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Moyes: Rooney is a main man at United

During the summer, when rumours were rife that Wayne Rooney was set to leave the club, David Moyes answered every question on the striker by talking about how good Rooney looked in training.

Rooney has scored 7 goals in his past 8 games for club and country and Moyes has reiterated his faith in the player.

“I saw him like this on the first day of pre-season yet I had to keep telling everyone that was the case because the media thought it was different,” said Moyes. “I saw him in great form. He was in great fettle. His training was fantastic from day one. But people kept saying different things and I found it difficult to prove it different. You can see by his form and the goals he is scoring that what I was saying was right. He is certainly a main player for Manchester United and he is one of the main players for England; that is what we expected. He takes the responsibility, scores the goals when it is required. He has done that from a young age. But the age he is at now he has that maturity which shows in how he plays, the condition he is in and the way he is playing for both club and country.”

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  1. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Fully agree with Moyes. Rooney is key. But there is a worry that the episode of last summer has destabilized the dressing room. Don’t know if those rumors are true, but some big characters need to step up in there and get the team back in it with the squad we have.

    Whatever happened, you have to look at the management for not making more of the summer.
    The club needs to be constantly building and renewing. It brings confidence that the club is bigger than any player. Wenger failed to respond last season as Robin left. We failed to respond as Fergie and Scholes left.

    Really unforgivable from Woodward. He has to do better.

  2. AlphaRS says:

    Try passing the ball to RVP.

  3. TheCANTONA says:

    well dont put your hope too high moyesy, he might dissapoint u (again)

  4. dave says:

    he’ll be gone in july.

  5. Marq says:

    Sir Alex started the movement of making sure that we are not dependent on Rooney, lets hope it doesn’t go back to that. Changes will come in time, so lets just wish Rooney continue to do well for us, but with an eye on transition. It could come as soon as next season, so let see what happens

  6. John says:

    I love Rooney as a player and yes he is the main man now especially as we lack quality midfielders that the club of our size should as a striker Robin Van Persie is the best in the world..hope he clicks again soon despite the depressing manager we have!!

  7. Markdegea says:

    Hello fellow red. It has been a while. I want to curtail the violence here. Let’s make our fight a constructive. On topic, since Rooney wears that jersey, i will cheer in all day. My opinion anyway

  8. Markdegea says:

    I want us to curtail i meant to say

  9. RedEric says:

    Four days on one thread and all of a sudden four at random?

    @ Scott
    We really do appreciate your service here but please split threads with most applicable duration.
    Sometimes quick succession leaves some good topics with no discussions on them and I don’t think its possible to re post them.
    Consider this as a request

  10. Jesper Olsen says:

    I’ve been saying for weeks on here that his firm is bang on.. He has a swagger about his play that is only there with confidence…. Couldn’t give a fuck with regards to the politics enough a been said already….

  11. Rukky says:

    We know, he’s a main player(as a result of necessity ofcourse) but why sing it out to media when there are players competing for a starting spot with him? Learn from the master Davoo.

  12. Toms says:

    Kagawa is doomed. Moyes’ isn’t bigger than Rooney.

  13. thymm50 says:

    Rukky, you bear the same name with my ex girl. She was so sweet, a shame things didnt work out. I feel like crying whenever i see your name on this site. Sobs

  14. RedEric says:

    On topic

    Even the dump knows all this praises Wayne is getting are meant to keep his ears, eyes and mind away from CSK London
    And before someone pounces on me, if all departments in our field were tick-and-click, his position and effort are wholly covered.
    So for me is a BIG NO. Not the main man.
    We only lack a lot in our play and that’s make him a better man.
    RVP is less involved in many games and that says it all
    We are short of rhythm, short of display, short of midfield marshal and sometimes short of communication
    Main players are in calibre of Schole
    People who can dictate play and can change flow of the game in just a whisker of seconds.
    Someone calm, composed and unpredictable.
    And until we get that type of player, Rooney will continue to rule in the shadows of talisman

  15. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    I agree with Moyes. Right now with his performances he is key for United this season. Hopefully Van Persie and the rest of the crew can come alive. Once they get going then we’ll be back where e need to be. Starting tomorrow, hopefully we can put things right. Nice run of home games coming up, we have to protect our ground and try to win ALL those games.

  16. Rukky says:

    Lol nice one

  17. edcunited1878 says:

    Nobody cares if Rooney is on form while everyone else is struggling to make an impact. The sign of a world class player is raising the game of everyone around you and bringing them into the game, especially when you’re playing centrally.

  18. In David We Trust says:

    That will piss fans off, rooney is the main man LOL

  19. King Eric says:

    John – Will you fuck off, you are a fucking boring negative cunt who in every post has a pop at Moyes. Clown.

  20. John says:

    @SlaveEric…shrugg it off if u don’t like u prick..are u the scott of this block u dumbass?

  21. John says:

    @SlaveEric…shrugg it off if u don’t like u prick..are u the scott of this blog u dumbass?

  22. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    so you don’t think Rooney brings others into the game?

  23. tony says:

    like him or hate him he is the main man at united.anyone who thinks he is not knows nothing about football.

  24. thymm50 says:

    Main man in terms of ego, highest wages, scoring records. So Moyes is right, but he didnt have to shout it out, hope he doesnt start lacing his boots next

  25. John says:

    I wish somebody gives moyes pat in a shoulder to be diplomatic while facing media..every time this man opens his mouth he undermines lot others..I am not surprised why van persie went awol against sunderland before a hatrick for his country..Telling u guys, it is going to be a long, long tough season with moyes this one..SOONER IS BETTER WHEN NOBLE DEEDS ARE TO BE DONE..and the noble deed is________________…you will fill that blank aft southampton can batter me but truth is moyes is not for united just nt good enough!!

  26. zibbie says:

    ever since cr7 left he has been the main man

    9 of 10 people who post here are just Richard cranium hahaha

  27. John says:

    @zibbie..You are first out of those 9 u dickhead..Richard Cranium..

  28. CTRED says:

    OK you got him to stay and in good form…good job. Now stop kissing his ass and let me see you get the best out of the whole squad and not just one player.

  29. keanoisdaman says:

    John……bore off you prick….just because rvp didn’t score against sunderland but scored 3 for Holland doesn’t mean its moyes`s fault,thats football you tit…..each game is different.

  30. martin the Nairobian says:

    Rooney: “Maybe now Januzaj might be expecting to play every game, which is not going to happen, but I think he’ll understand that.”
    moyes: “Adnan is 18, does anyone expect him to play every week? Is he good enough? The answer is yes.”
    Rooney doesn’t think januzaj can play every game.moyes thinks otherwise ..Maybe Rooney is pissed the spotlight has been taken away from him.Januzaj is on the lips of every united fan worldwide. Id have his name first on the team sheet every week.He’s been a class above all the other players majority of the games he’s played in all the way from pre-season to the sunderland game.Bear in mind the likes of rvp Rooney carrick nani and giggs were on the pitch alongside him at one time or the other.Testament to what a brilliant player he is.
    I’ve seen players being overhyped by the media in the past.Adnan certainly ain’t one of them.he’s got genuine ability and potential to be world class.
    Ed better give him a new contract asap.Wouldn’t care if he earned £100k..Ashley young earns £130 k and doesn’t offer anything to us.give the boy whatever money he demands.The money is better of rewarding players than in fucking glazers pockets.

  31. TeeElPee says:

    AlphaRS – @17:21 good comment, hope you don’t get lynched for it.

  32. zibbie says:

    hahahaha what idiots

  33. John says:

    Rooney is a workhorse of our team…in that sense he is the main man definetly..but if we can had signed 2 worldclass creative midfielders and 1 worldclass holding midfielder (unlike felliani) then i don’t think mr. Moyes have had to lick Rooney butt from july itself..for me, Moyes and Woodward (glazers actually) blew it up at transfer is only 7 or 8 games but it also means 30 odd remaining..other teams won’t wait putting a good oil at arse for us!!

  34. edcunited1878 says:

    Rooney isn’t bringing players into games and making chances for the team. He’s one of two center forwards, but obviously goes into midfield and picks up the ball in non-threatening areas.

    Creating goal scoring opportunities for yourself and others is what a playmaker, a no. 10 is all about.

    United have another main man by the name of Michael Carrick who doesn’t get enough credit. He’ll probably have another midfield partner tomorrow and be outnumbered in midfield since Moyes will probably field only two out and out center midfielders.

  35. Mr C says:

    Can’t abide all this main man bollocks – smacks of Liverpool and Stevie Me style indulgence.United as a TEAM are bigger and better than that. Good player or we need to get rid of Rooney for the overall good of the side.

  36. Mr C says:

    Rooney the main man? The first name on the teamsheet is DDG +or should be) followed by RVP, Carrick, Rafa, and Vidic. IMO Kagawa is a better option for the no10 slot than Rooney anyway and we got other attractive options for the main strikers role of which Rooney is but one.

  37. Jigpig says:

    Mr C
    You have got this bang on.
    Rooney is not a TEAM player. He plays in a team but he’s playing for himself.
    He won’t give a fuck about us once he’s gone to Chelski!

  38. CTRED says:

    OK so you have got Rooney to stay and on good form…..good job. Now stop kissing his ass and let’s get the whole squad playing to their potential. Results matter.

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    As ever, I expected negativity to follow any rooney thread and the usual mythical bullshit about one man “not creating or bringing others into the game”.

    Moyes is spot on anyway and it will pain some to read this….

  40. tolumancunian says:

    Mr wayne rooney has neither apologized to d fans 4 his summer petulance n madness neither has he come out 2 say he’s staying with united. We all know he’s putting extra efforts this season just to get a massive last pay day either with us or elsewhere, MAIN MAN MY ASS!

  41. keanosdaman says:

    can those pricks who are having a go at moyes for calling rooney THE main man please read the article again,he says rooney is A main….

  42. Squeaky says:


    Bruno Gomes already has one foot in the door at Old Trafford mate – We already own 50% to him, we already have first refusal, he’s already trained multiple times with United players and Ferguson has been raving about him for years as the best young striker out there.

    Only mentioned him because it looks like the deal will finally go through. Also, nobody said he’d walk into anywhere either! Just said if we sign him with the intent of developing him into a first team player I will personally drop Wazza off at Stamford Bridge (for 50M) myself.


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