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Moyes: Zaha’s opportunity will come

After an impressive pre-season with the club, Wilf Zaha has yet to feature for the first team, with David Moyes claiming there just hasn’t been the opportunity to play him yet.

The League Cup is often a competition United use to bring through the less experienced players but after being drawn against Liverpool, Moyes knew the game was a must win, and went with a strong starting XI.

“Wilf has not appeared. We have not felt we have had the opportunity,” said Moyes. “I want Wilf to get used to what happens here. The competition is hard. It is just impossible to get all these players a game at the one time. You can only ever play 11. It is important Wilf gets to see the level of the training here, the level of the players and the quality they have got. He is getting better which we are pleased about.”

There had been some talk of loaning Zaha back to his former club, Crystal Palace, but manager Ian Hollways has dismissed this idea.

“David Moyes has his own issues at Manchester United, so if we were to go shouting about wanting him back on loan, I don’t think we will ever get him back,” he said. “Besides, we have options [on the wings] – Jason Puncheon can play either side and in the pocket as well as in central midfield. Yannick Bolasie is coming back and will do well. It is all about having a squad that is strong enough to make changes and sustain good performances.”

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  1. WeAreUnited says:

    The truth is that Adnand Januzaj has been a priority to keep and has needed gametime also he has gone further than Zaha and that’s why from the 2 promising or lets say 3 Lingard, Januzaj is the new #7 and that’s why he has been played more!

    Zaha will have his chance and he can influence the game later on! he will get his chance when the likes of squad players like Youngie gets out of the way. IT IS WHAT IT IS:

  2. tony says:

    zaha will get his chance.i think in time he will be a good player for us.he will be playing in the league cup when norwich come to town.

  3. John says:

    There were matches when Mr. Clueless One could have used him in league n may be given 20 or 30 mins atleast..Moyes is making his job lot harder and I don’t think he is fit to be United manager..wt he has done so far to prove his worth??..from transfer joke to team selection to substitution to media appearances, mr. Moyesy is at best a mid table manager..people here go on about give him time stuff bt i ask u guys, wt he has shown in after being our manager to give him time?? is nt as if the result was only thing missing in any of the matches!!

  4. DiegoForlanDK says:

    Obviously, we don’t know how Wilf is faring in training – both mentally, physically and technically. Whilst his feet and physique might be ready, who knows about the mentality? Maybe Moyes has seen something in training that makes him hesitate, we don’t know.

    Let’s just hope he will be deemed ready soon enough, because there sure is places up for grabs on the wings.

  5. FletchTHEMAN says:

    I may be in a minority, but I feel strongly that Zaha should stay at the club this season getting games with the reserves and as he can with the senior squad. Like last year with Nick Powell, lads from the lower leagues need to come to grips with the shear scale of Manchester United.

    A season at United will get them into the system, and show the coaches what they can do and where they need to develop. Sending new signings on immediate loan is not what United usually do unless they clearly just need bulking up (like Henriquez maybe, but I admit that was a bit strange for me).

    With lads from the lower leagues, there is also the need to come to grips with a huge squad. Then when they are off on loan, they get to appreciate the magnitude of what it is to break into a squad the size of United. Even senior players like Nani and Hernandez see alot of the Bench.

    With Wilf Zaha, the talent is there, but also the lack of patience in the final 3rd.
    His time will come on quickly. Now he needs to absorb alot and learn from Giggs and Nani while they are here. If Zaha could take on board anything from Giggs during his playing days it will serve him very well indeed going forward.

    Fans also appreciate what it takes for youngsters to break into the senior side and will cut Zaha a lot more slack if he shows the team patience and respect. He is a great prospect. But he has nothing on Giggs, Nani or even Danny in my view. That said, he looks a cracking talent, his time will come.

  6. RedMist says:

    We can only imagine what Moyes would have done to Ronaldo had he had him in his squad. One thing is for sure though, Ronnie would not have gone on to be the best in he world if he had had a manager who showed such little faith in him as Moyes is in Zaha.
    HOw to break a great young player in five easy steps, by David “no balls” Moyes.
    Anyone who knows even a little about football can tell you that Zaha has stardust on his boots. All this nonsense about not wanting to risk him the big “must win” games is ridiculous. Or that Zaha gives the ball away too cheaply or doesn’t tackle back, etc etc…..rubbish. Valencia, Young, Nani, Welbs all give the ball away way too cheaply considering there regarded as first team players. With the exception of Welbeck, none of them track back ro put in any eye watering levels of defensive work.
    Fact is Moyes is a telentless no hoper who has no idea how to develop raw young talent like Zaha.
    Oh well, if Moyes keeps fucking things up like he has been doing he won’t be here to cripple the careers of these youngsters for too long.

  7. montanared says:

    @ John he has won the Charity Shield, won both games in Europe, Knocked Liverpool out of the league cup, managed to get Rooney motivated and playing well, and had the balls to give Adnan Januzaj his first competetive start in an absolute must win and we all know how that turned out. Easy to hammer on a guy with one of the most difficult jobs in the world but to be honest 6 points of the top and 3 behind the league favorites after the schedule we had to start the year is not all that bad either. Go ahead and find all the negativity you can and enjoy, I’m gonna get behind the club and the new manager.

  8. John says:

    @montanared…yeah i have to accept your counter comments bt I would like to see your sanity abt standing by moyes near march month or so..I will stand by the club by not standing by Mr. Everton (long ball tactician moyes)..

  9. montanared says:

    @ RedMist Valencia, Young, Nani and Welbz were all signed by Sir Alex, It is Moyes who is considering sending Young on loan, that would take balls sending a 18 million dollar England international out on loan. And actually Valencia, Young and Welbeck all defend very well it its there contribution in the final third that is the issue. How you can yearn for a Crystal Palace player who has never played for United and a Real Madrid player who chose to leave us instead of supporting a home grown red from the streets of Manchester, our player of the year 2 years ago who fired his agent and suffered a horrendous broken leg while giving his all for United, and the manager of United who was hand picked by Sir Alex Ferguson is beyond me.

  10. John says:

    montanared…Ronaldo was Sporting lisbon player actually!!!!

  11. montanared says:

    John we just need a little more patience before we judge, Sir Alex won alot but he also made mistakes and almost no one was happy with his team selection in big games the last couple of years, we need unity right now, other teams, the media and even some fans are ready to take advantage of any difficulty at United right now and Moyes needs all the help he can get. I don’t want to be fighting for the fourth spot in April any more than you do but I also don’t want United to sign a new manager every year or so and spend 100 million every off season in a desparate attempt to keep up with all these whore’s passing as football teams these days.

  12. montanared says:

    He is a Real Madrid player now! Red Mist is attacking Moyes for not playing Zaha when Sir Alex gave chances to Ronaldo, but Moyes just gave Adnan a start in a must win when he is just 2 months into the job, I’m dying to see more of Zaha and all the youth, my point is if we are going to criticize the boss for not playing Zaha we have to give him credit for starting Januzaj. Moyes is a lot easier to attack than to defend right now, I just think the attacking should be left up to ABU’s and other teams supporters rather than our own.

  13. John says:

    @montanared…yo were spot on again bt for me if we miss cl spot this season then Moyes should be sacked..I can sympathize with moyes too bt reality is there were better managers available out there than moyes at that time and after dominating league we should have bought manager with europe in mind bt we didn’t…I honestly suspect whether Moyes is Ferguson choice or Glazers choice with ferguson as the sheild so they won’t be pressurized for big money far as world class player is concerned why nt spend 100 millions if the player us worth it and because we are United?…bt we all know Glazers are broke…

  14. John says:

    I seriously don’t know about bt I heard rumors regarding Moyes daughter and Zaha and may be Mr. Moyes is doing ‘tit for tat’ by benching zaha???!!…

  15. montanared says:

    If we miss the Champs league then it is time to really discuss whether Moyes was the right choice, but that is a long way off and in my mind highly unlikely. Moyes has had a lot of pressure from the off, transfer window, Rooney situation, tough start, etc. He had to start Rooney to keep him from throwing a fit , there is pressure to start Kagawa, and Januzaj and Zaha, Young was the wrong call early on but Moyes has stopped playing him and deserves credit for that too, he has also stopped playing Giggs so much, and benched Rio after a couple of bad games, he is learning as he goes and is starting to make some good decisions. Anyway, appreciate the banter, most people only respond to regulars on here and I do remember Ronaldo in the green hoops and earrings skipping around United players at the age of 16 or 17. Again thanks for the banter- since we seem to be the only ones on here right now who would you rather see in the hole Rooney or Kagawa, does Rooney have a future at United?

  16. WeAreUnited says:

    @john now what the fuck are you spreading over here, take tha tBS to your home really.

    You blame Moyes for nto playing Zaha when Moyes had played Januzaj and making him a star also signed Nani for 5 years and limited youngs and valencias gametime.

    Ronaldo was ronaldo and he was with SAf, Januzaj is now with Moyes and later so will Zaha! you spread alot of negativity.

    Moyesis the right guy for the job, trust me, next year this time you will praising him. It’s his first season!

  17. The One says:

    FletchTHEMAN @16:34, well said, my view as well.

    As usual, the media with a load of rubbish about everything United….all that garbage about Zaha being the forgotten man, Zaha being out of favour, etc, etc.

  18. montanared says:

    don’t know about the rumors but there are alot of players trying for playing time. Socking it to the gaffers daughter is not the best way to get on the field. There is a difference getting to play and just getting play.

  19. tony says:

    i am so sick of fans bashing moyes .moyes needs time .we are a team in trancision.saf was given time we have to give moyes time simple as.saf got the best from want he had and had a sheer will to win.anyone calling for moyes to be sacked has not got a clue.we have support the moyes and support the players.we all know he does not have the same about of time as saf,but he will get it you really think saf would leave moyes in charge if he throught moyes was not a winner.this is not fucking city,or chelsea,united have tridishion in busby,and saf we dont sack our manager after 2 years.we are in enough of trouble with these fucking glazers takeing money out of the club.we as fans who truely love the club must support it.we all want the best for the club .love united till i die .hate glazer

  20. John says:

    @montanared…I think when it comes down to between Rooney and Kagawa, for me it should be Rooney in the hole though Kagawa is very creative player too..I want Rooney to stay as he is the one player in our squad who has inbuilt Manchester United spirit the way he gives all matter of his 2010 and preseason behaviour i love Rooney as a player and yeah for keeping him credit to moyes bt hw long remains to be seen..finally mate, club like ours need 4 quality strikers which we have and 2 quality players especially in centre mid which we don’t..i would like moyes to come out of safe harbour and show the balls and this is where he frustrates me..i want united to play attacking football and manager make bold subs and if moyes can do this, iam ready to be more patient on moyes n i’m sure many r there like me..

  21. King Cantona says:

    At least Zaha wanted to sign a contract. Januzaj issue a joke.

  22. montanared says:

    @ tony — agreed
    @ john — again we disagree, Rooney may have some spirit but it is not Man United spirit. If he had built in Man United spirit he would play where he was told, he would not court Man City and Chelsea, he would know better than to question United’s ambition, when playing in the number 10 spot he would look to feed the striker not take shots on himself or send it out wide hoping for a return pass. I think Rooney is playing for himself at the moment — back to the Moyes discussion for a minute– one time I think he got it wrong was when Rooney was hurt he didn’t try Kagawa out in the hole. 4 united players in the England starting 11, Congradulations Chris, Danny, Micheal and Wayne— Now don’t get injured–PLEASE!

  23. John says:

    @weareunited….m spreading nothing, just google it and see yourself..yeah this is Moyes 1st season but as a united manager..don’t forget it is his 11th season as a premiere league manager!!!..n don’t tell me he is a rookie: if u have balls to take united job; u got to show the balls to take criticisms with chin up attitude…he throws excuses like 10 yr old kid everytime we loose and his own views are united is nt a club for job experience!!

  24. John says:

    @montanared…why should Rooney play where he is told??..he has sacrificed his position a lot when we had christiano, tevez and then aft berba…every time he dropped back and gave his maxm for you beleive Ronaldo would sacrifice his goal scoring free role in madrid in silence??..n we heard a lot about messi being reason for Ibra being booted from barca due to some positional moaning..fact is Rooney may be himself or coz of club inability to buy world class creative centre mid players Rooney never fulfilled his he still has some 4 yrs left at top in my opinion n i want it with united..i think the issue behind the scene may be rooney agent wanting same terms in contract extended and woodward trying to bargin n we knw how media have become tools of agents and clubs these days..i think terms in contract is the issue..Mate, we don’t value wt we have until we lost it..imagine our club trying to buy Rooney frm other club, wt u think he is worth given crazy transfer fees these days??!!

  25. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Why is everyone frowning t loaning Zaha out? I think that would be the best move for him right now. The lad has the potential but he’s not there yet. Loves unnecessary showboating and still has a lot of work to do on his decision making. A loan to a premier league club would be ideal for me cuz he’s not going to get the gametime some of us are asking for here right now. Nani, Januzaj, Kagawa, Valencia stand in his way and he’s not better than any of them.

  26. FletchTHEMAN says:

    The One, Cheers mate. Too right about the WUMs in the press. But you never know if it is coming from p*ss for brains like Redknapp Jr, or from the lads people.

    As to the claims that Zaha has a thing for Lauren Moyes (DMs 19yo daughter)
    Zaha denied it,
    Zaha’s agent denied it.
    And the rubbish that was being posted caused Lauren to delete her Twitter account.
    ( a really nice lass by all accounts, and from her brief stint as a verified Twitter icon)


    Mind, it did it myself when the lie was first circulated. Hard to separate fact from fiction these days and make no mistake?!
    30 lashes for me….. :roll:

  27. John says:

    @montanared…As far as United ambition being questioned by Rooney is concerned, i think if u look back and go through squad of that time then honestly deep down Rooney spoke wt we had in heart except fergie genius..he told for contract bt mate again we are united and look how many players are on Rooney wages in Real and Barca and even that shitty of oil so, we are on par if nt above these clubs financially and why not pay players like van persie and rooney..Mate, for me, moyes likes roboust midfielders than creative ones like kagawa and ozil and thus he is wasting him on bench..i can go on and on abt anti moyes bt i am yet to be impressed by him so for me moyes is wait and watch till march or april..

  28. Rayjombo says:

    Zaha is a gud player bt his game tym is being sacrified 4 januzaj to get him sign a new ma opinion he nids game tym.
    As 4 rooney,its tym 2 let him go.bcos of him, utd cant play any oda formation apart 4rm old outdated 442 formation 2 aviod playin him wide n 2 make him hapi which is nt suppose 2 b so.433 wud b perfect 4 unitd wit kagawa as an attackin midfielder.rooney is a gud player bt nt as gud as kagawa in d hole (attackin midfield). Utd rily nid 2 change formation….rooney doesnt hav d defence splitin pass lyk kagawa!!!

  29. montanared says:

    He should play where he is told because he is paid 250,000 pounds a fucking week— a week!!! The organiztion that pays him this ridiculous sum is a football club and at a football club there is a hierarchy, the manager decides who plays when and where. At that wage he should be cutting the fucking grass if Moyes told him to. Rooney’s heart is not in it, watch the way he reacts with his England teammates as opposed to his United teammates, he has no love for RVP, no love for Moyes, no love for Fergie, no love for United. If he can do a job for us then fine, if his selfishness is going to destroy our chemistry and camaraderie and undermine the manager then it is not fine. And as far as what he is worth< Chelsea who are desparate for a striker and flush on cash, thought he was worth 20-25 million, Arsenal, also desparate for a striker valued him at 15-20 mil. Real, Barca Bayern etc. couldn't even be bothered to put in a bid.

  30. FletchTHEMAN says:


    4 United lads in the starting XI for England?! Get in the reds!

    England Starting XI: Hart; Smalling Jagielka Cahill Baines; Carrick Gerrard; Townsend Rooney Welbeck; Sturridge.


  31. The One says:

    FletchTHEMAN, you did, lol!!…That hairy Welsh wizard and legend would have been a better fit for that rumour :) Cheers mate!!

  32. FletchTHEMAN says:

    U21s already 4 up to Lithuania.

    Morrison is running the show. 2 goals as well.

    Zaha and Michael Keane started,
    Powell and Jessie Lingard on the bench.

  33. The One says:

    Oh by the way, apparently, Zaha has 2 assists to his name for england u21 vs Lithuania.

  34. FletchTHEMAN says:

    Now 5-0

    Powell coming on 76th minute.
    3 United lads on the pitch for the U21s.

    Don’t get me started about my view about England….. BUT,
    feel youngsters like Powell, Zaha, Michael Keene, and Jessie Lingard should focus on winning something at U21 level before moving up to senior squad. Sort out a system at U21s and a winning mentality. Senior squad is hopeless at times. Focus on the youngsters for me.

  35. The One says:

    Bit disappointed that Powell and Lingard weren’t playing. They should’ve brought Powell on a bit earlier and given him more time….uh well!!

  36. The One says:

    FletchTHEMAN, I too can’t be bothered about england at any level but for the involvement of a few of our United boys. The experience should spur their development further.

  37. thymm50 says:

    If only Zaha was actually bedding DM’s daughter, i bet you he would be starting all our games, cos daddy ‘s gurl would have told daddy how good he was at striking and scoring goals.

  38. wamiti says:

    I think Man Utd should do away with Rooney. You should see how he plays for England and compare to how he plays for Utd then you will notice that with more passion as compared to when he plays for Utd. Remember the words of the lengend “no one person is bigger than Manchester United”

  39. Nesh says:

    @Wamiti mate seriously Its hard to hard to see how much more passion he can play for UTD with man. If only the other players could meet him half we probably see a very diff united!

    About Zaha I must say I am one of the big supporters of DM but I dont understand why he aint playing the boy, really.

  40. The One says:

    @wamiti, exactly!! Yet, there are loads on this blog who’ll turn a blind eye or simply ignore the reality of the situation. Just read the post immediate following yours and you’ll appreciate what I mean.

    rooney clearly doesn’t play with the same kind of passion and joy as he does for ingurland or as he used to for us in the past, before his poor form last season and his expressed desire to leave to join cska london and his best mate, cashley cole. People keep harping on his past contribution, blah blah blah, and blatantly ignore the reality of the situation with rooney today, that his heart and soul is not with us and he’s merely playing for himself.

    I’ve said it already, and I’ll say it again, rooney is an insidious cancer in the heart of the team. Unless Moyes can address his mental state and desire to play for us (not merely for himself), he’ll slowly but surely harm the morale of the entire squad which Ferguson had painstakingly built.

  41. The One says:

    Re: Morrison’s performance for U21s….while he did continue to show plenty of quality as a player, there is still a big question mark with regard to his temperament. He was apparently involved in a spat with Zaha; while we don’t quite know exactly what this was all about, it was reported that Morrison wasn’t happy that he wasn’t given the chance to claim a hat trick from the penalty kick awarded for a foul on him. It’s still too premature to talk about making a bid to bring back. He is clearly still a flawed talent right now.

  42. bicky says:

    So he stars for the under 21 but can’t get on the bench for us ,can’t help feel there is something else going on behind the scenes,don’t tell me he can’t find a game to play him in because that’s crap ,what moyes is doing with him and kagowa shows me he’s not got a clue ,5 year deal for nani don’t make me laugh,as for young ,not good enough when a breath of wind knocks him over and Valencia has somehow forgot how to Cross the ball ,instead drilling the ball into the first defender every time he gets in a good position.zaha is one of the brightest young players in the country let him pull on the red shirt and show everybody.

  43. ady_mufc says:

    Can’t believe how many people don’t actually support their country! Lol I personally would give the 99 treble back for a world cup win for England!

  44. Maltamanc says:

    Zaha has to wait… There are Young, Valencia and Welbeck playing on the wings so it’s only fair for him to wait…. The class and talent of these 3 is insuperable and unquestionable….. LOL.

  45. Dayus D red says:

    This is stale news.

  46. DreadedRed says:

    Dayus D red

    The news was not ‘stale’ when Scott posted the thread. You arrived a day late.
    Why don’t you go back to last year’s threads and declare them ‘stale’ too?

  47. ini says:

    @bicky you can’t blame moyes, he’s a blind man he’s suppose to be a linesman or a referee and not a coach.moyes plan is to ruin manu the earlier we start to look for a way of getting him out the better for us

  48. ini says:

    let’s all try to be truthful when talking about united.there’s something wrong between moye and zaha.and i think the problem started after the community shield.because i see no reasons why he would start a player that he complained is not mature anough at the community shield


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