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Nev: I Got Stick For Kissing Scholes

After Paul Scholes scored that late winner against City last season, Gary Neville did what any proper red would, and showed his feelings in their shining glory. He grabbed Scholes by the face and kissed him on the lips but has had to put up with some stick as a consequence.

“A few people have given me a bit of stick,” said Neville. “But I’ve spoken to a lot of my mates, who said they’d have done exactly the same if they’d been able to get to him! I was just so happy.”

O’Shea has confirmed that people having be ribbing Neville and offers his sympathy to Scholes.

“Nev did get some stick for that, but poor Scholesy couldn’t do much, could he?” confirmed John O’Shea. “He was the poor victim who tried to push him off, but it was too late. That’s Gaz for you. I don’t think it was for his benefit, mind you. I think it was to make the City fans feel that little bit angrier!”

But what about the poor victim, Scholes?

“A kiss on the lips from Nev is worth it any time after a winner against City!” he said.

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  1. Joe_MUFC says:

    Well in big John, gaz and scholesy fucking legends I would of got on my knees to blow him off if I was there! Can’t forget mickey Owen that goal was my favourite moment of the season sheer ecstasy !

  2. daniyal says:

    FIRST!!! Amazing. i would like to kizz scholesy too.. LEGEND!

  3. the exterminator says:


  4. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Scholes words hits the nail with the hammer

  5. aig alex is god says:

    I still have that image as my laptop wallpaper. Since that day my mother has stopped using it.

  6. Dr.Hannibal says:

    Gaz you puckering LEGEND!!!!!!!!
    Poor ginger ninja..

  7. the exterminator says:

    off topic -

    messi says fergie dint respect teves and regrets lettin him go ..

  8. willierednut says:

    Joe _ MUFC – I wouldn’t go that far, but i know what you mean lol.

  9. Dr.Hannibal says:

    Off topic mates , Messi u r good player but u r comments with regards to SAF n Twat Shitty tevez go fuck ur self u Argie bastard..
    SAF = United > tevez..
    Messi sucks , CRon > MESSY

  10. bettathedevilsweknow says:

    93rd min Scholesy in the right place at the right time yet again! 10 seconds later…..well you cant have it all ways Paul! haha.go on lads! highlight of the season for me that goal! same again!

  11. Costas says:

    Who had a problem with that? Only RedScot, lol.

  12. Mclovin7 says:

    I shot my load 3 times last season watching Man Utd and it was Owen, Rooney and Scholesy that made it happen. Lets get it fucking rammed right up the light blue shite again this year.

  13. trevor says:

    Must admit it did make me cringe when he did that! Id rather hhave had him Run to the City Supporters and Moon at them!

  14. 0161-Jon says:

    that pic went on the front of a big home made card for my city fan mate’s birthday, he gets a Nev card every year from me!

  15. 0161-Jon says:

    … and he fucking hates it!

  16. goodevil says:

    What a response my Scholes! LEGEND!!!!!

    [Pst...Paul Scholes is a living legend, enjoy]

  17. RedScot says:

    FFs It was hardly as if there was tongues was it.How I felt at the time when Paul scored I would have given him a blow job! lmao. Jokin.

  18. jellybean says:

    ^^^ hahahaha! redscot, if you saw that picture where scholsey’s on the ground in some game and his pink willie is peeking out of his shorts, i don’t think you’d feel the same :D

  19. Giles Oakley says:

    I’m no expert on these things, Jellybean, but in that famous Scholsey pink willie shot I fear there was also a good tuft of ginge on view. I’m relieved Gary Nev didn’t feel the need to grab hold of that in his slobbery celebration!

  20. Stuart Myburgh says:

    Lets face it lads, That was probably the most gay moment in United’s history.!


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