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Moyes: I would’ve sold Fellaini and Baines to United

Following Roberto Martinez’s criticism of Manchester United for their relatively low offer of £28m for Fellaini and Baines, particularly once the bid was made public in the papers, David Moyes has moved to defend himself and the club.

“I definitely do [understand Martinez’s position],” Moyes said. “But I also know that if I’d been Everton manager and Sir Alex had come asking for Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini, I’d have found it very difficult to keep them because I always felt the right thing to do was what was right for the players. All we can do is do our job here. Roberto is in a new job and I’m sure he’ll get to understand how Everton work. I know exactly how Everton work. I think I’ve signed every player at Everton, so I know exactly how they work. I speak to Bill Kenwright regularly, we speak most weeks, he was great for me and hopefully he would think that I’d done a good job for him as well. There’s no way there’s any disrespect whatsoever. This is just a case where we’ve made an offer and we didn’t make it public to anybody. The bid, from Manchester United’s point of view, was a private thing and if and when we make a new offer, we’d keep that offer private and confidential as well. Everton are a great club and they are both excellent players. But the transfer window is open and we can make bids and you can say ‘Yes or no’, it’s as simple as that. You are allowed to bid. I think there’s sort of a mixed market at the moment. No one is quite sure where the price is right now. We’ve had offers for players at this club which we feel are quite small, so I can see it where other clubs might be thinking it’s not enough value for their players as well.”

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  1. Lee Martins Winner says:

    Its an interesting one, I would like fellani but not bains as I feel Fabio could become just as good as his brother.

    Time to blood the youth for me, Powell, adnan, Fabio, and the rest should get some games this season. If we blow 30 million etc on mata / ozil and the like, we will be slowing the development of adnan / powell. I say chuck them in, you never win anything with kids.

  2. Kings says:

    Fucking small time cunts making our bids public just to try and get more money from us. Barca were constantly at it with Fabregas and now Martinez is repeatedly talking about our bid. We made our bid in private, it’s been rejected and we have accepted it. So shut the fuck up you busy cunts.

  3. Lee Martins Winner says:


    This summer seems like other clubs are really trying shit on with us. Its been a test for Moyes, if we come through this, he will have learned a huge amount and will really help his own development as a united boss.

    I really don’t think half the shit would have bee tried if SAF was here….

    He has done well, really hoping it works for Moyes….

  4. Tomas Brolin says:

    I guess these comments will come back to haunt him regarding a certain player that wants to leave. However, he can always say that it is best for the player to stay (which it is even though the bond with the fans will never be as strong again).

  5. Ash says:

    Quotes from The Express, via Neville Southall’s Paddy Power Blog.

    “The joint bid stinks”, said the Welshman.

    “The way David Moyes has gone about it stinks. The entire world knows Marouane Fellaini and Leighton Baines are worth a lot more than the £28m offered and Moyes is disrespecting Everton.

    “If you’ve got a good relationship with the club and you’re supposedly best mates with the chairman – and Moyes was always saying how they were when he was at the club – would you go back to your mate’s business and try to pinch them off him knowing that the business is skint? It’s really despicable behaviour towards Everton and disrespectful towards the fans.

    “The stupid offer – and it is a stupid offer – isn’t entirely down to him, but he shouldn’t go in with an offer that seriously undervalues the players just to unsettle them. Doing it this way stinks. It wouldn’t have happened under (Sir Alex) Ferguson.

    “There’s a real danger he will lose all his credibility with the Everton fans. He might think that in order for him to succeed he is entitled to go for players he knows and trusts, but he can still operate ethically. The manner in which it’s been done is rubbish.

    “If Baines goes, our chairman will be lynched. It’s the equivalent of telling the Everton fans ‘stuff you, we’re not interested in what you think, we want the money’. If Fellaini goes, not as many people will be bothered. They love Baines because he’s been great – a model pro – and letting him go would be a real kick in the teeth to Everton fans.

    On Moyes’ relationship with Evertonians, Southall continued:

    “The Everton fans were brilliant with him,” he said.“They showed massive loyalty to him because the bottom line is he won nothing in 11 years at the club. They never got on his back.
    “He did a great job for Everton, but he was allowed to do a great job because of the fans’ patience. When he comes back to Goodison he is going to get slaughtered.

    “He apologised for the way he left, but it feels like an apology just so he can come back and nick our players. Baines is the best left back in the world at the moment and he’s worth what they offered on his own.

    “There should be a rule brought in to stop managers who move to a new club going back to take the best players for a season. It’s like insider trading otherwise.

    “He knows the inner workings of the club; he knows the finances and the clauses in the contracts – it’s too easy. I can see why Moyes is doing it, it’s because he trusts them, but ethically, it’s poor.”

    “The underlying issue is why is Moyes struggling to get players at Manchester United? United have always been renowned for playing attractive football.

    “Moyes is coming from 11 years of quite negative football. That’s partially because of the players he had to work with and partially because he’s quite a cautious guy. He’s renowned for keeping things tight and pinching results, not going out, playing good football and smashing the opposition.

    “His reputation for being quite negative has stuck with him and its part of the reason the likes of (Cesc) Fabregas aren’t so keen on going to Old Trafford. It’s starting to look at bit desperate .”


    Ohh Fuck you. Now everton and their so called legends are starting irritate me. This Goof is now reacting as if Moyes owes Everton a lot. Fuck you . Moyes owes everton nothing. Yes he didnt win any trophy but he always made sure Everton finished in top 8. He got absolute no budget and yet he made sure everton are one of the decent side in the league. Fucking joke of a guy. To say we have lost attraction because of moyes is a foolish thing. There are many players now who only play for money and we dont buy that kind of players.
    Everton never made any fuss when their so called prodigy kid Rodwell was sold for mere 15 millions to city. Fucking hypocrites. The truth is they are already missing Moyes. Fucking their own Manager is trying to steal players from Wigan. I have lost my sheer respect for everton. Bloody Scousers

    On other note I still dont understand why are we bidding for Baines. Just go for Fellaini. Bid 22-25 millions for him and get him. We dont need a LB now. We cant give up on fellaini because of baines. Like the above goof said Everton wont mind losing fellaini but will mind losing Baines. I wont even mind if Moyes puts a cheeky bid for Barkley. I am pretty sure this ambitious club Everton will sell Barkley at the first go if Chelsea or City come calling for barkley. Bloddy ass holes

  6. samuel - united WE stand says:

    LMW – agreed on the younger players, think united have a gifted bunch coming thrpugh, united must show courage in giving them the platform to develop into players. Adnan, powell, cole, lingard, andreas perrierra gradually stepping up, etc. united have a lot of creative talents developing, why would the club go out and buy mata or Ozil, both top players but not the type needed. I would like to see these younger players given more chances, I don’t see why they can’t push those in the first team on a regular.

  7. MUFCJord says:

    I think we’ll get them eventually, for around £38m.

  8. bobbo5 says:

    Kings shut up you dick we made it public because it was a perfetic offer your meant to be one of the riches clubs in the world and you offer that .You no its a bad offer if we reject it because we have no money

  9. Little che says:

    I don’t know why everyone gets stressed and annoyed at these things. It’s all part of the game. Clubs make bids, the other club gets “annoyed”, the fans get pissed off. It’s just the merry go round of the transfer window. ALL clubs do it, and it’s a top down system, the richer clubs pick off the poor. If Everton don’t want to sell then just say so, they seem to be using words like derisory to increase the bid, if United are serious about wanting the two players then we can get them both, irrespective of whether they are sensible buys or not.

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    My reservation and doubt on fellaini has been well documented, still not convinced about him as a central midfielder but again, I’m open to being proved wrong. Moyes is taking risk in terms of fellaini’s temprament and discipline (or the lack of it shall we say), he could be a liability in the champions league and his general play as a central mid is in question, if he proves me wrong then I’ll hold my hands up, the jury is still out on him but i’ll be supporting if he turns up.

    What’s this rubbish about baines being the best left back in europe? What top top level has he played to justify it? Has he been proven in the champions league? He struggles to get ahead of ashley cole, I would rather stick to fabio and develop him, that’s why fergie sent him on-loan.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Fellaini at best and due to some of the hype is 20mill, baines is nothing beyond 10mill.

  12. FusilliJerry says:

    No, David. Truth is, with yours and Woodward’s staggering ineptitude in the window, you are holding Manchester United back. Your job this summer was to buy 2 central midfielders – Strootman and one other. To move Anderson out. To not insult a Wayne Rooney who hadn’t at that time asked for a transfer – to not give his agent the chance to agitate for one.

    This bizarre attack on Martinez sounds exactly like the sort of embarrassing crap Wenger comes out with when he’s under pressure. Except even Wenger, the crown prince of transfer incompetence, will end up having a better window if he lands Kondogbia, one of the players we could have snapped up after letting Alcantara – who was going begging – slip through our hands once Fabregas starting making a FOOL of you to strengthen his position at Barcelona.

    Oh and – Fellaini is a Gareth Hunt.

  13. jesmonta says:

    We do not need Baines as we are well covered in that position. Fabio and Buttner will do the job in place of Evra. It will make more sense to get Luke Shaw and prepare him in the event of Evra`s retirement. he will be a good addition and will put both Fabio and Buttner under pressure for places, where Baines will be and Automatic choice and so there will no competion at all. As for Fellaini, he will be a good addition but have to settle in the Utd way. We cannot start playing like Everton does to suit him. We have good Midfielders to do the job mainly Januzaj and Powell.

  14. Everton_Blue says:

    Just read all your statements. The only one that I agree with is the last one from Little Che. The rest of you are chatting absolute toffo!! Both players are worth more than what has been offered and you all know that. Southall is correct in saying Everton fans won’t be as disheartened if Fellaini goes, but only for the right price. We would want between £25-£30m for him (no joke). He would also be worth every penny as he would control united midfield, then play the easy ball to a flair player. Baines on the other hand. No one wants to sell. I mean, would you if you had one of the worlds best Left Backs? The fact that he is a model pro & a scouser alike, is all the more why we wont want to sell. Ao unless United up the auntie, you won’t get either player. Also, the comment with regards to Rodwell… We aold him because he is shite! I for one was very happy with £15m. Would of preffered more obviously, but the lad is way to injury prone and due to that he has a lot of mistakes in him. Don’t get me wrong. If he gets a good run the team, he may well turn out to be a worldy.

  15. abbapro says:

    mr moyes if you want successed great fergie u have to go and buy midfielder bcoz its our problem nw and give kagawa chance if not u will not win anything and we will not get behind you if you didnt sign anybody.

  16. samuel - united WE stand says:

    are united going to.regret letting rene go? One of the top coaches in world football, he gave everything and is the chief catalyst in the development of younger players at united in terms of technique and understanding of the game. I understand moyes wanted his own men but the valuable experience rene has at the highest level cannot be underestimated, he would have helped moyes, he should have been kept as a senior coach too.

    He apparently sounded out willian to united as a potential signing, whether he is actually needed is another matter though.

  17. DreadedRed says:

    FusilliJerry – what a load of shite!

    “[Moyes] job this summer was to buy 2 central midfielders – Strootman and one other.”
    Is that a ‘job’ that you gave him?

    Actually, it’s not up to you, it’s up to David Moyes to decide what’s needed, and there is far, far more to being United’s Manager than just buying your ‘pet player’

  18. abbapro says:

    we dont need baines. evra is good just lets go fellaini or any midfield who will strength our squad before next week.

  19. Paulie says:

    Ash, couldn’t agree more.

    Neville southall is a fucking dinosaur anyway. He’d have never slagged of Moyes like that when he was actually their manager, and this trophy thing is bollox anyway. You can bet Wigan fans would have sacrificed that FA cup for another year in the prem anyday.

  20. GENTLEKEZ says:

    But in d first place, why should we make a bid of 28mil for players whom one that has 23mil clause that just expired and the other whom our 12mil was rejected earlier on. Then why should we come back with that same 12m and 16m for them. Too me it is an insult. Is like we don’t really want to sign a player may be they are trying to toy with our brains or what.

  21. Jay says:

    Moyes saying he would do the right thing for the players when he was at Everton sounds hypocritical, he made sure he got the best deal for Everton when he sold us Rooney and when he sold Lescott he wasn’t going to let him go until Everton got the amount they wanted. Moyes needs to be careful with his words because now papers are using his own words the embarrass him. He can talk about the bids being private but to say he would of let Baines and Fellaini leave because he wants to do what’s right for the players sounds like tosh.

  22. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Ok first off Roberto Martinez and Everton can FUCK RIGHT OFF. What the fuck is wrong in putting in a bid for their players? Last time I checked it was the transfer window. I defended Mourinho a couple of days ago for putting in a bid for Rooney aying that those type of things were to be expected in the transfer window and I will defend Moyes for doing the same thing. Every team is trying to improve OF COURSE we are going to fucking bid for their best players It’s a matter of Yes or no. They should stop acting like fucking pussies. Didn’t Martinez pinch Kone and Alcaraz from Wigan? Isn’t he trying to pinch Mccarthy from there as well? Everton fans are fucking hypocrites. They were all happy and dandy when they pinched Baines from Wigan back in the day and also when they pinched Fellaini from Belgium. Now when someone else tries to do the same thing to them, they come out and whine like fucking Children. You can keep your fucking Baines, whom we do not need anyways. Fucker isn’t all that. We still pasted you lot at Old Trafford last year with BOTH Baines and Fellaini in the team. Let’s go ALL OUT for Fellaini and stick it to those fucking scouse tossers.

  23. kel says:

    Evra is the best. Why bid for Baines. Omg

  24. tom c says:

    attack on Martinez? some people don’t seem to understand the simplest of things.

  25. Eric L'edieu says:

    Personally, I understand why Everton have got the hump.
    We’ve had a 12m bid for Baines turned down.
    We’ve basically offered them the same, plus the fee they paid for Fellaini.
    I don’t see how that acts an incentive to let their besy players leave.

    At the end of the day, the want to get the best deal they can.
    As Jay has just said, Moyes should pick his words carefully, he’s under the worlds United microscope now and each word, or inference, will be dissected.

    Would he have sold them, if he were still there, especially for 28m?
    Unclear on this, but had he turned a bid down from us gor Baines within the last year?
    If that is the case, then why did he then not let Baines join us, so as not to “hold back his career”.

    I believe both players would improve the squad, I also believe they care the only real hopes we have left of players coming in.
    One thing that is certainly clear from this painful summer is that Woodward has definitely proved not only to be not up to the job, but a true Glazer-at-heart in his efforts to not spend money. If he wasn’t so busy doing deals with Mr Potato, Appollo Tyres, and Tesco Value Fishfingers, perhaps we’d have some players on the books who’d had a fair crack at a pre-season, and settling in to the club.

    Final negative moan, I don’t like the “I only started the job on July 1st” line being trotted out at the lack of action.
    He knew he had the position before last season had even ended, and surely anybody in that position would immediately start thinking of their prospective targets, not sitting with a blank mind for 6 weeks, though I’m sure that’s a little tactical excuse to offer Woodward a little protection for what has happened thus far.
    Even the summers of ‘no value in the market’ reaped happier days than this, when we had been assured that times had changed…..

  26. scholes says:

    this woodward guy has gone overboard. does he really have a clue? he is acting like a kid who just has got 100 bucks from his mom (never used to get even 1 earlier) and behaving like king in the market. i am no fan of using bids as bargaining tool. bargaining should be done through talks and if that fails you have no option but to come with an ‘appropriate’ bid.

    when a single player is rumored to be going for 100 millions how can you expect somebody giving you two of his best players for 28 millions. even if the guy who has forgotten the existence and use of barbers in contemporary world is hell bent to get transferred to utd , his employers need to be convinced. for god sake even everton bought this lad for 15 million pounds!!!!

  27. Kings says:

    Lee Martins Winner – Hello mate.

    ‘I really don’t think half the shit would have bee tried if SAF was here’.

    Absolutely spot on mate. All the fucking cunts are coming out of their shell since the great man has retired and they think Moyes can be bullied. Don’t those ignorant basatrds realise he doesn’t suffer fools. That cunt Jose thinks he’s the godfather now. Scumbag.

  28. Andy says:

    The big difference here is Everton offered Wigan the money they wanted. Dithering Davie is up to his usual transfer window agenda and it wouldn’t surprise me if you signed no one. So you once a week mancs should stop behaving like kopites and vent your bile at your own club and in particular a manager incapable of taking the bull by the horns and making a fucking decision.

  29. nairobired says:

    Moyes has very little to do with the current transfer innuendos and if united are to start some wheels moving, he may have to request for complete control of signings as Mr. Ed doesn’t seem to have the contacts to get things moving. The one thing I have noticed about transfers, even watching how other teams do it, is that the man tasked with transfers has roots deep in the transfer market. Sometimes it’s in one country, ie Arsenal/newcastle french entourage, city seem to have found someone with some knowledge about spanish prospects,and it goes on and on. Ed doesn’t seem to have these. He has a lot of business contacts but very few in the know contacts in football. Everyone saying you can just change career fields and prosper is speaking out off their ass. I have very many contacts in my speciality, but I have virtually none in a field like medicine except my doctor. So if I was to manage a hospital, while it’s still a business like any other I would struggle, and that is what’s happening here.
    Gill probably sent out word that united were after a striker and all his contacts would give him a list of available strikers and even the ins and out of the contract. I believe this because we usually got our targets and even on the transfers we missed, it was really touch and go, utd managed to match what the club they lost to offered but maybe lost out coz a team came in last minute with a ridiculous offer such as madrid, chelsea with hazard, moura/psg etc.
    This lack of contacts has made us seem amateur this pre season. It’s all to do with the lack of background knowledge as we seem to go in blind. If everton, a small club such as everton, can say that about united, it shows there’s something wrong somewhere. I may be wrong, but I can’t recall any club, even big clubs, say something like what everton said when Gill and Fergie were around. The lack of professionalism and respect was amazing, but if we had some background knowledge and unofficially talked to everton, we would have known their stance and valuation even before bidding. Same goes for Fabregas and whatever other attempts we’ve made that have obviously not come off.

  30. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Seriously Tom C. It’s the fucking transfer window. Clubs have the right to put in bids for players. Clubs also have the right to say yes or no to a transfer bid. SIMPLE. What Everton fans and Martinez are saying is that oh we shouldn’t have bid for their players WHY THE FUCK NOT? It’s the transfer window FFS. Just as we said no to Chelsea on Rooney Everton can shut up shop by simply telling us that they are not for sale at any price. How hard would that be? But it is because Everton knows that they are both for sale that is why they have tried to make the bid public and tried to milk us for some more cash.

    The most annoying thing however is that if we had been alert from the day the window opened, none of this rubbish would have happened. We’ve fucked around too long, made all our bids public, told the world that we have unlimited cash and now every fucking club wants to milk us for as much as they can.

    As I said earlier, stop bidding for Baines and just leave it at Fellaini.

  31. Paulm696 says:

    Just a quick reply to one of the above posts. The reason we never kicked up a fuss when Rodwell was sold to city is simple…..He was never that good, and as proved, he was injury prone. I think Moyes needs to be careful, he would have wanted top dollar if he was still in the goodison hot seat

  32. shanvoice says:

    Some people just don’t understand a shit about transfer and they act as if they have been managing real madrid.
    It is not Moyes who is making these bids, it is Ed. Our bid was private and if everton did not like it then all they had to do was reject not make a fuss.

    Chelski bid 25 million for Rooney and some suggest we need to bid 28 for that hairy bastard. So r u trying to suggest that he is better than Wayneboy ?

  33. LexxytheRed says:

    Oh Dear! I fear for Moyes and Ed this season, if this season doesn’t go well heads will roll…….. Moyes so far has been a dinosaur in the media. He’s made loads of PR mistakes and yesterday’s presser was a load of Bull.
    He needs to get his act together cuz this Manchester United and not Everton.

    Finally, Moyes said there is need to buy but no pressure to do that, sort of thing Wenger will say before buying 6 players on deadline day in a panic wheeling dealing. Moyes needs to know the United job is a presure job and winning at Swansea is not be all and end all, the real test starts on monday against the very best in the league AND these are the sort of matches the real jury are waiting for.(When I say the REAL JURY, I mean die hard fans and Legends of United, keano, etc)


  34. Costas says:

    For 28 million? Not a chance.

  35. wayne says:

    Costas as Moyes pointed out it was Everton that went public with this,there’s always a starting bid.
    All you lot giving Moyes and Woodward a hard time fuck off just a bunch of idiots,Everton leak the bid and it’s Utd’s fault.LexxytheRed your whole post is complete and utter fucking rubbish.

  36. minde says:

    embarrassing comments a la ferguson type – realy arrogant and hypocritic , at the end of the day 28 million bid for fellaini and baines its a joke and disgrace – it just shows that united become a laughing stock in transfer market than glazers took over, the bottom line is there is no money – all goes to glazers and to pay their massive debts over in usa for failling mall rent bussineses. fucking stealing bastards and its sad to see so many fans are deluded and naive and don’t see real cause of all these transfer embarrassments this year (and over years as well..:)) i.e. lack of we should forget about signings this year and next year and all years while glazers be in charge – van persie was just one off present to fergie for all his loyal bullshit he said about them..

  37. Son of St Domingo says:

    Everton fans are hypocrytes???? Are you reading these comments FFS. If Chelsea had bid 15m for Rooney, a player who likes to put his own club under pressure, what would you have said? Chelsea made a reasonable offer of 25m I beleve, totally acceptable as an opening bid. The players we have taken from Wigan? Alcaraz, injury prone 30+ year old – out of contract, Kone, buy out clause matched and agreed. Yes ‘buy out’ clause, sound familiar? Didn’t complain about Rodwell cos we couldn’t believe anyone would pay that for an injury prone player whose development had stalled. Baines and Fellaini were both bought with an agreed fee acceptable to all parties, hardly pinching is it USAIN BOLT knob? Moyes says he wouldn’t stand in the way of players, the same guy who said he decides which players he will and won’t sell and will do what’s best for the CLUB!! Reasonable bids are no problem for any team but don’t take the piss and then tell us we’re wrong to tell you where to stick it. Try looking at it as genuine football fans and not arrogant tits. Sorry for generalising as I know there are a lot of sensible, genuine fans commenting too. Still hope you win the league and wind the kopites up on our behalf.

  38. Mav says:

    Is Moyes mad? I support him fully but just like with Fergie I will call him out on his bullshit.

    How is it right for Everton to sell us their TWO best players but its not right for United to sell Rooney to Chelsea? How could you see a 12m bid for Baines be rejected, know full well that Fellani had a 23m buyout clause and make no attempt to sign him.

    You wait until the clause has expired and then bid 28m for the pair? Embarassing. It’s obvious that that bid is insulting.

    Based on Everton’s valuation, at a minimum 36m should be the bid for those two.

    The transfer business this summer has been lacking basic common sense.

  39. wayne says:

    Are you thick?

  40. minde says:

    wayne go away you muppet go to suck some fergie and glazers dick, fucking whore:)

  41. Lee Martins Winner says:


    Love the Jose thinks he is the godfather. pissed myself at that one buddy.

    I am so annoyed with this transfer window, waking up everyday and seeing us linked with this and that.

    I do agree with moyes, if the RIGHT player is available, I don’t want us to spunk millions on players that would only hinder the youths development.

    We do need a genuine box to ox centre mid, but they are like rocking horse shit at the moment.

  42. nambuktu says:

    Read in an article somewhere that Baines could be used as a left winger instead of a cover/competition for Evra at left-back. This could be exciting as both can defend and attack well, so when one is attacking the other drop back to defend and vice versa.

  43. Costas says:


    Hi mate, sorry for the delay. You’re right. Everton did go public first. And they were pbviously insulted at the bid. So how do Moyes’ comments help our position? He spoke about another team’s players (which he claimed he wouldn’t do) and he aggravated that team even more. And he also did exactly what we accuse Mourinho of doing with Rooney.

  44. wayne says:

    Costas i’m guessing what Everton did pissed him off,Martinez giving lip service all week and lying about Utd going public which they didn’t.Everton showed no class mate don’t blame Moyes for giving them a taste back

  45. Costas says:


    I have no respect for Martinez anyway pal. Nothing to do with this week’s events. It’s the way he got Wigan relegated, fucked off to a top 8 club and then grabbed two players from his former club. However, the manager’s comments were disappointing. Not because Martinez didn’t have it coming. But because our manager shouldn’t be involved in crap like this. Like I said, that’s what Mourinho does, not Moyes. I feel it would have been a lot better if the club came out with an official statement instead.

  46. Ash says:

    Fellaini was completely played out of position yesterday, he did well when he was involved almost scored a goal too. Cant see him staying as martinez style doesnt suit him. By the way good to see E

  47. Ash says:

    By the way good to see Everyon fans already missing the moyes effect. Two draws. I hope they finish above liverpool though

  48. Caleb Shaibu says:

    United should sign Fellaini and leave Baines since Evra is there.


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