Robert Davro’s new Manchester United book, No Ticket Required, is out to buy today.

RoM: Who is your all-time favourite player and why?

RD: Bryan Robson. He was simply the best player we have had in my match going life. Others were quicker, more skilful and scored more goals but none had the drive, commitment and passion which he had. Single handedly dragged the team to victory on numerous occasions. He was a proper captain.

RoM: How did you start following United?

RD: My best mate at school had an older brother so was a bit more clued up about life and he supported United. I remember playing in my back garden with him and my dad coming out and telling us Saints had won the cup. My mate was gutted, I started supporting United that summer and that was that. First match I watched on TV was the 1977 cup final which was top.

RoM: What was the best away day you did and why?

RD: My favourite away games have all been in Europe. Porto in ’98 was probably the best overall trip. I really enjoyed Feyenoord as well the first time when we won 3-1. The ’99 FA cup semi-final replay was the best match I have ever seen. It had it all. All three of these games are featured in the book. Dafabet promo code

RoM: What do you think the biggest change has been between football in the 80’s and today?

RD: There have been so many changes and going to a game now bears little resemblance to a match in the 80’s. Money has had the biggest effect: kick-off times, corporate seats, Champion’s League, TV, it is all about the money now. Football is now a business run by multi-millionaires who in most cases couldn’t give a shit about the club. Bring back the local butcher running the gaff, it was far more fun.

RoM: What are your thoughts on the singing section United have introduced?

RD: It’s a first step and at least shows that the club are starting to listen but there is a hell of a way to go. Need to get more youngsters into the match, unreserved sit where you want sections, safe standing and reclaim the Stretford end. Put all the corporate seats in tier 3. It’s never going to happen though because it’s all about the money and until the cash stops rolling in nothing will ever change.