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Moyes: It was all about Welbeck

Manchester United endured an awful first half away to Norwich, in the absence of the likes of Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, leaving reds to fear our run of good results was about to come to an end.

However, David Moyes’ decision to bring on Danny Welbeck at half-time turned the game around. There was the obvious match-winning goal, but just the change of tempo that came with having two strikers on the pitch and Welbeck’s unrivalled work ethic.

The manager has hailed the difference our young striker made.

“I thought Danny Welbeck came on and made a massive difference for us. He gave us something slightly different. I have got to say it was all about Danny’s performance for me.”

Read what Scott wrote about Danny for The Metro.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Jackie Spain says:

    Typical BBC reporting: “… there was an element of fortune about their goal. Canaries defender Ryan Bennett’s clearance ricocheted off Welbeck and Javier Hernandez before releasing the United substitute …”.

    No credit for Welbeck charging down the attempted clearance, and it didn’t ricochet off Hernadez; apart from that, very accurate reporting.

  2. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I’ve been a Welbeck critic in the past due to his inexplicable form in front of goal. However, I must admit he completely swung the game in our favor. What a difference it makes when someone is willing to put himself about with passion. Well done Danny. Today was totally your day.

    While we’re at it, I hope Giggs put in his retirement letter today. It’s embarrassing watching a legend who does not know when to call it a day. Looked like a deer in headlights first half. For the 13737465757473736374757th time Cleverley simply not good enough. Carrick didn’t exactly cover himself in glory but this is his first start in SIX weeks so he’ll be excused. Cleverley ran out of excuses a long time ago. Young is still on the transfer block and will forever remain there after that shower of shite today, Januzaj is a permanent starter for this team now on the wings. Even though he really didn’t do anything special, The difference in quality was staggering when he came on. Just his movement alone was miles beyond his years and better than Young. Januzaj is better than Young in every category that matters for being a football player. Smalling at Right Back is a waste of time and an utter joke. It needs to STOP. Play Fabio there he’ll be much better and is basically rafael mk.II. All in all Thank God we got the win. Don’t look now but we’re two points behind Liverpool who go to Jose’s Chelsea and we’re level with Everton who have a tough one vs Southampton. A Merseyside double loss, Spurs loss and a Newcastle Arsenal draw would do nicely. VP is training and Roo is back for Spurs. THINGS ARE LOOKING UP!!!! The Red wave has picked up now.

  3. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Danny welbeck’s quality for me has never been in doubt. He epitomises everything a modern forward should have.. Pace, power, athleticsm. He combines those physical attribues with real imagination and technique. His adaptability and flexibility means he will be part of the way united should move forward. The only issue with danny was his finishing and I did say at the time patience was needed for his other part of his game to get sorted. He needed to work harder at his composure but he also needs gather up confidence and belief… This run of games up top is building his belief. Moyes must now stick with him even when van persie returns. Danny has always had the potential and he has the capability of making a real impact in the biggest games but he needed more consistency and composure. Goals is what elevates a forward to the highest level and hopefully danny will start showing it now and kick on to be the player he is capable of being.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Despite the fact young’s form has picked up in the last few games (although he didn’t look great today) and he probably still is not good enough for united and I would rather lingard, powell etc take his place.. You still cannot afford to start adnan januzaj in every game, moyes is dealing with him well. We have to be careful, he is still developing despite his obvious talents. The more experienced players need to put in the performances and let the likes of adnan develop at a good pace.

  5. dromole says:

    I think Young did well today. He wasn’t the best player on the pitch, however he wasn’t the worst too.
    Cleverly on the other hand, didn’t have a good game. But players do have days off. What matters most is that we won the match despite not playing many of our first team players.
    Finally, Smalling is not a right back.

  6. Marq says:

    For all the talk about our midfielders. Has it gone unnoticed that Evra had an absolute shocker defensively? Yes he provided some runs even late on, but on another day, we could have been 2 or 3 goals down in the first half.

  7. Dan Young says:

    we play shit when we dont have 2 fullbacks playing. it seems most of our creative play comes from our fullbacks. today we had smalling (centre back, not a right back) on the right and a very tired patrice evra at left back. add to that the fact we had a carrick back recently from injury, januzaj on the bench and valencia banned it was always going to be a boring game. luckily danny welbeck’s passion was enough to get the 3 points.

    theres far too much cleverley bashing going on lately. the cleverley and carrick partnership worked well under fergies tactics but under moyes it really dosnt seem to work well. in my opinion carrick needs cleverley more then cleverley needs carrick. carrick needs cleverleys energy to make up for his lack of pace.

    our most exciting displays this season came from rafael at right back, januzaj on the left with rooney in the middle and 2 energetic midfielders playing in midfield (cleverley and jones) .. also id add welbeck up top to that list. not saying get rid of carrick atall, and im not going on todays appearance .. but moyes’ system depends alot on energy, stamina, pace, workrate, creativity and versatility. i think carrick, ferdinand, anderson and to a much lesser extent RVP will struggle with the new tactics

  8. Dela says:

    @Jackie Spain — Did they mention that Giggsy’s yellow card was complete bullshit since he didn’t make contact at all? Most likely not because in this case, the offender wasn’t Adnan Januzaj, Ashley Young, or any other United player…

    There was no element of luck in United’s goal… the reasons it “ricocheted” off Welbeck is because Welbeck chased the ball and got in the way of the clearance… that’s not luck, it’s good attacking play. Even when he got it he had plenty to do.. he could have just smashed it hopefully, or tried to pick out hernandez or someone else but instead he rounded the keeper and finished it off well…

    But since its United mate there will always be whispers from the British media of luck, or referee influence, or a bad performance from the opponent, it’s a VERY rare occasion that its reported that United won because they played well, there’s usually an element of denialism about the media’s reaction to our wins.

  9. Fletch™ says:

    Moyes was talking about the entire shape of the team settling when Welbeck came on, not just the goal.
    Kagawa and Hernandez couldn’t hold up play or keep posession, which created not end of chances for the Canaries. I can’t really fault Evra, as both wing backs try to push up. In the end Norwich had few quality chances. The BBC was saying United were battered first half. Errmmmmm not so much for me, there was pressure, but very few chances on target and most of those from distance.
    This was caused by the inability to hold the play up the park when we did get possession. Danny did a proper #10 job when he came on, linking play, finding space in the middle of the Canary defense and holding up or passing on. This is what Rooney does all the time, but Kags just doesn’t do as effectively in EPL play. Kags seems much more competent in Europe where he gets time on the ball. Norwick arn’t going to allow that, same with most EPL teams.
    Everything about our game settled down when Danny came on.
    Bet Roy Hodgson takes note.

    Don’t look now, but Danny has now scored 7 goals this year, 4 goals in his last 5 games. Lad is looking really sharp. Future is bright if he pushes on. Please on the eye today, long may it continue!

  10. red war says:

    Some conclusions after the game.

    1. In this season, I haven’t seen the team play anything else than overlapping tactics. The statistic at the half time said it all. 40% of our ball possession was on the right wing, same for left wing and only 20% of the time, the ball was played in the middle of the pitch.
    2. This shows why Rooney is so important. He is the only footballer in the team who is powerful enough and technical too, who can take control of our midfield and connect midfield and attack. I always supported him as a player who gives his heart in the field and creates for the team. He is the one who will be picked for an ugly role, cause he is the only one capable of doing exactly this, run his ass off and connect the lines.
    3. On the other hand, you could see Welbeck yesterday, doing exactly what Rooney does all these years. He came in and gave pace, passion and some connection between the lines. Love this guy! I think he is up there with De Gea and Evra this year. Of course Rooney tops them all.
    4. Kagawa is stressed. He is obviously a very capable footballer, a good passer and dribbler but he is stressed and powerless. His pace is not enough. Sometimes I felt he was fouled but the referee wouldn’t respect him. This is not the treatment Januzaj has by the referees. In fact, Adnan is a diver, but the referees will whistle easier for him than for Kagawa. I feel Kagawa is not respecting himself right now, you can see it in his body language an on his facial expressions. We MUST give him more time on the pitch.
    5. If we want Rooney help more, give his everything outside the area and inside the box, not in the middle of the pitch, then we need CMs who can run all 90 minutes. Carrick is not enough, Ando and Cleve will never be starters and Fellaini is a big IF. Sell Ando, buy a proper midfielder, give Kagawa and Fellaini the time in the field, not just in the training.
    6. I was disheartened by Chicharito’s performance. Some wise off the ball moves, but he never got the ball when he made those moves. Other than that, he was pushed all the time and he couldn’t perform all alone up there. He is such a talent! I would be sad if he didn’t score at least 8 goals till the end of the year.
    7. Norwich fans were disgusting. Asking for fouls and even a penalty where there was no question for a foul. The same for the players. Digusting. If they carry on like this, they will always be a Championship team in the Premier League.
    8. Our overall performance was very bad. But we mostly used our bench and injured players.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Too many excuses again for kagawa. This is his,second season and he’s,yet to make consistent impact for the club. People will blame everything but fact is, he’ll get till the end of the season to get his act together or the pressure will increase on him. I’ve always said it, top players are influential somehow, i’ve not seen that yet in kagawa despite his quality. He must step up or he will be axed out of the team next season

  12. keanoisdaman says:

    I wonder if all the anti rooney idiots are realising just what he does for this team!

  13. Tommy says:

    Last year Danny would have either hit that shot stright at the keeper or smashed it wide/over the bar but now hes full of confidence, rounding the kepper and tap it in, quality finish, Keep it up Welbz

  14. Marko Maric says:

    our problem is that we play bad. It doesnt matter are we winning or loseing, problem is our play. Who is guilty, Moyes or players, i dont know, but this is not good.

  15. MattyMusiq says:

    Samuel you are always advocating for a consistent run of games before a player’s ability is judged,especially in the case of anderson who mind you has been in this club for 6years minimum. So what’s with your change of attitude towards the japanese lad. He’s been here the second years, 2years he’s been rotated from the bench to the left wing. We all called danny ineffective and useless too when played out left in the past months.
    Smallinng looks a complete mug most times out of position at rightback, anderson’s international career is basically over pretending to be paul scholes season too in the center of midfield rather than the attacking mid he played for his previous clubs prior to us bidding. Even the greatest english midfielder of his generation Paul scholes was forced into retirement been played wide left too, cut the lad some slack mate. Before you tell me kagawa plays wideleft too for japan, please don’t tell me you are not knowledgable enough to understand the positional misgivings of a 4-3-3 and a flat 4-4-2.


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