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Nike shirts no more

Manchester United’s shirt deal with Nike expires next year and Reuters has reported that the deal won’t be renewed. Warrior are reportedly desperate to agree a deal with United whilst Puma might also be an option, after they have taken Arsenal’s shirt deal from Nike.

Adidas would presumably be the preferable option though.

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  1. RDK says:

    Finally! Nike’s kits were getting worse. Hope Addidas take up the mantle.

  2. EC7 says:

    Please not Warrior!

    Say if Addidas did take over does anyone think it would be possible for them to relaunch the old kits from the 80′s with the three stripes? That would be sweet! The retro shirts on sale on this site just aren’t the same without them. Would the SHARP sponsorship back in the day effect this?

  3. iwanrob says:

    Agree – please no Warrior

  4. united till i die says:

    Fuck me warrior kits are horrendous just look at Liverpools last year.

  5. dannysoya LOVES USAIN BOLT says:

    Was a good run Nike. Had some great moments with their logo on our shirts but it’s time to show us the money or move along. Adidas next please or go back to Umbro.

  6. Marq says:

    Oh dear me, not Warrior please. Firstly they are with Liverpool, secondly, their kits have been horrendous, enough said

  7. TywinnLannister says:

    Can we get Robben and not DiMaria please?

  8. Dev says:

    Shame. As I’ve mentioned in the previous thread, I collect player issued quality football shirts. Out of all the “big 3 (Nike, Adidas, Puma)”, Adidas puts in the least effort in terms of quality and design. If Adidas do end up offering more money and being the main kit supplier, look forward to having identikit shirts that shares the same design with other Adidas shirts like Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Germany, Argentina etc.

    Warrior has absolutely dire designs as well. It’s a shame Nike doesn’t see fit to sponsor one of the biggest clubs in the world anymore.

  9. gra mar says:

    The nike shirts have been largely dire with the only exception being the one with the black stripe on the chest and the away one with the blue stripe. Umbro before them were dull enough too with a few exceptions.

    I agree with those who have misgivings about adidas…generic style used for loads of teams with the only difference being colour and crest.

    We need to get something simple, stylish and unique. Designers need to sit down and have a think about it.

  10. Dev says:

    Actually, the 07/08 season one was pretty damn good. The rear stripe at the back was a nice touch, with a split in the middle for the name and number. The 10/11 season with the return of the white collar was brilliant as well.

    I can assure you that no one puts as much thought into enhancing performance than Nike does. Get a player-issue quality shirt and you’ll know what I mean. From the print on wash labels and crests instead of embroidery to minimise distraction, to heat sealed seams and side vents, reinforcing at the shoulders etc.

    Contrast this with Adidas, needless panels of cloth and seams at the biceps just for the sake of breaking up the 3 stripe lines so the kitman doesn’t have to iron on league / European patches on the stripes and ruin them, print on the 3 stripes on the shoulders and print on club crest and just call it a day.

    I can go on, but you get the gist. Adidas hasn’t been very imaginative either. Imagine United having the same template as those used by Stoke and Swansea, just swap the colours around. At least Nike actually endeavours to give the bigger teams (United, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Celtic, Inter Milan, Juventus, Shakhtar for example) something different and unique instead of identikit designs.

  11. Paschal Agwunobi says:

    We should switch to Adidas. I love those 3 stripes on the Jersey. Adidas will be perfect.

  12. Konrad Ziemlewski says:

    I’ve never posted before but as a designer I can tell you that every single one of nike, puma, umbro etc are capable of delivering outstanding kits – the issue is less Nike not being able to design, rather Manchester United have incredibly strict brand guidelines.

    I think its a combination of the strictness of the guidelines and Nike having arrived at a cycle where the shirts sell really well with not much backlash that they only change-up slightly with only really the 3rd kits being allowed a bit of leniency.

    Regardless I’d actually go for Warrior since they don’t seem to be the most capable of pushing boundaries or Umbro.

  13. sir liam matt says:

    Fair play to United to get a sponsor with a cross on the jersey to keep that biting Dracula scumbag Suarez at bay.. No wonder he’s going to Barca !

  14. Marco Soares says:

    @ sir liam matt

    lol, Barcelona is a club that’s ‘Supposedly’ banned from transfer activity are trying to sign Suarez that’s ‘Supposedly’ banned from football activity (Fifa Logic).
    Still going to be awesome seeing Liverpool go to shit once he leaves

  15. Rafael Hernandez says:

    Of the options mentioned I’m not happy about them, Nike might have some bad designs from time to time but Warrior shirts are awful, and Addidas has the laziest design team, be prepared for the same shirt as Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern, Etc. same design different badge.

    We should go back to Umbro, they are making some great designs as of late. I know the club will just go with whoever throws more money at them, but one can dream.

  16. sir liam matt says:

    Nike design is stil the best.

  17. John says:


    Just Do It.

  18. mjcRED says:

    Beats me why anyone over 15 would be seen in a replica kit. I am fond of the ’85 kit with the white stripes going down from the shoulder which was the first kit I had and really remember. Just the thought of the man-made fibres makes me scratch and itch like a scouser with scurvy!

  19. Tommy says:

    Glad we are getting a change, the Nike shirts are ractically the same every year, bored of them now, just pay up Adidas

  20. UtdSenna says:

    The Nike shirts the same every year? Already forgot the table cloth? If anything Adidas shirt look the same with the ugly stripes. Can’t wait for it to look exactly the same as Rentboys, The Virtus etc. Boring as fuck.

  21. Tommy says:


    If youb read this blog on a regular basis you would of realised I said yesterday that I liked the tablecloth shirt because it was different. Fact is United are charging anything between £40 – £60 for a change of collar to the previous year, time for a change Nike has gone stale.

  22. Justin10RvN says:

    Adidas has the money, but like everyone has already said their designs are lame. We are going to be wearing school kits with a United badge on it, too bad Umbro isn’t still the powerhouse they used to be.

  23. UtdSenna says:

    @Tommy i dont have time to read every comment on this blog. And my point was Adidas kits all looks the same and have for years. You’ll get bored fast.

  24. Tommy says:


    Probably mate but I just want something different for now, ill feel the same as I do now in a couple of years no doubt

  25. UtdSenna says:

    @Tommy I’m more annoyed at that horrible chev logo. Looks like some cheap bling bling. It better be worth it with some exciting new players incoming!

  26. Tommy says:


    I think thats their logo mate and I dont see them changing, reckon we will be stuck with it for all the time they are our sponsors unfortunatly


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