Oh dear. Nani will be upset to learn that he doesn’t have a fan in former Liverpool player, John Aldridge, who has written an embarrassingly bitter article in the Liverpool Echo. You would be forgiven for confusing it with the rant of an angry Tottenham fan on BBC 606, given how biased and ridiculously over the top it is.

Whilst every player and pundit so far has admitted than any other player in the Premiership would have behaved exactly the same way as Nani, Aldridge ridiculously claims that it was “one of the most dreadful acts” he has “ever seen” on the football field.

The biggest talking point of the weekend was the preposterous goal Nani scored for Manchester United.

It was, quite frankly, one of the most dreadful acts I have ever seen from a professional footballer and he is quickly becoming the most unpopular player in the Premier League.

Everything he did was calculated and Tottenham’s players were quite right to feel so aggrieved but, in truth, we should not have been too shocked about it.

When Alex Ferguson tried to turn the spotlight on Fernando Torres after Liverpool played at Old Trafford in September, it was only to take the heat off Nani for the way he had been flinging himself around the pitch.

He is more devious than Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba, a real unpleasant player.

But, given he has made a fool of referee Mark Clattenburg, I think Nani might find he does not get so many awards the next time he falls over.

You can only assume Aldridge doesn’t have much time to watch Liverpool these days, as he clearly hasn’t seen Stevie Starfish in action, “flinging himself about the pitch.” And he couldn’t possibly have seen Dirk Kuyt’s goal against Sunderland this season!

Anyway, I don’t see why he is so angry. Surely he should be out celebrating Liverpool’s escape from the relegation zone!

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