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Moyes: Zaha will have to wait

David Moyes has claimed that Wilf Zaha will get his opportunity to play in the first team, but he might have to wait a while.

“Wilf is one of the boys we have not been able to have a look at so far,” he said. “We always said we wanted him in. We needed him to see exactly what the level is like, and the boy is doing well. But Premier League games are important. We have to win them. So whilst there will be some players who get the opportunities sooner rather than later, some will have to wait their time because it is a fact you can only play 11.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. udemsky says:

    Dear Moyesie the lad really needs to play,20-30mins tomorrow won’t be a bad idea.GGMU!

  2. Dragon says:

    Moyes is starting to rile me now. I can forgive bad results, I can just about forgive dodgy performances but I can’t forgive failing to see that the team is crying out for some creative attacking flair and keeping the youngsters out in favour of out-of-form mediocre seniors who should realise that if they can’t up their game to the level expected then there’s others who will gladly step in. Zaha and Janujaz deserve chances towards the end of games at the very least!!!

  3. Ichie says:

    Why play AY when we have Wilf. If they are good enough they are old enough. Simple as

  4. rickyshepp says:

    He needs unleashing simple!

  5. wayne says:

    Fuck me you lot have been crying about Kagawa and Nani not getting games which one do you want to drop to bring in Zaha most of you lot are just fucking imbeciles

  6. King Eric says:

    Still VERY raw, let’s get a few wins under our belts first because I’m sure if Moyes DID play kids and we fucked up regularly there’d be uproar by the knee jerk cunts on here.

    Talking of youth great to see Will Keane with a brace last night and Wilson with a goal on his under 21 debut. Pace to burn and a ridiculous finisher.

  7. King Eric says:

    wayne – Exactly mate, you beat me to it!

  8. Andromeda says:

    I think Moyes doing the perfect job with our youngsters.janujaz is right now ahead of everyone and Moyes is starting to trust him.Zaha should wait for his chance, still untested for the premier league games, may be next capital one cup tie against Norwich at oldtrafford!let us see.

  9. AlphaRS says:

    Hello Mate. SAF had the whole rotating players system that kept nearly every player in the squad happy. Hopefully Moyes realises that he doesn’t have to play the best starting eleven every game to win a match as he has more better players at his disposal than he had at Everton.

  10. wayne says:

    AlphaRS Zaha is still unproven my point is Moyes can’t do anything right with some Nani and Kagawa are just getting match fit and feeling their feet and now people are bitching about Zaha not playing.Jesus the season has just started and Moyes still figuring out the squad it’s ridiculous,people need to settle down and let him do his job

  11. United till I die says:

    He’s no different than anyone else in that he needs to earn his place in the team and He’s not going to be thrown in at the deep end against top teams. It will be a more gradual process starting with some minutes in our home games against smaller teams so he can build his confidence up. The next round of the league cup would be a ideal chance to see how he plays when the games actually matter.

  12. The One says:

    Moyes has a delicate balancing act on his hands and it’s going to take time for him to juggle and rotate players. He’s under tremendous pressure to win games and succeed and at the same time give all the players playing time. There are a lot of thick people here on this blog.

  13. Ash says:

    Look at the matches we have played so far. So you think Moyes should have started Zaha v. City or chelsea. I know Young and Tony V are having a torrid time but to start Zaha wont be correct. Zaha will get his chance. He may even get his chance tomorrow itself. Be patient.

  14. The One says:

    Thick-headed people, I mean.

  15. WeAreUnited says:

    amazing people. but then I don’t pay attention to some wh ocomes here t o comment once with an username and then with another.

    anyway. Zaha Is QUALITy, but he needs to wait, because we have kagawa and nani coming up and Valencia, then we got Januzaj who we need t o keep and who is better than Zaha in my opinion and then we have our squad player Young.

    as the matter a fact Zaha got his chance in the first game against wigan, but he did not do well and Moyes probably saw that there’s no worth risking him and low his confidence, so when Zaha is ready Moyes will put his on and he will take everyone with fire, until then let him wait and fight the way Januzaj is, and show what he’s capable of,

    Zaha is quality, but he needs to wait, simple as that.

  16. minde says:

    dear moyes please play kagawa, zaha and nani if you don’t then please FUCK OFF!

  17. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Some real muppets on ROM these days.
    Guess a win over the Scousers just doesn’t buy a United manager what it used to.

    As to the rest of you proper reds… what can I say…. Keep the red light burning bright lads!

    Right then, HOW do you put a fork in a Baggie then? [No disrespect to any proper Baggie mind] ;)

    Hoping for a proper win tomorrow. Come on the reds!

  18. Dayus D red says:

    Can’t Moyes just keep his mouth shut and get on with the job? “Wilf is one of those players we have not been able to see so far” Are u kidding me? If my memory serves me right, he was one of our best performers during the pre-season and wasn’t the poorest against wigan. Zaha had over a hundred first team games @ crytal palace. Last year he was their best player, where was Moyes? Not quite long ago he claimed he hasn’t seen enough of kagawa for him to play. Moyes spent eleven years @ Everton and only Rooney and Rodwell actually made it under him. Moyes is never confortable playing young stars and its showing already. He says Zaha should wait for his time whilst he is busy playing a 40yr old Giggs for 90mins. The last time a certain Pogba was asked to wait for his time, we all knew what followed. Juve was best for it. Little wonder why Lingard is not in a hurry to come back from his loan and Januzaj is dragging his feet on a new deal.

  19. xyz says:

    I am excited by Zaha and would love to see him get a run out, but I think people forget that Moyes is the guy who spends all day with the squad, sees them training, can better assess when he is ready than any of us. Doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to an opposing opinion but calling Moyes a fool because he hasn’t give him a start yet is rather stupid.

    I remember a while back on discussing the arrival of Moyes, someone of this forum pointed out he tended at Everton to pick one youth player to blood each season. So far it seems it’s Januzaj. Whether that’s purely down to his ability (of which he has plenty!) or because he has yet to sign his contract is open to speculation…

    Our win last wednesday may prove crucial to our season in so far as it gives us a good few games to give young/fringe players a proper run out. Will hugely help Moyes find his very best 11…..

  20. paschal9 says:

    Fuck tony v and ashley young.they are below average players and don’t deserve to play for united.fuck moyes

  21. slim says:

    I bet you Zaha is on the bench and gets a game at the weekend.
    Like for Hernandez to start. No need rushing RVP and some of the lads need game time.
    One of Nani and Kags is going to miss out on a start i reckon,and i think it’ll be Kagawa.
    What i’m more worried about is the center back pairing, will we stick with Rio and Vida or partner Vidic with Evans. The N.I man needs some games and if he’s fit he could go on a good run

  22. keanoisdaman says:

    Fuck me….I suppose the success of utd in the fergie era has brought all kind of kiss me quick,glory hunting morons to support the club..dickheads who moan at fuckin everythin….God help moyes,young,valencia,cleverley and welbeck if utd only beat west brom one nil tomorrow!!
    For those of you who know what its like to support the team in REALLY bad times I`ll see you there tomorrow.

  23. King Eric says:

    minde. No you fuck off you cunt. You honestly think Moyes is gonna listen to your suggestions of team selections.

  24. martin the Nairobian says:

    Waiting for his chance while watching young Valencia and giggs play? ?? give me a fucking break.zaha was one of our best players in preseason alongside lingard and januzaj ..Valencia is a pain to watch..young I got no words for…such a shame moyes plays this two whereas attacking wise they bring nothing to the team..if they were scoring or assisting every two or three games fine has come to a point where playing AY and AV25 is like playing 9 men in the attacking third.moyes is a crap judge of quality. only he. knows what he sees in young and Valencia ahead of more skillful players like nani zaha kagawa and januzaj.

  25. scholes says:

    zaha has to wait. i do not want to be a conspiracy theorist but had januzaj contract issues been sorted out we would have seen bit of zaha as well. both quality though.

  26. Schmikesnumber1 says:

    Just been browsing for the first time in months and once again the amount of fucking idiots this site attracts is beyond me. I used to hate the label of ‘glory hunting bastards’ a lot of our supporters had brandished against them in years gone by but unfortunately it seems to be true. Nice to see that some of the long term posters on here are talking some sense but there a far too many idiots talking drivel for my liking. Get behind the manager and understand that he hasn’t played some players (Kagawa, Nani, Zaha, etc) because they are either not fit enough at the moment or simply don’t have the exerperience in certain games. Just because your good at FIFA or Football Manager doesn’t necessarily mean you know anything about the beautiful game. If you did you might be involved in some way rather than just bitching from the sidelines because we haven’t won all our games 5-0 so far. Get behind the team, realise that Rome wasn’t built in a day and show a bit of realism. If you don’t, you only show your selves up to be the plastic fans that you have been accused of being for years. I’m afraid that after reading some of the comments on here I am tending to believe the accusations flung at you. Show some fucking support or go and support the latest most fashionable team. Honestly, you sound like a kid who I used to go to school with who, over the period of ten years, supported Sheffiled Wednesday, Nottingham Forest, Leeds United, Middlesborough and Aston Villa before finally plumping for Chelsea!! Says it all really doesn’t it!! Unfortunately a lot of the things said on here could have come straight out of his mouth. Ever more unfortunately for you, he was eleven years old at the time. So unless you are a kid posting on here and have a lot to learn…..grow up!!!

  27. lecho says:

    What’s the point of preseason games then?

  28. thedonmassawe says:

    Had he still been at C Palace he would have been gwtting games

  29. King Eric says:

    Schmikesnumber1- Spot on mate, great post, best in a while.

  30. LexxytheRed says:

    This was from a visibly angry United fan on I think Bleacher Report

    Young is simply NOT GOOD ENOUGH for
    United. Can you imagine Young’s quality
    can be the start 11 of the team like
    City, Chelsea, or even Arsenal???
    The answer is definitely NO. So, if Young
    is NOT good enough for City, Chelsea, or
    Arsenal, he’s simply NOT good enough
    for United either.
    YES, many players didn’t play well
    against City. But Young never play well
    for us since last season. If Moyes give
    him more time, none of United
    supporters will give Moyes more time
    Compared to Nani, if Nani is available
    (like this summer) many big teams like
    Juventus, Roma, or even Arsene Wenger
    of Arsenal were all interested to sign
    him. Nani has terrific skills to beat
    defenders. He’s brave to go forward and
    can score goals. His final ball need to
    improve but it’s just a little bit. But
    overall Nani if he get more chance, he
    will be better.
    Young has NO SKILLS. He cannot beat
    any defender. All he did once get the
    ball is turn back and wait for Evra to
    come forward and help. Evra, play as a
    defender but has beaten more
    oppositions defenders than him. If Evra doesn’t arrivein time Young will just play a back pass,
    or try to cross from a long range hopelessly.
    Player like Young shouldn’t be
    considered as a winger anymore. He is
    simply NOT United’s class really.


    My opinion is that I believe we’ve seen enough of Kagawa, Nani, Zanuzaj, Hernandez and Wilf to draw conclusions that they SHOULD be ahead of Young, Welbeck, Valencia and Giggs in the pecking other. On current form Young shouldn’t come close to the starting XI at all, and if Moyes persist with Valencia and Young and Giggs then we should be genuinely worried.


  31. Dayus D red says:

    Schmikesnumber-1, i think u can do better than abusing people on their views. Air your own view and get on with it. Just because they expressed opinions in contrast to yours does not mean you are more loyal or they are less supportive of the team. Calling fellow members idiots is a bit out of order. Let us be tollerance of one another. After all we are and should be a one United family.

  32. DreadedRed says:

    Schmikesnumber1 – Top post! Please sir, join us more often!

  33. King Eric says:

    Dayus – No he is absolutely bob on. This place is full of knee jerk cunts and wind up merchants. I really hate the “Because we criticise the team you think you’re a better fan” line bollocks. There’s constructive criticism from lads like IDWT, Costas , Samuel, Dannysoya etc then there is plain downright bile from cunts. Knee jerk as it gets. “Sack Moyes” “So and so is shit” etc , etc.

  34. King Eric says:

    As someone mentioned Zaha was given a run in Community Shield and was diabolical. He’s a way to go yet but looks a great raw talent. Far too risky playing him in recent games, his positional sense at present is awful. Got all the tools though to be a truly top player.

  35. King Eric says:

    Ha amusing how as well as Young being the scapegoat 9never been his biggest fan) wealso now have Danny, Giggs and Tony in there with Zaha ahead in the pecking order. Yeah OK. Giggs was quality the other night and when given games every so often brings a calmness to the side. Tony prior to City was regaining his form so he’s way ahead of Wilf at minute IMO.

  36. King Eric says:

    (never been his biggest fan)

  37. King Eric says:

    I honestly don’t get the abuse Valencia gets. Yes he can be predictable and one footed but he’s strong as a fucking OX and works his socks off. Plus look at him against Leverkusen, he was ripping them to shreds and scored a great goal. Lay off the man, he’s a good asset to United. Plus he’s always better when paired with Rafael. God how we have missed Rafael. Love that kid.

  38. RedMist says:

    More fearful management by Moyes.
    He says that because Premier League games need winning, Zaha will have to wait.
    Great logic, Dave, great logic.
    Why are we not winning so many games then?
    Young, Valencia and Welbeck repeatedly fuck up their chances but still keep getting picked.
    Fellaini has shown himself to be a pretty poor DM with his displays since he arrived, but he’ll keep getting picked.
    Moyes is scared of talent, clueless when it comes to using skilful players. That’s why Kagawa is wasting away at United.
    So far removed from Sir Matts vision that it’s embarrassing.
    A 40 year old over a 18/19/20 year old? Ridiculous.

  39. King Eric says:

    RedMist – Yep you’re a point in case. Fellaini has played two and half fucking games and you’re writing him off? Mug. Scared of talent? Yep absolutely when he has brought Adnan on twice at the scoreline only 1-0 . At least he is fucking blooding him. Giggs was quality the other night. Love to see your comments if we played all kids and got hammered. We’ve lost 2 games, both away at good sides. Fergie lost there numerous times. You should try getting behind the fucking team for a change. Your sort make me ill. Err Tony fucking chances up? He was excellent against Leverkusen and is gradually getting his confidence back. You want youth then proceed to slag a 22 year old Danny Welbeck off who offers United plenty.

  40. King Eric says:

    RedMist – And yes Zaha WILL have to fucking wait. I know who’d I would want more in the big games we’ve played and it isn’t Wilf. He was awful against Wigan , whipping Bebe like crosses in all day. If he is ready Moyes would play him as he is Phil Jones, Smalling , Adnan etc. Fuck me some cunts want their cake and eat it.

  41. King Eric says:

    RedMist – Kagawa wasting away? Oh fucking shut your cakehole you ignorant bastard. He was hardly pulling up trees on Wednesday. I like Kagawa and think he is class but he has to step up, not get pushed off the ball like a 5 year old and get his nut down. Sick to fucking death of this whoa is me bollocks with Kagawa. Moyes had plenty of talented players at Everton on a tiny budget. Arteta, Meirles, Pienaar and so on. He is STILL getting to know his players and best formation etc, give him time and cut him some fucking slack for fuck sake.

  42. King Eric says:

    Oh and funny isn’t it that the game and half Fellaini DID play prior to our drubbing last week most on here were pretty impressed by him but in typical knee jerk cunt fashion like so many on here, he has a poor game like THE REST OF THE SIDE and he’s suddenly shit. Get a grip and grow up.

  43. The One says:

    Schmikesnumber1, super post mate, I second DreadedRed’s invitation for you to post here more often….I’m not as eloquent, lol!!

  44. RedMist says:

    Wow, slow down Eric, you’re going a mile a minute son.
    Still wearing those red tinted specs I see.
    Yes, everything is fine at United. We’re 12th in the league lost half our league games and can’t score from open play.
    Moyes is ruining United. If you can’t see that then you are clearly deluded.
    Fellaini is nothing more than a walking free kick.
    Can’t track runner, or win tackles. His passes are dubious at best, He gets beaten in possession.
    In short, he’s not good enough.
    It doesn’t worry you seeing United play like a bunch of no hopers?
    These same players that walked the league last year suddenly can’t score, can’t pass, can’t play.
    You don’t wonder why they appear to have forgotten how to play?
    Football is a very simply game, it isn’t rocket science. But somehow Moyes is doing a great job of undoing everything that Fergie has built over the last 27 years.
    But, no, you bury your head in the sand and hum a little tune to yourself and pretend we’re still a threat.
    Schooled by WBA? Unbelievable.

  45. Man of United says:

    It all went down ever since Moysie bought that guy from Everton for 27 mill – he should have not fixed what wasn’t broken – Cleverley, Anderson, Kagawa clearly had them confidence down – these midfielder helped RVP won us the championship – how much did Fergie bought Kagawa and RVP – and compared them each to Fellaini – it was just panic buy – and letting go Meulensteen was a big mistake!!! Anyway I am going to be patience and I will pray hard that Zaha will soon play and do magic like Giggsy did

  46. Man of United says:

    Fergie averaged 19.5 points every season from 2010 to 2013 (4 seasons) for the first 8 games including Charity Shield match – the performance clearly dropped after Moyes bought Fellaini after that match against Chelsea – Moyes records after 8 games 4 wins 1 draw and 3 losses an appalling 13 points

  47. vinny says:

    Are right in your head mr moyes? I gona be honest here.wilfred zaha is the best attacking midfield in the utd squad.the rest are rubbish.give your head a shake because I along with 75.000 others dnt think your good enough right now for this job.


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