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New manager… same ol’ City

Manchester City’s new manager Manuel Pellegrini has spoken to the press today and has showed he is a perfect match for his new club, making it clear he fully appreciates that playing against United is their cup final.

“I know that the most important thing for all the fans is to beat Manchester United and if I am here it is because I am sure we will do it.”

Like is the usual case with their new signings bleating on about United, the manager has followed suit. Out of interest, David Moyes didn’t mention City once in his press conference last Friday, let alone claim that beating City was the most important thing for our fans.

Same ol’ City.

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  1. Wee Toms Ligaments says:

    If Aguero moves on, City will finish 4th.

    As for Pelligrini, of course he has to say that about United. The entire top 6 have to compare themselves to United because United are the Champions of England.

    Love typing that.

    Dannysoya – his name is spelled CLEVERLEY

  2. Alansmith14 nigeriaRED says:

    I thought thiago wanted playing time??? Then why is he about to join bayern?? They already Gotze,schwani,kroos,muller,javi martinez,luis gustavo

  3. MumbaiRed says:

    Everton sign Barcelona forward Deulofeu on loan…

    Strange that Barcelona and Deulofeu have chosen Everton Premier League and especially Everton of all places for a year long loan.. There was earlier some talk of Rafinha, Thiago’s younger brother moving to EVerton on loan but he later moved to Celta Vigo on loan…

    I doubt Everton thingy coming into picture without Moyes in talks with the Barca think tank… Lets not get impatient or fooled into non-activity.. there definitely must be some things yet to be worked out…never easy when top transfers of top players between top clubs are involved… Patience – things should work out and very soon we’ll see the lad holding a United jersey…

  4. Proverb says:

    Wtf is this guy on
    I just saw the actual interview, he solely talks about manchester united as if he was hired to play manchester united, what a load of crap.
    Peligriny or whatever his name is, already proving ideal for the bitters. Mankini 2

  5. theradlegion says:

    Really? Why do we even care about this? As much as I hate citeh, please save your time and write a more interesting article.

    If I care about this crap, I can go to dailymail.

  6. soccerisfootbal says:

    delfounso to everton because martinez is catalan and has contacts with barca.

  7. lordrt says:

    They want to be like United, unfortunately they don’t have any history to tell their “kidds” :lol:
    Off-topic: seems we’re in head to head with them to get Jovetic, not the signing I think most of us will want :(

  8. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Jove who? Another player thrown into the transfer mixer, united are not interested

  9. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Well Anderson hasn’t left, he’s still amongst the first team options.. If only he could string 15 or so games together just so he’s sharp as I do think he has the quality. Moyes is a new manager and may be another chance for him to stake a regular place. Moyes works his players on their fitness, you can expect sharp.

    On thiago, still no official confirmation. Makes no sense for him to join bayern if he’s looking for first team games, he would be facing the same issue he’s trying to leave behind. My hope for his arrival goes low everytime, transfer sagas isn’t for the faint hearted, absolutely drains people i’m sure.

  10. enzophonics says:

    Jovetic is a brilliant little player. We were linked with him since before he moved to La Viola.

    Only worry is he plays in the number 10 role(Wayne) or drifting in from the left(Kagawa). It all may make sense though if the Rooney-saga has not been sorted out/ or if Nani is leaving. Still, with Valencia, Ash Young, Zaha as well as Adnan looking for game time with likelihood that Shinji will be played on the left coming inside, makes little sense.

    Looking at the Thiago transfer, won’t bother looking at any stories anynore till he either signs for us or decides to stay at Barca.

    Alternative midfield solutions in my opinion; G. Kandogbia – strong, young french mdfielder, Verratti from PSG, Feilliani. Surely there a plenty of midfielders out there with ability and potential who the scouts have been looking than the lazy-media targets.

  11. enzophonics says:

    Sad to see thought that the ‘Italia-future of football’ players at Utd have not really worked out. Alberto Massacci, Michele Fornasier, Kiko and probably Petrucci are/have not worked out, none reallyy breaking through properly into the first team, despite our efforts in getting them from clubs who rated them highly.

    Wonder if this is a reflection on the senior team rumoured targets not going to happen(from Italy)J Candeva, Marchiso, De Rossi, Ranocchia, Ogbonna and past links with Gattusso. Rossi didn’t set world alight either at OT.

    Our tradition points at players in the British isles as best source of success, add in dutch, French – and just maybe now, the latin players. Eastern Europe hasn’t been too bad either – so maybe we look at young players from Croatia, Czech, Serbia etc? Africa – with so many talents; can count on one hand if not just Quinton Fortune. Why does the World’s biggest and supported club fail to bring through players from around the globe? Not a slight on the club just wondering.

  12. samuel - united WE stand says:

    Jovetic is not even considered by united, I can’t believe attention would be given to it, he brings nothing that united need. I would rather give adnan januzaj and some others that sniff of first team football, more potential in adnan to be a big player for united. No, there aren’t plently of quality avalaible midfielders, united are fighting through the scrap heap at the moment, it’s understandable if they put effort into getting thiago, is more closer to stepping up as a top class players than many, his age and price is united’s type of transfer even though it’s in doubt.

  13. Icebergtz says:

    So. Thiago Alcantara is off to Bayern Munich, that’s if you believe Radio Cope rumors.
    Did we even bid for him or inquire about him or it was just a rumor?

  14. migingo red says:

    been readin people slaggin rooney all summer and knighting cr7. talk of double standards. get behind the team and take the ronaldo dick out of ur goddamn mouths already. u never noticed he uses the united link everytime he needs a fatter account? scott u should heed this.

  15. enzophonics says:

    Wouldn’t put it past Barca to release false statements to try and delay the inevitable. No comments from Thiago or his camp – fair dues they have played this one with class unlike Barca’s players and Spain’s coach coming out with drivel about Barca being best for Thiago.

  16. Proverb says:

    This news sources are up the spout with nothing really to fill their papers with, hence why they target as they try to sell their bollocks.
    Us idiots will buy into it sadly.

  17. Proverb says:


  18. Kungfoocantona says:

    Seriously people,

    Fuck me do you believe everything you all read in the papers… united fans you should know better.

    Firstly, The facts….THIAGO…

    Did any of you happen to hear the radio stations breaking News?

    Well what he said was basically take it with a pinch of salt (HIS WORDS). Marca didn’t report anything other than what the radio station says and it reveals the radio station as its source. They are not like the usual SPORT AS & the Daily star were they just print whatever story they make up.


    they have reported anything on Thiago and that includes todays edition…do you not think they would have an incline into what’s going on?

    truth is people

    Its all fucking rumours. until thaigo or Barcelona make an official statement regarding his future which neither have done (Barcelona say they expect him to report for pre season- this isn’t any sort of confirmation because he is still a barca player and they do not want to lose him) then fucking relax…

    My personal opinion is w need to by quality established players because that is the reason we have not won more European cups. Buying these young players is great an all but look at all the teams that have 4,5 plus cups to there name. they have proven established teams with experienced quality through out. I want to see united go for top players. Im not talking about spending 50 million on 1 player but go for top players. we could have had sneidjer if united had off forked out.

    I don’t buy this nonsense that there isn’t any one available or any at value…what is value?…..players like vidal….marchasio……chellieni…….hamsik…..gundogren….bale…..this is to name a few…these are players we can get so I would like to see it happen but I doubt it will unless we have a manager like your van gaals and anchelottis etc….

    I think this will be an interesting transfer period…I just hope im not pissed off come the 1st sept…….

  19. Proverb says:

    I’m amongst those who would opt out of desperate attempt to bring a midfielder in if we lose out on thiago.
    Would rather put much effort into improving what we already have. Or bring in a few youngsters within the ranks with potential.

  20. enzophonics says:

    @Kungfoocantona – exactly a point I was eluding to. Numerous ‘world-class players’ in the 23-27 age group that can boost our midfield. It all seems a bit desperate every season when we put our eggs in on Thiago-Wee-Wes sized basket and no alternatives. Am sure United being burnt a couple of times with the Moura/ Wes/ Modric transfers will not allow transfers to take the whole summer to complete.

    The achilles heel for big clubs like Utd is we do not have the transfer model of selling clubs like Porto, Atletico, Ajax and some extent Dortmund; who can attract potential world-stars at a relatively cheap fee and in a year or two sell them or keep them on.

    This is the Pogba dilema – the young stars if ready for first team will feel they can get into other big teams immediately esp if we sign an established player.

    Ironically that’s the Thiago situ at Barca as well. whereas at the smaller clubs young talented players are willing to wait and get sold for huge fees, some of the biggest young talents won’t move to Utd till their agents can demand huge fees and guarantee a starting place. We are then left to convince stars-of the moment that we will guarantee starting places, huge sign-on fee and compete with oil-rich clubs for a few players.

  21. irishred75 says:

    …because city are a massive club.

    they’ve got the tallest floodlights in the land…

  22. Cockney Red says:

    Maybe we should stick to Utd stories, or it looks like we’re obsessed with City and their money. Lets face it, they wouldn’t have even considered Moyes.
    This tour starting in thailand is the worst possible start for Moyes. See how nervous he looks? let me tell you why.
    Thaksin Shinawatre is running thailand again, via the proxy of his sister, Yingluck Shinawatre, the PM. City were sponsored by Singha beer. The corrupt generals who ousted Shinawatre (he wouldn’t pay them a kickback from the national lottery) got Chang beer to sponsor Everton. Moyes became the thai yellowshirt manager. He never thought he would have to set foot in Shinawatre’s thailand, but we had a pre-arranged tour there. Kowtowing to pictures of the thai royal family isn’t going to get him out of trouble.
    My wife is a thai “supermadam”. She used to run one of the UK’s biggest asian escort agencys. We hear all the stories.You fellow Utd fans will find this interesting:-.
    I know for a fact that both Rooney and Beckham like thai girls. Very different reports on the pair. I’ve heard from more than one girl that Beckham is hung, smells nice, is polite and “she would have done it for free”.
    Neither of them would ever have got caught if they’d stuck to the escorts that Utd arrange in-house.


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