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Moyes: I asked Scholes to be a coach too

Following criticism from plenty of reds (myself included) after the likes of Eric Steele and Rene Meulensteen left the club, David Moyes has today confirmed that he asked both to stay. Meulensteen was offered the job of assistant manager but turned it down to go to Russia and work with Guus Hiddink. Steele said he wanted to give Moyes the chance to have a clean break and bring his own men in.

After appointing Phil Neville and Ryan Giggs as coaches, Moyes has revealed he also asked Paul Scholes whether he would be interested.

“I spoke with Paul Scholes as well, he felt he wanted to have some time off with his family,” Moyes said. “I felt the right person was Ryan Giggs and he has been great. He has been on his Uefa pro licence course – and after two days you can see how incredible a footballer he is – he is taking steps forward and to get him and Phil Neville together is great.”

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  1. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ King Eric – if you have the time and inclination to check the facts – then don’t come on here talking shit about me.

  2. King Eric says:

    NBI – Last post for now but I have been on here about SEVEN years and aside from attacking fucking ignorant clueless bastards like Glory Glory , CarBANGprick and so on I have had ONE full blown argument in that time with Paul Parker who we now get on sound. So yes I must be so disruptive and a cause for folk to leave.

  3. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Goat – nah just handbags.

  4. King Eric says:

    NBI – I said ONE thing. If you didn’t say MOYES was third rate then I apologise. As for wayne, I like the bloke, doesn’t take shit, not a plastic cunt like many on here, old school and speaks his mind. I agree with a lot of what he says.

  5. King Eric says:

    Goat – Yes just handbags. Quite amusing really. Right I’m off.

  6. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Oh! I just got the kleenex out.

  7. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    Laterz King Eric and take it easy young man.

    NBI – Quit starting – lol. Did that flash blocker help any?

  8. Chibwe says:

    Thiago say ‘yes’ 2 united! Source

  9. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    @ Goat – thanks the blocker worked a charm.
    @ King Eric – OK fine, cheers, but next time please check what I said and the context before you throw that stuff out there.

    @ Chibwe – have been saying that for a while, let’s hope the Thiago deal gets done. There are also reports Barca are now willing to sell Fabregas to keep Thiago and move him up the pecking order.

  10. Costas says:


    I have a similar kind of worry about Thiago pal. How would he fare in a 2 man midfield? Especially in the Premiership where things are more physical. That’s also an issue that Cleverley is facing I feel. And lets not forget that Fletcher’s illness means his future role could be that of a holding midfielder in front of the back 4. So a 3 man midfield might be more suited to the type of midfielders we have (or will have once the Thiago ordeal is over).

    @King Eric

    Ah, it’s a sheer stupidity. The absolutely essential stuff was taught to us within the first couple of weeks. The rest was just a waste of time really.

  11. GoatontheRocks-Shaken not Stuuuuured says:

    When I installed it on my last computer it felt like I got a boost in RAM and the fan to the graphics card stopped blowing. The whole machine sped up. Its a right pain in the arse as adverts seem to be getting more developed than the sights youre on. Glad to help.

  12. nairobired says:

    Source Really? Aren’t we getting a little desperate for this signing. Unnited are english champions with a pretty decent team which should be to compete for the EPL, we r a few years away from competing in europe and thiago’s arrival will not change that fact.

  13. Proverb says:

    Chibwe says:

    “@Proverb I’m not daft but ma heart break 2 see
    best player in bundesliga in 11/12 get few
    minutes & playng out of position at united as
    Klopp said!”

    Kagawa was getting pushed off the ball very easily in his first couple games. I’m sure the boss deployed him out wide as he couldn’t afford to sit him completely on the dugout due to his amazing intelligence and ability to recycle the ball and spread it with ease.
    He tipped him to star once he settles.
    You sound really good at those sort of things more so than the boss why don’t you apply for a job who knows you could help us out on the tactical side of things at old trafford?
    My ass, you understand crap!
    Let the gaffer do their job as they certainly know best than you.

  14. roboo7 says:

    de rossi is over rated to fuck. theres so much hype for strootman has anyone actually watch him for 90mins??

  15. slim says:

    Just catching up with the comments i missed last night.

    de rossi is no overated player. International for Italy and Legend at Roma. I can’t believe some of the comments i have to be honest. Someone said if he was any good he’d have played for another club. Really? And that would make Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs what then?
    A combo of Rossi, Carrick and Thiago transforms our midfield beyond what anyone could anticipate and the energy, drive , guile skill and stability will be clear for all to see. I honestly think he’d have a RVP like effect if he came to us.
    I’m NOT okay with Carrick playing on as our DM going forward but i can live with it. But only if we do i right. New players? Academy Players,Tactics and Formations change?.
    Questions Questions Questions. Welcome David Moyes, to your new Job

  16. smashley-LFC fan in peace says:

    As an outsider looking in, I think Moyes will do a great job at United (unfortunately 8)) There’s not many men who could follow Sir Alex and be confidant in continuing his work but I get the feeling Moyes is one such! Still think United will be the team to beat next season SIGH!!!! 8)

  17. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @ King Eric no worries man. I have no issue with anyone on here i’m just tired of all the drama on a simple football forum.

    As far as midfielders go. We should steer clear of De Rossi by ALL MEANS. We should be trying to get younger rather than older. Still holding out for Thiago. If we can’t get thiago then back ups should be Kondogbia, Illaramendi but I am sort of convinced we’ll get Thiago.

  18. denton davey says:

    slim @ 14:02: “A combo of Rossi, Carrick and Thiago transforms our midfield beyond what anyone could anticipate and the energy, drive , guile skill and stability will be clear for all to see. I honestly think he’d have a RVP like effect if he came to us.”


    De Rossi/Carrick would be as effective if not as “powerful” as the Bayern duo – Schweini/Javi Martinez.


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