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Moyes: Rooney in best shape for years

David Moyes has repeatedly insisted that Wayne Rooney is not for sale this summer although in his first press conference couldn’t confirm the player wanted to stay, despite being asked several times.

Nemanja Vidic was also at that press conference and claimed that Rooney was in the best shape he’d seen him for years, which is a viewpoint Moyes has reiterated.

“The team here are telling me it is the best shape they have seen him in for five years,” said Moyes. “And I am taking that as a positive. The club have already stated Wayne is staying and is not for sale. I am going to get the best Wayne Rooney I possibly can.”

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  1. Andromeda says:

    I think Garry Neville has a point there when he says”we should avoid dropping too much points at the start of the season”its true that we were always been a slow starter and hit the top at January then we were the black horse coming April and May, but things have changed a bit, Mourinho is back and let us be honest he is a great winner and had already experienced rivalry with Sir Alex and won two premier leagues, so all I am saying is that we must start well and finish well, stay focused specially for the swollen early fixtures.Meanwhile with all the turn and twist going on with Wayne Rooney situation and with all that bitter reality surrounding his reputation I hope he will come back to his sanity and make himself a proper red from now, it will be incredibly frustrating for me to see him in any shirts other than Manchester United, hopefully he will understand that leaving United is a step down and that he will feel the reaction and love of the fans once again.

    As for the transfer activities, we were unlucky with Thiago but I again stress the fact that its still not too late and there are many alternatives, so its a bit irrational to blame the board all the time.I am sure it will be sorted the next 3 weeks hopefully, we just need to be patient.

  2. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – reus? Aren’t we pushing it a little? I mean united might have a slim chance with gundogan but not their golden boy marco reus. Secondly, he is not the midfielder united need, shinji kagawa can more match his quality

  3. Costas says:


    I didn’t suggest him. That was Sushi, lol. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing Reus at OT since he’s a decent winger, but the main priority indeed should be a CM.

  4. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Costas – united would be entering an even bigger saga with reus plus I think dortmund are only polishing him until he moves to bayern, I think he’s probably better centrally though as an attacking midfielder but kagawa is already there. I can sense the collective force of united fans searching relentlessly for any good enough midfielders, searching restaurant menus and catalogues Ha. I’m still holding out that moyes will unveil some players soon and hopefully it won’t be a cashew nut.

  5. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Moyes must already feel the difference of managing united and everton. Long trips around the world, the entire league, other fans and country hoping you fail, dealing with intense transfer dealings and many more, it will take its toll but i’m sure he knows what he’s let himself in for

  6. lordrt says:

    Rooney is in great shape yet is being sent back home? Talks about him having a hamstring injury, but I feel it is more like “off you go, feel free to negotiate with the team you want from now on”. But I believe if he’s to go then a price like 30+M should be tagged on him, if the cannibal is being sold for 40+ by the scousers
    Hopes of seeing talented signings are thinning as the days go on however…

  7. mancdub says:

    All this tells you is the Spanish press are as clueless as the English press. I was blissfully unaware of who Graham Hunter was last month, now I’m following the prick on twitter.
    So Guardiola declares his interest and a few hour later their in advanced negotiations. I smell bullshit. If he go’s to Bayern, then the deal was done months ago and he’s just been dicking everyone around.
    If all the talk about making the world cup squad was genuine, then United would of been the perfect move for him, but talk is cheap.
    I thought his father came to Manchester and spoke to the club. I read a quote from him saying United’s offer was irresistible. Or did someone make that up as well. Maybe I made it up. I just don’t know anymore.
    Anyway, remember last summer when we were all busy fretting over some little Brazilian rentboy that snubbed us for the projects.
    Then United pulled off the deal of the summer on the low low.
    None of the cunts on twitter were ITK about that, were they.
    Just saying.

  8. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Thiago bad luck? That’s a laugh. Typical silly season hype that made book for the bookies and the journos. Doubt it’s over either. This had a “bad night out” written all over it from the off.

    But not over till its over. We are stuck with the ride no matter what.

    Never gave this one much hope at all to be fair.

  9. Jorge Curioso says:

    Costas says:
    @Sushi at 20:07
    That’s probably where the term “Glazernomics” comes from. Always on their toes when it comes to making money, but not too arsed to spend any of it. “The team needs midfielders? Fuck it. Lets make a deal with AeroFlot”.

    United have been more successful under the Glazers *both* on and off the pitch, than any other period in their history. Ferguson always insisted that the money was there if and when he wanted to spend it, such as on Van Persie and Kagawa last year. Green and gold is so passé…

  10. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Use your head for once, rooney was said to be in great physical shape yes, meaning he came back in the best sharpness (obviously has been doing a pre pre-season) but then he had an injury, a hamstring that cannot be predicted or foreseen, every player has this issue but as always for mr wayne rooney, he has delusional sherlock holmes behind analysing whatever he does, either that be the increasingly pathetic english media or any bob and magaret. If rooney will leave, he will leave but the club isn’t foolish enough to get rid to any rival and if no quality replacements are coming in for a man that has delivered at all levels of club football, this is not a matter of getting over emotional and bitter and not using logic, this is about what type of statement united send out around europe.

  11. Andromeda says:

    Agree Fletch mate, but it just comes up to your mind that if Thiago prefers a move, Barca will pave the way and gift him to their local boy Dracula sorry I mean Guardiola, anyway I am not giving up on the kid either.cheers.

  12. Costas says:


    I’ve only seen Reus as a winger and I found him pretty good actually. Not sure how many better ones there are out there at the moment. Anyway. Like I said earlier, I am not that confident we will have a lot to spend this summer. To the point that I’ll be happy if we sign one CM. The club is probably content with Zaha replacing Nani on the roster, so a winger is out of the question.

  13. lordrt says:

    Wanyama, being touted as being a quality midfield, has already signed with Southampton, a missed opportunity for United??? Elsewhere Guardiola wants to bring in Thiago now, a deal which should have gone through weeks earlier for United… looks like Moyes is not capable of attracting big players, even with the “Manchester United” name attached :(

  14. Kagawa26 says:

    Thiago has not signed for Bayern. All that has happened is that Pep has registered an interest, and several papers have said that he is about to sign. Guess what? Those same newspapers have being saying that he is about to sign for United all summer. Yesterday, those sources said that Thiago would sign for Bayern in a few hours. It didn’t happen. Sky Italia was where the rumour that he had signed for Bayern started, and they have backed down.

    Yeah it’s worrying that Pep wants him, and no-one wants to get burned by another transfer, but it still seems more likely to me that Thiago comes to United than Bayern.

    We have a place for him and Bayern don’t. Also, Pep has said he’s asked Bayern’s management for him, and Bayern’s management make decisions for themselves. They could decide that Pep’s plan to move Martinez to defence to accommodate Thiago would weaken the team, which I think it would. Pep said it’s Thiago or nothing, but Bayern don’t need any new players.

    Even if Bayern do sign Thiago, this would mean we could bid for Kroos or Schweinsteiger.

  15. OJM says:


    – Schweinsteiger? I doubt they’d sell him, but if they do – Yes Please!

  16. Kagawa26 says:

    @OJM – Yeah it’s unlikely we get Schweinsteiger, but if Bayern get Thiago that’s a lot of quality midfielders they have, and Gotze, Thiago and Martinez will have to play as they’ve just paid loads for all of them.

    I think United should consider a bid for Luis Gustavo – a quality young defensive midfielder who is getting no game time next season, and who has good CL experience – I thought he was immense 2 years ago vs Real, and was unlucky to miss the final through suspension – and who also had a really good Confederations cup final in which he shut down Spain’s midfield.

  17. mara says:

    If Thiago s agent is Pep s brother…our chances are low…but in football world you never know…

  18. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    @mara – I thought his agent was his father?

  19. The Truth says:

    Fantasising about alternatives to Thiago now are we? Gundogan. Reus. Schweinsteiger. If you think we could sign any of those you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. Time to set our sights a little lower.

  20. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Hmm. Truth or Deception??? All will be revealed by September eh!

    David Moyes: Wayne Rooney picked up hamstring injury before Manchester United flew to Thailand,

    via Mark Ogden ‏@MOgdenTelegraph

  21. Mancub says:

    Quality post about the press and Thiago.
    I also don’t know what’s made up anymore and what have I made up to myself.

    Nobody knows what’s happenig. Realistically Thiago should sihn for us, because he’s almost guaranteed to play 90mim every game. At bayern he’s guaranteed Is Pep but there’s a even stronger competition than in Barca and that says it all

    Was it like this last summer? A busy summer indees, maybe we pull another Kagawa+RVP scenario? I’ll take that!

  22. WeAreUnited says:

    @Mancub i tried to post this was and accidentally with my phone instead if puttinh @mancub I put my username as your, I don’t know did it went through. Not intentional. Anyway

    Quality post about the press and Thiago.
    I also don’t know what’s made up anymore and what have I made up to myself.

    Nobody knows what’s happenig. Realistically Thiago should sihn for us, because he’s almost guaranteed to play 90mim every game. At bayern he’s guaranteed Is Pep but there’s a even stronger competition than in Barca and that says it all

    Was it like this last summer? A busy summer indees, maybe we pull another Kagawa+RVP scenario? I’ll take that!

  23. jg9 says:

    If i were moyse id tell jose give us mata and u can take rooney then put a bid in for torres as i see him becoming the player who tore apart defences in his first season at liverfools especially when there were talks of david villa id take torres over him any day

  24. denton davey says:

    WeAreUnited @ 11:34: “Realistically Thiago should sihn for us, because he’s almost guaranteed to play 90mim every game. At bayern he’s guaranteed Is Pep but there’s a even stronger competition than in Barca and that says it all”

    “Does he come or does he go ?” Same thing last summer with Lucas Moura and, before that episode, with Eden Hazard.

    Result ? MUFC win # 20 in a canter with new-boy RVP scoring the most goals, TheWayneBoy’s nose pushed out-of-joint but still chipping in with a dozen (or so – same as Chicharito) while the wingers do a disappearing act.

    From “woe is UTD to # 20″. IF Thiago chooses to sit on the Bayern bench (as opposed to Barca’s bench) then that’s his decision. UTD have other fish to fry and there are more ways to skin a cat.

    About the Rooney injury – curious timing, to say the least. Compounded by Jo$e’s public pandering, quoted in the press today.

    Cue DentonDaveySummertimeConspiracyTheorizing.

    The quoted transfer “value” of TheWayneBoy is said to be in the range of 25 million quid – to PSG or Barcelona or TheVirus. I’d imagine that UTD would hold out for triple that amount from TheRentBoyz – and that Roman would gladly cut a cheque for that amount.

    So, let’s connect some dots.

    First, TheWayneBoy said that Ashley Cole is his best-buddy in professional footie (“I’d take a bullet for him” – and he might just have to, given Ca$hley’s shooting prowess !).

    Second, having already spent more than 60,000,000 on TheLadyBoy and Ba, what’s another fifty (or sixty or seventy or even eighty) million for their “project” ? and,

    Third, having sold CR7 for 80,000,000 and then proceeded to win EPL titles and appear in CL finals, it’s not like the employees who run Glazerrnomics aren’t without the experience of selling when the market is high.

    SO, let’s assume a worst-case scenario – Thiago goes to Bayern, Rooney goes to CSKALondon. Where does that leave UTD ? I reckon that such a situation means that there will be meaningful minutes on the pitch for Chicharito, KagawaBunga, DannyTheLad, YoungTom, and MrJones – and maybe some opportunities-for-redemption for the three underperforming wingers, too. Therefore, I don’t see a major decline in UTD’s firepower and, besides, don’t we all know that titles are won with the defence-first ?

  25. parryheid says:

    Hope that Moyes and Rooney both manage to conceal their tongues,it’s a dead give away.

  26. mjcRED says:

    Ah well, we all fell for that one. It now transpires that we were never in for Thiago in the first place!!??

    If this is true, it makes you wonder how a player who is available for 15 million and with seemingly huge potential does not even get on our radar. I guess here in lies the problem of why since Scholes we’ve not failed miserably to identify let alone get an attacking midfielder that has the potential to provide and score in equal measure.
    I realise that the right thing to do is to get behind and trust Moyes and the club. From the inaction, I can only assume that they are satisfied with what we’ve got.

  27. aaronDS says:

    Illarramendi bought for 34 million by RM ! FUCK I just mentioned his name yestd for us , well no more of that then . Isco and Asier both Spain U21 stars . thiago whatcha wanna do ?

  28. The One says:

    denton davey, spot on mate, we’ll keep winning!! There’ll also be a chance for Will Keane to make an impression.

  29. King Eric says:

    Torres? Seriously? I wouldn’t pay that shit tranny bastard in washers. He can’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo. He couldn’t hit the floor with his hat. He’s fucking finished that cunt. Played endlessly by the fat waiter through injury after injury. No chance.

  30. gfunk says:

    i for one are really impressed with rooney’s condition this pre-season…….. even his fucking hair plugs have been on a diet………. now c’mon lads meet the boy halfway…… he cant do no more!!!!
    Fuck the scouse cunt and lets move on sharpish!!!


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