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Moyes: Zaha hasn’t done anything wrong

Wilf Zaha has yet to feature for United this season and there have been suggestions that David Moyes just didn’t fancy the player. He was signed by Sir Alex Ferguson as a replacement for Nani, who was set to leave the club this summer. The plans changed when Moyes was given the job though, with him signing Nani up on a five year deal.

Moyes has insisted that he is keen on Zaha though, just that competition for places has kept him out of the team. With all of our wingers struggling this season, with the exception of Adnan Januzaj, Zaha would be entitled to be frustrated by his lack of opportunity though.

The manager has claimed that if Zaha is still not getting in the team by January he may loan him out.

“I just don’t think we have had the right opportunity to get him on as much as would have liked,” said Moyes. “We don’t want to put him in too quickly. We want to make it the right time. I’ve said I would look at in January as I wanted to have him here for six months to see how we work. I told him we would try to get him minutes but the competition in the wide areas we have with Nani, Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, Adnan Januzaj and even Shinji Kagawa playing off the side means we are as strong there as anywhere. It’s not that Wilf has done anything wrong, it’s just that we have big competition and we have to try to make sure he gets some playing time. Unfortunately, we haven’t done that with Wilf and, if it’s still the case in January, we would look at it. But he is very much in my plans and in my thoughts all the time.”

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  1. CTRED says:

    Give him a start tomorrow night agains Norwich. It’s a perfect opportunity and would also like to see Fabio, Buttner, Lindegard and a few from the reserves. Frankly it would not bother me if we were out of the Capital One Cup if it backfired, as long as we learned some more about these players.

  2. ak47 says:

    He clearly has if he can’t get a game ahead of Ashley Young, Nani or Valencia!!

  3. theadamsegal says:

    After the Nani debacle this weekend it’s the perfect time to give him the opportunity against Norwich

  4. CTRED says:

    Yeah that cross he put in to score the first goal was a real debacle.

  5. REDibro says:

    What Nani Debacle?? Why is Nani so easy to pick on for a lot of United fans? he is a winger who is going to try things, some times they come off, sometimes they dont.

  6. mav says:

    I find it interesting moyes said “even shinji playing out there”. The use of the word even there makes me beleive that moyes realizes shinji is not naturally for that position but hes being forced there for whatever reasons. Interesting.

  7. CTRED says:

    I agree that is what it suggests. I don’t think it is becuase he is being forced though, rather, I think he is trying to find a way to get the best players on the pitch and if that means playing him on the right so be it. Same goes for Januzai – his best position is probably in the center as well.

  8. John says:

    Yes it is Mr. Dave. His only mistake is to make love with your daughter Lauren Moyes.

  9. RedMist says:

    I call bullshit on this.
    If he’s done nothing wrong why are Young, Welbz, Nani and Valencia getting picked ahead of him? four players who have failed over and over to deliver anything of note.
    Get your head out of your arse Moyes, this is United not fucking Everton.

  10. Mobi says:

    Article says: with all our wingers struggling at the moment with the exception of januzaj..

    I don’t think nani is struggling! He had a few bad moments against Stoke but majority of the players were poor in that game. In fact nani has played as well as if not better than januzaj

  11. 0161-Jon says:

    @REDibro the Nani problem is not with him trying things that don’t come off, that is fine. The problem with Nani, for me anyway, is getting brushed off the ball with the lightest of touches that shouldn’t knock anyone off their feet and then sitting with his arms in the air complaining. The foul’s not given, get the fuck up and back in play. There were two on Saturday that I can think of, one right in front of me and he was barely touched, my two year old lad wouldn’t have been knocked to the ground there.

    That said, there is absolutely no excuse for booing your own team players, that is pathetic and should never happen no matter how frustrating they may be.


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