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Not A Shred Of Evidence, Suarez?

Luis Suarez is continuing to fulfil his role as a victim perfectly at Liverpool in his recent statements about his eight match ban for the racial abuse of Patrice Evra. A born and bred scouser would be proud of Suarez’s efforts to appear innocent and blameless.

“My conscience is clear [on Evra],” he said. “The suspension, I suppose, you could call strange and unbelievable. Without a single shred of proof, they suspended me. I accepted it without saying anything obviously because they could have made [the suspension] longer and it would have just made the whole thing continue, but my conscience is completely clear, and so is that of the club and my family. There was not a single convincing proof that I had done any of the things they accused me of doing. I am very calm about all of it. I have played all my childhood and everyone knows that in Uruguay there is a huge black population. I had team-mates and friends of both colours all the time in the national team, in Liverpool, in Holland, where the majority [of players] are from Surinam, and I never had any problem with them. Holland is one of the countries in the world where there is the highest number of black players and at no point was there an issue. Well, these are the things about football. It seems to me that they had to get rid of a Liverpool player and, well, they definitely were gratified by all of this.”

To quote our dear departed friend, Rafa Benitez, here are the facts from the FA report:

- Luis Suarez claimed he was calling Patrice Evra “negro” is a friendly way. The fact that they were in the middle of an argument during a game between two massive rivals makes this hard to believe. Suarez had kicked Evra in the knee moments before and then slapped him round the back of the head. Friendly.

- Dalglish claimed that Suarez had been “taunted” by Evra, suggesting that Suarez’s response of “you are black” was following Evra saying “you are South American.” If this was true, Suarez wasn’t using the word “negro” in a friendly way at all, rather as an insult. Regardless, Suarez confirmed that being called “South American” was not an insult.

- Suarez claimed that he did not call Evra a negro when they were in the goal mouth, rather after the referee had called them over to speak to them and he then touched Evra. However, his version of events contradicts the testimony of Evra and referee. Evra says that as soon as the referee called them over, Evra reported the racial abuse he had just received, and the referee confirmed this.

- The first time Suarez claimed that his use of the word “negro” was “conciliatory” was after the reports from the language experts were made available, where they claimed if the word “negro” was used in a “conciliatory” way, it wouldn’t be regarded as racist in Uruguay.

- Comoli stressed he knew how serious the allegations were so being fluent in Spanish wanted to make sure they had their story straight on what Suarez had said. After speaking to Suarez, he then went to tell Marriner and Dowd Suarez’s version. There was no mention of Suarez calling Evra “negro” in response to Evra telling him not to touch him though, which is what his defence later hinged on. They initially claimed Suarez said “you are black” then in the next set of interviews, Suarez claimed he said “why not, black?” after Evra told him not to touch him.

- Suarez initially claimed that he pinched Evra on the arm to “defuse the situation”. When he was cross examined, he admitted this was not true.

- Suarez’s defence claim that Evra made up Suarez saying he kicked him because he was black and that he didn’t talk to blacks. They claim that because Suarez had kicked Evra in the knee, Evra wanted revenge, so fabricated the whole story. This means they are suggesting that Evra feigned outrage after his exchange with Suarez and lied to the referee, that he lied to Giggs on the pitch when he asked him what was the matter, and that he lied to Valencia, Chichartio, Nani, Anderson and Sir Alex Ferguson in the dressing room immediately after the game. The commission rejected the defence’s suggestion that the accusations were just an elaborate plot for Evra to get revenge on Suarez for being kicked.

- Comolli claimed that after the game Evra went to Canal+ and demanded that he was allowed to report the racial abuse he had just received. The journalist who interviewed Evra confirmed this opposite of this was true, and that Evra knew the journalist well and he could tell that he was upset. Evra told the journalist off the record what had happened, but the journalist confirmed he asked the question when Evra was being filmed regardless.

- Dirk Kuyt falsely claimed that Evra was telling people he had only been booked by the referee because he was black. The commission found this to be a complete fabrication by Kuyt. His intention was obviously to claim that Evra was playing the race card, something which Dalglish also tried to do when asking the referee “hasn’t he done this before?” He hasn’t.

In conclusion, Suarez, Dalglish, Kuyt and Comolli lied throughout the proceedings. In contrast, Evra’s version of events never changed. An innocent person doesn’t need to keep changing their story in the fashion that Suarez did. Suarez provided the evidence himself. He admitted he called Evra “negro” and only an idiot would believe he was using it in a friendly way. Whilst “negro” can be used amongst friends in Uruguay, the independent language experts also acknowledged that this word can be used in a racist way too. If Suarez meant it in a friendly way and not a racist way, why didn’t he shake Evra’s hand and why has he never apologised for calling him it? Surely if a person innocently calls someone a name which they interpret to be racist, the first thing they would do is apologise wholeheartedly for any offence caused, no? Seven months have gone by and Suarez still hasn’t bothered to say sorry.

Always the victim, it’s never their fault.

RoM’s full response to the FA’s report on Suarez’s racial abuse of Evra
How Patrice Evra has never played the race card and why assumptions are dangerous

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  1. nevthered says:

    his dad is black, his wife is black
    he called Evra negrito, not nigger
    “little darkie”, the affectionate term he uses for his own wife!!
    same as Evra’s OT team mates call him
    a decent lawyer would have got him off as he had done nothing wrong
    but the FA kept their “evidence” in the dark for 2 months before releasing it less than 24 hours before the hearing
    any ways up
    you won fuck all this year and the tide has turned against you
    your faces at Sunderland were priceless
    payback for 89
    prepare for another 26 years in the wilderness, you may have 19 but you will never get 20!
    deluded moronic losers

  2. TheCANTONA says:

    Can we be reasonable with Lvpools fan (scousers especially)?
    SORRY, I don’t think we can. Even after the handsake incident they tried to blame Evra as the one who actually declined to offer his hand.

  3. CedarsDevil says:

    Right, so we should just refer to Suarez as a saint from now on??

    Na, fuck that……He’s just a cunt of the highest order

  4. tony says:

    suarez is a cunt ,fuck liverpool ,uniteddddddddddddddddddddddd till i die

  5. Cyril Sneer says:

    nevthered – Thanks for your entertaining post. We all like a mad dipper around here, it lightens the mood. I’m glad you are happy we ‘won fuck all this year’, it’s nice for you to have some small victories for your increasingly small-time club. Remember when you used to be contenders for the League? Now you’re playing cheerleader for Man City. Bit of a come-down eh?

    Don’t worry about our 20, normal service will be resumed next year. Sorry to see your man Kenny go, I’m a big fan.

    Oh, and to save you the time, yes I am a cunt.

  6. CedarsDevil says:


    Whisked through and missed the piss take of a post by ‘nevthered’

    Too right mate, this place would be dull without daft buggers like him……..22 years is it and counting??

  7. Cyril Sneer says:

    Cedars – I hear they count it in decades over there so it’s only 2.2 :D

  8. CedarsDevil says:


    Can they even count?? Decades seems too sophisticated for me as far as they are concerned. Fuckers probably still use a sand clock!!

  9. Cyril Sneer says:

    Cedars – I dunno, they’re fearsome when it comes to their dole cheques. Never get between a dipper and his giro…

    Did you know they claim to have won the treble too? It’s what they call the 2001 season when they won the UEFA, FA Cup and League Cup. I think they were 3rd in the League that year. In Liverpool, even a treble is cheap.

  10. Albert Ross says:

    LFC have decade? Of course they have! They’ve decade every year for the last to decayeds.

  11. Albert Ross says:

    ^ ‘two’

  12. CedarsDevil says:


    Ha ha ha, just pissed my self, thanks!! Like you I will also miss Kenny, fuck me he was good for a laugh, especially his pitch side antics with his plastic jacket….

    So good for a piss take take our mates from the North West

  13. Red & No Doubt About It says:

    This post is directly addressed to ‘nevthered’

    at 14:47
    nevthered says:

    ‘you won fuck all this year and the tide has turned against you’

    Yes we won fuck all THIS year..and YOU LOT have won IT ALL in the last 22 YEARS haven’t you.
    The tide has turned against us now?? Hell its always been against us…and we like it that way.
    Swimming against the tide for all these years is what has made us this STRONG unlike you bin dipping rat munching granny shagging scouse eating jobless inbreds.

    at 14:47
    nevthered says:

    ‘your faces at Sunderland were priceless’

    Ho Ho….look who’s talking about faces now. Have you lot looked at any mirrors lately…like in the last 22 years?? Na..didn’t think so. While still on faces whats happened to the ‘face of liverpool’ KK himself? It was supposed to be the second coming of the messiah. The saviour of the scousers had come back to take liverpool outta of the dumps to gloryland. Right. And what was the result? And Where’s HE now? Jobless and back in the lunatic asylum for all I know.

    at 14:47
    nevthered says:

    ‘prepare for another 26 years in the wilderness, you may have 19 but you will never get 20!
    deluded moronic losers’

    You lot never learn do you. It was all those years in wilderness that made Manchester United what it is today. We never did & we never will moan about that time. What it did was stiffen us and toughen us up.

    Yes we lost the league this year. But You lot have no delusions…we will be back next year stronger and tougher and then god help those who get in our way.

    If I know and read Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson correctly he will use this year’s disappointment and turn our team into a avenging force from hell.

    I’m sure…no I’m positively fucking sure that next season there’s going to be an ass whipping of epic proportions from Manchester United.

    All I can say to you is get out of the way if you can.

  14. TheCANTONA says:

    we have bigger chance to Win the league next season than u lot.
    Finished 8th after spent 100m? Downing? Henderson? Carrolina? thug Skrtel? Enrique? Old Gerrard? U lot still looking a coach or Manager do U?Give me a break!
    U’ll be lucky to avoid relegation next year.
    And does the League Cup means so much for u nowadays?
    Poor racistfool. Once mighty club but now took Mickey Mouse Cup as a big achievement.
    What’s next? Treated “Avoid Relegation Battle” Like a trophy too? Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..!

  15. TheCANTONA says:

    we have bigger chance to Win the league next season than u lot.
    Finished 8th after spent 100m? Downing? Henderson? Carrolina? thug Skrtel? Enrique? Old Gerrard? U lot still looking a coach or Manager do U?Give me a break!
    U’ll be lucky to avoid relegation next year.
    And does the League Cup means so much for u nowadays?
    Poor racistfool. Once mighty club but now took Mickey Mouse Cup as a big achievement.
    What’s next? Treated “Avoid Relegation Battle” Like a trophy too? Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..!!

  16. TheCANTONA says:

    That was so good, i decided to post it twice…

  17. j75j says:

    I did put Suarez is gulity of using the word black against Evra that can’t be disputed so according to FA rules he his gulity .
    I just think it is important when reporting an offence you stick to what was said and don’t make words up that weren’t said.
    My be we wouldn’t have had this fall out.

  18. Albert Ross says:


    Racists are born of parents. Sometimes the parents are black
    It is racist to claim that blacks don’t have racist children.
    Perhaps you didn’t mean to be racist.

    A racist who calls his wife “little darkie” is not less racist than one who calls his wife ‘Miriam’.
    Anyway, he wasn’t speaking to his wife.

    Evra’s team-mates do not call him “little darkie”, they call him “friend”

    Your claim that “a decent lawyer would have got him off” shows clearly that you know Suarez needed to get off, and needed a decent lawyer to do so. Innocent people don’t get accused, never mind investigated, charged, prosecuted by the relevant authority and found guilty.

    You claim the FA kept “evidence in the dark” before releasing it just before the hearing.
    This is not true. Even if it were true, the evidence is still real and applicable.
    Suarez does not claim that he was given insufficient time to prepare.
    That’s just another silly lie by you. Twit.

  19. paramrooney says:

    Albert Ross ur pjhilosophy is a bit too academic 4 us hardheads mate…was that last comment freud or summat……..u sir, are truly a sir……………..

  20. Albert Ross says:


    That last comment was translated from the original sanskrit by Freud Sigmundson.
    He’s a holding midfielder from Fenerbahce.

  21. Idrathershagabucket says:

    U lot are really somethin. The blind loyalty shown towards Bucky the Beaver has done nothing more than severely tarnish the repuation of your club yet u lot queue up in droves just to have more egg blasted across your shite sorry faces.
    Keep it up mate. The piss take rat circus that is Liverpool FC has provided us some brilliant moments of utter stupidity. Long may it continue.

    United, in decline since 93

  22. Little Red Ant says:

    Deluded Scouse fucks – ONE of the reasons King Kenny of Klanfield was sacked is because of his handling and defence of the racist bastard – the Yanks kept their council and acted at the end of the season rather than during it. Plus the fact that he can’t manage a Spar shop made it easier to blame 8th place in the league which is not good enough for the Champions League money

  23. Phil Jones' Birdshit Streaks says:

    Fuck off to PSG. No one wants you in the Premier League. Horrible vile little cunt

  24. YesRed says:

    Dogleash has just got a job with Sky…………… he installs his first satellite dish on Monday.

  25. philco says:

    So predictable,lol.
    Who really cares what he says. His scouse audience think he’s wrongly convicted.
    The rest of the world despise the dirty little racist f#@k.

  26. Joe says:

    He’s got a point though, hasn’t it?

    Guilty or not, nobody saw or heard the exchange between Suarez and Evra and nothing was recorded.

    There simply was no evidence.

    But by all means, if you want to convince yourselves otherwise, go ahead.

  27. Idrathershagabucket says:

    No evidence other than Bucky the beaver admitting to it.


  28. Joe says:

    What Suarez admitted to and what he was found guilty of are two completely different things.

  29. Fred says:

    Scouser in peace here lads. I’ve always backed LFC to the hilt on any issue, but this one made my blood boil. There’s no doubt in my mind that Suarez is a racist buck-toothed cunt. I want him out of our great club pronto.


  30. yustaq says:

    Suarez “admitt”
    Daglish defend his cunt to some extent
    liverpool fans and some deluded cunt support their suarez…

    Suarez “admitt” he did it
    Daglish said you can’t blame suarez and we support him.

    … old trafford game…
    Suarez prove himself racist!
    Daglish was disappointed
    Liverpool club and entire world was disappointed
    Suarez “apologise”
    Daglish apologise and said he never conducted himself in a “proper way” all through the saga.
    Liverpool fc and their cheif executive said suarez let himself down, his team mate, the manager and the club.

    Looserpool fc and their fans are disgrace to football and humanity.
    I can’t be believe they can come up with these again.
    Daglish is gone
    Suarez paving his way out
    But, their pathectic behaviour right from time is still “intact”
    !!Cunt=Scousers=loserpool=looser…that’s their way!!

  31. bobkoh says:

    They say if you say something often enough, people start to believe that’s the truth. That’s what Suarez is trying to do. As time goes on this cunt keep repeating his story with the intention of blurring the facts so that he becomes the victim. Suarez is a cunt, that we all know and that will not change.

  32. Saad says:

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” – Bill Clinton

  33. Joe says:

    This is all about what you want to believe, isn’t it lads?

    It stands to reason that Manchester United supporters would want to believe Suarez was guilty and it stands to reason that Liverpool supporters would want to believe Evra is a liar.

    But the lack of evidence means we’ll never know the truth unless one of them confesses.

    Until then, it’s time to stop banging on about how guilty Suarez is or how deceptive Evra is because neither can be or has been proven..

  34. Fred says:

    Don’t be daft, mate. Suarez has admitted repeatedly calling Evra a negro. What he claims is that he didn’t mean it in a racist way. The panel concluded that Suarez, Dalglish, Comolli and Dirk Kuyt had all lied to them, whereas Evra was found to be an impeccable witness. It’s not one man’s word against another’s, as you no doubt believe.

  35. Joe says:

    Firstly, Suarez didn’t admit to that at all. Read the report.

    Secondly, all testimonies submitted by all witnesses were based on their recollection of Suarez’s and Evra’s account of events – not the events themselves.

    So yes, it was one man’s word against another’s.

    It’s really not difficult to understand.

  36. Fred says:

    Come on mate, I’m as Red as you are and we both know what you just wrote is a complete load of bollocks. I doubt you’ve even read the report. In fact, I doubt you can even read.


  37. Joe says:

    Fred you are a very silly person.

  38. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Lack of evidence? Suarez admitted it. Which bit of admit does these deluded Liverpool fans not understand. The ignorance and deluded stupidity is just embarrassing.

    Always the victim.

  39. Joe says:

    Gorse Hill – what Suarez admitted to is not what he was found guilty of.

    You are on think ice accusing others of ignorance and delusion and then coming out with that.

  40. Keyser Soze says:

    Fred, get out in peace as you came and stop using OUR Fred’s username together with that YMCA crap on a United forum.

    Also, isn’t anybody else confused by the whole L’poo fans dialogue here…?!

    Joe, you seem like the typical stubborn Scouse fan. I’ve got many mates supporting your club, they are really good lads but carry the burden of denying the obvious to lessen the pain. Oh, and I’ve told all of them – you do not really support your club as a proud fan, you just jump on the Anti-United Bandwagon with every opportunity and live and breathe United (Anti-, but still). Stop looking at United for inspiration of hate, we do not exist to be your meanest rival, but you do, in the last two decades, at least.

    We are United

  41. Joe says:

    Keyser Soze – you are very presumptuous. I don’t identify with anything you just posted.

    It’s not a matter of denying the obvious – it’s a matter of denying what has not been proven. i.e. Suarez’s guilt. If it’s so obvious – why can nobody prove it?

    Because nobody saw, nobody heard and nothing was recorded.

  42. Keyser Soze says:

    Ahh, you don’t identify with it but you continue and repeat the same thing over and over again.

    I believe we all understood your point in the very first post, now it’s getting ridiculous

    Unless you carry a legal obligation to defend Suarez, I really cannot find any more reasons to continue the argument on RoM

    I believe there are blogs dedicated to your club, stick to them and you wouldn’t find it hard to get people to support your opinion

    But enough is enough around here

  43. Joe says:

    Apparently, plenty of you don’t understood my point. That’s the reason why I made it in the first place and the reason why I continue to repeat it.

    To be honest, I don’t blame you for happily accepting the guilty verdict. But surely you can’t blame those associated with Suarez or Liverpool for refusing to accepting it?

    If there was no evidence, there was no evidence. That’s all there is to it.

  44. Albert Ross says:


    The Charge against Suarez was that he used insulting words which included a reference to Evra’s colour.

    - “It is alleged that in or around the 63rd minute of the … fixture you used abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards an opponent Mr Patrice Evra contrary to Rule E3(1).

    - “It is further alleged that your breach of Rule E3(1) included a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race of Mr Patrice Evra within the meaning of Rule E3(2).”

    Suarez admitted to insulting Evra, and admitted to referring to Evra’s colour.

  45. Joe says:

    Suarez did not admit to insulting Evra.

    He admitted to referring to his colour. Does that consitute abuse? That was for the commission to decide. But they didn’t. Rather than build a case around what Suarez admitted to, they built a case around Evra’s version of events which Suarez categorically did not admit to and for which there was zero evidence.

  46. Keyser Soze says:


    Drop it for fuck’s sake, do you L’poo fans not know the meaning of embarrassment?!

    I’m tired of trying to reason with you in a good tone, YOU ARE EXACTLY WHAT I SAID YOU WERE, you do not identify with it because you have to live with yourself and admitting to it will make me learn how to tie a good knot to hang on, at least, doubt the effect would be much different for you

    See what you did now, I was so kind couple days ago

  47. J75J says:

    Joe says:
    Suarez did not admit to insulting Evra.
    We will find out when Terry stands for trial what the law really thinks with the use of the word black.

  48. Joe says:

    @Keyser Soze

    Your mistake is that you think you are ‘trying to reason’ with me.

    If you really want to ‘reason with me’, present me with the evidence that proves Suarez was guilty of the offence he was charged with. Go on.

    And if you can’t, I suggest you find the nearest mirror and have a good long look in it.

  49. Keyser Soze says:

    You’re struggling to get what everyone has said so far: NOBODY CARES ANYMORE!

    It seems like you’re on a mission to clean Suarez’ name, WRONG CROWD, DON’T YOU THINK?!

    The rest of the world got it, Liverpool GOT IT, hence Dogleash got the boot, and you’re still stuck on “Repeat”

    Talk about head in the sand…

  50. Joe says:

    You say nobody cares but 1 article and 99 comments (some of them your own) suggest otherwise, don’t they?

    I’m not on a mission to clear Suarez’s name – I can’t can I? Because there is no evidence brainbox.

    Nor is there any evidence that Dalglish lost his job over this.

    You’re right about one thing at least – I am stuck on repeat. Let me repeat this: find the nearest mirror and have a good long look in it.


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