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Moyes needs to remember which club he’s at

Watching United play badly for 90 minutes only to go and concede in injury time, after seeing the free kick retaken, was fairly gutting.

The biggest disappointment of the day, for me, came when David Moyes was asked his opinion on the game afterwards. Not only did he claim that Rooney didn’t “last out” at that defender in the opening few minutes of the game, when clearly he did, but he reckoned he would have taken a point ahead of the game.

Let that sink in.

We are playing newly promoted Cardiff and our manager is saying that he would have been happy with a draw before kick-off.

“It was similar to Southampton when we had the game under control with a minute to go and then we conceded from a set piece,” he said. “We can’t keep dropping two points and we could have played better, but it’s a tough place to come after international duty and I would have taken the result before the game.”

Cardiff have had a few good results at home this season, beating City and drawing with Everton, but we’re the bloody champions and our manager is happy enough with a point from them.

Moyes is learning all the time. Working out that a point away to Cardiff is not an acceptable result is a lesson he needs to learn quickly.



  1. WilliamAR says:

    got to say that I thought match of the day highlighted our midfield issues out perfectly. Fellaini is simply not good enough and cleverly needs another good player around him to be effective. Dissapointed in how badly we played but with any luck we’ll get there in the end.

  2. xyz says:

    @NBI – “He cannot get defence and attack linking properly.” – Yes, that would be the lack of quality in central midfield we’ve all been talking about for over a year and Moyes himself mentioned when he took over. I’m pretty sure he’s aware of the problem….

  3. John says:

    @NBI Red…May be something was wrong with your “Onion”!!.. but now What’s wrong with “Moyesy” bro??..Atleast you could have given it a go until the end of this season before you dumped it..hahaha, anyway your username, your choice!..just saying like.

  4. John says:

    ^ the “Onion”!!

  5. generalslaughter says:

    Well… one thing i know… top managers are born… not created by spending 10yrs at a midtable club. we may criticize the players, but does it look like moyes can even talk to them. they know more about winning something than he does… they are more successful. all this things count. i believe keeping fergies legacy is about the united way, attractive entertaining football, promoting youth and etc…. not keeping it at 442. we should ask ourselves whats DM philosophy? how does he like to play football. I get convinced everyday that the only reason he was appointed is because MU wants to stay english and he is the only young English manager who has done fairly well at a club for close to 10yrs. thats it. he has no resemblance to fergie whatsoever than he fact they are both scottish. give him time, but its not going to end well. Any united fan would be totally lieing if they say DM is a top manager. he is decent no doubt. just like an Antonio Valencia in form, no class.

  6. masso2sets says:

    Hey NBI Red, I`d love to know how you made it RED in the first place?. I thought it was RED because you were one of them there admins.

    Because of this new sign in palarva, my original name is gone and I`m now got my Twitter name. Wanna know how I can change it back.

    Can`t help you by the way but good luck .

  7. Isaacwalex says:

    The problem, as we all know, is in the middle. We can’t continue to field Carrick-Fellaini or Fellaini-Cleverley as our midfield pairing. We should go for Carrick-Cleverley, Cleverley-Anderson or Fellaini-Anderson pairing. Fellaini is too slow and has poor positioning to play in the deep role, neither can he keep the ball or complete a simple pass. Cleverley only has ball retention like Kagawa, nothing more. We need to go back to the Clev-Ando pairing of early 2011-2012 season now that Carrick is injured. Also I’ll put Fabio, Varela or Valencia ahead of Smalling at right back. Valencia can drop back and allow Nani come into the team (why did we offer him a 5yr contract if he won’t feature?). The defence has to be Evans-? (Vidic, Jones, Smalling). Or maybe we should try 4-3-3 with Rooney, RvP and Nani/AntoV25/AJ

  8. Albert Owusu-Konadu says:

    that comment really riled me up

  9. Chris says:

    @GeneralSlaughter: Not sure Moyes would appreciate being called English mate ;)


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