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Moyes: Our away fans don’t stop singing

David Moyes has sung the praises of Manchester United fans after they have continued to get behind the team despite a string of poor results.

“When I first became Manchester United manager I described how incredibly privileged I felt to take on the position, and that belief has only been reinforced during my short time in the role,” he told 12th Man. “I’ve experienced the incredible passion people feel for the club first hand – not just here in Manchester but all around the world. Seeing the level of support this club enjoys underlines the responsibility that comes with being manager of this great football club. I’m honoured to be in this position and determined to continue the good work of my predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson. I knew when I accepted the job that it would not be easy, but I must say that the support I have been shown the supporters has been excellent and extremely humbling. Away from home, everywhere we’ve been, our supporters have not stopped singing or giving their backing to the team. While at Old Trafford the great atmosphere hasn’t gone unnoticed, or unappreciated, by myself, the staff and players.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Tommy says:

    The away fans are incredible, always have been always will be!

  2. John says:

    You are not here to enjoy your honeymoon moyes. Its time to walk the walk. You are a good person and decent manageq but stop acting like Prince Williams coz you are not a bonafide United manager. Same fans will turn against you and you have to simply put, fuck off if you don’t prove yourself on that football pitch where it matters and the reason you are given the job. Your emotional cards don’t work atm….@Tommy…(re prev. thread post) Of course, transfer budget is important but Pellegrini has not been dependent on his signings alone. Only fernandinho and Negredo has been intregated by him as new players so far. If the statements by our manager and club are to belive then there is no shortage of transfer budget. The major change from mancini to pellegrini has been the new playing philosophy later bought into the club. Now they play attacking free flowing positive football. Mancini won a fa cup and a title (on goal difference) and was loved by fans but so far it seems pellegrini has taken them to different level. Felliani cost shows us that we aren’t broke like say swansea. 30 millions if wisely used was not a small investment. I don’t buy into this deluded hope that only with unlimited budget to buy whoever you want, your team starts playing attractive football and can win everything. And yeah, also notice the good form of Nasri, Aguero (consistency) and few others under new style of pellegrini unlike mancini. I agree transfer budget is important but if you spend £28 M on player like felliani and moan re lack of cm then money alone can’t help much. Lets see what TYPE of players moyes goes for and brings in jan. I am judging him interms of style of play, tactics and shall judge on TYPE of players he brings in next 2 windows. Forget about transfer budget coz its not entirely relevant to style of play as martinez, pochetino, simeone, klopp and landrup are examples to contrary. We will watch. Time shall reveal.

  3. John says:

    ^yeah and Jesus Navas as well. Jovetic has been injured so can’t say he has been integrated so far.

  4. Tommy says:

    The sun says Moyes has been given 90million warchest to save Uniteds season (Probably full of shit regarding the 90million) but I would be shocked if their was no movement coming in!

  5. Tommy says:


    You and many others were talking about how well Rene had Fulham playing, Do you care to explain their 4 1 defeat today to Everton?

  6. wayne barker says:

    Tommy mate wasting your time they only point out high points to make a case not low points that would go against their agenda.Last week couldn’t wait to give everyone Fulham’s result phoniest cunts i’ve ever come across.

  7. wayne barker says:

    Should also like to point out Utd’s ex coaches we’re always under attack and considered Sir Alex’s ass kissers till they left then became the greatest thing since sliced bread.There’s so many cunts on here that are not Utd fans it’s unbelievable.All anyone has to look at is who dominates threads when things aren’t going well and the user names that always show up at the same time

  8. Tommy says:


    Dont get me wrong Renes a great coach who I am sure will do well at Fulham and wish him the best of luck but cant stand people praising him or any manager after 1 result just to criticise our own manager, In other news Steve Clarke was sacked today, shocking decision just because hes had a few bad results recently, Chairman panicking as per usual hope they go down now

  9. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Agreed. The away fans are the absolute best. They simply don’t stop. AWESOME group. Keep it up. the boys need your support tomorrow.

  10. wayne barker says:

    Tommy that’s my point mate there’s a group on here with one objective and it’s not pro Utd or Moyes.Tommy don’t know if you were one of the ND58 lads who left and came back with a different name but don’t have to go too far back to see the abuse our ex coaches were getting before Moyes now their Gods.I don’t have any issues with Rene mate but that isn’t the point,the cancer that’s in ROM with contradictory opinions as long as it’s the negative slant.
    NBI never has anything good to say and drones on post after post most boring fucker on here and proven liar,funny how the same posters always seem to show up either prior to her showing up or after either in attack mode on other posters or agreement with whatever she has to say.She likes the personnel attack like calling me a crazy old lonely man although never met me.You know the funny thing though although i’ve proven and called her a liar time and time again never denied it because it’s in ROM history

  11. RepeatOf99 says:

    How is not turning Fulham’s rot around in two weeks the same thing as completely turning our fortune around in the space of 4 months?

    I don’t believe that Rene or Mike were the best coaches that we ever had at our club, but they were experienced coaches and at least offered us some continuity and stability during a period of transition.

    We have replaced them with ex-players, who have no experience whatsoever in this capacity. It also sends a message outwards that we are more interested in pandering to our fans than to the training of our players. I am sorry, but potential world class players are not going to be very attracted by the prospect of being coached and trained by Phil Neville.

  12. tallestreD says:

    @Wayne, U really know how to spot those two-faced supposed-supporter. They don’t seem to hide their agenda. NBI and JOHN major culprits

  13. Tommy says:

    @Repeat of 99

    Rene was offered the chance to stay, chose not too so whats your problem and Mike had to go, no manager keeps the existing number 2, plus Mikes applied for every available job, I dont see clubs queing up for him I wonder why, You dont know how good Neville is so another one bashing the coaches does not know whats hes talking about!

  14. John says: [Stop playing pro-moyes or anti-moyes agendas here! Read this article coz it mirrors the reality.]

  15. RepeatOf99 says:


    Rene was offered to take over as youth team coach and only decided to leave after he was flat out told he was not going to be remain in his current position of first team coaching. I am not sure where you are getting your information from, but clearly he was pushed out.

    As for how good Neville is as a coach, the point is that nobody knows how good he is, he hasn’t coached before. You have no idea if he is amazing or absolute rubbish either.

    Not wanting someone completely inexperienced in the job is not me ‘bashing the coaches’, it is wanting the best for the club rathe than chancing it and hoping it turns out for the best.

    If you applied your logic, we may as well put a complete amateur unknown straight into our first team. I mean, they could be absolutely amazing, no-one knows. There’s no need to bash their ability without ever having seen them play before, right?!

    Let’s be honest here, if he had never played for man utd, and was just another just-retired everton player brought in to replace one of our coaches, there would be complete uproar.

    Just because some people on here don’t agree with your opinion, doesn’t make us any less of fans. We all want the best for this club, and it just so happens that there are times when we have differing ideas of what that means. Supporting the club and blindly standing behind every mistake we see being made are not the same thing.

  16. Tommy says:

    @Repeat of 99

    Rene was offerered the chance to remain in his role of first team coach but he declined it so he moved on, Phelan had no experience when he got the job? So whats your point? All managers like to have someone connected to the club they have joined on the coaching staff, Mourinho brought in ex player Karenka at Madrid, would he have got the job had he been an espanyol player? Likewize Ancholotti brought in Zidane as first team coach, would he have done that had he stayed in Italy instead of moving to Madrid? Its a non story mate

  17. RepeatOf99 says:


    I don’t know where you are getting this information from about Rene? It’s not what he himself had to say on the matter!

    And my point is the same as Rene’s, that Moyes was taking a huge step up in his career, and that keeping some sort of stability and experience alongside him could have been hugely beneficial especially in the transitional first few years.

    As for Ancelotti and Mourinho, they have both proved themselves at the absolute highest levels with some of the top sides in the world. They have a set of back room staff that has followed them to every club they have managed, and have supplemented these with one or two additional names, such as the ones you have mentioned. Moyes does not have staff that have coached at the highest level to take with him. It would have been wise to keep the ones that we did have already!

  18. RepeatOf99 says:

    Plus lets be honest here, Zidane is a legend of world football. One of the greatest players ever! It is plain as day that any young player would be biting at the chance to learn something from him. The same can not be said of Phil Neville.

    You only need to see how Real Madrid role out Zidane every time they want to sign someone, to see his benefit to the club.

  19. Tommy says:


    Thats ridiculours mate, your saying its ok for others to bring in inexperienced coaches but not Moyes, Neville might be a better coach than Zidane for all you and I know and how do you know that Nevilles not been coaching at Everton the last couple of years?

  20. RepeatOf99 says:


    You’re missing my point. Zidane is not the only coach at Madrid, and the others that Ancelloti brought with him are vastly experienced. Furthermore, Zidane offers a great deal more than his coaching abilities.

    Zidane did not come in to replace experienced coaches who were pushed out!

    And we have no idea about Neville. There is zero reason to believe he has been coaching at Everton. Where did you get that from? You could make up any crap about him and there would be no definite way to prove it being untrue.

    What is for certain though is that there is absolutely no piece of evidence to show that he has any experience or that he is any good as a coach. So why exactly are we meant to suspend disbelief and pretend that it’s perfectly ok to have on the job training at all levels of our coaching/management!

  21. TopRed123 says:

    Time for the top reds around here to get it into their heads: Moyes is not equal to Manchester United. You claim to be better fans than others here but in fact you are just blind sheep. You accuse others of pure conjecture and then counter that with pure fucking conjecture. Your ability to engage in debate is laughable and quickly just draw the “I’m above you, because I don’t criticize or question anything the club does”-card. Set up a video chat where you can watch each others smug faces while you go on about how shit the posters on this blog are.

  22. John says:

    @Tommy (1:32)…Do I need to explain it? I think you too has access to league table and may know the objective of fulham…he will achieve that imo…how long he has been there as a manager? They were in run of 6 games of loss. Yesterday they conceded 3 goals in last 17 minutes..They lost, Rene to blame, no excuses! The thing is he is well on par to achieve the target for fulham (save from relegation) and the reason he was given the job. So with that target and expectation level he is going to loose some…google 4-1-4-1 formation and see how Rene is using it with parker and Berbatov…also watch the defensive line shift from Jol time..he sets his back 4 some metres (5 or sth) higher on the pitch…so those are the things that I was referring when talking and admiring Rene…it is not to undermine moyes! By the way, what was the result of defending champion (us) Vs Everton? It wasn’t even an away fixture unlike for fulham, is it?

  23. ashtheking says:

    John -

    I have to say I am baffled by your negativity. Its one thing to be concerned, we all are concerned but it seems you have a personal vendetta against Moyes. Why only criticize Moyes for our poor showing, Players are also to be blamed. None of the senior players have done well this season and yet all the blame goes to Moyes. Moyes has made his mistakes but players have also made some.

    City are the only team that are doing really well and they too have been a bit poor when Going away. Chelsea have been really poor. God damn they were luck yesterday against a Lowly Crystal Palace. Arsenal are self destructing at last. It was coming. They had the easiest fixtures and now when tough fixtures are coming they are struggling. They are no longer the invincible
    Liverpools real test will be now in this festive period, let us see how they perform against Spurs, Chelsea and City. I wont be surprised if come January we are above them.

    We need to win games and for that our players should take responsibility. Everytime blaming Moyes is not correct. RvP gets injured let us blame Moyes, We concede a goal let us blame Moyes, Rooney misses a golden chance to score let us blame Moyes, Evra commits a mistake let us blame Moyes. We have to accept that we have been poor and we need to sign players. January will be very important. If we dont sign any players then I will be very much surprised, We need quality players. Let us hope we get two or three and sell some dead woods like Anderson and Young

  24. UnitedFaithful says:

    Smalling,Hernandez,Vidic,Evra,Fellaini all injured.Will be an interesting line up this one.

  25. Andromeda says:

    Our fans should get inspiration and examples from these stories.we should stop making moans and groans about Moyes or X players or Y coaches, sometimes we need to stay hopeful despite all the hard times we are getting right now. I love constructive critics and tactical analysis made by some faithful united on this ROM but sometimes its reaching a boring point in a way that even those true fans will start to decay with their opinions, at this time we seriously need to turn the pages of our glorious history and look at our heroes.its true that clubs like Real Madrid and Bayren have more trophies and titles in comparison to Manchester United but our history and to stand still after tragedies and never dying attitude is phenomenal and second to none.our players specially those who are under performing need motivations and psychological support before a dazzling tactic on the pitch, they need to be remembered the fact that they are part of this club, too much criticism and curiosity as they say will kill the cat.@Scott, very nice article, well done.

  26. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Everyone has their own opinions on the backroom staff but me personally, I would have liked Moyes to retain AT LEAST Rene. He was really close with the players abd he knew how to get the best out of all of them. He knew their training regimes and everything. Moyes could have at least retained him for some continuity. He provided a European point of view in training as opposed to hard-nosed, British tactics all round that we have now. I think Fergie purposely appointed Continental Europeans like Queiroz and Meulensteen so that we had all points of view as far as areas of improvement were concerned. British methods are not always the best. You need a mix of opinions. Fergie knew that, Moyes maybe doesn’t know that yet. But it is what it is. We’re stuck with these guys now and for now, they still have my support.

  27. John says:

    @asktheking…so, can you please explain me whats the role of manager?..Lurking 9th on table and real concernrs re top 4 and it is almost half of season. Why Steve Clarke got a sack for the performances of his players? Same with mancini and so on. I have never said players aren’t to blame but the thing is moyes knew most of these players as a primere league manager already. He was the one who bought felliani. The thing is, when all players seem bang out of order bar few then I am sorry, it is manager’s fault. He had whole pre-season and summer to address the issue as well!..mate, I think you are bit deluded tbh.

  28. UnitedFaithful says:

    De Gea, Rafael, Jones, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Cleverley, Giggs, Januzaj, Rooney, Welbeck

    Subs:Lindegaard, Ferdinand, Fabio, Young, Büttner, Fletcher, Zaha

    Kagawa not in the squad.The injury jinx continues.

  29. Andromeda says:

    Excuse me but don’t try to compare Steve Clark or Mankini sacking with David Moyes, that is plain wrong.why people you are not patient.the truth is no one mentioning many crucial things that happened this season, if you forgot then I will mention few of them.

    -We got the most interesting tough early schedule i the start of the season, Chelsae, Liverpool and City.that is to a new manager in a club like Manchester United is a bit unfair!
    -Last year three players has been crucial for our title run and they never got any serious injury problem, Carrick, Robin and Rafa.we lost all these crucial players down to injury.
    -the strength and evolution of some premier league teams this season, people are pointing fingers about our defeats to Newcastle or Everton or our draw with Saints and Cardiff but we have all seen these team what have they become!
    -Last but not the least I am not making any excuses but we must be fair in our judgement, I know we are United and we must win and dream about the winning the title but that i not possible at this moment because we are currently working on staying together and could have been worse, people were pointing their finger at David Moyes for not having any European experience but look how we become the best team in the group stage.people should also see the positives as well.!!


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