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Moyes: This is Fergie’s silverware

Moyes Community ShieldDavid Moyes has been quick to play down any praise from today’s Community Shield win over Wigan, claiming he was just continuing on with the good work Sir Alex Ferguson put in place with this team.

“It was all earned from what Sir Alex Ferguson did last year with the team and how well they won the Premier League,” said Moyes. “I thought there were bits of the performance that were good. Wigan stuck at it and made it hard for us to get through them. But in the end, we didn’t have many chances against us, we kept them to a minimum, and we made a few. I think the players did a good job.”

Had Moyes not won today, the pressure from the fans and press would have been on him straight away, so our new manager admits it was a bit of a relief to lift the trophy.

“I think there’s a relief that you win anything, you always want to do that,” he continued. “Hopefully this is the start. This is Sir Alex’s trophy really. It’s for him the team have won this today. I was just on the bench taking charge. But the ones in the future are all going to have to come from me and work extremely hard to make sure we get that.”



  1. Andromeda says:

    Words of wisdom, this humble nature is what is perfectly suiting a true Manchester United manager, congratulation Moyes.thanks for refreshing our memory.

  2. Marq says:

    Noticed that Moyes was just standing aside watching them celebrate. He should join in, he is part of the family now, the head of the family for that matter, should be in the thick of it be it joy or displeasure

  3. Collinsmary says:

    Well done Moyes! Hope to see more strength in d midfield.

  4. Arni says:

    Saying all the right things. You can’t hate on Moyes. He can only do his best. Blame SAF if he does badly for judging him wrong if anything. He’s shown ambition in the transfer market which is positive. Even if it didn’t come off. Better to go for top players than not. Let’s get behind him all season, rather than waiting for that first slip up to pounce on him.

  5. Costas says:

    Well, congrats anyway. Gives him a platform for future trophies.

  6. The Truth says:

    Nonsense Moyes, you earned it.

    Fantastic to see Denis Law in the background celebrating with the lads. Legend.

  7. spidey says:

    Humble.. Humility is a trait lacking from many managers these days.. Good to hear it.. Come on David moyes!

  8. aberbacadabra says:

    good on you moyesy! to serious business now. focus!

  9. murt73 says:

    While modest also a bit naive, as you can be sure as anything if we lost he would be getting all the flak. So he should use this win as a way of helping the players gain confidence from their new manager. Sometimes moyes gives the image he is in total awe of everything here at united, I would like to see less of that and more authority/self assurance.Moyes has earned his place here, and todays result can also shut anyone up who says he hasn’t won anything

  10. The Truth says:

    Mourinho used to count Community Shields among his list of accomplishments – illustrates the difference between him and Moyes right there! Mancini did as well (“3 trophies in 3 years” he claims.)

    Although I’m not really arsed about winning it or losing it, the Community Shield isn’t quite the meaningless friendly most make it out to be imo. People claim the UEFA Super Cup or the old Intercontinental Cup that we won in 1999 as major trophies, and they are the same kind of thing as the Shield – one-off showpiece games that you needed to win a major competition to enter.

    In most other countries their equivalent of the Community Shield is called the “Super Cup” or similar, so you can see why foreign managers count it as a trophy. Just a different culture over here. The crap name and shield “trophy” don’t help either.

  11. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Graciousness – are you listening Roo???

    Vidic giving the trophy to Moyes to hold up was Class. No question who the players are backing. That was a brilliant public gesture from the Captain 4sho.

    At least some pressure is off. First game that counted, we won.

  12. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    I would now like to see Maureen thank Bentiz when he has his first win. As if he would. But everyone knows Benitez is the one who balanced that team.

  13. NBI Red Moyesy says:

    Humility another trait Moyes has in common with SAF. And no, no one should blame SAF for picking Moyes, that would be stupid.

  14. TraffordLord says:

    DM said it true and well. I am 100% behind our new gaffer. I hope he brings some tactical sophistication with him, he got the team sheet right against a plucky giant killing Wigan team.

  15. Proverb says:

    What! You humble fuck its yours. Ha humility at its finest love this guy common MOYESY!!

  16. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    “I was just on the bench taking charge”

    This comment says it all. Fergie will be a backseat driver until Moyes is ready to take the stabilisers off and ride solo. I am totally cool with this.


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