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Moyes: I wanted cover for Evra, not to replace him

David Moyes revealed that the reason why we left the Marouane Fellaini deal until the last minute to wrap up was because we were trying until the last minute to sign Leighton Baines. When it became clear that Everton weren’t going to sell him, United then agreed a deal to sign Fabio Coentrao, only for Real Madrid to back out after their transfer target deal fell through.

When asked whether Moyes didn’t have confidence in Patrice Evra, our vice-captain, at left-back, he insisted that Baines and Coentrao had been lined up as cover for Evra.

“Far from it,” said the Scot. “I just felt we needed to make sure we had good cover for Patrice. He has played brilliantly well but I hope we are going to have a season that is going to include 60 or 70 games. Patrice played a big majority of the games last season but I just want to make sure if he broke down I had the right people around to help me.”

Moyes says he hasn’t spoken with Evra to clarify his position in the club since deadline day, although is sure the Frenchman is aware of the pressure to keep your place in the starting line-up at United.

“I have not because he is such a good professional,” Moyes added. “He knew exactly what we were doing. If you play for Manchester United there is always someone out there getting ready to take your jersey. It is up to you to fight and make sure you keep it.”

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  1. Rome says:

    Stop lying Moyes

  2. Costas says:

    Doesn’t sound like he’s too high on Buttner or Fabio then..

  3. ianoha says:

    or Costas he is covering himself as we didn’t sign either of them…

  4. REDibro says:

    I just wish Moyes would give the press very little to go on… Just concentrate on the job, there are too many people that want him to fail already.

  5. CC says:

    I dont believe a single word that comes out of the club anymore – They have told so many lies and insulted our intelligence too many times.

    So my response to Moyes` authorized club statement is ………………………… yeah, whatever.
    Dont believe any of it.

    My own belief is that the whole transfer window was a total charade to make it look like we really were going to spend and spend big…………………………………….if only the guy who masterminded the Glazer take over and the funding of that takeover whereby the biggest club in the world was bought by a team of Jewish Businessmen without using a $ of their own money.
    Woodward is nobodies fool – Its just he has fooled all of you into thinking he is.
    HE IS THE GLAZERS MAIN MAN – Dont be so naive.

    Felaini and Moyes were agreed way back when. The 27million isnt an overpayment by a half-wit it is what was agreed to compensate Everton for both Moyes and Felaini months before the deadline.


    Its called a ZERO SUM GAME

    Wake the fuck up everyone – there are no idiots in the Glazer set up and Woodward isnt one for sure.

  6. CC says:

    “He knew exactly what we were doing. If you play for Manchester United there is always someone out there getting ready to take your jersey. It is up to you to fight and make sure you keep it.”

    Unless you are Wayne Rooney or Ryan Giggs who apparently get to play regardless how fucking terrible you are.

    Players have left the club because this “Bullshit” just isnt fucking true anymore. If you are young, talented, have a great pre-season and are raring to go……………………….we will loan you out to some shit club so that they pay your wages and we dont have to.
    Its Glazernomics. I suggest everyone watch United with the sound off and judge it with your own eyes rather than listening to comments like ” we played like Champions today” after playing garbage and losing 1-0 to an average and equally crap Liverpool.
    I dont think those statements are acceptable and shouldnt go unchallenged ……………………but most of you lap it up.
    I say Fuck that – what the fuck are you talking about ?? We played like Champions ? We fucking didnt so why the fuck did you say that ? Explain it ?

  7. LoneStarRed says:

    CC what you say regarding Fellaini’s fee is credible. I think Moyes did his former team a favor and made it to look otherwise.

    Leave the “Jewish Businessmen” part out!! It cheapens your post and colors you a bigot. I have done business with “Jews” “arabs” Russians” etc. If they are REAL business men, they want to use THE LEAST AMOUNT OF THEIR OWN MONEY AS POSSIBLE to GAIN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. It’s called pursuing a profit. THAT IS NOT EVIL. You and I do it EVERY DAY when we shop or negotiate a service. They do it on a much larger scale and it is called evil. It shows just how ignorant some of us can be.

  8. CC says:

    Im not a bigot so happily retract – I am actually Jewish myself “Happy Yom” for tomorrow all.
    The Jewish point is to highlight their lack of sentimentality in all matters commercial, Not a criticism, but an observation.
    Can I also just say that there is no need for you to jump to defend something that is in no way offensive, They are Jewish Businessmen and they make no bones about that, in fact have used it to gain entry into the NYSE when the Prospectus was presented at the IPO. Check for yourself.
    So the fact you jumped to assume that being a Jewish Businessman was in some way a pejorative statement says more about your “J`accuse” mentality than anything else.
    What exactly is negative about being Jewish in your view that left you compelled to make a statement that referred that I was in some way anti-semitic.
    I dont understand who or what you are jumping to defend.
    Can you specifically spell out my crime please ?

  9. CC says:

    You know what mate – you should fucking apologize for your attempt to paint me as a fascist or anti-semite without any reason, You infer that I said “Jews are Evil” in your self righteous chastisement
    What the fuck is going on in your mind that you leap onto the most innocuous comment and try and make me out to be some monster.
    You and people like you, make the world a worse place with behavior like that – go and have a word with yourself and if you are a man, you will apologise for rushing to condemn me in such a zealous fashion.
    Not cool and really makes you look like a Left wing Fascist

  10. Stewart says:

    Moyes is such a liar. I am an Evertonian and all I can say is that I am delighted to not have him at Everton now that the real him is coming out. He didn’t get Baines and so all of a sudden Evra is brilliant and Baines was back up for him all along. You don’t pay £15m+ for a back up. Man Utd fully expected Evra to go to Monaco and it never happened and then it became a blatantly obvious backtrack from Moyes. I could never understand all this chasing Baines fiasco anyway when Evra is such a fantastic left back and still only 31 years old, so what was the huge deal with needing to replace him as it makes no sense?

  11. CC says:

    Moving on and back to matters that relate and are more pertinent, I am starting to get the impression that Moyes is a puppet ? Does anyone else think that ? He seems to say too many things that sound like somebody else`s words rather than his own. I also think that the team selections so far and the tactics look remarkably like SAF is picking the team for Coach Moyes.
    Sure its early days still but a few things are really starting to get on my tits.
    He doesnt seem like he has brought anything fresh and the club is starting to look too big for him.
    Still, at least he is a lot cheaper than the other candidates and he certainly wont make waves like Jose would have if all we ended up with was Fellaini at the end of the transfer window.
    Maybe that is what he was brought in to be, meek and grateful.
    One win, one draw and one loss ………………………and fucking boring same old same old still.
    Same shit different arsehole as they say.
    Wake up everyone, United no longer has the United spirit and that is evident in the way we “win” these days – 11 points and totally dull last year whatever anyone else says, it aint JUST about winning at United, it has to be won the United way or it aint worth having.,
    To everyone who is happy just saying “20″ and that is good enough for them I say this : You don`t know what it really means to be a United Fan and there are too many of you these days;
    George Best will be turning in his grave.

  12. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    There was no need for Moyes to make that statement, he did not get Baines and it will just demoralise Fabio and Buttner when he needs to rely on them. It gives the press more information than needed and also looks weak and I doubt Baines would want to come to United to sit on the bench as cover for Evra when he is the star at Everton. If Fabio and Buttner don’t cut it and we buy a LB next year imo should be someone younger. That said, I thought Buttner was OK as LB just raw, good going forward, and Fabio is a talented guy, I don’t see why he can’t achieve what Rafael has. Fabio played RB for QPR, but Moyes clearly does not rate him as Jones and Valencia have started at RB ahead of Fabio in Rafael’s absence.

  13. Wallace says:

    Can we give the man sometime before we start ripping him to shreds! The season is 3 games in and already there are people ready to rip him to shreds. Evra has played A LOT of games in the last few seasons, and Moyes is right – if he gets injured for a prolonged period, we’re screwed. I’d understand if Fabio had a fantastic last season at QPR, but he still got a long way to go before he’s ready to challenge Pat permanently.

    Plus, our wingers were not up to scratch (to say the least) by Man Utd standards last season! Baines provides an added attacking threat down the left. Not all left backs are the same and it would have been great to have some tactical flexibility.

    Saying all that, if the young players are demoralised by top quality talent coming in, they don’t belong at the club. If Fabio and Buttner are the players so many fans believe them to be, they’ll prove themselves. Don’t you worry about that.

  14. King Cantona says:

    Lol!!!! This site is CRAZY, Lol! :) :)

    Glad there is a game tomorrow!!! Easy easy win for Moyes, we should tear QPR apart!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of seeing Liverpool top of table and Brenda banging on about it like it was end of season, won’t last long I’m sure. :)

    @ CC – I also wonder what really goes on behind closed doors at United these days, it’s easy to assume the worst given the transfer season handling, but me gut says that they backed the manager before with SAF so I have to assume they are doing the same now unless it is clear something has changed. Manager is still king at United. Moyes has made a big step up and had a lot to take stock of, he is clearly not the type of guy who rushes into anything and I think we will really see what he is about after he’s had a good year or so. Agree with you, @ NBI and others that there was no need to go into that much detail with press. could’ve just made a joke of said we are focusing on games ahead, we are pleased with players we bought in and look forward to integrating them in the team, some kind of SAF or Maureen type line that defuses the issue and does not inflame other issues or raise more questions. Screw the press.

    @ NBI – Fabio was said initially to be the better player of the twins, I thought he was decent at QPR but not great. Would have played him at RB over Jones though. I actually like Buttner, I thought given time he could be a good LB for us. He is excellent and dangerous going forward, has pace, can tackle, pass, can score, cross, just needed more experience and to learn to make better decisions. It looks like he won’t get the time.

  15. Hans says:

    I agree with you on last season. Yes we won i by 11 points buy it was hardly United style free flowing football. We were chasing games quite often. Not too long ago we used to play United way and let opponent worry about us.

    I thought Moyes was a good appointment, as I did not want Mourinho in the club at all. However, with some of his statements he did make his life more difficult, giving a chance to ABU media to deliberately misinterpret him. I don’t think he needed that Rooney comment in Australia and certainly he is offending our intelligence with interpretation of his attempts to sign a left back. Only recently Fabio started in the Champions League Final! I also believe that there is no reason Kagawa should not have played against the scourers, when we were desperate for a creative midfielder. Giggsy is a legend, and may still be able to do a job in some circumstances, but he never should have started the Liverpool match.

    I hope that Moyes will learn from his early mistakes. If we beat Palace and Shitty, the start of the season won’t be too bad after all!

  16. MAN to the UNITED says:

    Some people get drawn in by the media far to much. Yes the transfer window wasn’t great, but then all these supposed players we were trying to buy fell through. This sort of thing happens every year. The difference is this year it became public. Normally the stories come out a couple of years later for example how we tried to sign Bale when he was at Southampton, Sneijder on numerous occasions. Joe Hart when he was the second choice at shity, Ronaldhinio a few years back, Leighton Baines a couple of times,the list goes on and on. The problem with the media is they hate Manchester United and we are a team that they will sell the most stories,but when SAF was here he could control them to a certain level. Now he’s not here the media has pounced in to make us look pathetic and weak because they know this will sell!! Believe what you want to believe but I still think United are as strong as last season. With the way we have started is not bad considering the teams we have played, we normally don’t have a great start to the season. Last season we lost our opening game to Everton, then beat Fulham and Southampton. That is not the same quality as Swansea, Chelsea, and Liverpool.

    The point that I’m trying to make is SAF is gone! As horrible as that is we are still MANCHESTER UNITED!!!! so can we stop believing everything the media says and being so negative towards Moyes and the team, get behind them and let’s go and smash the shit out of Palace!!!!!

    Glory Glory Man United!!tt

  17. CC says:

    I agree that ripping Moyes to shreds would be premature, I do think though that it is legitimate to make objective comments on what we have seen so far and also, his previous record before us.We have nothing else to go on have we ?
    I really think that Manchester United as it is today, not as it was a quarter of a century ago when Fergie had a bumpy start, ought to have a Manager that is up to the job from the get-go, As a fan I expect professional succession planning and getting the very best available to fill the role so that we know it is in good hands rather than just hope it is in good hands. Moyes has absolutely everything still to prove – EVERYTHING
    People who say “Fergie picked Moyes so that`s good enough for me” need to bear in mind that Fergie also put McLeish in the Birmingham job with resolute confidence in his ability and McLeish was an utter disaster, So personally I see Moyes as a Felaini rather than a Fabregas in terms of what to expect. My opinions are very much coloured by my belief that the Glazers are not fans and are intersted only in the financial plan they have. I believe swhole heartedly that their plan means qualifying for the CL every year – and then makingf it through to the second stage. All their financial models and sponsorship payments and stage payments are geared to that.
    Winning is a happy accident but not really that important as far as they are concerned and it is obvious to all but the idiot fans who can be easily spotted because they always say they are the most loyal and call anybody with an independent thought a “cunt” or tells them to “fuck off and support City” and it is, in my view those “cult” fans that enable the Glazers to carry on milking every drop out of the once proud and noble club.

  18. Blueben says:

    Haha as a football fan(not just an evertonian) I have been reading this drivel, and the man who says we should smash qpr tomorrow should be ashamed, not even in the premier league this season, you’re playing crystal palace, this from an Everton fan! On another point I think you are being a bit quick in slating him, we all know how long it took ferguson to win a trophy. I did wish moyes well as you all saw when we saw him off against west ham last season! However the man he once was is know more all respect and morals he had built up over the years have been wiped away with a few stupid comments! I have a lot of friends who are united fans even family who have been cringing behind their sofas all summer. Not that you will care about my opinion but I think he will do well eventually given time! However now I genuinely hope he fails! Not being bitter before its mentioned just honest!

  19. Blueben says:

    Oh and felli is a top top footballer I mean that! However watch out for his laziness and dirty elbows (they where allowed at Everton as they where my dirty elbows)

  20. CC says:

    @Blueben – I am open about Fellaini coming good at United – I certainly hope so and think we are better with him than without him.
    I just worry that Moyes already mooting playing him” behind the front man” suggests to me the hoof it up to the big fella and hope he nudges it to RVP is the Masterplan.

    That is not acceptable to me as a United fan. We are not that sort of club. I dont care if we win the league doing it the “Everton way but with a better striker” it would be nothing to be proud of.
    Unfortunately, all we have seen so far suggests that is exactly what Moyes will do, he will revert to what he is most comfortable with. Most people do when they feel out of their comfort zone, they reach for what used to comfort them.
    So let us see. Fellaini is good at what he does but what he does is not what I would happily pay to watch to be honest. A bit like a Volvo.

  21. CC says:

    If i were manager of Manchester United I would seize the opportunity and good will of the fans and play all the young talent this year. Zaha, Keane, Janujaz, Powell, Matts Daeli, Lingaard etc and put my faith in them. I think they would actually do well enough but if they didnt this year then next year they certainly would,
    But we really dont give youth a chance despite what we say, we loan youth out so they cost us nothing to stable and hopefully the asset increases in value.
    Nick Powell and Janujaz should definitely play, they are up to it, have shown they are up to it,even scored on their debuts…………………… I would love Moyes if he showed that courage………………..but he wont, he will play Giggs and Ashley Young and Valencia and Cleverley, We will probably see Danny Welbeck fail to score many again this year, just a hunch, but its what I predict and lets not forget he is 24 or 23 next month so not such a kid anymore – time he was put under pressure now in my view.

  22. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    LOL so Baines was supposed to be “Cover” for Evra? Once again, THANK GOD we didn’t spend that amount of money on a cover. smh.

  23. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Funny how all these Evertonians have all of a sudden turned into Transfer agents who know the in and outs of every football club. @ Stewart give me undeniable proof that Evra was supposed to be on his way to Monaco? Don’t just make shit up and think nobody will notice. You make yourself looks pretty fucking stupid. And keep deceiving yourself. You’re glad that Moyes is no longer there? I bet you would still be kissing his arse if he rejected Fergie’s advances. You’re as fickle as the rest of us you clown.

  24. CC says:

    @dannysoya – Exactly mate. So much that comes out of the club and Moyes just doesnt make any sense at all.
    They are getting caught up in their own bullshit.
    They obviously feel the need to convince us that they really really really did try and buy a load of players this year but were just unlucky or not clever enough or the fax machine (for fucks sake!) didnt work.

    There are so many lies and they are not even very good lies either.

    The club is taking the piss out of the fans and really does think the majority of us are simple minded idiots, Personally, I think they are right, United fans should be demanding Woodward be called to account and explain what appears to have been total ineptitude from a man whose CV shows him to be anything but inept. There is a hidden agenda and the fans are just a revenue stream that can be fooled time and time again.
    I really resent that I am FORCED to buy the CL tickets this year – we dont stand a fucking chance of competing and thats a cold hard reality so save all the “BELIEVE” bollocks its really for simpletons and Harry Potter fans all that,

  25. MAN to the UNITED says:


    U really do make me laugh! I do agree with a couple of things you have said but, first of all Danny Wellbeck is 23 in November so yes in football really he is still a kid!
    To play all the youth is exactly why you aren’t the manager of Manchester United! You need to have a mix in the team. Other than the league cup when did SAF ever play a full team of youth players. Wenger has tried it for years and look where that’s got Arsenal…..NO WHERE!!!
    And lastly to say that you are ”forced” to buy CL tickets is a joke! No one will ever force you to buy the tickets.

    Either stop fucking blowing things out of proportion and support the team that has ”forced” you to buy tickets. Or go support the likes of shity or Chelsea who have mega bucks because the way that your going on they are the sort of club that would please you.

  26. thymm50 says:

    truth is the Glaziers were willing to waste an extra 4 million pounds on Fellaini than actually spend 80 million pounds in total signings. Its all part of their plan to deceive the fans. sacrifice £4m and keep the budget under £30m. rather than spending £80m in total signings. Others can be fooled, but not me

  27. mig78 says:

    SEPTEMBER 14, 2013 AT 00:38
    CC says:
    If i were manager of Manchester United I would seize the opportunity and good will of the fans and play all the young talent this year. Zaha, Keane, Janujaz, Powell, Matts Daeli, Lingaard etc
    Haha…what have you been smokin mate? Just throwing out the names that you read somewhere.

    The “Matt Daehli” u mentioned above is not even a ManUtd player anymore.

    Get your facts right before you start throwing your filthy vomit in here.

  28. Ash says:


    So you are sure that we will fail in champions league and you think that glazers are happy not winning trophies. You are seriously a joke. We have a strong sqaud and it has only been 3 games and you are full on negative. Moyes is a liar, he is a puppet, he is a glazer’s man and you say these thing after 3 games only. You believe mor ein media bull shit than what the manager says. If he says that he wanted baines for cover then he must have thought of some plan. Its like you know more about the club than the manager.

    And as for you everton blokes, Make one thing clear moyees doesnt owe anything to your club. He made your club consistently finish in top 8 with fuck no Budget and to come here and say he fails here is your hatredness and nothing else. Fellaini himself wanted to join our club so whats you problem and you know what ask baines he will also want to join us , its a fact.

    Its god damn irritating that instead of supporting our club we still are stuck in the transfer window fiasco. Hell we only lost scholes and added Fellaini and Zaha . Give the manager time. We are just become like another chelsea who just want to change their manger each season. Fucking joke

  29. GreatShudi says:

    Sir Alex Ferguson(2013);” Stand by your new manager…”. Just few months later, we are here blasting and castigates Moyes actions, selections and comments. We are not so patriotic to this club.

  30. Proverb says:

    Fucking crazy posters all along…
    It is fucking clear moyes had to make that statement.
    Evra has been pants for sometimes now but there were nobody to challenge him as all the back ups we had were inexperienced.
    When he says ‘Cover’ he mean somebody who can raise the level whenever pat slacks. No sentimentals, I’d even be difficult for him to get it back
    Fabio for all his qualities is not a left back, a right back at best, his left foot is his second most useful leg, that its self speaks volumes. Buttner at the other hand is very naïve, can’t defend for his life, he’s better going forward but still, he can’t be trusted to slot in whenever ever have his seasonal slacking off and we would still play evra as getting him to play at his bellow par performance is still a much better bet than the two in Fabio and buttner, hence why the gaffer went for a much established back up.

    Be positive guys
    Two games away 1 win and a loss vs bin dippers is not that badam
    At we drew against a team dubbed to win the title… So all in all is not that bad, he only just started.

  31. Proverb says:

    @CC trying to sound smart by bashing our manager haha, I can’t believe some of you lot believes in him.

  32. Proverb says:

    Suddenly an evertonian appears. surprised that he had nothing good to say about moyes?
    Butthurts everywhere

  33. Champ20ns says:


    Really? So which players were sold to cover RVP’s transfer fee?

    Since the Glazers came United has always spent more per season on transfers than income on sales, with the one exception when Ronnie was sold. Hardly supports the statement that “THE GLAZERS NEVER SPEND MONEY”.

  34. LoneStarRed says:

    @ CC
    No apology offered. The fact that you are Jewish says it wasn’t bigoted, fair enough. If you’ve read some of my posts you will know that I am FAR from a politically correct , bleeding heart , overly sensitive girly man. And DEFINITELY not a leftist fascist.
    Back to the issue at hand, the Glazers are at the top of the business food chain. Like all apex predators, regardless of locale, genus, ethnicity or profession. We applaud our club when we put teams to the sword and if they don’t we ask why. It’s the same mentality for business when they use every advantage to profit and perpetuate.

  35. LoneStarRed says:

    @ CC
    Your logic questioning my reply to your “Jewish businessman” is all over the place. Your mouth (fingers) seem to be far ahead of your brain and you are driven by raw emotion. You, not I, inferred, “evil Jewish businessman” ! And you twist it to say I did. Laughable! And then you say you are Jewish absolving yourself to say whatever you wish but when called to clarify you are SHOCKED that I imply “evil Jewish businessman” . You then question what is within me do such a vile and bigoted thing.

    We are both passionate MUFC backers. One of us runs off at the mouth constantly without forethought. Let’s stop there, shall we.


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