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Nani: I Could Stay At United

With just one year remaining on his current deal and the club not offering a contract that meets his expectation, it seemed certain that Nani would be leaving United this summer. Last summer the club agreed a deal with Zenit St Petersburg for the player but Nani didn’t want to leave so wouldn’t agree terms with the Russian outfit.

Whilst Nani has been linked with a move to a whole host of clubs, including Arsenal, the Portuguese winger has claimed that his future doesn’t necessarily lie away from United, but has dismissed the likelihood of him returning to Portugal.

“My future? Nothing is certain,” said Nani. “I am calm. I have everything in my hands. I am not saying that I will not continue at Manchester United. I will think about what is best for me. I have respect for the Portuguese clubs, especially Sporting Lisbon but also Benfica and Porto, but I don’t think that is viable. I think my level at the moment is different.”

Having once been tipped as the “next Ronaldo”, Nani has had a mixed time at the club. He scored in the penalty shoot out against Chelsea in 2008, he was voted Player of the Year by his team mates when we won our 19th title, he’s scored goals against City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Bayern Munich… but then he’s probably earned the title from a lot of fans as our most frustrating player too.

Personally, I’d be happy to see him find an agreement with the club for a new deal, as when he’s playing regularly he often enjoys some good form and is capable of moments of magic. But if no extension is signed, we would be better of taking the money for him this summer.

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  1. wakey says:


    See I think he may struggle to adapt. The slowness and less physical nature of Italy doesn’t make players who excel in Italy automatically suited for the EPL. Not that many from the Italian league have come here and been a success and those who have had often been upfront rather than the more physical areas of the pitch such as CM

  2. Greatshudi says:

    I don’t want to see Ashley Young in United’s jersey again. Nani for me is one of the best player united have in her arsenal and the one of the best footballer in the world on his days (Community Shield vs Man Shitty and EPL game vs Chelski 3-1). Th Guy is a bundle of skill and his capable of wrecking any defense in the world all alone; is combination with kagawa playing as a second striker while he plays on the left will be terrific.

    I beg David Moyes to keep this guy and give a run of games when the season starts.

  3. Sam says:

    @ Wakey – Fair point mate.
    I think the premier league is now truly global, with great technicians plying their trade, and top coaches with European influences working with them. Big clubs nowadays are well versed with integrating foreign imports into their squads. It helps when the player in question is a seasoned international with European experience at club level.

    @ Gentlekez – As King Eric posted earlier, Thiago is a different type of player, but one i would love to see here at united. He has good defensive nous too. Don’t think Gundogan is available and Marchisio currently a much better player than Strootman. We are missing an experienced player in midfield, especially with Scholes gone and that maybe why we are looking at someone like Fabregas. This discussion would be redundant if Fletcher was fit.

  4. TeeElPee says:

    Nani getting the Anderson “love” now… tough crowd. I for one am not afraid to say it, but Fergie really got it wrong with these two, and I hope Moyes can take them under his wings to let them flourish.

    When I look at the other options Fergie used instead (see below), I find it hard to justify that any of those options were any better than Nani/Anderson when playing regularly. Especially when Nani was so good for us in the previous 2 seasons. Anderson seemed to turn the corner early in the season before he popped his hamstring playing 3 matches in a week.

    Nani – Young (don’t understand Fergie’s patience with him), Valencia (poor form until late), Welbeck/Rooney (out of position), Kagawa (not his best position but serviceable)
    Anderson – Cleverly, Jones/Giggs (out of position)

  5. Andromeda says:


    I don’t need to introduce Nani, its almost an objective fact that he is a fantastic player and his talents are among the finest in Europe, but subjectively I don’t quite know what is up in his mind because after achieving such a success at United in regard to trophy collection one think about his individual contribution and he might find it difficult and frustrating of how many times he has let down himself.probably that is enough for him if he can think about leaving, but seriously I think he should reconsider any rash decision as things might change for him under Moyes.The latter may find a way for nani to play his football like the first two seasons, it might a blessing if he can find himself again as the true Nani we have known…hopefully he will make the right decision.But seriously whatever the lad is choosing I will respect it…

  6. Jorge Curioso says:

    As someone else alluded to above, a very important part of Spain’s dwarf-circle-jerk tactic is falling over any time anyone gets close. FIFA really needs to instruct the match officials to get wise to this. It was fabulous seeing Bayern (and I’m no fan) treat Barcelona like a whipped b*tch in those two matches. For whatever reason, the garden gnomes didn’t get the usual calls, and without help from the referee, they were exposed for being the light-weight fairy dust p*ssies they are.


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