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Must Be The First And Last For Anderson

Anderson with refAnderson has been a revelation for Manchester United, and when he came with the massive price tag, and was given a starting eleven squad number, it appeared as though it could go no other way.

It was his performance against Wigan that first got people talking, being subbed on earlier than one would have previously hoped due to an injury on Vidic. He was showing why Ferguson has taken such a leap of faith to fork out the money he did on a relatively unknown, unproven, young talent.

With every game he has improved, playing surprisingly deep, and showing he can play as comfortably alongside Scholes as Hargreaves. Something which I noted time and again last season, was that when Scholes wasn’t on the pitch, the team looked strikingly different. We missed him dreadfully when he wasn’t in the centre of our midfield, and although not always costly, his absence certainly effected us negatively. However, when United travelled to the Ukraine a fortnight ago, and Anderson played alongside Fletcher due to late injury news on Scholes, it was hardly noticeable that we were without our star passer of the ball. Anderson was winning the ball, starting off moves, knocking the ball around the pitch comfortably and accurately, and it was really rather remarkable how natural the teenager looked in our team, bossing the midfield.

His performance again today, against Arsenal, can also not really be faulted. Before making way for Carrick with fifteen minutes to go, he was arguably our man of the match. To come up against the five man midfield of Arsenal, which boasts the other young talents of Fabregas and Flamini, and still hold your own, is very impressive.

However, despite his great performances, there is an area of his game which must be stamped out immediately. It was disgraceful to see him call for the booking of Arsenal players, holding an invisible card up in the referees face, and possibly even worse seeing him role around in a ridiculous fashion after a foul by Fabregas. The young Spaniard was quite right to mock the dramatics from Anderson, and it really was an embarrassment seeing one of our lads behave in such a way.

More of the great passing and tackling would be perfect, but United cannot and must not tolerate the behaviour of Anderson today. To quote a well known hypocrite and diver, we’ll have “none of that here.”

So Fergie, have a word will you.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. Marques says:

    I think you’re right about Anderson’s performance, but wrong about his attitude. It’s a simple fact, not often accepted by the English, that all players tell the referee to book someone. The reason you see foreigners do it more often in the Premiership is simple – they don’t speak the language as well. We saw just a couple of weeks ago Gerrard tell the referee to send off a player. Rooney does it, Giggs does it, John Terry does it. They all do it. At least waving the imaginary card is being honest. Most players will condem others for advocating bookings in such a way, only to then make the same point verbally to the ref.

  2. Eddie says:

    I was ashamed when Anderson did act like he had been shot, but if u watch the portugese league u will see this is usual there. remember; it is only his 4th start for us. he will be one of the worlds best players in 2 years time, you cant blame him for beeing a teenager. He plays like he would have been 28-30 though…

  3. me says:

    well he could be a good player in the future but i cnt see him being the best. He had a bit of a stinker today, he may be a good player in the future and could get the level of robinho but to say he will get the the level of ronaldinho in his prime is stupid

  4. manwel says:

    anderson is gonna be a BIG name in football

  5. Paul at United on fire says:

    Totally agree with you Scott. It might be common where he played in Portugal, but he needs to learn that it is not acceptable behaviour for a United player.

    Fergie will teach him (and Nani) I think. I just hope he does so quicker than he did with Ronaldo, who was guilty of diving early in his United career and now has a reputation for it which means he doesn’t get all the freekicks he should.

  6. manutdglory says:

    You’re spot on Scott. Anderson must stop with his theatrics. Living in Brazil, I realize that to the players here, a tug on the shirt is enough to roll around for a penalty. A Brown-nudge-on-Hleb is enough to get a yellow card here.
    So to Anderson, to get kicked like he did was worth a booking. But he has got to realize that with his talent, he is likely to get kicked every match so he might as well let the ref make the decisions and Fergie do the talking.
    I remember Giggs getting angry at a Lille player, I think Odemwingie, for calling for a card. Hopefully he or Fergie will have a talk with Anderson because there’s nothing better than watching such talented players pick themselves up after getting kicked over and over…I’m thinking of Tevez

  7. KingOfZamunda says:

    I’ve made this point before, the implication being that he is aforeigner and it is foreigners that indulhge in the dark arts? Not working for me, UK born and bred players get up to the same nonsense, don’t like it from our own, don’t like it from anyone. The English do it as bad as anyone else.

  8. Sir Ali says:

    He only gave 30% or maybe less of what he’s capable of doing. It took Ronaldo 3 years to become what he is now. Latins take time to mature!

    I don’t like acting…Like what that cunt Drogba does all the time.

    Anderson will learn when he’s booked or sent off unless Sir Alex has a word with him…

  9. Cris says:

    For starters… for anybody to say that young Anderson had stinker signifies a distinct lack of game and tactical knowledge. Let alone any idea of what the game is about.
    As for the diving and gamesmanship.. It’s now a part of the game, EVERYBODY does it! Ronaldo has a reputation for it cause he does it, i think he dived at least 5 times against the scum and i don’t hear that being mentioned!?
    Anyway getting down to the bare facts Anderson has displayed, personally he’s fast proving to be the best buy Fergie’s made since Vidic. All around ability and an onfield leader to boot. Love him, simple!

  10. Ahmed Bilal says:

    Foreigner or not, he shouldn’t be doing it.

  11. KingOfZamunda says:

    I agree, he shouldn’t be doing it but the implication that it (the melodramatics and invisible carding) is a foreigner’s disease is what I’m carping on about, that it is wrong to imply it as being so, it is not exclusive to one type or background of player- it is practise by all sorts plying their tradi in all the big leagues. As I said, don’t like it fro our own, don’t like it from anyone else either.

  12. Marques says:

    Typical English mentality. Everyone has to play the game the way you think it should be played. Getting a rough challenge and then asking for a card? No way, disgraceful behaviour. Kikcing players on purpose to ‘let them know you’re there’? That’s fine, part of the English game. Sanctimonious tossers.

  13. Just1n says:

    I could not agree more with Marques. The English fans and media can be the biggest load of twats around. Everyone is a cheat but nooooooo not Gerrard ‘i dont dive’ and Terry ‘always put pressure on the ref’. Give me a fucking break.

  14. spence says:

    couldnt agree more about the theatrics and card waving, i dont like to see any player do that regardless of where they are from – british players are as bad as anybody and it should be stopped.

  15. Omar says:

    I agree with Justin.Spot on man. I ts OK if Gerrard, Terry, shearer does it but not MU players !!

    Anderson was 7/10 on Saturday against the Arse..


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