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Moyes: RvP comments taken out of context

Following the Olympiakos defeat, Robin van Persie was accused of criticising his team mates because of comments in made in a post-match interview.

Van Persie claimed that some of his team-mates were “often playing in my zones” although his people quickly talked to the press about their surprise that his comments had been interpreted as a criticism.

This week, the papers have been full of reports that Van Persie is unhappy but David Moyes, who travelled back to England with Van Persie and Patrice Evra following the France vs Holland game, has dismissed those claims.

“I actually travelled back after the game, with Robin and Pat Evra,” Moyes said. “If you actually read the whole transcript I think it was taken out of context… we understand fully. Robin is a really good player and we will do everything possible to make those opportunities work for Robin. A lot of what has been said isn’t correct.”

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  1. Fletch™ says:

    The press never miss a chance to “stick it” to United, and Moyes is the favored whipping post ATM.

    As many have said before, it is no surprise that all successful United managers had very thick skins and didn’t waste any time on fools.

    That said, it is hard to believe that Robin is over the moon with his lot this year.
    Just hope that level heads prevail and United blow the league apart next couple years :twisted:

  2. Fletch™ says:

    Moyes also said that Phil Jones is in contention for the Hawthorns

    This from
    Phil Jones is in contention to return to the Manchester United side in Saturday’s lunchtime clash at West Brom….Jones’ availability is a boost as Jonny Evans is still sidelined with a calf problem, while striker Javier Hernandez will be another absentee at The Hawthorns after injuring his knee on international duty with Mexico.

    “Chicharito has got a knock on his knee and will not be available,” manager David Moyes confirmed to MUTV. “Evans doesn’t look as if he is ready yet as he’s got a bit of a problem, but Jones is back in training and hopefully he’ll be back and involved in the squad.”

  3. wayne barker says:

    This is old news RVP came out over a week ago and addressed the issue,gotta say though the press love using RVP as a vein of negativity read this morning that RVP will quit unless world class players are signed

  4. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    I don’t care..I just want Moyes sacked. He’s no good for our club. He’s a mid-table coach..with no winning mentality. He can’t even control the big egos of the senior players.even if he had Ronaldo and messi in his team, they won’t perform. Cos of his useless tactics and formation that makes us play useless football like Stoke city. He should go .. he sees cleverley , Ashley young and Valencia like Messi and Ronaldo and benches Kagawa when these guys are bunch of useless cunts like him. He doesn’t recognise a good player when he sees one..he should just go with his Useless micro-football brains.

  5. Fletch™ says:

    Food for thought:

    5 contracts up this June. Only 112 more days of 4 Legends!

    Giggs, Vidic, Rio, Evra (?) all done June 30.

  6. Rukky E. Atebefia says:

    Old news. But on moyes’ letter, I have to say that’s technically a throw in of the towel and that’s not united, we still got a couple of things to fight for this year. Hope Moyes learns quickly if not, it would only be a prolongation of the inevitable.

  7. wayne barker says:

    See this is what I don’t get I can understand why some Reds want Moyes gone but will someone please tell me why some feel the need to insult him and the players
    Everton was very rarely a mid table team and Moyes has been a premier League manager for 12 years so it should be pretty obvious to anyone he has more than a micro brain why do some feel the need to insult him
    It’s also the same players that keeping getting picked on,like it or not these players are part of the first team squad that was left for him.Calling our players and manager clueless cunts is just not right and isn’t coming from any Utd fan,thats for sure just some horrible cunt

  8. Fletch™ says:

    Wayne, well put. When you can’t be constructive, you are probably being destructive. Proverb?!

  9. Fletch™ says:

    On topic:

    It’s interesting that Moyes is essentially allowing that people are getting in Robins path.

    Robin: “unfortunately, they are often playing in my zones. I think that’s a shame”

    Moyes: “If you read the whole transcript I think it was taken out of context. We understand fully”

    Get it sorted you two! Seriously!
    Baggies would be a good place to start!

  10. Fletch™ says:

    If you like a good laugh, sign this! :lol:

    Up the anarchists :lol:

    The end of the world is nigh! ;)

  11. m09538061 says:

    Louis van Gall after the World Cup could be an interesting concept from what I understand, as he already has the experience within both club and international level , having won the champions league with Ajax and has ties with Bayern, Barca and obviously the Dutch connection which would help RVP and maybe Sneijder, but in all he is ruthless in the transfer market, remember Kluivert in 98, but in Moyes I suppose we have to trust!

  12. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    I sincerely think that if Mr Moyes were to be a rom’er he would have handed in a resignation letter. @paschal, your comment is so funny but I think you are completely right bar the insults. But if insults can get that man out, I am all for it.
    Now the question. @ wayne,tommy and fletch what’s your reason for baking moyes? Does that come from your hearts, do u enjoy the negative football and tactics? Are you lot seeing what others are not seeing? Are you on something? Are u same person? Well, one thing I have taken on here is that u lot clim to be the best fans. Well that is a point to u all, and I hope that come end of season you are given a trophy. I admire ur character. No offence meant. #moyesout

  13. Mark Odeoshe Ajayi says:

    Is this man a manager or some pro. He does more explaining than managing this days.

  14. Fletch™ says:

    Mark Odeoshe Ajayi Cheers mate….. Oh, I don’t know. Not that I am backing Moyes as I was never a fan. But I think it damages the team and it just isn’t “my way” to be pasting the lads or the Manager.

    This is my team and I just don’t find value in it. Additionally, I just don’t find the knee jerk reaction of social media, or 99% of Journalists to have any more sense than rabbits.

    End of the day, I really do blame the Glazers and Woodward for this as last summer was down to them, and the previous 4 years of not strengthening as well. Moyes made some tactical errors which cost us points. But the last few losses have really been down to Woodward not getting anyone in the dressing room that really is Moyes man. The summer fiasco set us up for this as much as Moyes on the job training.

  15. Fletch™ says:


    Good read: A very balanced analysis of the Moyes’s comments about Robin at the presser from Danny Taylor.

    Dan clearly trying to make the most of his return to favor in the United Press box ;)

  16. Fletch™ says:

    Night reds. Game tomorrow! Hoping for a lift to this gloom.

    Up the reds!

  17. wayne barker says:

    My views and reasons are well documented i’m not going to keep repeating them.In this case that’s not the issue no proper Red is going to insult and abuse our manager and players simple as that

  18. Tommy says:

    I notice the media hasnt quoted RVP saying Moyes needs time, which he did say in that interview because ive watched it typical media tho that.

    @Mark Odeoshe Ajayi – Its not that I am backing Moyes mate, I am backing the club, if the club back Moyes then I am not going to argue with SAF and SBC as they what he does behing the scenes etc.

    I hear Evra has not travveled for tomorrows game, oh no that means Buttner will start

  19. Gary Mitrovic says:

    An early goal would be nice tomorrow, put the pressure on them. It won’t be a walkover by any means. Chelsea and Liverpool have both dropped points there in the last month or so. The thing is results are almost irelivent for us now as the game is up for fourth place, but I’d still like to see a positive performance and result for once. Hopefully we can derail Liverpool momentum next weekend. It used to be Liverpool trying to throw a spanner in our works in years gone by, let’s hope next year we’re back in amongst it where we should be.

  20. WeAreUnitedd says:

    some stats from this season I took and found from, of course we need to remember that some players have played less.

    Crossing (crossing accuracy, with accurate/total crosses)

    24.2% Nani 8/33

    23.5% Januzaj 16/68

    18.1% Valencia 17/94

    17.6% Young 13/74

    16.7% Mata 5/30

    16.7% Kagawa 2/12


    Dribbling (successful dribbles per 90 mins)

    4.6 Nani 22 in 426 mins

    2.7 Januzaj 35 in 1180 mins

    1.5 Valencia 27 in 1621 mins

    1.2 Kagawa 8 in 585 mins

    1.1 Young 9 in 741 mins

    0.6 Mata 3 in 428 mins


    Creating chances (number of chances created per 90 mins)

    3.4 Mata 16 in 428 mins

    2.3 Nani 11 in 426 mins

    1.7 Januzaj 22 in 1180 mins

    1.6 Young 13 in 741 mins

    1.2 Valencia 21 in 1621 mins

    0.8 Kagawa 5 in 585 mins


  21. WeAreUnitedd says:

    THIS wins you games

    A player that has shown in 3 seasons to be a 10+ goals and 10+ assists player and who has been labelled from fools that he’s inconsistent for not crossing well etc

    if you compare him to our one of ex-7 player, and compare their stats and contributions you will see that it’s biased and when you look at that ex-7 players 2 last seasons where he has played more than Nani, he’s been bad without goals bar this season a couple tap ins, he’s labelled a contributor for standing and crossing it to the first player and getting more corners than Stoke City together

    THIS IS what wins you games, creativity. And for those haters, YES I will bring this issue over and over again, so you ex-7 fanboys see what does it mean to be a creative player and not just a powerhouse.

    The likes of ribery robben di maria etc have similar attributes and similar stats and they sometimes sulk at games but they are labelled superstarts, BUT when our own Nani sometimes does this, he’s booed from the stage and when someone else does it, he’s labelled a workhorse.


  22. WeAreUnitedd says:

    this lad started this season very well, played 2 bad games and the second one was against Stoke city where he was booed and started since that game only in the leverkusen game WITH Kagawa where we won 5-0 and he scored 1, coincidence?

    take offf the lieks of young etc and concentrate on creativity,

    Kagawa Nani Mata Chicha RVP Rooney Januzaj Welbeck Zaha Lingard, it looks liek a winning attacking side, add some great midfielders in it + some youth AND voila

    You would have such a great bench fileld with creativity and spark. And when one of our starters is tired then you will field a strong player in.

    anyway, this being said I know Nani will probably let go and maybe its time for him to go, but with that 5 year contract Moyes thought 1. lets get at least some money or 2. HE really thinks he will be a part of this squad.

    anyone who defends Young and just bashed Nani is one of the two-faced people of all, because at least Nani has done something for this club.

  23. Gary Mitrovic says:

    Although Nani has never fully fulfilled his potential, I’d still rather him starting games than the likes of Young and Valencia. Nani on his day is a huge match winner who can turn a game in your favour with a moment of individual brilliance. Looking at the stats as well that just puts to myth a lot of the arguments thrown at him. He’s become the forgotten man at Old Trafford despite him still behind one of our most gifted players.

  24. Tommy says:


    Lets get the violins out for Nani, just because the other wingers are playing shit does not make Nani great hes far from it, Nani is up their with the most inconsistent players I have ever witnessed and gets regular abuse from the OT crowd, Hes not the only one tho Young gets it and so does Valencia. Nani got booed not because he was having a shit game which he was it was because United were 2 1 down and he walks slowly off the pitch, he was clearly taking the piss so got booed for it, I never agreed with the booing and never did it myself by the way

  25. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Tommy – ypu cannot deny even if you wanted that nani doesn’t get less encouragement than a,declining valencia and a clearly average ashley young. If you say nani is inconsistent especially with his superior goal and assists record then what would you call valencia and young? Consistently average.. I think nani has characteristics as a footballer that not many understand and that is fair enough but he’s clearly more talented than both and has contributed to manchester united more than both have done in their entire united career. In that sense, nani should be getting more benefit of the doubt.

  26. Mark Reid says:

    Ok lads been a while since we beat the crap out someone love to see it tomorrow Come on You Reds

  27. samuel - united WE stand says:

    West brom is a potential banana skin.. They’ve taken points off pool and chelsea.. (two teams united have lost to this season) so never going to be easy.. However, moyes will only make it tougher if he picks the wrong players in the wrong system again… There’s mata, kagawa, januzaj, rooney, van persie.. Just choose within all of them as the attack… give welbeck some opportunity too. It is clear what to do, hopefully he won’t have a “moyes syndrome” and fuck it all up.

  28. The_red_devils says:

    In premier league
    Nani> apps=143, goals=26, assists=49
    young> apps=233, goals=41, assists=53
    valencia> apps=198, goals=19, assists=40

  29. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The red devils – no chance ashley young has 41 goals and that much assists.. At best he has 10-20..

  30. The_red_devils says:

    i am also hoping to see likes of mata, januzaj, rooney, kagawa, rvp play together. I would like to see moyes try something new like 4-2-1-3 with rooney, rvp, januzaj as front 3 and mata in behind or 4-1-4-1 with januzaj, kagawa, rooney, mata as 4, rvp as 1 up top and jones as 1 in behind.

  31. The_red_devils says:

    young has 30 goals for villa, 8 for united and 3 for watford. At villa, he did got lot of assists, i have read that 53 assist in many sites.

  32. WeAreUnitedd says:


    yeah the violins, tell me somethig about the violins, because it’s so biased when it’s about nani. Because when he’s compared for his crosses and how others are betetr crossers, it’s ok to put Nani as a bad one.

    BUt when we compare the actual stats that cover those crosses or assists that have gone well, then it’s the violins.

    ALSO people forget that Nani came to Manchester United as a 19-year old boy, IMAGINE that, he was at the age Januzaj is now, he was much younger than Zaha, but people forget that, they think Nani came here as an established player, he was a boy who did not find his feet immediatelly, but nooo, people jump at him.


    actually, Young has 41 goals in PL. but when you look how little Nani has played compared to them two and of course this is since he’s younger, but give him chances een his crosses hits the first man, he’ll be ok.

    But don’t get me wrong, we will either sell him or Moyes will start to play him, I highly doubt the second one, so this was just a reminder for this quiet situation about what we are missing.


  33. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The red devils – let’s hope moyes can prove he has tactical flexibility and vision.. I.m still.baffled he still has struggled to find a way to get these quality players playing together well… Top managers would be delighted to have that many options. I think it is time to give kagawa an opportunity, been left out for a while now.

  34. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Oh.. I thought that record was for his displays for united only, as he has been dreadful, I didn’t know it was his overall PL record. However, I remember he was decent at villa but then again, that was his limited level…

  35. Matthew Fairclough says:

    Love United but hate Moyes? If you feel that he hasn’t lived up to expectation and you want to see a new manager at the club please SIGN and SHARE this petition now!

  36. The_red_devils says:

    Yes, the stats are over all record in premier league since they start playing in the league.
    Young was playing decent at villa, some one compared him to ronaldo, may be sir alex took that seriously and signed him..
    Young is a mystery- a mystery why he was signed, a mystery why he hasn’t been sold.

  37. WeAreUnitedd says:


    no those stats that red_devil put were from the PL, cause obviously he didn’t score that much for us haha

    I though Young was brilliant at AstonVilla for that level, but for the 17 mill that we got him, was crazy amount of money.

    To be fair, I actually like the player, always liked, and I even have defended him here for being a squad player, but the truth is, in his first season he was great in some games and had his moments, after that he has gone from a good squad player to the very worst one.

    so it’s time for him to go. Giggsy retiring, Young leaving would open space for Zaha and Lingard + If Nani is sold, it could open space for another youngster from whatever position.

    So hopefully at least those first two happens.

    now good night and peace

  38. samuel - united WE stand says:

    The red devils – we had nani and even valencia flying at the time, last thing united needed was an average decent PL player, that money could have gone on a quality central mid.. Think he has 1 year left, let’s hope sam allardyce will come in and help clear united’s scrap heap.young to andy carroll.. Partnership made for the long ball game.. Oneil compared him to ronaldo and messi, definitely had a few too much whisky before the game. What we can say is, young has that powet of deluding managers.. He even done it to the grand master fergie.

  39. samuel - united WE stand says:

    WeAreUnited – funnily enough, he had a good start with the goals.. For one moment, I actually thought hmm, he might step up but all a false dawn.. He’s gone more backwads than an ice cream van with a failing brake failure.. It is even more frustrating he keeps taking game time of quality younger players like lingard and zaha plus powell.. I want players coming through and young is not part of the forward movement of this club.. Moyes should know this.

  40. CTRED says:

    Nani is a class above every other winger on this team. Four PL metals, CL, 70 caps with Portugal, 10-11 PFA Premier league team of the year. Are you kidding me?

    In my opinion he gets stick because he doesn’t run around like a chicken with his head cut off like Fergie-sign-him-up Tevez.

  41. The_red_devils says:

    The problem is young is on 130 k, these clubs can’t afford his wage unless young agrees for pay cut.
    If the manager says to young, you are not in my plans, if you want play football, you may have to move elsewhere. Then may be he will agree for pay cut and leave or if he loves money, then he will stay until his contract expires, and leave.

  42. Dwayne O Linn says:

    I honestly can say the treatment of David Moyes has been a disgrace, some of the things the man has been called is a disgrace, but he continues to conduct himself with dignity in the face of attacks from so called fans and the media. Funny thing is where are all these faceless cowards on match days at old Trafford singing moyes out or holding up their signs? Instead they sit on blogs like this and have a good old bitch, if as many who say they want him out why are they not protesting enmasse in or outside the ground? Can anyone give me an answer on that one?

    To blame moyes for this woeful team is just stupid. Ferguson dragged this team on its last legs over line last season. The only reason we were champions was because every other team was in self destruct mode. City with Mancini and ballotelli, Chelsea and benetiz, arsenal being arsenal and Liverpool rebuilding under Rodgers. United got lucky last year, scrapping some high scoring wins against bad opposition, the writing was on the wall then that this was a team in serious bother, masked by ‘exciting come from behind wins’ . If ferguson was in charge this year there would have been zero chance of this team winning the league anyway I don’t care what anyone says. He would be to stubborn to go on a spending spree. In a way it’s a good thing moyes has come and finally we might start buying some of the talent we deserve to see instead of scrapping around in the bargain basement content with winning leagues and nothing else. This club should be up there with ac Milan and bayern with champions league wins.

  43. ashtheking says:

    Nani any day is a better footballer than a young or tony v. So what if he is frustrating , he is a game changer which young and tony v are not. I hope he returns and kick starts his career again.

  44. lawman10 says:

    re:matthew fairclough……. sack david moyes.I have stopped visiting this site for some 6 months because of mindless idiots like matthew fairclough, i am sick to death of there well mindless comments……..I thought this was manchester united site not an ABU site all the negative comments are truly dredfull, i have surpported united since 1963 and seen good and bad with the team and mangers alike. but this vile hatred towards david moyes is in my opinion unacceptable,bang out of order. so I come back onto this site and the idiots are still here…………………….so its goodbye from me, david moyes will turn things round its not him its alot of the players who need sacking ( not fit to wear the shirt. )

  45. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Thanks @ mark Ajayi. Leave wayne to continue defending this mid-table coach..Moyes is never and will never be the standard for man utd. @ wayne , tell me on what basis was he given the man utd job? Is it cos he’s scottish as fergusoon or is it cos he has won many trophies over the years at everton and his native land? Pls, give me an answer..u claim to love united, but I bleed man utd. The club runs in my veins. U think top clubs like real madrid, barca or Bayern munich will just dash A mid-table coach the job to coach their prestigious job?..Moyes and his negative football tactics is terrible..players just crosses the ball into opponents box wether their team mates are there or not.such tactics are displayed only by mid-table teams,no top club plays such ancient tactics..pls ,stop supporting blindly before we sit here and fold our hands and let moyes get us relegated. No trophies this season, even hopes of getting to the top four is now becoming bleak.Is he the only manager tht its his 1st season? He keeps playing under-performing players as if they do bribe him, cos I don’t get it. Young has been terrible and mediocre for years now,its too obvious..but he keeps getting picked. Same goes to cleverley and Antonio Valencia. Let me elaborate on Valencia cos that guy is the worst winger I’ve ever seen my whole life. He’s so one footed..can’t even cross a ball,his crosses are horrible, no skills..just gallops around like a horse that have lost its brains. Even the first time he played for us , I wasn’t impressed cos I’ve never ever seen a winger so predictable as he my whole life. His 1st 2 seasons were ok cos Fullbacks didn’t understand that Tony V only learnt just one thing his whole football life…shift the ball towards your right foot and run. Something even my grandma could do perfectly.I told people that he will soon be found out, and when it happens, he will be so useless and shite..and now my prophesy is working. An ideal winger shouldn’t be predictable, look @ Robben, Ribbery,Ronaldo..these players are so unpredictable and have bagfull of trickeries.that’s why when some foolish fans boo Nani,I just pity them for their ignorance.Nani maybe inconsistent, but he still remains our best winger.I’ve always had faith in him..on his day he could win you games single-handedly. His left and right foot shots are good and has blistering pace. See what he did to Real madrid on our champions leageue last year, or what he did to Arsenal. .I’ll rather have an unfit and inconssistent Nani in my Team over young and Valencia.

  46. wayne barker says:

    Don’t be fucking stupid he wasn’t hired because he’s Scottish I don’t need a essay you don’t call our manager and players CUNTS you fucking prick

  47. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    Thanks call me prick…on what basis was he hired? Where’s his credentials..he can’t even motivate the same set of players that won the premier league last season by a margin of eleven points. Why wasn’t mourinho or klopp given the job. Tell me what has moyes ever achieved..u are now looking more like the cock. Cos even when u apply for a job..u must have some good credentials and a nice CV to get the job. No one gives u a big job out of sentiment,dude…cos, the person might end up giving the job to a wrong choice of person and in the process destroying and ruining things

  48. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    I’ll like Moyes to succeed, but he needs to. Start showing he can do that…with positive results.


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