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Nani: I Don’t Want To Leave United

Nani had another poor game against Tottenham yesterday and was subbed off at half time for Carlos Tevez, which had a brilliant effect on our game.

Sadly, Nani just doesn’t seem to cut it this season. I want him so badly to do well because we saw great things from him last season, but it just doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe this can be blamed on the lack of time he gets on the pitch these days? I don’t know. But I struggle to think of a time this season when he’s actually had a good game.

Nani won’t be put off by his limitted appearances this season though, claiming he will fight for his place and has no intention of leaving

“It is very difficult at a club like Manchester United because there are so many good players here,” Nani said. “It is hard when you are not playing but I am happy here and I have confidence that I can be a part of everything. The manager has not said anything to me but I want to stay. I don’t want to leave and nothing has been said about leaving.”

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  1. Red-Manc says:

    He showed he can be very good last season, hasnt done much this season but theres still some important games left and you never know he might step up and influence a few games nearer the end.

    He might be frustrating but he’s only young and needs more time

  2. javan says:

    As much as he can be a touch frustrating i would keep him for atleast another season.
    By that time he would have been at utd for 3 years,and if he hasn´t grasped the nettle then,then sell him on.
    Has the tools to be a very good player and a crowd favourite just needs to be producing.
    Plus next season(should he be kept)is a big season for him,with Tosic,valencia(by all accounts,coming) he will need to step up.

  3. Macheda is GOD says:

    But his goals were needed this season take a look at the Carling cup semi final…we were 1-0 down on agg he equalised

  4. Bud says:

    What did he cost us, 15-17 mill? I do agree with you, I hope he improves, he has the quality to do so. But if we don’t see any change from him soon I wouldn’t be surprised if Fergie would try to recoup some of the buying price for him. I know it’s hard when you’re not playing regularly but Nani needs to seize the opportunities he gets…

  5. RED_ARMY says:

    he’s not going anywhere…he’ll be here next season…what we really need to do is SIGN TEVEX NOW!!! we need him to stay more than anything…this guy has proved his worth already and i think we should pay whatever the asking price is coz he’s worth it…30M 40M 100M i dont care..Tevez has to stay!!

  6. Cap says:

    I dont think he was bad last night tbh – I think he had a decent first half (especially considering the rest of the team werent any better). The brilliant cross where he put the Spurs defender on his ass before planting it in a perfect space where both Ronaldo (who headed the ball wide) and Berbatov were wide open was class at least.

    Looking at the whole season is another thing, though – like you, Scott, Id love to see him play the way we know he can. He got the talent to drive the best backs nuts with his sharp dribbles and he got a deadly cross, not to mention a great shot, to make use of these dribbles – but sadly his football brain doesnt seem to be working properly.

    On a different note, you’ve been a huge critic of Ronaldo’s attitude during the season – and rightly so – but what do you make of last nights match? After scoring the penalty there was absolutely no time for celebration as he rushed in and sprinted back to his own half to get the game restarted – and then the passion he showed at his second goal.

  7. Pol says:

    Nani + Quieroz : Good ! Quieroz leave MU to selection Portugal

  8. ROME_09 says:

    Yesterday was probably a huge turning point for Ronaldo’s season, after those celebrations can anyone accuse him of not wanting to play for the club.


  9. costas says:

    Nani actually had another poor(if you can call it that) first half.He very rarely goes beyond 60 minutes these days does he?Nonetheless i want him to stay.I am sure that if he gets a consistent run of games,his form will improve.

  10. Sash Sylvarre says:

    I would love Nani to stay. He’s got loads of talent, but unfortunately he hasn’t had a good season so far. But I think it’s just generally poor form. He’s a quality player and that will tell next season, hopefully.

  11. denton davey says:

    Cap: “I dont think he was bad last night tbh – I think he had a decent first half (especially considering the rest of the team werent any better). The brilliant cross where he put the Spurs defender on his ass before planting it in a perfect space where both Ronaldo (who headed the ball wide) and Berbatov were wide open was class at least.”

    and, he used his LEFT foot for that cross – and another one. He must have read some of my earlier messages !

    Some of the criticism of Nani is like the criticism of John O’Shea – counsels of perfection that fail to see the difficult position these guys are in when they only get a game here and a few minutes there – and not in a settled or preferred position. That’s the territory they inhabit – they’re squad players and, as such, often round pegs stuck in square holes. That said, O’Shea does a better job of being a jack-of-all-trades than Nani but, then, he’s been doing it for years whereas Nani still has some (fading) hope of being a first-choice player.

  12. wazza says:

    i just cant see Nani cutting it.better to play him in the reserves & make him be a more unselfish player

  13. Marq says:

    I too agree that Nani did not have that bad a game. But if I remember correctly, one of the Spurs goal did come from him lossing possession outside the Spurs penalty box. He really needs to bulk up for a start, and that is something he can do without games! Get started with it!

  14. King Eric says:

    As I have said all along I personally don’t think he is a United player. Hope I am proved wrong.

  15. stu1512 says:

    get rid. never seen a more frustrating player at united in my life. he shows glimpses once every 7 or 8 games, which is maybe more frustrating considering he cant perform regularly. his decision making is appauling, and he only really seems to help or make a real contribution when we are 3-0 up say and there is no pressure on him, otherwise almost everything he seems to do is wrong.
    im sure someone like spurs will do us a favour and give us £10m or so for him in the summer. put the money towards ashley young!

  16. anderson8 says:

    Fuck him out. Some mugs will give us 10 million plus for him,use that for Tevez

  17. doncobaino says:

    give him a chance, in one season he has did pretty well- what age is he? plenty of potential, i remeber ronaldo in his first year was an aggreviating we basterd.
    i wonder how they compare in their first seasons
    how many goals etc?

  18. Anderson8 says:

    Ljajic,tosic,ronaldo,some times rooney,then park and the rumours about valancia and alexis sanchez dude should just go to benfica or somthing

  19. DonPablo says:

    Nani had a decent first half yesterday. I counted a couple of good crosses. You can’t expect him to perform if he plays once every 10games. The problem is that he can’t track back and help out, look at how exposed Evra was. There’s no room for two wingers who can’t fall back but he needs a run of games

  20. Bud says:

    But we all agree that Nani would make a great gymnast, right? Maybe he’s just in the wrong profession.

  21. gotta hate tiny tears says:

    look what happen yesterday when they got a striker to do his job for the second half of the match

  22. Giles Oakley says:

    I’ll always have time for Nani, and I respect the fact that he’s not complained or whinged, just expressed determination to make it at United. He’s got bags of talent and it would be wonderful to see him realise his potential at United, and not have to face him in his pomp at some other club in the future. Remember he’s just a kid.

  23. jcolas says:

    He’s still so young, I say give him time… He plays hard, has the skills, and decision making can be improved.

  24. evras_left_foot says:

    Was at the Derby match at OT when he scored – christ the lad can hit a strike coming in from the left. Give him time.

  25. Tre says:

    He’ll improve, I thought he had a good first half against Spurs.

    I agree he hasn’t been quite as good as last year, remember the blinder he played against Arsenal in the FA Cup!?

    Give him time, young players are more susceptible to form inconsistency.

  26. Anastasia74 says:

    It’s not a Tevez thread I know, but I just want to add my voice to that of a poster on here (Red Army ?) who asked to sign Carlos permanently. Sign him up please, every single United fan I know admires this guy no end. To many he is the epitome of the United spirit: a winner, an inspiration, and a leader who leads by example + skills + versatility + energy/workrate + the right attitude. A terrific player, sign him up please.

  27. stu1512 says:

    hes score’s a few good goals occassionally yes, but the fact is, he cannot cut it as a united player. i dont know how many chances he needs but every time he plays 9 times out of 10 he is the least effective player on the pitch.
    and how many times have we heard this ronaldo was the same in his first year and he is still only young bollocks, Ronnie was 17 in his first season, Nani is now 22, by which age Ronaldo was scoring 25 goals a season and winning PFA player of the year. now i dont excpect a ronaldo duplicate by any means, but i think that is what perhaps we were looking for, and appear to have missed by a mile!

  28. WayneNani says:

    now at 2010,Nani is better than Cristiano Ronaldo at the moment


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