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No Surprises Here… Ferguson Banned and Fined

Sir Alex Ferguson has been fined £10,000 and banned for two league matches by the FA for ‘improper conduct’.

When Manchester United played Hull a few weeks back, Ferguson was not very pleased with Mike Dean’s handling of Michael Turner who deserved to be sent off. Already on a yellow card, Turner came crashing in to Michael Carrick just outside the box, making no contact on the ball and denying our player of a goalscoring opportunity.

Dean bottled it, not wanting to send a Hull player off just a minute after they’d scored their second goal.

“Michael Carrick was brought down on the edge of the box and the player had already been booked,” said Alex Ferguson after the game. “So the referee has failed in his duty there. It should have been a red card because the player’s right through. Even a yellow card and the player’s off.”

But was Fergie right to have a go?

Sky Sports: Turner, who was booked in the first half is lucky to escape a red card as he brings down Carrick on the edge of the area.

Yes, Ferguson was right in what he said. Turner did deserve to be sent off for a second bookable offence, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK for Fergie to wade on to the pitch and have a go at the referee like that.

I’m not saying this because I’m a massive believer in the ‘Respect’ campaign, I’m more inclined to agree with Roy Keane on this one. When I think back to Cristiano Ronaldo being booked at Chelsea for dissent, after just wagging his finger at Mike Riley when he was on his knees on the other side of the field to the referee, I find myself extremely wound up every time I see players react to a decision and face no punishment. If finger wagging is dissent, then the angry reactions we see by players at Old Trafford every week when Ronaldo wins a free kick certainly is. But the referees chop and change, not making it clear enough what they will and won’t stand for. The refs have to demand respect as much as players should give it freely.

However, Ferguson has been pushing his luck for some time now, as if daring the FA to punish him. It was stupid to get in Dean’s face because there was obviously only ever going to be one outcome. Trouble.

“He’s got red card written all over him,” my dad said of Mascherano as we sat in the stands to watch United vs Liverpool last season. It was obvious to all around that just days after the fuss Ashley Cole created against Tottenham, when showing no respect for Riley, that any referee would happily send off a player for dissent. Even Rooney, who usually can’t keep his gob shut, was on his best behaviour.

Fergie’s behaviour against Hull was exactly the same. The FA keep banging on about this respect campaign, and just because the referees don’t adhere to it on the pitch, it doesn’t mean the FA won’t act off it. We will now pay the price and I’m sure I’m not alone in wishing it was Queiroz not Phelan manning the dugout for two matches!

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  1. jon jonson says:

    Fucking Ass did it again!

  2. smith says:

    fucking corrupted FA still cannot believe that terry can get away after whille tim cahill can’t. And ronaldo yellow card for finger thing is a joke. mike ripley is corrupted ref and one big joke. mike dean and rob styles are ridiculos too. PEter Walton is one big joke too, look at how he treated ronaldo as an invisble man against Stoke. Mark Clattenburg is corrupted. mr policeman howard webb seems to like arsenal. steve bennet is ok.Alan Wiley is a coward BRING BACK Graham poll, he is much better.

  3. warwick says:

    A level playing field is long over due. Refs have to EARN respect by giving correct and consistent decisions. Fergie presumably wouldn’t be pleased if his players had reacted like that – he has to lead by example – but I can’t but help applaud his passion – for his players and his team.

  4. SteRDLK says:

    The only good ref I’ve seen at a United Premiership game this season was the one for the Arsenal game, making 1 mistake all game (booking Carrick).

    But if the FA want the referees to have respect, they have to earn by not only making the correct decisions, but being consistent.

    Ben Thatcher thumped Pedro Mendes in his head and gets a big fine and a lengthy ban (not lengthy enough though)

    Danny Guthrie breaks a players leg by viciously kicking him in the leg and gets nothing.

    Chris Morgan elbows a player in the head, giving him a fractured skill and gets nothing. This incident was worse then the Thatcher one.

    Also Christian Negouia misses a drugs test and gets a small fine and no ban.

    Rio Ferdinand misses a drugs test and gets a massive fan an an 8 month ban.

    This respect campaign is a triangular one between the clubs, the referees and the FA.

    If the referees and the FA aren’t consistent, then they won’t get any respect, which they won’t deserve. No wonder Ferguson and Moyes complained about shoddy refereeing and both been fined.

  5. suhayl says:

    Smith lol….agree on most of your points bar poll.

    Anyway that means we lose on him on the touchline for 2 hard away days at villa and shitty. SHIT

    Queroiz would instill you with alot of confidence…as for micky phelan…shit. He’d better have a radio piece attached and SAF with a stealthy ear piece too…hence he can be told what to do lol

  6. suhayl says:

    CORRECTION…..he’ll miss the 2 games v blackburn carling cup and sunderland..both at home.

    Micky should be ok with that….

  7. Manutd forever says:

    The FA are a piece of garbage.Really can’t understand why they are still carrying on with the “RESPECT” campaign .If the referees want to be respected why don’t they command respect by their decision making on the field.REALLY if referees start making good decisions them the players will automatically give them respect.This reason Some refereeing decisions and fa decisions have been absolutely rubbish ,(Carrick against hull,bolton disallowed goal against liverpool,john terry red card case,etc………). I really think the FA wants everybody to think like them about referees .The Fa are living in a dream that their referees are world class and are not prepared to accept the fact that referees are quite poor ,DUE to this they are not taking steps to ensure that referees get better..I actually think that refereeing standards in the best league of the world are no way near world class..AND THE FA RULES ARE NOT THE SAME FOR EVERYTEAM IN THE LEAGUE.

  8. Manutd forever says:

    SORRY for posting that comment here should’ve been in the other section

  9. TonyBee says:

    Suhayl mate, Phelan won’t need a fucking ear piece, Fergie is only banned from the dugout not the game …. have no doubt Phelan will hear him from the stands
    Bastard FA

  10. OTRed says:

    I have no idea why managers aren’t allowed to criticise or complain to referees, as long as they do so in a respectable manner without bad words. Managers shouldn’t be punished for seeing a ref give a rubbish decision and them criticising him for doing so.

  11. Failsworth Devil says:

    Its a load of bollox… refs are always gonna make these stupid mistakes if they are always molly coddled by the FA, and Referees Assoc.

    These refs are now professionals… they are paid £150k+ a season… and need to be held accountable when they fuck up…

    I aint being funny, but if any of us at work fuck up… then we get the shite… so why is it different for refs?? surely they should be getting bollockings..

    At the end of the day… footie is big business, and an error by the ref could cost you 3 points… and 3 points in the Prem League could be the difference for instance winning the league… being relegated.. .so the financial implications are massive…

    Manager are human… and SAF is passionate and aint scared to say what he thinks..

    Respect the game… what a load of shite… at the end of the day.. .get the job done right and the players/managers wont kick off like they do…

    Also think we should be having ex players doing the reffing… look at Rugby… most of the refs are ex players… and not often do they have any problems… coz they get it right..

    Carry on Sir Alex… just the old twats in the FA trying to get at ya in any way they can

  12. Hughsie88 says:

    Laundry bag at half time anyone?

  13. Sam says:

    hopefully the fa have got it out of their system. They’ve had alot of pressure from the press about not collaring fergie and that’s why he’s been given twice the amount moyes has been fined with an added two match ban. Like others have commented it’s about consistency with both decision making and punishment but the fa aren’t consistent which leads to referee’s. Will joe kinnear and Aidy Boothroyd get a £10k fine + 2 match ban? i doubt it. The annoying thing is these managers have all had just cause to complain, tiny tears didn’t yet get’s off.

  14. suhayl says:

    Tonybee..yes mate i know he aint banned from the game, no manager does and they have to sit in the stands…

    But i get your point of micky p hearing sir alex wherever he may be in the


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