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Moyes refuses to accept responsibility for dreadful season

Following his sacking yesterday, David Moyes has given a statement which has been released by the League Managers Association, which reads: “To have been appointed as manager of Manchester United, one of the biggest football clubs in the world, was and remains something of which I will always be incredibly proud.

“Taking charge after such a long period of continuous stability and success at the club was inevitably going to be a significant challenge, but it was one which I relished and never had a second thought about taking on.”

He added: “The scale of the manager’s job at United is immense, but I have never stepped away from hard work and the same applies to my coaching staff. I thank them for their dedication and loyalty throughout the last season.

“We were fully focused and committed to the process of the fundamental rebuilding that is required for the senior squad. This had to be achieved whilst delivering positive results in the Premier League and the Champions League. However, during this period of transition, performances and results have not been what Manchester United and its fans are used to or expect, and I both understand and share their frustration.

“In my short time at the club I have learnt what special places Old Trafford and Carrington are. I would like to thank the United staff for making me feel so welcome and part of the United family from my first day. And of course thank you to those fans who have supported me throughout the season. I wish you and the club all the best for the future.

“I have always believed that a manager never stops learning during his career and I know I will take invaluable experience from my time as United’s manager. I remain proud to have led the team to the quarter finals of this year’s Champions League and I remain grateful to Sir Alex Ferguson for believing in my ability and giving me the chance to manage Manchester United.”

Whilst you wouldn’t expect Moyes to admit that he wasn’t good enough for the job, he needs to take much more responsibility for what has happened this season than he has, and show some sort of understanding why the club had no choice but to sack him after such a poor performance whilst in post.

The message throughout this statement seems to be that this season hasn’t gone well, but the reason why it hasn’t gone well is because any manager would have performed the same way if replacing Sir Alex Ferguson. He refers to the “challenge” of coming in after “such a long period of continuous stability”, as though that’s an excuse for us going from 1st to 7th in a few months.

He also claims to “share” the frustration of fans that the results have been poor during this “period of transition”.

The next excuse is that the squad wasn’t good enough. He seems to believe that this squad, you know, the one that won the league by 11 points a year ago, required “fundamental rebuilding” to succeed this season.

Moyes needs to have a bit of pride and stop trying to excuse the inexcusable. I can’t imagine there would be any United fans demanding the title in the first year after Fergie, but the notion that this massive and rapid decline was something any manager of any ability would have endured is insane.

I didn’t dislike the guy, there are no hard feelings, it is not his fault that he was never qualified or capable of doing the job. He didn’t even put himself forward for it, and no manager in their right mind would turn down the United job. But he wasn’t up to it and if he thinks he can hide behind lame comments about the squad and transition, he’s kidding himself.

But thank God it’s all over.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. warrored says:

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    And left a space for a new song
    It goes to Adnan who doesn’t know where he is from

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  2. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    @ Jorge Curioso II says: lol..’Toothbrush’.

  3. warrored says:

    Jorge…..points from last season mean fuck all pal. Moyes only started this season.

    As for spotting a bargain….Moyes never paid 27 million though did he? The daft fuckers on the board did.

    When Moyes wanted Fellaini at the start of the window we offered 28 million for him AND Baines lolol it’s not his fault that Woodward was fucking clueless lolol

    As for bargains…..Howard Baines Oviedo Coleman Jagielka Stones Distin….£17 million Arteta £2 million Pienaar £4 million Mirallas £7 million Neville £4 million Cahill £1.5 million fuck me he even made Darron Gibson £1 million look like Maradona lolol

  4. mjcRED says:

    Jorge Curioso

    ‘Moyes took a team that finished 28 points above Liverpool last year, and has them 22 points below them at time of sacking. That’s a negative 50 point change in less than one season.’

    Why the fuck are we continuing to excuse the players of a single shred of fucking responsibility?????

    The last time I checked, these pampered fucking halfwits, most of whom are probably incapable of wiping their own arses, are the ones who actually take to the field and are therefore mostly responsible for the performances and results, as recognised with the massive disparity between the wages between them and the management

    Don’t come back with claims of me being a Moyes sympathiser or something, I’m not in any way, shape or form, but for fucks sake quit with the easy and inaccurate and unjust laying of the blame solely at the feet of the former manager.

  5. keanoisdaman says:

    I saw a thread on another utd forum with a lot less nutjobs on it about how are fans have rated through all this,it came out like this
    fans on the net(probably never been near old Trafford 2/10
    fans at old Trafford 8/10
    utds away support 10/10
    Sounds about right to me.

  6. Ali Monguno says:

    Granted, he wasnt cut out for the job. But his statement even after being sacked was class, the same class, we ALL wanted and believed the likes of Mourinho didnt possess. No offense but your article is a bit too harsh @SCOTTTHE RED.

    The only way is UP!

  7. WeAreUnitedd says:

    To be honest guys

    I felt for the guy and thought maybe the players let him a little down, but now reading all of your comments, Scott comment and thinking of this season

    I say, BRAVO Scott, this is no way harsh, look at what he did to this club, yes a decent man, but how can you justice him by shitting in our players? yes we need a hauling, certain players needs to get the F out of this club, but it did not stop them of winnin last year

    Champions has to be managed by an champion. So I don’t blame the players, 1% maybe.

    Just because Moes waas and is a decent man, it does not change the fact that he was our Roy Hodgson, so no need to cry over and start blaming the players.

    LOOOOOK what Rodgers did to the shitty side of LIverpool, same players bar coutinho sturridge and sterling, but look at the others players, He brought Allen to the midfield and the others are the same, btu he has managed to make them champions,, when last season people said they are shit, which they are, OR are they?

    you see? you get the point? IT IS NOT the players, IT IS THE MANAGER, it’s all his fault, he could not motivate them hard enough, he almost sinked this club and THANK GOD, we realised it

    SO STOP blaming the players, IT IS 90% Moye’s fault and 10% of the players

    just my thoughts

    NOW, can we move on?

  8. ashtheking says:


    S you are saying

  9. ashtheking says:


    So you are saying this squad doesn’t need rebuilding. So you think now carrick will start performing like a Yaya toure or rio Ferdinand and vidic will bring back their old days. The way moyes has handled his sacking is worth appreciating. He didn’t bad mouth any one. If he states that we need rebuilding then he is a cunt , if we say the same we are concerned about the club.

    For me moyes needs to take the blame but to come and say he shouldn’t state the obvious. Moyes has handled the situation very nicely so far. If tomorrow he comes and bad mouths our club then I will be there to bash him but so far he has really respected our club and staffs.

  10. ashtheking says:

    I am in no way defending moyes but it’s funny that players are given a free pass.

    So Weareunited says champions have to be managed by champions. Lol joke comment.
    Let me tell you a champion will perform like a champion irrespective of the manager. Drogba gave his best for a unknown di Matteo , Suarez did his best for daglish, whole Chelsea team did a tremendous job for grant. Was grant a champion manager?
    Even this season some of our players have done really well. De gea for example, even Rooney has done well but failed in big games, rvps goal ratio is almost same as last season, mata has adapted well under moyes. See champions perform irrespective of who the manager. But the are players who deserve the blame.

    For us carrick , Evra, vidic, rio are messiahs, tell me what all the four have done when the club needed them the most.

  11. WeAreUnitedd says:


    read this

    “yes we need a hauling, certain players needs to get the F out of this club, but it did not stop them of winnin last year”

    and mate for the first time I see you being sneaky, nobody said carrick will change and become Yaya, I did not say that, you did.

    What I said was,

    Champions has to be managed by an champion, IT IS NOT the players, IT IS THE MANAGER, it’s all his fault, he could not motivate them hard enough, he almost sinked this club and THANK GOD, we realised it, Just because Moes waas and is a decent man, it does not change the fact that he was our Roy Hodgson, so no need to cry over and start blaming the players..

    AND if you have followed my comments, you very well know that I have said we need new players BUTT

    we DO NOT NEED to get rid of 15 players

    we need to get rid of Ferdi5, Vidic gone, Ando, Evra, Giggsy retire, Young, Valencia or Nani AND Rooney if we had the chance.

    Others makes us a better squad much much better, SO no need to overhaul, it is getting rid of deadwood and getting youth in and buying 3-4 players. 2 CM, 1 LB at least

    people who bash our paleyrs and try to justify Moyes, well not saying the statement was bad, but the way he shifted this club, he does not deserve more than a THANK YOU for all, next please.

  12. slim says:

    He should thank the players? Same bunch who didn’t play for him? (insert whatever reason you feel comfortable with) . Yeah thats not gonna happen, and yes the squad does need rebuilding. I don’t know how having a midfield as diabolical as ours and a defense line that plagues the old and the young doesn’t equate to a rebuilding job.

  13. WeAreUnitedd says:


    you are coming really funny to be honest

    Drogba did his best with Di matteo? suarez with Dalglish? oh please spare me. Drogba played hsi best with mourinho and Suarez with Rodgers.

    ALSO also mate, Manchester United is not bar with Chelski it is with the likes of Bayern and Barca and Madrid, they alwats have chmpions at their helm

    but you know what, if you can sleep well and believe in giving Moeys a little kinda free pass by shitting on players who won last year and NO WAY IN HELL are worth 7th, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?

    7th 7th 7th, IT IS NOT 3rd, 4th or 5th or 6th, BUT 7th, from CHAMPIONS to 7th

    NOW tell me, is it because of the manager or players? BTW

    little question,

    how is Everton doing with Martinez? and the quotes made by everton’s players?

    but whatever makes you sleep well my friend, now I’m off to the bayern-madrid game and watch CHAMPION-managers lead their players, not Hodgson or Moyes.

    agree to disagree, NOW can we move on fro mthis dude and not give him space anymore? he made us 7th.

  14. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    ashtheking – I still think the side was an ageing side, I agree with you, true champions can adapt to any management style, these players could not, it aint all Moyes fault, I say 50% is his fault, the rest is a combination of board owners and players. I think Moyes got a bad hand at times, many forget the form of ferdinand vidic evra carrick cleverly valencia young nani rooney rvp were all awful this season, highlighting the ones who have been here and done it. But like I say, the club needs to replace the backbone of this team in ferdinand vidic evra carrick fletcher scholes, long term the backbone of this team will be well into they’er mid 30s, or in ferdinands case, close to 40

  15. WeAreUnitedd says:


    I read it wrond, yo usaid he suarez and drogba did their best for the manager

    so I made a mistake reading on it, BUT It does not change my mind.

  16. Capitano says:

    You know Moyes messed us up, when you here players like Simon Kjaer say, he would rather stay at LILLE than join UNITED. “we cant attract a player even from lille??”

  17. MrC says:

    Moyes is over. Gone. He can’t complain about the fans getting on his back at home or away or the extended time the board gave him despite the utter shiteness of his professional calls, on field and off.
    Up and down the country ordinary men and women face the sack or redundancy and an uncertain future every day for far less cause. In contrast this dupe walked off with £5m in his back pocket. Yet Moyes and his cheerleaders in the media are bitching about his treatment. Moyes and the ‘managers union’ can fuck off as far I’m concerned – we’re busy looking to the future.

  18. ashtheking says:


    You have said 9 players that we should get rid of, now 9 players is a lot. And same was said by moyes that we need rebuilding, so how was he wrong. Every pundit media and fans could see Evra giving fuck all to our clubs cause this season, this was the season the players you mentioned should have replayed the club by giving their best. But they decided to rest and just escape by making everything look like moyes fault.

    I like you care about my club and sorry buddy but I am certainly not happy with how our players have performed this season irrespective of the manager. You could see welbeck showing the passion in each game, you could see de gea showing the passion to prove that he is a great keeper, you could see januzaj a 18 year old kid showing a passion . Now tell me where was the passion from our senior pros. Don’t you find funny that junior players have shown more passion than our senior heroes.

  19. DeGeaWeTrust says:

    slim – I agree, many say this is a top 4 side, can someone tell me, you look at that defense and midfield, how many of those players could get into any of the top 4 sides and the top sides in europe? lets look through the names, when many say its all Moyes fault, which I am still glad he is gone.

    rafeal smallen ferdinand evans jones evra butner

    carrick fletcher fellaini cleverly giggs valencia young nani janazaj kagwa mata

    for me I do not know who would want many of these players, rafeal is a maybe, jones and smallen are injury prone, and have yet to prove they can be trusted week in week out. ferdinand looks his age, vidic is gone, evans I rate has a squad player

    In midfield, do we need to say anymore? I will. carrick for me hit his peak last year, fletcher is good but not the player he was, fellaini not good enough, giggs is managing united, cleverly valencia young and nani not good enough for united, mata and kagwa gives us hope.

    So when I look at the midfield and defense, at the highest level, they are not good enough, and bringing in an average manager, exposed this squad even more.

  20. ashtheking says:


    Yes being 7th is a fault of moyes. Like is said I am it here defending moyes but more interested I saying rant we should not forget that players also deserve the blame. Moyes is gone and I don’t care about him now as we have our own problems to deal with but to bash him and forget that he has a point when he says rebuilding is needed is not correct.

  21. ashtheking says:

    ***i am NOT here to defend moyes***

  22. ashtheking says:


    “Bringing in an average manager exposed our weakness”

    Can’t say it better. But now what we fans are doing is just focusing in moyes and forgetting that we have some fixing to do. If moyes is saying we need rebuilding how is he wrong. Yes this squad doesn’t deserve to be in 7th and that moyes fault but then again that won’t change the fact that we need ship some players our,

  23. ElPajaroMeaPrietas says:

    One player that played hard for him was always sat on the bench (Chicho).

  24. slim says:


    bang on @ 19:25. Sick to my stomach of how much of a free pass handed to the lads. During DMs tenure free pass, in the aftermath even more. Posted on the previous thread how having an unbalanced squad, with not much to call a midfield , harsh i know but dang it its the truth. Defense is rickety, if thats not a rebuilding job i don’t know what is

  25. slim says:

    Oh its the same thread. Bud must be kicking in…

  26. WeAreUnitedd says:

    look I know yo uare not defending Moyes, but you are not being honest.

    Yes we need getting rid of some players, and yes a BAD manager exposed our weakness, BUT keep in mind that this crop won the league and then there’s some who still believe (mate DDWT a pun mate haha) that this is not a top 4 squad, btu why is this so?

    because Moyes was our manager, YEs the players are to blame, yes we need 9 players off United, BUT Liverpool had the same shitty players last season and the season before bar coutinho and sturridge, and they were shit, Look at them now and tell me it’s not about the manager

    yes when you’re a pro yo uhave to play 100% every time, but be honest mate, it is 90% Moiyes and 10% the players, simply put.

    Everton is playing for top 4 with their new manager who replaced, guess who? Moyes. Yes the same Moyes who degraded us to 7th.

    simple logics. all he needed to do is get us 4th, and then start building, but he only wanted to aspire to be like city. it tells you all.

    anyway, agree todisagree, thank You Moyes, CAN we move on?

  27. adam leszczak says:

    No. Players aren’t faultless, but he is all Erin for man united. I’m sure he can resume his managerial duties at another club and be a “successful” manager, meaning, keep a team clear of relegation zone, but that’s what his skillset is.

    Whoever takes over at United needs big balls because the problems won’t just automatically disappear. Pep would steer clear if this challenge. Managing a star studded side and moving on to another when a refresh is needed and a challenge is on the horizon. He’s already saying he’s only at Bayern for 2 years and then moving on – I guess that will coincide with a team refresh?

  28. adam leszczak says:

    Isn’t a man for man united *

  29. adam leszczak says:

    If it wasn’t for Ronaldo fluffing his shot and the Di Maria waste could have been game over for Bayern.

  30. Gazzer says:

    We have 40 frickin players in the first team squad. Of course we need to replace 9 or 10, but that still leaves 30. Scott is spot on – this man never took responsibility for what was happening.
    All he could say after every defeat was we played well, I can’t believe it, we’ll have to hope things are better next time. Did he ever acknowledge that those 80 crosses in one game against a giant team of defenders might perhaps have been a teeny bit futile? Did he get caught looking at a folder of free-kick plays with his hand-picked coach? Yes he frickin well did.

    One thing I know for sure is that Giggs will get us playing properly.

    Now we can finally put Moyes behind us and move on.

  31. lecho says:

    Since 2009 it wasn’t a team able to compete as equals against the best in Europe. Only positive games against top sides were played in destructive way, using fierce defence, not being able to take control – f.e. Madrid matches. Since then the team was in decline, no quality transfers, no tactical changes, no nothing. Meanwhile rivals were strenghtening, buying quality, making new teams. With our key players aging we just couldnt keep the tempo.

    Last year was delusional for two reasons – first, we were strong with our opponents weaknesses, capitalized nearly every one of their flops. Second, we managed to make many impressive and emotional, yet lucky comebacks, some against mid table teams such as Newcastle or Sunderland, thus winning important points. We lacked such performances this year and if I’m going to blame Moyes for anything, it’s that he wasn’t inspirational at all.

    The rest is the players combined with Sleeping Beauty transfer policy. Anyone telling legends about mighty and powerful United team that has won the league by 11 points margin should watch again the games against Madrid and how easily they’ve killed us.

  32. lecho says:

    And theres also one more thing for Fergie to blame for – that he never ever took anything from any of Barca slappings. No fresh ideas, no transfers, no changes, just same ol shite that had to catch us up one day while the rest of top teams (and not only top – remember Swansea?) were learning big.

    If You wanna be numer one, You have to put efforts like ur number two and since winning UCL and offloading Ronaldo we were sitting waaaay too comfy on our perch.

  33. LoneStarRed7 says:

    To David Moyes: Thank You for your tireless efforts on our behalf. End of.

    Done. Moving forward.

  34. ashtheking says:


    It’s nothing being dishonest here. I myself said 7th is no excuse for myes so where am I saying it’s players fault that they are 7th but you can’t change my opinion that when mattered the players didn’t perform. You late refusing to take your red tinted glass but I will be reasonable and say this that our believed SENIORS did not perform. If that hurts you then so be it. Again it’s funny juniors are performing better under the same manager but seniors don’t even care to perform.

  35. ashtheking says:

    ***you ARE refusing to take your red tinted glass***

  36. CTRED says:

    A wasted year, pure and simple. Fergie is to blame; the Board is to blame. The search for the best manager available they are now undertaken should have started a year ago. Fergie didn’t put the club first when he dropped his retirement with no warning, had it been properly planned we could have had a chance at the candidates they now want .

  37. Toni Andersson says:

    I think Moyes did hell of a job trying to get a whole squad of overrated, lazy, pampered fucking multimillionaires arses out of bed every morning. Crying like a baby when they actually have to run without ball in training. What the hell. Not even my bunch of 10 year olds whines when we have a cardio session.

    We need to keep Mata, Rooney, De Gea and Januzaj. The rest can fuck off to whereever they want because they are whiners and bitches or simply not good enough players to compete for the top 6 spot in the league. Simple as!

    Fergie worked some magic with a useless team last season and the rest of the competetion did a lot worse then this year. Don´t fucking simplify things by blaming the result on the manager, he is as good as anyone.

  38. trevor knightsmith says:

    Toni Andersson.

    ” Don´t fucking simplify things by blaming the result on the manager, he is as good as anyone.”

    On what basis to you base that, his CV says differently.

    I have never known anyone do so much damage in such a short space of time since Souness at Liverpool .

    The ” useless team ” team didn’t do too bad until the arrival of Moyes though did it?

  39. Tommy says:

    Fuck off Scott you clearly hate the man, get a fucking grip, he said the results were not good enough what more do you fucking want him to say, He also said last week the results were his responsibility so hes again taking responsibilty, now he clearly was not the right man for the job but to clearly lie is just not on. Grow the fuck up!!!!


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