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Neville Still Has His Uses Apparently!

Since his latest return from injury, Gary Neville has looked distinctly off the pace for Premiership football. He just doesn’t have the pace to keep up with the wingers bombing down the pitch. With the exception of his brilliantly strong tackle on Young against Villa last week, there’s been little to write home about where Neville’s performances are concerned.

It seems as though Neville is still commanding the respect in the dressing room though, with our captain tipped to keep overnight sensation Federico Macheda’s feet on the ground.

“He should be OK,” said Ben Foster. “Kiko is quite a level-headed lad but I don’t there are too many in the dressing room that would let him get carried away with himself. Gary Neville puts his foot down on anything like that.”

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  1. Maik says:

    Well, we all know that he’s still a regular in the first team because hes our skipper. When ryan and gary aren’t around you can see the difference.

  2. 9jmac says:

    Horrible dive yesterday, surprised you didnt mention it. However, if a certain number 7 had done it…

  3. Don Pablo says:

    El CAPITAN.. RedNev is a legend. Pathetic dive though. I think he’ll come good after a few games..cut the guz some slack, he’s just come back from a long lay off barely playing 10 games in two years. He’ll be back if he stays injury free.

  4. alpha_rs says:

    He has his uses then….

  5. Scott the Red says:

    9jmac – are you kidding? You think I mention it on here EVERY TIME Ronaldo dives? I barely even pay attention to the dives now, they’ve been the least of my concerns recently!

    I talked about Neville’s dive in the RoM live blog when it occurred.

  6. wayne says:

    gary’s love and commitment to the club is unquestioned but i think we all have to face facts he isn’t good enough to play in this team anymore,he’s costing us goals and games.its time for him to retire and become part of the coaching staff at some level.
    thanks for the memories gary

  7. Didsbury_King says:

    i hated his reaction to the goal blaming vidic and berbatov

    giggs would not behave like that

  8. clj7 says:

    I think you’re being very unfair on him, he hadn’t played for weeks before the Porto match. But still, I don’t think he’ll be that good cause if he wants to keep his pace up, he’ll have to play every match really. And he’s too old for that obviously! If only we could do the same we did to Giggs for him as well – shifting him to the center. But as we’ve seen he’s bollocks at center back, he doesn’t have the height :(

    I think next season he should only be an emergency right back, and not relying on him in massive games!

  9. confoundedbridge says:

    I thought he was fine yesterday.

  10. Man cpt says:

    Gary is not the same player he was before the injury. Now he just seems to take the attention away from his perfomances with these antics of his. A good captain he is as for a player well…..? It’s time fergie takes a long hard look at replacing him as captain and player.

  11. denton davey says:

    “there’s been little to write home about where Neville’s performances are concerned”

    His crossing from the wing has been patchy – I recall two dynamite balls in the previous games but yesterday he was dreadful.

    I’m not sure that he “dived” – it seemed to me that his foot was caught and sent him off-balance. He was running as fast as his little legs would carry him. Even slow-motion replay makes it hard to determine if a guy goes down because he “dived” or because he lost his balance – we’ve seen this happen a lot with CR, who does run faster than RedNev !

  12. King Eric says:

    Talking of diving, anyone seen Ashley Youngs, apparantly Everton are fuming. Will the press make a fuss of it? No I doubt it. Alot worse at going to ground than Ronnie.

  13. Anderson8 says:

    Rafael,rafael!!! And why is Nevil the only 1 getting slack what about our french Left back dudez been pethetic

  14. DarkDevil says:

    I understand fully that players come and go. Someday, the likes of Rooney and Vidic may leave us and go on to different clubs in different leagues but they may also stay with us and spend the remainder of their footballing careers with us. Players like Giggsy and Nev have remained loyal to us and I don’t think it’s fair for us to just shove them aside when their struggling with form. Nev is getting older and is obviously slower due to injuries and age but I feel I need to be loyal to him because of the loyalty he’s shown me and every other United fan out there. As far as I’m concerned as long as Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes can kick a ball, I will remain loyal to them. I’m not saying that they will be exempt from criticism but I refuse to be of the opinion that they be shoved aside because of their faults.

    In the last 10-15 years, this club has seen unprecedented success and they have contributed to that success. Let’s not forget that.

  15. confoundedbridge says:

    “Rafael,rafael!!! And why is Nevil the only 1 getting slack what about our french Left back dudez been pethetic”

    Holy shit, is this a scouser in disguise?

  16. Superdorz says:

    DarkDevil: absolutely spot on, mate. Those three have consistently contributed to our amazing success for 15 years (more in Giggsy’s case) and Nev deserves a chance to get to somewhere approaching his past form. Maybe he is too old now or the injuries have caught up, but he remains invaluable to our club, both as captain and a player.

    Just how good is Rooney? A joy to watch yesterday and hitting top form just when we need it. Our most important player by far!

  17. smokebreaksteve says:

    DarkDevil I agree with you. But the sad fact is that players at this level will never be played on the basis of sentiment. I would love to see players like Scholes, Giggs and Neville forfeit the massive wages at the end of their contracts by doing work in their own time going round the Manchester schools talking about their experiences to the kids and shaping the next generation of football supporters, be it United,City,Stockport or Oldham. For all their footballing achievements this could be one thing that leaves a legacy amongst the Manchester kids. Not as exiting as winning a champions league madal but probably more rewarding.

  18. keanesmagichat says:

    Didsbury_King ,it not a tickling contest, have you ever played sport? arguments happen, remember our greatest captain of the modern era Roy Keane? shouting at teammates is part and parcel of the game… i think you are maybe a bit too sensitive

  19. Tony Starks says:

    Well he was playing quite well before his last injury, he needs lots of games to get back something similar to his best…

  20. TonyBee says:

    Keaneesmagichat… fucking hell mate, even I was even shouting at the dozy fuckers as well…. and I was watching it on the bleeding tele….. Gaz is a true skipper in the Keano mould, never letting it get bottled up rather letting them know straight away if someone has dropped a bollock…..
    Change of subject; did anyone else feel CR7′s game was better when he eventually came on as sub….methinks SAF might have got a message through….

  21. keanesmagichat says:

    tonybee, definitely.. he made a very positive contribution…
    i think rio will bring a calmness and authority to our back line once he returns.. also wes is training again this week by all accounts.. i think we are having a blip and maybe we will look back in may and say during our blip we kept winning and when the dippers blipped they drew and lost games.. remeber you dont get more points for playing well.. 7 games left and we would all take 7 shitty, scrappy wins

  22. Ryan says:

    lol at the comment where the guy claims to be a united fan and doesn’t know evra’s name. wat?

  23. keanesmagichat says:

    saw that ryan, our scottish manager was doing the right thing dropping that portugese winger we have eh? lol

  24. Red Dave says:

    the club is bigger than any one player though, as much as id love giggs and neville to play until theyre 50
    it will come at the price of our success
    i couldnt take 20 years of scouser dominance the same way weve had it against them, if that means a player weve loved for over a decade has to bow down and step aside then sadly, that is the step we may have to make

  25. tony singh says:

    have some respect .. T

  26. ManU says:

    MU cant count on Gary N because he is totally useless giving away 2 goals against Villa and equaliser goal against Porto due to his ball watching attitude. His reaction is slow and worst of all his tackling and pace are bad.He should retire asap before he create more damages to the team.

  27. Marq says:

    First of all, if you are a United fan, please do not use the name ManU, it has been explained more than once here already.

    Secondly, yes Neville was responsible for Villa’s first goal, but that was because Sir Alex gave him mission impossible of trying to outjump Carew. The second Villa goal was because Ronaldo lost possession when Neville overlapped and had no chance of getting back, what’s more, it was the 2 central defenders who let Agbon have a clear header, how is Neville to be blamed?

    Lastly against Porto, it was Evra who was out of position, causing the whole defence to shift position leaving Neville to mark 2 players, which he did well to mark the first, but the ball floated over to the 2nd player, whom scored easily. Yes Neville have been off the pace so far, but we have also seen what he can contribute that O’shea couldnt, namely good crosses and crunching tackles. So please be fair to him. I have mentioned many times already, Evra has been poor, but has escaped without much stick, with most blaming the Ronaldos, Carricks & Berbatovs

  28. Devilton says:

    Red Nevilla will always be a strong influential player in the dressing room. Unfortunately he isn’t one on the pitch anymore. He’s been a legend, so i’m not going to blame him for being old…but that’s exactly what he is now. He’s too old to perform in what has always been a tough position. While Neville will always have a good cross on him, his lack of pace and his height now mean he has become a defensive liability. It wouldn’t be noticeable if our defense was rocksolid like it was a few months back, but currently he does stick out.

    I really wish he considers retirement at the end of the season and then gets his justly deserved backroom position. His leadership is important for the club, but like another legend the Ginger ninja i really hope he doesn’t carry on for another year just for the sake of his own legacy.

    Thank you for years of loyalty, Gary…it’s time to make a transition from the pitch to the dressing room where your influence can help the next generation.

  29. bossdem says:

    devilton- were u saying the same about ryan giggs earlier this season?
    evra has been by far our worst defender since his return.

  30. giggs says:

    Im sorry to say that gary nev is now past his pryme and as much as he is loyal how long can we keep playing him out of loyalty and how many games might he cost us. I know he is a legend and will always be but sometimes you have to admit its time to help the young fellows and step aside. He can still have a capacity as a mentor to keep the young heads on the ground.


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