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Moyes: Phenomenal fans deserve better

Despite awful football and a horrible result against Liverpool, Manchester United fans were in full voice on Sunday afternoon.

David Moyes has claimed he’s told the players it’s time they started paying us back for our fantastic support, starting tomorrow night against Olympiacos.

“The support inside Old Trafford has been phenomenal,” said Moyes. “The players would tell you that was the first thing I mentioned to them after Liverpool. I told them we have to start giving something back and start performing. We need to work to make sure it’s a night to remember. We’ll leave nothing behind out there and we’ll try to make sure that, somehow, we get ourselves through to the next round. I think the fans have seen some defeats this season they wouldn’t have expected and they’ve stuck with the team throughout. They’ve seen great success at Manchester United and they’ll see great success in the future. For me, it’s the biggest club in the world. It might not feel it today but I can tell you it is. It will rise again and hopefully it’s not too long.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. TywinnLannister says:

    “When soldiers lack discipline, the fault lies with their commander. ”
    -Tywin Lannister

    “If another house can seize one of our own and hold him captive with impunity, we are no longer a house to be feared.”
    -Tywin Lannister

  2. MrC says:

    Moyes can consider himself lucky that matchgoing Reds get behind the team regardless of the fact that he has let them down this season with his serial incompetence. The fans have done their bit and deserve better. The danger is their loyalty will be used against them and we’ll continue to be stuck with Moyes longer than he deserves. At any other club the crowd would audibly turned by now and Moyes’ position would have been rendered untenable.

  3. Pini Berger says:

    Its unfortunate that even when trying to sound defiant Moyes sounds as clueless as always – “we’ll try to make sure that, SOMEHOW, we get ourselves through to the next round” – doesn’t inspire confidence that he is going to come up with the tactical master plan needed

  4. Koketso Brian Kupe says:


    Spot on. this like most of Moyes’s comments suggests its the players and not his own incompetance that let the team down. Take the fulham game for example where united put in 89 crosses. Now these players get flak for lack of effort but for a team to average 1 cross a minute that is a HUGE amount of effort. These players did exactly what they were told and the shortcomings were all tactical. How do we know they played to his demands? Well he confirmed it in his post match interview lauding the fact that we got to the by line.

    Moyes has made a career out of playing conservative defensive football. One can argue that this timid approach is the very reason he has no silverwear to his name. Not that anyone expects him to win the premier league with everton but in crucial cup games its the brave that reap the fortunes.

    He says he wants to play an exciting and attacking brand of football yet he has no experience in doing so and is backed by the very same backroom staff responsible for everton’s yawn invoking brand of football before martinez. I’m searching my brain for one example of an established manager that changed teams and magically found his team playing a vastly different style of football. Where ever mourinho goes his defensive brand of football sticks. Managers like pelligrini have also shown consistency in their style. Pep guardiola’s influence at bayern is VERY evident etc etc.

    What’s to stop Moyes from simply buying better wings in the summer and persisting with the exact same tactics he’s been employing all season? I have never in my life seen a manager do worse at the end of the season than he did during dire pre season.

  5. redAL says:

    It’s time to go, let’s bring back SAF until we find a decent manager

  6. Martin Thomas says:

    When one looks at Moyes’ track record as a manager, he has no credentials that would suit a United boss. He won piss all at Everton, and they played negative, boring as fuck football (for eleven bloody years!). United appointed Atkinson because he had built an excellent and entertaining side at West Brom. While Fergie was chosen because of his spectacular success north of the border (his Aberdeen side was a very good team too!). On what grounds or basis was Moyes even thought of to be the MUFC manager?! Did the Glazers and Ferguson want a yes man? Were the gimps attempting to do things (again) on the cheap? Instead of paying top dollar for a top name manager?

    There are those who go on about how Moyes achieved a lot with so little at Everton. First of all: what exactly did he accomplish at Goodison? How to bore the Everton supporters to death?! Because I sure as shite can’t think of anything else.

    Second: unless we count the gimps being tightfisted cunts and Fergie’s “No value” bullshit. We do not do things small time… We are Manchester United! The biggest and the fucking best! At least we are supposed to be…

  7. AntiScouser says:

    “It will rise again and hopefully it’s not too long.”

    Is he taking lessons in submissive, uninspired, dispirited communication?

  8. Jorge Curioso II says:

    Pander pander pander pander… Disgraceful.

  9. Eclays says:

    Dave “We will try” Moyes out!


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