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Nani: United Have Players Who Can Replace Ron

Cristiano Ronaldo’s best mate at the club, Nani, has been positive on the agreement to sell Ron to Real Madrid.

Nani reckons that his mate’s departure won’t go unnoticed but that we already have players in the squad capable of making up for his absence.

“Cristiano’s departure is not impossible to fix,” said Nani. “He will be missed but United have other players who can replace him. Real Madrid are a great club and will be good for him. I think I can have more opportunities now. Cristiano was very important to Manchester but now I think I can show my value and they will gamble more on me.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. 7the king7 says:

    Surely he cant be thinking he can replace him!! although he always looks better when ronaldo is not playin with him like in the fa cup against arsenal!

  2. Macheda is GOD says:


  3. Kings says:

    Nani needs to show some improvement next season. I was excited by his signing, and in his first season he was brilliant, but he let himself down last season. Hopefully he will come good next season.


    I still hope (maybe stupidly) that Nani still has to blossom and that he may turn out to be a Wunderkind afterall.
    I have been wrong before.
    But I was right once back in 1988.

  5. Costas says:

    Lets see that confidence and that potential on the pitch Nani!I hope you are right.

  6. rc7 says:

    Nani isn’t much of a mate. As soon as your wife leaves you your best mate jumps into bed with her.

  7. unitedgirl15 says:

    Poor Nani and Anderson, Ronaldo was their best friend

  8. RJ says:

    Nani seems to have a better personality to be fair.

  9. corea says:

    Hope is our only hope.
    One last season for Nani. I think we’ll buy a winger (maybe Lennon ?) and he will have a rival. Prove your worth, Louis.

  10. wazza says:

    i think Nani is more than happy Ron has left. that statement says it all and he wants to be a regular starter

  11. adnani says:

    personally i think if nani is allowed a string of regular games he will improve tremendously and he will become alot better, lets give him a go………….

  12. Anderson8 says:

    De rossi,Benzema,Hamsik and alexis sanchez with the money then give all our youngsters a chance we wil get over Ron that way

  13. AlphaRS says:

    Give Nani a chance at replacing Ronaldo by giving him a sustained run in the team next season.

    I’m sure we were all saying the same thing about Ronnie.
    Ronnie to replace Beckham?! You’re having a laugh.
    And then look what happened….

    Thing is all these names bandied around. We have £80 million. But at the moment who is there out there who can really replace him? Please don’t say rake face!

  14. dubred says:

    nani has talent alrite
    hes just a brainless fuck
    maybe hell mature and start baggin goals along the lines of the ones against spurs and boro in th 07/08 season
    maybe fergie should loan him out as if you luck at his whole career hes had maybe only 1 or 2 full seasons

    hope we get ribery.wouldnt mind robben,diego(werder bremen) or benzama

  15. MUFC E236 says:

    Robben could be a great signing. According to the papers he could be available for £7m. That could still be bollox though. We could do with someone who is good in the air too. Without Ronaldo I cant see us winning many headers up front

  16. Costas says:

    Corea and i are rooting for Lennon!

    It will take the pressure of Evra. He won’t face him anymore!

  17. Manchester united forever says:

    @dubred- diego is already a juve player mate.

  18. RJ says:

    Diego has been signed by Juventus Dubred.

  19. TonyBee says:

    Fucking hell, Nani was quick to try and seize the chance to replace Ronnie wasn’t he….never in a million years you prick. The sooner he gets fucked off by SAF the better

  20. cat-alan says:

    no no no no no! nani can’t replace ronaldo. he can’t dive like ronny, and he has 0 tricks which is 1 less than ronny. there’s only 1 man left in manchester who is better than the ronster and that’s SWP. thanks.

  21. corea says:

    @ Costas

    answered your proposal in the earlier thread ;)

    i have wanted him since the 2006 WC but Ronaldo stood in the way all the time a wanted to raise the issue.
    Come and get him! ) But without loaning players to them. Argh!!!

  22. Manchester united forever says:

    @costas- i personally don’t rate lennan highly mainly due to his lack in fitness department and his crossing(which is even worse than theo). Although he has some great pace i think he would be valued at around GBP 25 million by spurs as they just raise the price for any of their players when the trade is been done with united. On another note i’d like to Roman pavluychenko at United.

  23. Tony Starks says:

    no way man Lennon is way to inconsistent, and he can’t cross.. he has pace, and that’s about it, there are so many players like that in world football

  24. Tony Starks says:

    wow mr forever beat me to it!

  25. Costas says:

    I think Lennon will be an easier option that Silva or Ribery.Unless we plan to stick with Valencia and bring Tosic to the first team.

  26. corea says:

    Lennon is 22 ? Fergie will make the player out of him.

    Zhirkov anyone ?

  27. DanS says:

    How about Ashley Young anyone?

    I heard a caller on MUTV saying we may loan Nani out – Lisbon or something? What do you think?

    I certainly hope Nani crawls out of Ronaldo’s shadow and shows his potential.

  28. Isaidso says:

    FFS, Nani isn’t trying to say he can replace Ronaldo. Some comments on here your as bad as the Media for twisting things. All he said was that NOW perhaps IF he stays he will get more opportunity to get some games, and be able show what he has got. Get off the lads back, he has more love for the club than Ronnie could ever have.

  29. mayday225 says:

    Nani just wants his run of games like any player. And now the Ronaldo is gone, thank the Lord, Nani can finally shine. He has it in him, he just needs to find that confidence he had when he first came.

    Nani can be the daddy.

  30. Brian G says:

    Give Nani a go. He was bought as an understudy to Ronaldo, Ronaldo’s gone. Thank heavens we don’t have to put up with last closed season crap anymore and Nani can rise to the occassion and become the superstar he is capable of becoming! Then perhaps when Ronaldo fails, as he surely will under Real’s system, we can sell Nani to real MADrid for 100 million quid.

    Ronaldo was ‘gone’ as soon as he criticised SAF after the Champions League debacle.

    I hope Tevez is really as much in love with United fans as he claimed, and see’s Ronaldo’s defection as his opportunity to get more game time and come out of Ronaldo’s shadow.

    One thing is for sure, United will be the better for Ronaldo’s departure, not only financially, but with the crop of upcoming stars in the reserves etc.

    I won’t mention any names, but a new star will rise over Old Trafford!

  31. Quad says:

    Kiko for number 7…any takers ?

  32. Red.Shanks says:

    who will be our future ’7′??and our future ’7′ will become so good that real madrid have break another transfer record to sign him…

  33. Pedro says:

    Give Nani the chance he claims and you will not be sorry. He has the potentiaI but he needs more competition, like any player.
    Can he replace Ronaldo of 2 seasons ago? Who can??

  34. Eden_Hazard says:

    He needs to be gieven the same time as Ronaldo….can he replace the Ronaldo of 05/06…I see no reason why not.

  35. deathorvictory says:

    kiko for number 7 deff and arise a new united star!
    no benzema no more players who have madrid ambitions
    ribery yes but not for stupid money 45mil tops (because you would get 2 with quality potential for that)

  36. saad says:

    Im hopin he will finally come good the coming season, not being in the shadow of a certain no.7 should do him a world of good

  37. john ferry says:

    all we are say…ing is give Nani a chance.

  38. Ben says:

    All United fans, those who doubt Nani and those who stick by him, know that he has tremendous potential. Next season is massive for him as it’s a chance to step into Ronaldo’s boots and show his talent.

  39. Anon says:

    Why not Nani for number 7?
    or for that matter, Berba? Everyone keeps saying he is so much like King Cantona!

  40. saad says:

    Nani for no.7 Cheers


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