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Nani: Fergie Doesn’t Allow Me Much Freedom

Nani has admitted he doesn’t get the freedom to play as he would like at Manchester United, with Sir Alex Ferguson putting pressure on him not to try risky tricks before the game is wrapped up.

“I try to enjoy playing now, but it is not always possible because I have a responsibility to the team,” Nani said. “But something of the street remains in me. It is not easy to show at United because Sir Alex does not allow very much freedom and I cannot do the tricks and things I did with my friends. When the game is under control I take a risk and it makes me very happy if things work out.”

Whilst I don’t necessarily agree he should get a free rein, I think a player as naturally gifted as him should be given the opportunity to try different things out on the pitch. It seems like a waste of talent to put restraints on his tricks.

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  1. dannysoya says:

    I’m with fergie on this one. If nani is given freedom to showcase his “tricks” he’s most likely to give the ball up trying those tricks. 08/09 was a big example. when nani had the space to shoot, he’d try to cut back inside and then the chance is gone.. i am a big fan of direct football. Win the game first then try tricks.

  2. KingOfStretfordEnd says:

    Nani’s about 80% on the road to become one of the greatest players, and that’s due to the fact about what he mentioned, Sir Alex curbing his flicks and tricks. And that’s why Sir Alex is the greatest manager ever and Nani is acknowledging that controlling himself is doing him good. There’s no point in playing the game fancy and pretty with great tricks, when your end product isn’t there. Like he said, when the game’s in control, done and dusted, then it’ll be safe to do so. But when Nani the 100% on the road, that is when he’s found the balance between playing pretty and being productive then he can do it all the time. He’s on the way there. Brilliant lad.

  3. Gudjohnsen says:

    After Nani stopped trying too hard with his trickery his football has gotten way better. He used to make wrong decisions, pass when he was suppose to shoot, take one more defender on instead of passing to a teammate, shoot when he was suppose to pass and etc.

    I think Fergie has done the right thing restraining Nani to play more simple football. Just look at him now.

  4. Buliwyf says:

    B O L L O C K S! Was Ronaldo not allowed to do his tricks? If Fergie really puts pressure on him, then it is because he’s not good enough to do trick during open play! Even with his dribblings he is far too often far too close to the opposition! That’s what he’s missing!

  5. perry fox says:

    A great player but i think fergie has the right mix allowing nani to play more of a team game. if he stay focus , in the next year or so he will be a contender for footballer of the year .KEEP IT UP GUYS STAY FOCUS.


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