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Moyes’ Letter To Season Ticket Holders

While I knew that this job would be a challenge when I took it on, the difficult season we have experienced was not something that I envisaged, which I am sure is the case as well for you supporters – and my players, staff and I am desperate to compensate for that.

Everywhere we turn people outside the club have a lot to say about Manchester United, but we have all stuck together through some tough times this season and I firmly believe that, in the long run, we will all come out at the other end, stronger for the experiences.

Everything we need have been through will make us a better, stronger team and club in the future.

Over the years you have seen great winning sides here and, in time, I have absolutely no doubt that we will see great winning sides here again.

A big step towards that will be transforming Old Trafford back into the fortress it has long been renowned as, and we will do everything in our power to get the positive performances and results to do that, so that we can give you Season Ticket holders and all of our supporters something to shout about.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:


    Its in a fans booklet mate called the 12th man, It gets delivered to ST holders 3 or 4 times a season and in its an article from the manager so he never just decided to write to the fans mate, its a requirement

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The letter has grovelling all around it.. Pretty desperate if I am bluntly honest… What moyes needs to do is acknowledge his errors and find ways to mend them.. What he needs to do is adapt to the standards expected of the football club.. Not giving out another limp PR filled mumbo jumbo.. This letter isn’t going to dissipate the pressure darkened cloud above him, it certainly won’t win people over. What matters is evidence of progressive change and a show that he now understands what it takes.. Whether he can do that will be decided at the end of the season when every failure has been summed up.

  3. Ezzerguru says:

    It seems to be a PR move aimed at generating more goodwill with the home support, which i guess makes sense now that there seems to be a shift in attitude towards Moyes. Even some of the die-hard Moyes fans in the press are now asking searching questions.

    I think the letter would have come across better with a bit more balls and with some idea of he expected to get United back to where they should be.

  4. wayne barker says:

    Tommy oh ok mate

  5. wayne barker says:

    I actually found the letter a bit kiddie

  6. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I’m not reading any letter or listening to any of this horse shit any longer. Talking from this point on should be done on the pitch. His line-up over the next four games will tell me whether this man is truly as stupid and stubborn as many seem to say or whether he has realized his mistakes and is willing to change.

    Enough of this useless PR propaganda nonsense. “Oh United Will Rise Again” NO SHIT. A club of this size doesn’t just go down the drain forever. OF COURSE we’ll be back, but we want to be back at the top quicker than the way it is looking right now. Everyone knows that. Tell us something we don’t know. No time to be “rebuilding” for five years. Next season it’s WIN WIN WIN from the word GO. No more fucking excuses.

  7. Fletch™ says:

    Moyers press conference today:

    May NOT replace Vidic giving chances to youngsters.

    Continued the theme of defending Cleverley

  8. WeAreUnitedd says:

    as for the letter

    well I criged a little, why on the hell a manager of Manchester United needs to write this letter, I know the intention was good, but feckin hell concentrate on the football and leave the letter, we don’t need no PR stunts.

  9. Fletch™ says:

    The open letter means little. He had to write it as it comes in all the ST mailings and he couldn’t really talk about any successes. We just need to batten down and push on. Gods know a win would do a load of good.

  10. Fletch™ says:

    Moyes comments when asked about the petition to sack Cleverley:

    “First and foremost, I’m surprised the media are picking up on something from social media and making a big deal of it in the way it’s come about in the first place,” the boss told reporters on Friday.

    “Tom Cleverley is a fantastic young player who is developing all the time. He’s a great trainer here, someone who is the first out every day. He does his best in training and never gives it less than 100 per cent.

    “From my point of view, that is why Tom will be successful. But I’m a bit surprised people in the media would cover those sorts of things and you would ask me that kind of question.”


    Only proper of the managers (Moyes and Hodgson) to support their players.
    Not much in it.

  11. samuel - united WE stand says:

    People can continue to roll out apology for david moyes but he is NOT a rookie manager, he does not need to be spoon fed after 11 years of stagnation at everton.. The manager is the front image of the football club, his demeanour is what the team take on…

    He is responsible for the right tactical methods,man management, a winning mentality and building confidence.. And if the team has failed on that front then it falls flatly on the manager regardless of all the excuses.. At any top level football club, moyes would have been sent packing by now, more successful managers that weren’t as dreadful as he has been were not given a lot of time.

    The players will take some of the blame but he as the man in charge should have known the average players and the quality ones yet he has failed and not helped himself.. Picking ashley young and a declining valencia in a backward system falls on the manager, the style of play and eagerness to win falls on the manager.. He has failed on all counts, it is up to him to wake up and acknowledge his blunders and set himself on the path to fixing it.. Buying all the best players will NOT fix his demeanour, his poor tactics, his mentality. . Etc and let’s be honest, he hasn’t got much time to do so, he is at his peak of managenent, managers at his age have won titles upon titles…

  12. UnitedFaithful says:

    The letter is what is expected of him as a Manager I am not sure he said those words to make his position tenable,not everything he says has to be desperate attempts to defend himself,,he doesn’t need to explain to anyone about our current situation,better try to make changes in the field rather than acknowledging what we already know.

  13. Fletch™ says:


    - Nemanja Vidic will remain club captain till the end of the season

    - Plans to look at current center halves before bringing in replacements. “I want them to show me what they’re capable of and I’ll be looking to introduce them in the last month or two.”
    Didn’t name names, but the list would be Smalling, Jones,

    Our up and coming younger CBs probably not in his thinking as they are not in contention: Thorpe(injured) and Michael Keane (on loan to Blackburn)

  14. wayne barker says:

    Yes we know all know your feelings samuel you repeat the same thing every thread but until the club decides otherwise he’s Utd’s manager and Sir Alex asked the fans to back him which some of us are doing.I really don’t need to know he’s picking the wrong players in the wrong system everyday just get’s boring.
    Whether the thread is about Moyes or not always ends up as a Moyes thread and the same shit gets repeated over and over again.

  15. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Wayne – funnily enough, I wonder if you retain the same irritation for the grovelling expressed on here for a failing manager without any adequate reasons?.. I’m sure you know by now you are wasting your time if you think you can influence my comments, respect yourself. There’s a debate, if you disagree.. Make a point which I always do.. Not ramble on. If I have repeated then perhaps it has something to do with moyes repeating familiar failings on the pitch.

  16. wayne barker says:

    Not trying to influence your opinions just stating a fact just repeat yourself about the wrong tactics players not been good enough blah blah blah it’s just the same shit,we get it you don’t rate Moyes or some of the players just don’t need to be told by you everyday
    You always go on about this being a debate but it’s never a debate,it’s what you think is right,i’ve never seen you debate it’s just you expressing what you think as facts and that’s it

  17. Tommy says:


    How can you call it grovelling when its a requirement to write to the fans in a magazine that gets sent out to ST holders 3 or 4 times a year, Hes giving his thoughts thats all. If United were top of the league he would of wrote for the magazine 12th man anyway. Groveling? do me a favour

  18. Timothy Peng says:

    It’s not hard to say all the right things, that is the one thing that Moyes has done well. Unfortunately, he’s got to walk the talk and he hasn’t.

  19. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Although there’s a big difference between repeating and some not liking the idea of a difference in opinion.. It is a pity people still result to kindergarten tactics..

    When moyes does the right things and somehow defies the odds and charges towards an upward movement then doubters will receed and give credit when it is due.. What I certainly will not do is blend with the crowd and express things I don’t believe in.

    Not every man will agree, that’s obvious but make your points clear, not try and paint yourself as some delusional prototype of the self pro-claimed best supporter exhibition.. If that’s your way, then let it be.. Do not however think you can influence my thoughts with some bullshit claptrap slogan of “fergie said back the manager”… I hugely admire fergie, arguably the best manager of all time but the man from govan has no chance of dictating my view.. He may do for some and i’m sure many get their assurances of players and managers off the clown-duo of lawrenson and hansen, but I build my thoughts and will continue to do so.

    Moyes had enough support when he got anointed for the job, many hoped he would adapt to what it takes and he hasn’t done so, people sure damn well and sit by and ignore mediocrity for the sake of joining the herd of sheep that nod at every crap that gets blasted out of a mega-phone.

    When moyes does sonething right, I will highlight it. He may well do so in the next 12 games BUT if he repeats the same nonesense then I’m sure many won’t hold back their lambasting.

  20. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Timothy, I would argue that Moyes hasn’t even said the right things at times this season.

  21. tallestreD says:

    Moyes can’t seem to catch a break with a lot of people on here. What were you expecting? That’s pretty much all he can say and it is news because United are having a poor season to say the least.

  22. Tommy says:


    Imagine if he had refused to write a column in the ST holders magazine, people on here would of gone into meltdown, saying hes a coward for not speaking bla bla bla, Now he writes his thoughts he gets fucking stick, Just cant win damned if you do, damned if you dont

  23. m09538061 says:

    The only reason Tom Cleverley is shit is…
    The poor cunt has to play with Carrick,hence his negativity.

  24. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Wayne – well it is a debate, why? I am arguing AGAINST the the apologies moyes gets.. The comments are everywhere on blogs and if I am there, I will argue my point which in it essence is a damn debate.. Again, i’ve not once said I was right but then again I may not be wrong.. I’m right on the edges of both regions.. I’m debating and expressing.. It is repititive to you because it isn’t what you agree with.. When moyes does the right things consistently then people will highlight all the positives.. I sure damn well did when adnan was given an opportunity but from then on, moyes embarked on an avalanche of failure.. Obvious failings that he could turn around with good management, failings that cannot and should not be ignored.

    Tommy – you cannot say moyes words weren’t aimed at a PR stunt to rally the supporters.. If it is a protocol to send out letters then fair enough but what people need is evidence to feel convinced about moyes.. Evidence, the letter was never going to go down well either way. More fixing, less apologies.. Put aside this letter, moyes has been grovellig all season, pointing the hand of blame at the FA for fixtures to hitting woodwork. It’s cringey, it is not something expected of a top manager..

  25. AntiScouser says:

    Moyes at today’s presser:

    “We’ve played QUITE WELL IN GAMES but not scored and taken our chances. Teams have maybe defended and counter-attacked and we’ve lost a goal and are having to chase the game a bit more.”

    All you people expecting a sudden turn-around, take a long, hard look at yourselves.

  26. wayne barker says:

    Not sure how it’s Kindergarten tactics when I’m just pointing out you bang on about the same things over and over again,nothing to do with being repetitive because I don’t agree with it,it’s just repetitive may as well just start cutting and pasting the same comment on every thread
    Anyway you don’t see it fair enough,i have to go to work

  27. wayne barker says:

    Tommy I know mate Moyes can’t win no matter what he does,just the way it is,i knew it was going to be a long season on here from the first day he became manager.Nothing less than a stellar season would have done because to many showed up to put the boot in and are now just enjoying Utd’s plight

  28. Tommy says:


    In fairness what he said in the piece was whats really expected, what else can he say really, I dont think you can question what hes said here really hes just spoke the obvious

  29. Fletch™ says:

    Tommy Samuel lads cheers mates.
    Exactly my point. This “letter” means little except in the minds of haters and the press. Had to write it and said exactly what you would expect.

    Like the interview with Kiko Macheda that is doing the rounds.

    If your read the interview he only says good things about United.
    Kiko loves United, and we gave him loads of chances. His contract is up and that will be it.
    Kiko’s fate was sealed well before Moyes got the job, but that won’t stop ABUs from trying bash Moyes for it.

    Moyes has to grow a thick skin and double quick.
    We will see what the players are made of v the Baggies. Expecting a win myself!

  30. TopRed123 says:

    …And please, for the love of everything that is good in this world, renew you season tickets.

  31. Fletch™ says:

    Couple nice relieve the stress efforts from United?

    Win stuff from Juan Mata:
    Can’t say enough about how Juan Mata is a bright spot this season?!

  32. Fletch™ says:

    TopRed123 Top Man!

  33. Fletch™ says:

    If your think “THEY” are against us. You are probably right :lol:

    Read what The FA did for United’s Mike Keane this week!

    Never ceases to amaze, the FA. (You’d cry if you weren’t laughing so hard!)

  34. Imran says:

    for those of you bemoaning moyes’s tactics, there’s one question I’d like to ask, How was the football that we played under sir Alex for the last two seasons? Your a lier if you say it was much better than What we are doing now. Under sir Alex we got lucky, How hard is that to admit. And this decline Everyone keeps talking about hasn’t happened suddenly, it started the day roy keane was kicked out and wasn’t replaced. Give moyes time, Even He was fooled into believing that his squad was any Good bar a few players.

  35. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Imran, since Roy Keane left, United have won 5 league titles, 1 champions league, 3 league cups, and contested 3 champions league finals. I would hardly say we have been in decline since he left.

  36. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    @imran It was almost as bad and if you were here the last two season, you will know that I constantly complained about the style under him then as well. We have not played decent football since 2010 and that is sad. The football has been very bad for so long but a lot people on here refused to acknowledge it because we were winning.

  37. Tommy says:


    Yea I noticed the FA did that typical of the FA that, complete buffoons

  38. Timothy Peng says:

    Gary – Moyes came in paying ultimate respect to Fergie and his legacy, the Club and it’s deep history and claimed that he would do everything in his power to continue that success. He’s also naively stuck to trying to place a positive spin on every shortcoming, so he’s putting a tremendous effort into saying the right things, however cliche they may be, whilst coming up way short in terms of actual results.

    That’s what I meant.

  39. Sparkz says:

    Piece on Moyes needing to learn from AVB’s mistakes and change things up -

  40. Fletch™ says:

    New post up lads! Scott is on a bit of a roll ;)

  41. NairobiRed says:

    I’m sorry, but it’ll never work out with Moyes. The club is sticking to it’s guns and believe if every manager is given enough time, he’ll come good. Fergie seems to have forgotten that the only reason he got a break at united was because the club got impatient and decided to fire his predecessor. Moyes can bring in all the top class players he wants, he’ll never get to the level of Wenger, Mourinho, Rogers or Pellegrini. The club can keep Moyes for as long as they want, but those will just be lean and trophy-less years. We’ll watch united but I doubt anyone will have any serious expectations.
    Firing Moyes will not automatically solve united’s issues but if the board take that as a lesson, they’ll higher a manager with more experience of winning title’s. He also may not work out, but they now have a better idea of what the club needs.
    Just as it took 5-6 managers from busby to fergie, I believe it’ll take another 5-6 managers before fergies true successor is unveiled. The sooner the process starts, the better.

  42. CTRED says:

    I’d feel alot better if he said:

    “…..While I knew that this job would be a challenge when I took it on, I now realize that even with that understanding I still underestimated the challange. I never should have expected I could come in and clean house with the coaching staff, given my trophyless resume, and still have the players on my side. Gosh, how stupid was I? Another mistake was to assume just because we were Manchester United that any player in the world would sign for us. I thought I could go out and sign Fabregas and Ronaldo, and found out I couldn’t even sign Baines! Gosh, how stupid was I? I could go on an on.

    The point is, I’m writing you now not to tell you that my results so far have been shite, as they obviously have been, but to tell you that I get it. I screwed up. I drove the car into the ditch. But here me now…I have a 6 years contract and the backing of Fergie. I’m not going anywhere. So there is no need to start changing Moyes out. I get it now….. I can’t do everything at a club this big. I’m going to make changes by first bringing in some solid coaches that can help me with tactics and training. I’m going to start taking more chances and playing attractive football. I’m going to delegate more. And I still have a $200M war chest for the close season. I may have stumbled but I did get us Mata don’t forget, and with that kind of money I’m sure any of you lot could strengthen our team too, so stay tuned on that one.

    So go ahead an renew your season tickets and come along for the ride. Why would you abandon United now? I’m beaten and bruised but don’t count me out and don’t count United out. Come along for the ride.

  43. MrC says:

    @ Imran

    ..”for those of you bemoaning moyes’s tactics, there’s one question I’d like to ask, How was the football that we played under sir Alex for the last two seasons? Your a lier if you say it was much better than What we are doing now. Under sir Alex we got lucky, How hard is that to admit”

    SAF was just ‘lucky’? I’m not saying last season’s fare was all top drawer but to put SAF’s success down to ‘luck’ is just taking the piss. So SAF was 11 points luckier that the rest of the competition as of the end of last season. Pro Moyes or anti Moyes, we’ve all got our opinions and mine is that’s the biggest load of shite I’ve read on here for ages.

  44. The_red_devils says:

    to have a no.10 on the pitch and to play as a no.10 are two different things.
    And there is not always a no.10 on the field, formation like 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-1-4-1 don’t have no.10. A player who is a no.10 is playing doesn’t mean he is playing as a no.10…

  45. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United but hate Moyes.? If you feel that he hasn’t lived up to expectation and you want to see a new manager at the club please SIGN and SHARE this petition now!

  46. Nemzkorir says:

    PR related issues. i am sure MU has that department. Moyes focus on football. he needs to identify his strong 11, funnily the season is almost ending and he is yet to have a team. he tinkers alot with the team and expect luck. i have always supported him and still do but he needs to man up and repay the faith we had in him.

  47. Nemzkorir says:

    I am always a regular fan of this page though i comment once in a while, but there seems to be a consistent 3 people who will never accommodate different opinions. I guess Different opinions are good for such a forum

  48. Greeny1982 says:

    how come every thread and topic on here and other sites ends up in a Moyes bashing session? im not the mans biggest fan but players not helping him out and sulking hasnt helped him and lets face it hes not going anywhere until at least 10 games into next season so we should all just get behind him and the boys, the mans trying his best unlike some of the players?

  49. tallestreD says:

    Maybe, maybe not. As I see it, you cannot play without having someone to play those through passes and create attacks. So my point is, whether its formation or personnel, there’s always someone who does that.


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