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Moyes Gone

As was reported yesterday, David Moyes is no longer Manchester United manager.

The club released a short statement at 8.30am this morning saying: “Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the club. The club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.”

Last night someone at the club, believed to be Ed Woodward, briefed the country’s press to let them know that Moyes would be leaving the club. There were suggestions that the club needed to wait until it was mathematically impossible for us to play in the Champions League next season before making the decision, which reduces how much the club needs to pay out to Moyes.

Whilst, like many fans, I believed Moyes had to be sacked, it’s disappointing to see the way the club has gone about it. Was it really necessary to leak it to the press yesterday? What does that achieve? For all Moyes’ failings as a football manager for a club aiming to be at the top, he has always come across as a decent enough bloke and you have to wonder what the point in humiliating him is.

Louis van Gaal and Jürgen Klopp have been linked with replacing him, although rumours suggest that Ryan Giggs will take charge for the remaining four games of the season, with Nicky Butt alongside him.

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  1. mjcRED says:

    Gary Mitrovic
    I hear what your saying, I guess we’re all feeling a bit jaded and disillusioned with how things have gone this season, might be good to take some time away from the game for a bit!

    Keep the faith…

  2. Gary Mitrovic says:

    mjcRED, even though I wanted Moyes gone from about January I don’t feel a sense of joy about the whole situation like yourself. The right decision has been made though and we have no choice but to look forward now and with a sense of optimism again.

  3. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @mjcRed; thank you. Moyes topic is old, we should be discussing on the way forward for united, not about a mid-table ‘football genius’ who destroyed a club that are defending champions with his cluelessness and was still rewarded 5mil pounds for doing a shite job and breaking every unnecessary negative records. We should rejoice and merry that he’s gone with his mid-table mentality and shiteness. His tenure was terrible, and a point in time I got tired of watching our football matches cos of the technical ineptness of the ‘chosen one’. He owes us ,not the other way round. He’s history, his pathetic plastic fanboys/dickriders can follow him out. As far as I know, No top club will have tolerated him and his mid-table mediocrity this long. He deserved to be booed by the fans, but they never one top club that their fans wouldn’t have booed their coaches. Even city,liverpool, chelsea fans were begging us to continue with him so that they can continue to do a double every season on our club. This club tried their best supporting him even when performances were horrible, He owes us big time.he should go and look for a mid-table team,take Rooney with him and continue worshipping and kissing his ass.

  4. tejasgoradia says:

    Some more on Van Gaal and his philosophy of playing football:

    The following interview has been extracted from the research paper. It make for a wonderful read…

  5. Ed-the red says:

    I feel sad for Moyes but I the club called it correct. I just hope their will be a competitive job tendering process.
    As opposed to many fans, I would love Ole Gunnar as number two to an experienced, serial winner manager who will be chosen.
    My preferred chooices are Frank de Boer, Ancelloti, VG, Conte, and Vervelde.

  6. Dela says:

    @tejasgoradia –> van Gaal can say the right things, but I’m still very skeptical and concerned that so many fans seem to think he’ll walk in and everything will change. If memory serves me right, didn’t he have a really bad start when he took over Munich? He lost a few games if memory serves right and the fans started getting on his back, but he turned it around and won the German double. However, having a really bad start is something you will get away with in Germany.. not so much in the premier league with 4-5 other title contenders. I think it was only when he dipped into the market and brought in robben etc. that he managed to turn it around. Earlier in the decade he left barca when they were flirting with relegation.

    Don;t get me wrong, he has a good CV and good philosophy, but lets be honest, he won like 3 trophies this century so far. I guess in his defense if he stayed with a club for a long time with stability this side of the turn of the century it might have helped…

    But ye, I;m not entirely sure next season wlll be that good under van Gaal.

  7. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tejasgoradia, I really like Van Gaal’s self confidence, arrogance if you like. He can back it up with his trophy count so he can justify it. I have complete faith in him that he’s big enough and bold enough to make a difference at United and command the respect of the players. I actually find his interviews funny even when he’s not even trying to be, just though his unbelievable self belief.

    We need a fresh start and someone enthusiastic like Van Gaal to lift the spirits of the whole camp and start making people believe again. I’m very much looking forward to what seems like the imminent appointment of Van Gaal in the next month or so.

  8. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Dela, I don’t think anyone is thinking that Van Gaal will just walk and we return to a dominant force again. But I guarantee he will improve things, absolutely convinced of that. The job is slightly easier now after the despair of this season and a job like this might just be what Van Gaal needs to inspire him again.

    There are few other available candidates out there and there is a risk appointing anyone, Van Gaal is far less of a risk than Moyes ever was.

  9. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I’m sure Van Persie wants Van Gaal there and I bet he’s been telling the other players about him and convincing them he’s the right man, this could massively lift squad morale and get the best out of Robin again.

    Van Gaal I’ve heard always likes to keep a member of the original coaching staff on board so hopefully Ryan Giggs stays on as assistant to Van Gaal or first team head coach (depending what role Phil will be given now)

    I can’t change people’s minds and I understand people are going to have their doubts, but I’m optimistic about Louis Van Gaal.

  10. Dela says:

    @Gary Mitrovic –> I wasn’t saying that people are expecting it to return United to dominance, I’m talking about how long it will take for things to truly improve. Of course they will improve because they couldn’t be a whole lot worse, but better than crap can still be crap, and van Gaal hasn’t shown much since the 90s that makes me convinced he will be as good as people hope he will be.

    Don’t get me wrong, I hope he will be and I’ll give him as much support as I gave Moyes, but people are talking van Gaal up a bit I’m thinking. Be cautious and realistic, is all I’m saying.

  11. mjcRED says:

    I’d like to see the former Argentina and Bilbao manager Marcelo Bielsa considered for the position as the next United manager.

    If the club are serious about going down the route of an innovative, no nonsense manager.I’d love him to be considered.

    The way in which we were comprehensively outplayed, out thought and out-fought by his Bilbao a couple of seasons back was one of the best displays I’ve seen by an opposition side in years.

    I don’t think Guardiola says anything lightly so when he claims the guy to be the ‘best manager in the world’ and one of the key influences and inspirations to his own management ethos and sensibility. We surely cannot overlook this guy?

    I don’t think he’s at another club now so I guess he would be available to come in as soon as.I can’t think of a better, available option who is without other footballing commitments?

    He’s a maverick and an innovator and he’d have that crazy latin american intollerance for any fucking about, EXACTLY what we need to haul ourselves out of the doldrums of poor attitude, ability and technique found within far too many of our players.

    The more I think about it, Van Gaal’s commitments with Holland would be too big for us to consider him at this time, which leaves Ancelotti as the only other mooted target, but this all depends on whether Madrid will let him go and indeed whether or not he wants to come to United.

    If Fergie is amongst those entrusted to draw up a list of candidates, will he be able to come up with anyone available who has displayed the abilty in comprehensively out maneuvering him in pure footballing flair, style and effort as the whipping his boys dealt us across those two games?

  12. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Louis Van Gaal is what we need..I love him, he reminds me of mourinho; trophies, ego and commands respect. He’s the best candidate for us.

  13. mjcRED says:

    If we’re quick about it, we might snatch the guy from the clutches of Marseille. Or maybe we’ll be caught dozing again and dither to the safe but not necessarily correct option.

  14. mjcRED says:


    I worry if you think Mourinho commands respect. The guys a coward of the highest order, going around poking his fellow managers in the eye. You’re right, big respect.

    Never mind the bland, pragmatic, win at all costs football he advocates. It might be effective, but fuck me it’s dull. Moyes was the wrong guy, but Mourinho is a footballing cancer.

    We may be in the gutter, but I’d sooner remain potless than accept bow to this classless cunt.

  15. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Dela, again that is an unfair notion that Van Gaal hasn’t been as good since the 90s. AZ Alkmaar had never been champions of Holland in their entire history and Van Gaal changed history by guiding them to the title. He also won the double at Bayern Munich and nearly a treble by guiding them to the champions league final knocking United out along the way. How much success do you want him to have exactly?

  16. Gary Mitrovic says:

    I’m not going to get into a debate about Mourinho again, but are people constantly going to keep bringing up that supposed poke in the eye incident. I’m still convinced he actually pulled his ear and not the other way around. I’m not going to get all high and mighty about a handbags incident in El Classico in which Mourinho lost the rag. So bloody what? The lot of them are always pushing, shoving and generally cheating when they play each other.

  17. Unagi says:

    Considering that last United manager had no titles to his name… discussing how many titles is enough seems crazy ;)

    People give stick to Mourinho. Well he is not perfect character still he is good manager. He takes pressure from players and takes it onto his shoulders. Still I would not want him as United manager due to his style and football philosophy. I am with those who say that last night he did not play football but killed the game, despite getting away result.

    I hope there want be any shit from Moyes now in media… there is already article on sky that he is unhappy that he did not get more time… (if true it is delusional).

    And for this:
    “And, as for his dealings in the transfer market, Sky Sports News has been told that United targeted many players the public did not hear about but struggled to attract top talent.”

    If things like this will come out this even more means that he was not proper for the job. If true is it United that struggled to attract top talent or Moyes and his vision…

  18. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Scholes has returned to the club to assist Giggs in a coaching role. Giggsy has obviously asked him and Scholes obviously was going to return to the club at some point in the future.

    If only we could have done this in January or February we could have tried to salvage something from this season. Though obviously there was stipulations of Moyes’s contracts that saw him hang onto his job until we were officially out of the champions league positions.

  19. mjcRED says:

    The more I read and see about this footballing genius, the more I think he’d be the shot in the arm this club needs from the bland, revenue stream future direction we seem headed. He would certainly be the antidote to the dull, uninspiring direction we’ve been heading since 2009.

    By the same token, his idiosyncrasies will probably stand against him. He’d shake things up though and not one player would EVER get away with not putting in effort.

  20. Sparkz says:

    @mjcRED – I love Bielsa, one of my favourite coaches of all time. But he’d never work at a big club with big egos. He’s suited to a smaller club where he can drill them into his methods and they’d take it on.

    I’m undecided on Van Gaal. Love his philosophy of attacking football and young players. Unsure about his personality clashes and age.

  21. WilliamAR says:


    That’s a very interesting read indeed.

  22. Sparkz says:

    @Gary – I was thinking about this today.

    By all accounts the Glazers and board made up their minds in February or March that Moyes was a goner. If they’d pulled the trigger then and installed Giggsy as caretaker….we may have had the ‘new manager effect’ you often see. A couple of months of positivity and a bit of momentum…..we may have been able to sneak top 4, and then hire an experienced manager in the summer with the additional bonus of CL football.

    As it was, they waited until yesterday so they could save paying the big compensation. Fair enough I suppose….but what about the millions you get for being in the CL?

  23. WilliamAR says:

    I have to say that even though the club made the right decision in relieving moyes of his duties I am now very concerned with what’s going to happen in the transfer market. If it’s true that the glazers had moyes’s departure in mind for a little while it would mean they didn’t trust in his transfer list so this begs the question of when will the new list be submitted? after all the new man to replace moyes may not agree with the current list out there and with the world cup coming up leaves any new manager with a very small amount of time to sort this out. It would be even more difficult if we appointed van gaal as he is committed to Holland for their world cup campaign. i am sure he would want to take Holland to the world cup as they have a very good chance of winning it and that would signify that if he were to agree to taking on the united job it would be after the world cup leaving us with no hope of bringing in new signings.

  24. mjcRED says:


    I’m just trying to think of the managers and coaches that will lead us away from the unambitious, backwards football with a worrying under consideration of technique that we seem to have been heading down for seasons now falling further behind the european and now domestic elite.

    It would seem that the nearest or most obvious young, possibly available and forward looking manager out of the ‘Bielsa school’ would be Pochettino. If, as you are probably right that Bielsa is too much of a wild card for a big club, would the southampton manager combined with a Giggs and Scholes, should they impress in these next four games, be a viable option?

    I sense that Arsenal, who have a less conservative and more outward looking approach perhaps wouldn’t be as put off as us by his limited english, see this guy as Wenger’s successor, should he leave this season.

  25. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Sparkz, yep totslly agree. It was clear from the outside that the players were not enjoying life under Moyes, and if you’re not enjoying your football and don’t believe in the manager the results will obviously suffer.

    Chelsea relieved AVB in February and went on to win the FA cup and champions league. While I’m not saying that’s a blue print for success or anything it’s clear that they would never have won the champions league had AVB stayed there. Di Matteo galvanised the squad because they all personally liked him and it restored the team spirit.

    I’m not saying we would have made the top 4 had Moyes gone in Jan/fen and Giggs been appointed, but we would have had more of a chance.

  26. keanoisdaman says:

    I cant believe some people A- read the daily mail and B- believe what they read……ffs

  27. ashtheking says:

    It’s good to know that Scholes is assisting giggs. I feel with these guys in charge youngsters will get more opportunities. Giggs should be our number two next season also with whome so ever the manager is. Giggs could become a top coach

  28. ashtheking says:


    This is where we are different from other clubs, we gave moyes enough chance to prove. If he had won one of bayern or Everton game he would have still stayed but he lost both and that was the end. If moyes was a Chelsea manager he would have been sacked by now. Itsa shame media are saying man united are no different. No we are different. We all found out that moyes couldn’t win the important games and it was a risk to keep him so we sacked. Yes I feels ad for moyes but I also feel sad for true UnitedHealth ans like you an d me who wait for 10 days to see a match and we witness a shit performance. So emotional thing doesn’t work here.

  29. ashtheking says:

    True united fans like you and me


  30. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Ash, I think you’re letting your love for the club and it’s traditions cloud your judgement on this issue. I used to be a romantic about the club and still am in certain aspects, but honestly think they only waited till it was mathematically impossible to make the top 4 until sacking him because that way it saved the club money. I think for at least 2 months United have been preparing for life without Moyes.

  31. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Ash, either way we all agree it’s been a harsh lesson learnt for United and a reminder to everyone to not take anything for granted. It should serve us well in the long run now that the cracks have finally been exposed and we can all pull together now and start rebuilding. Unfortunately for Moyes he was just not the man to do that job and his reputation will probably be tarnished for ever now like the likes of Mcclaren and Graham Taylor, which is unfair but the harsh reality when things go badly wrong in a job where the eyes of the world are on you.

  32. tallestreD says:

    On Real Madrid, they sack coaches whenever they deem fit, Capello? Bosque?and no to mention those who didn’t win nothing. Bielsa is a good option too but we should also know that the EPL and La liga aren’t similar. Klopp they say loses his best player every season, but whose fault is it? Why do they choose to sell? And that says they are small club like Tommy said but then he purchased replacements so he should be accountable. How many points was he behind Bayern when they won the league? Van Gaal has one little snag for me, and that is his commitments in the world cup that could prove vital in the transfer market but then again he could find a way. Simeone good and charismatic but I don’t see as all that. My opinions though.

  33. Sparkz says:

    ashtheking says:
    If he had won one of bayern or Everton game he would have still stayed but he lost both and that was the end.

    Not sure how true this is mate. Yes, if he’d won the Bayern game then he would still be in a job as we have the chance of winning the CL game. But by all accounts the board had been planning to sack him since the Olympiakos or Liverpool game.

    The Everton match was a bit irrelevant as I think he’d have been sacked the moment our chances of top 4 were officially gone. Even if we’d beaten Everton – if Arsenal won their next match, that would have officially ended our top 4 hopes so he probably would have gone next week.

  34. Unagi says:

    About people speaking on legacy, United way…

    “Now, following David Moyes’ sacking on Tuesday, Scholes has joined incumbent coach Phil Neville and Nicky Butt in assisting their former team-mate Giggs in his attempts to end a miserable season at Old Trafford on a high”

    This is how I would see legacy in dream world.

    Part of Class of 92 taking over SAF and continuing his job, where they breath the same air at OT for so many years…

    Still this is the dream world fantasy. But how cool it would be if they would continue this legacy with success.

  35. Unagi says:

    I would not be surprise if we see on Saturday United players with energy we have not seen so far this season.

  36. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tallestred, oh come on. You can hardly blame Klopp for losing his best players to Munich. Munich are easily the biggest draw and attraction in Germany and they can offer more than double in wages to what Dortmund can offer.

    It’s an extremely difficult thing for Klopp to keep his best assets from Munich, as is always the way in Germany in the end Munich will get their man.

  37. tallestreD says:

    Gary I know that but he got replacements right? So why the need to use oh he loses his best as a form of bedding for the teams performances and also I had a question in there which goes, by how many points did Bayern win the league?

  38. Gary Mitrovic says:

    And when Klopp has a player like Lewandowski hounding his contract but refusing to sign a new one what can Klopp really do? Lewandowski has still played with 100% commitment under Klopp so it’s clearly not personal. It’s a case he’s going to be offered far more money at Munich and won’t pass up the chance to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world in what is arguably the nicest city in Germany.

    That great Borussia Dortmund team was always going to be picked apart by the big sharks in Europe and no one not even Fergie had he been there been able to stop it.

  39. Gary Mitrovic says:


    Fucking phone!!!

  40. Sparkz says:

    @mjcRed – Totally agree we need one of the progressive coaches, to bring us into modern football. I rate Pochettino a lot as well. BUT I just feel that due to the situation we’re currently in, we’re looking for people with more pedigree and a proven track record.

    The likes of Pochettino or Martinez are far more progressive coaches than Moyes – but just like Moyes, they lack top level pedigree, so I believe they shouldn’t even be considered. One thing we’ve learnt is that United right now isn’t really a job for someone that lacks a proven track record. This is why Klopp would be perfect in every damn aspect. He ticks pretty much every box – progressive AND has a pedigree.

    I’d wager that we’ll end up with an experienced head i.e. Van Gaal/Ancelotti – with Giggsy as the number 2 ready to step up in a few years. That would also be a risk as Giggsy would essentially be taking on his first managerial role, so he could be just as much of a disaster as Moyes. But the difference is that he’d have the experience of being right alongside a world class coach for a few years. Hopefully our squad will have developed a lot by then as well so he wouldn’t need to make wholesale changes.

  41. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Tallestred, Bayern have romped away with the league but is it really an surprise? Klopp lost Gotze, Gundogan hasn’t kicked a ball since August, Subotic was ruled out for the entire season through injury before Christmas, Hummels has been in and out with injuries, Jacub Blaszcykowski was ruled out for the entire season at Christmas. Basically nearly all his main starts from last season have been crippled with long term injuries and he still got them to finish second and give Real Madrid a run for their money in the champions league. Klopp has had no luck this season and the expectation to build on what he’s achieved is extremely difficult. That’s why I wish he would join us!

  42. Kunal J Mehta says:

    YESSSS!!! Scholes is back….

  43. tallestreD says:

    Gary he lost Goetze and got Henrikh, Aubemeyang and Hoffman I think so no case there. On Lewanowski yeah nothing he can do mate butthe club could have sold him and not let him go for free. Injuries like most of you claim is part of the game and it goes to show the depth of the club. We had so many injuries this season but no one took it as an excuse so no, no free pass for him mate. I think when he lost Kagawa he got Reus. So there

  44. Redfrog says:

    Can you imagine guys Giggs picking himself for playing next match ? That would be funny ! Anyway he still put in shames some of our players at his age. I prefer to see him in muddle of the pitch then Fellaini. He maybe have lost his legs but you can’t loose your vision and passing ability.
    @Opikbidin : you are a disgrace to criticize Giggs. He is a legend and still good or even better then what we have in midfield.
    Hope the legend will continue for Giggs as a manager with us. Surely not now but in few years…I would like the new manager to take him as assistant, like Ancellotti have done with Zidane. Few knows our club and our players inside out as him. I think it was the best choice for our remaining games.
    Just imagine us loosing and Giggs choosing himself as a sub and scoring, showing the way to our young players. That would be funny…

  45. Gary Mitrovic says:

    He got replacements for Gotze but they were never going to be better. He never wanted to lose him. And United’s injuries have been no where near as severe at Dortmund this season. They’ve had 3 of their star players ruled out for the entire season before Christmas, they played away to Zenit and every single one of their first choice back 4 was injured and that went on for about 3 or 4 weeks. They really have suffered in an awful way this season with injuries.

  46. Mark Reid says:

    He is gone the bell end never was he Manchester Unitet Material,however we have to be patient ,there’s no rabbits pulled out of hats here so it’s a game of wait and see.

  47. ashtheking says:


    Yes either way we agree.anyways let’s forget about moyes, no point beating the same drum again and again.

    As far an gaal goes now my increase in World Cup has increased , I will keep a close eye in Netherlands campaign.

  48. tallestreD says:

    Gary I don’t think their defense was their undoing rather the forward line. As you may have noticed against RM in the first leg they had chances to score but they fluffed their lines so its all down to the team as whole and not on particular department.

  49. Imran says:

    I always thought moyes would succeed if given time, But looking at his statement now I’m having second thoughts. It is turning out to be a Good decision to show him the door. He was too nice to succeed, we probably need someone that believes He can take on the world to succeed at this, someone like klop or mourinho when He Went to real from inter or Even pep


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