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Not A Wise Move, Tomasz

Tomasz Kuszczak has stupidly given an interview with MUTV criticising Edwin Van der Sar for not helping him enough and suggesting that the Dutch goalie doesn’t like him.

Oh dear.

“I must say this, Edwin doesn’t help me. Maybe he doesn’t like me,” said Kuszczak. “He’s got more experience and many more games under his belt. So I say, ‘You have to give me something more’. I like to know what I do wrong and like to watch other people. You’ll have to ask him if he doesn’t like me.”

Kuszczak then goes on to claim that he is prepared to wait longer to get more first team action but sensibly won’t wait around forever.

“The manager says you need the whole squad to win trophies,” he continued. “Sooner or later everyone must go and play important games. I know what I give to this club even though I do not play regularly. It’s a team sport. I hope the best is to come as I’ve not played too much over the last three years. The question is how long do you want to wait? I try every day, it’s a slow process, it’s not so easy. I’ve waited three years. I will wait longer but my ambition is so big and I want to have a nice feeling after games, be tired and go home and think, ‘you did a good job’.”

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  1. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Weither this is fact or weither in is envy and bullshit , you can’t go around winging that players don’t like you , not everybodys gonna like you,and not on mutv of all places. Cole and Teddy just got on with there game and didn’t bitch

  2. Mikael says:

    He wants out but don’t want to go public with it… trying to force SAF’s hands. I couldn’t care less. Let him go and we’ll use Foster and Amos/Zieler as 2-3 choice.

  3. r8devil says:

    Just to add to GHTT comments. No matter how VDS treats him, he also has to understand that some people are not good at giving tips. I know some people who are brilliant at what they do but when you ask them what do they do to perform at the level they do, they cannot give you an answer. Its not that they do not want to, its just that they cannot explain to someone else what needs to be done.

  4. aig alex is god says:

    who the hell he thinks he is?? dosent even deserve to play in the premier league forget for United.It maybe true but i dont think its the right play to say something like this and i cant believe it that VDS dosent help him.

  5. aig alex is god says:

    heard that we have opened talks to sign akinfeev.wish its true.he is a good keeper and is just 23

  6. sprite says:

    A wise move, Tomasz
    if you want out of the club

  7. wazza (Bezi) says:

    Pole in Hole ! he’s off now


    why does he have to whine. it is a priviledge to play for the greatest club in the world. it’s not easy getting into the first team of the best team in the world. how dare him going at VDS like that. if he can’t get into the team means he may not be good enough i mean he had an opportunity to grasp when the big dutchman was out with bo injury and yet he could’nt. tomasz it’s not easy dispatching one of the greatest keepers of all time!

  9. kel says:

    Actually if h did say this, then i’m sure you are off. There are better keepers than you. I don’t like players wringing. Thanks for making Sir Alex job easy.

  10. doncobaino says:

    I was watching an interview with him the other night on MUTV and he came across as a nice guy who is happy with the club and loves playing for united, now this? bloody hell!

  11. Vass says:

    To be honest to the lad, he’s getting way less credit than he deserves.
    He understands that he isn’t good enough to be numero uno but he’s stuck around for quite some time now and mostly done a good job when called upon. And quite fairly he’s had less howlers than Foster has.

    I completely understand his frustration, he’s waited patiently for first team football for some years now but even when Foster makes mistake after mistake he still doesn’t get a game. He does what he can in training to impress the manager but when someone repeatedly fucks their chance up and you still don’t get a look-in it can be insulting.
    It’s just an unofficial transfer request I guess and you can’t really fault him for it, although the way he did it is a bit inappropriate.

  12. Jig says:

    Silly comments but I don’t blame him if he wants out, he’s shown better form than Foster yet is constantly overlooked. He’ll never be given the opportunity to become no.1 at United and if I was in his shoes I’d be out the door. It is a privilege to play for Utd, but if you have any ambition you’re never going to be happy with third choice.

    I don’t think Foster or Tomasz are up to it in the long-term, I also think VDS’s form has been questionable since the turn of the year. Think Fergie should be looking for something better; the last time we went through goalkeeper transition it was a nightmare.

  13. boam6 says:

    He’s dug his own grave there bye bye tomasz

  14. King Eric says:


    As I said yesterday I watched this interview and it came across tongue in cheek. Still doesn’t alter the fact he said those things though. He is never gonna be United’s number one and I wouldn’t blame him for moving on.

    aig – Hi mate. Yeah I saw that article about Akinfeev yesterday. Wonder if any truth in it? I know Fergie denied any interest the other night but he is going to. He is hardly gonna say “yeah we are looking at buying him” as it would put even more pressure on Foster then. Is that a bad thing though?

  15. ji says:

    It is lack in English skills or death wish.

    Out from planetfootball

    “I have told him a few times already to give me some more advice because he’s got more experience and got many more games under his belt.

    “I say, ‘You have to give me something more because I like to know what I do wrong and like to watch other people. Doing that I can take some good from the advice I get.’

    “But I don’t know, maybe Edwin doesn’t like me. You’ll have to ask him.”

    “Doing that I can take some good from the advice I get” this part I don’t see in the quotes above.

    In general shows he thinks about developing, but why the hell go with that public.

  16. Stand up for the Red Army says:

    @ Vass – Spot on mate, finally someone with a sensible post.

  17. Corea says:

    “but why the hell go with that public.”

    maybe as Scott said he is not wise enough. maybe he is desperate. maybe he is a human-being. maybe he thinks he deserved more chances.
    i feel sympathy for the player. a decent goalkeeper.
    but this world is cruel.

  18. Howie says:

    erm…fergie came out and said that Kuszczak was joking

    … you guys can put out the fire now .. lol

  19. Corea says:

    This doesn’t change his status whatsoever.

  20. ji says:

    “maybe it is just that Polish humour doesn’t translate to British humour.”

    Can be good point there.

  21. aig alex is god says:

    @King Eric

    hi mate.what pressure?the fact that he had a chacne to grab the no 1 spot when VDS wasnt there was a massive chance but he blew it i dont think he can ever be a United no 1 goalkeeper.Akinfeev would be great because of his age and he is the captain of CSKA,so that will have made him stronger and more responsible.IF we go for Neuer we may have to pay over the odds because it seems Bayern too are intrested.WE have to go for Akinfeev and keep foster for the cup competitions.

  22. Chris20LEGEND says:

    it was a joke

  23. Imran says:

    Didn’t Foster say the same thing about VDS a year or two ago?? I’m about 95% sure he did… In which case it’s not exactly portraying VDS in a brilliant light is it?

    On a sepearte (somewhat related) note, was I the only one who thought VDS should have done better for Torres goal against Liverpool (he should have been off his line and down by the ball) and for CSKA’s first on Tuesday (no matter the shot, you shouldn’t be beaten from that angle)…

  24. Sharath says:

    LOL put it to rest now,
    I think he is a better keeper than Foster and has been patient for 3 and 1/2 years. If he still said something just forgive and forget.
    Anyway Akinfeev is coming soon ;)

  25. macha says:

    ahh those polish guys and their humour. not one word sounds like a joke fergie lol

  26. gingerprince says:

    I can personally understand what Tomasz is going through ..but this is not the way to go about it …but I think he probably knows himself that he’s not even the second choice although I rate him better then Foster and with the Afinekeev move looking more and more probable he knows his days are numbered maybe he thinks he can say things now that he couldn’t before …..

  27. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    First thing the guy ever did for Uniteds first team was come on and save a peno against arsenal. Not really that much to write home about after that but that’s a good thing for a keeper .

  28. Bealsy says:

    Oh well, see you later Poosack. No way the powers that be will stand for this.

  29. Welsh_United says:

    Listening to talksport people calling in who have seen the interview are saying he was jokeing, and that apparently Thomaz has a very dry sense of humour.

    Press and ABU’s twisting things again!!!

  30. desdinova says:

    Well , I don’t really understand why he has a go at Edwin, after all it’s Foster who he should be upset about. Despite disasterous performances he still gets to play, ONLY because he is english. There can be no doubts or discussion when it comes to Edwin’s position among goalkeepers, but Tom should really get a chance… Kuszczak’s character is not one of the nicest in the world and believe me, it is his love for United (he is a life-long fan) that kept him quiet all these years. He fell out with former national team manager after only couple of games , stating that he does not see any sense in traveling with national team if Boruc (Celtic) is absolutely unquestionable as a No1. On the other hand, at United he has been training with humility and his mouth shut for more than 3 years. I believe that handing Foster a chance when Edwin was injured was a final evidence for Kuszczak as to how Fergie rates him and I would not be surprised I he wanted to go – he is only 26 and will easily find a job in EPL – middle/lower part of the table.

    BTW , I am polish and believe me – there is no humour in what he said (I have only read the interview, though) and polish people LOVE dry british humour so I suppose he said what he meant to.

  31. bigted says:

    I hope he does’nt go cus i for one believe him to be better than boss-eyed ben

  32. Welbz19 says:

    Look I watched the interview he came across as nice chap! He wasn’t being serious with what he said, he was being sarcastic and had a massive smile on his face at the time so pleaseb do not take these quotes seriously!! As usual the papers are blowing the whole thing up!!

  33. RedDeviled Egg says:

    It was a joke. Get over it. Who wouldn’t make a few cracks like that? It’s nice to see a player offer up something different in an interview other than the standard formulaic answers. I’d rather see him making comments like this than see Foster fucking up again on the pitch

  34. King Eric says:

    Welbz19 – Yeah said the same thing myself to someone on here yesterday. I saw his “Old Trafford times” on Sunday and like you say he was smiling the whole way through it. I personally quite like the man.

  35. Jack says:

    sir alex was just on ssn saying it was a joke and that he was laughing when he said it also said that theres no problems between the 2

  36. bchilds says:

    NEVER go public with your views of discontent, it’s never a good idea.

    Once you go public, there’s no going back!

  37. RedDeviled Egg says:

    Probably just upset that Edwin was eating all his perogies and drinking all his vodka haha

  38. Fze123 says:

    He’s a nutter. If there’s anyone Edwin should dislike, it’s Foster, because of the stupid mistakes he made at the beginning of the season. He was joking anyway (weird sense of humor) but this could’ve cost him his job.

  39. mara says:

    I understand the guy…he is young and journalist shouldnt pay attention to that at all. But they want to make elefhant from moschito, and people eat that shit. Why the hell he shouldn t feel that way? Why that would be wrong? maybe he shouldnt say that to press, but to SAF…in the end..SO WHAT?

  40. blindkat says:

    This shows what a bitch playing for a big team must be these days with the press reporting every word from your mouth like it was some divine verse to disect and analyze. These guys are mostly middle to lower class dudes just like us except they happen to be incredibly talented with a football. They have got the same juvenile sense of humor and foul language that you have when a bunch a guys that hang out together all the time and if our crews were listened to by people from every corner of the globe with all their different points of view every second of the day we would probably be judged pretty harshly too. When I read the quotes from Thomasz I thought “what an asshole” then I saw it and you could totally tell he was joking, I wonder how many other big stories are like this?

  41. five says:

    The lynch mob attitude is sickening

    He was kidding. a few words from the press and everyones jumping on here asking for his head

  42. kevin says:

    He was laughing when he said it during a friendly and laid back interview.
    If he meant it MUTV wouldn’t have shown it (and certainly not as a clip as a trailer for the interview)
    I think it was a joke.

  43. rooninho says:

    it does sound like a joke. but as they say where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. this is how it started with tevez, with a couple of early public comments, stating that he would fight for his place but maybe it is time to move on if his hard work wasn’t noticed or appreciated. we all know what happened after that.

    has this public whinging ever worked with fergie? he’s not even the #2 keeper! logic says that he knows this will possibly upset fergie and will get him the transfer for the regular first team football that he openly desires, that much faster.

  44. Jayunited4eva says:

    i didn’t watch the interview but from what was said at our club website,it was said jovially.Even Sir Alex said that it was humour and said that the way modern journalism is,it isn’t surprising that Thomasz’s words would be tweaked to generate the news.And most of all,it was on yea.i mean, thomasz has been #2 all this while and if he wanted to whine, he’d probably had done it way earlier.Or not on MUTV but on skysports or sthing.The media’s just itching and craving to create something.I guess we don’t have dressing room squabbles or anything unlike what the rentboyz, gunners or scouser have had it recent times.Envy.Just as how the whole world has been over us since forever.
    Come on you Reds!

  45. chrishara says:

    Ha! Kuszczak is ripping the Premier League a new one recently! Eat your words kids, the man is delivering for Man United ten times better than Foster ever could. He has the potential to be as good as VDS, remember, VDS didn’t get much of a shot at Juventus either….


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