himself!

  17. Zekierobsie says:

    Yeah, welkam ‘the special one’ to OT. Its where u r n were ment to be.

  18. Thabsheer says:

    he’s a charmer… knows how to get what he wants…

  19. leetguy101 says:

    Wow, I’m actually touched you read my messages, Scott.

  20. badger says:

    For those slagging JM’s style of play I would suggest that they watch Madrid this season or look back at his first season with the rent boys, that and I would also say that its not like United exactly play free flowing, attacking football any more – in fact we are becoming something of a Chelsea clone by playing containing football and worrying more about the oppo instead of trying to impose ourselves on them.

  21. badger says:

    @RedScott 21:01 – they are all winners mate?

  22. Bashy says:

    SAF will be here for a while… So plz shut ur mouth Jose

  23. Fred says:

    Love Jose tbf. Welcome to Old Trafford, son.

  24. Goninho says:

    If he gets us a treble and utterly humiliates the rent boyz, I won’t complain.

  25. OTRed says:

    Sorry, but I can never agree with the bloggers view on Mourinho. Sure he has his fault(who doesn’t), but there’s simply no one better than him right now for the job, who knows if Fergie leaves in some years time, there might have been a new up and coming manager that’ll look good for the job, but for now, Mourinho is still the best candidate for the jbo.

  26. mara says:

    I think that he Ronlado would come back at OT if he comes here. But like most of you said, it is a big question can Glazers pay for all demands he has. He bought every player he wanted, because owners has a lot of money, but Glazers dont want to spend a money. But on the other side, he is not stupid, he knows about our club finance like we do. He like chalenge. I beg that Glazers go away until then.


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