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Neville Insists Ronaldo Appreciates Playing For United

Gary Neville has today spoken out about his admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. Neville has had the privilege of playing alongside some incredibly talented players, including Eric Cantona, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs to name a few, but reckons Ronaldo is as good as any of them.

“In terms of entertainment, performance and production, the player that we’re watching now is every bit as good as anything I’ve ever seen,” Neville said. “He’s playing on another planet at the moment. His goals’ tally is exceptional, but the most impressive thing is the appreciation he has for playing in a team. His passing, dribbling and crossing are all carefully selected and completed at the right times.”

When Ronaldo first joined United, he was criticised for being too greedy with the ball, more concerned with how he looked as an individual rather than how he did as a part of the team.

His first great season with United coincided with Ronaldo becoming more generous with the ball. As well as an impressive goal tally of 23, he also had the highest number of assists in the Premiership.

He is now enjoying his best season with the club, currently on 27 goals. With United struggling for strikers this season, with Saha and Rooney missing large chunks of the season, Ronaldo has fulfilled the role required of him in the team, to score goals.

In a recent interview with Ronaldo, following the 2-0 victory over Portsmouth where Ronaldo scored both goals, he reiterated time and again how important his team mates were.

Do you think Ronaldo is less selfish and more appreciative of United now?

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  1. Stephen says:

    He has been tremendous this season, he still plays for him self a little but he is still very young. Lets hope he stays but in the back of my mind there is still a doubt that one day Real Madrid will get their man but Rooney is here for the long haul.

  2. craig mc says:

    He hasn’t played the last two games has he?????. If he has, he was invisible on the pitch. He has to find a way to play when he is tightly marked in the big games. But ihe is one of the greats when he is allowed time and space, but not when he isn’t.

  3. jsos says:

    ronnie has definitely become more of a team player this season. though i’m not impressed by his recent spain chatter, i am impressed with his performance this season. assists, goals, entertainment – he really brings a star quality to our club

  4. PG says:

    He is the main reason United have kept up in the premiership. Brilliant goal scoring record for a midfielder.

  5. Eugene says:

    Reminds me of Mourinho interviews

  6. spiritof1983 says:

    Less selfish…not quite. More appreciative of teammates…yes.

    He has wised up and realised that glory for self, however well the personal performance, is both less and viewed empty without team success. Also he has learnt not to play into opposition’s trap of getting squeezed into the sidelines and trying 10-15 stepovers to get out, buying them time to recover positioning. Meaning getting out of playing within himself, which is a sign of maturity.

    Boy still has eyes for superidol status but he knows the awards and praise follow team that progress further into tournaments and wins trophies.

    He does need to focus on team more as the pressure and temptation is to get sucked in, in key matches in trying to do something great as an individual to leave his mark. I could however say that of a few others as well . Sometimes more others less, but none as consistent as our boy Ronaldo. Also more teamwork rate on off the ball movement espeacially in defending and tackling would increase the appreciation. He has been improving in this through the years.

    So, Ronaldo team player – no.
    Team contributor and star – yes.


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