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Obertan: Great To Score In Front Of Sir Alex

After scoring a great goal against Liverpool for the Reserves, which has made United favourites for the league, Gabriel Obertan has now set his sights on making a difference for the first team in the remaining Premiership matches.

“It is good for the confidence to score some goals and good when the manager is watching the game,” said Obertan. “There are four matches left in the Premier League so it would be nice to be able to have a few minutes on the pitch. It’s been a bit difficult the last couple of months but I’ve worked hard with the reserves and in training, and it is paying off.”

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. redscot says:

    @ Fze right on the cash, he is one of my favourite 21 players, and I cant dream of him tonite, although he will cross my mind, I got my bedroom plastered with the team and photos. well said though mate. 21 steps to heaven my girl friend in the home kit. I am a lucky lucky boy, just wait mate I got the vision of the Christ, we can do this . its all to do with faith. nite nite boys and lassies, onto Wastelands
    Just fuckin Believe On On On

  2. Che Guevarist says:


    Exactly the way I feel about him too. I was doubly disappointed with the result against Bayern because I felt that this night should have belonged to Nani, just like the previous night had belonged to Messi. All our lads were giving their all, but Nani was just magnificent that night.

    Even after we had been reduced to 10 men,he was still trying to press Bayern’s defence and GK,kept on sprinting even though he had already scored 2 amazing goals. I never saw Ronaldo being as selfless as Nani was that night.

    All in all I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be optimistic for next year. Hargreaves and Anderson will be like two new signings :D

  3. Fze123 says:

    @ Fred, well Martin O’Neill does tick the right boxes; Irish (likely to stay a club for a long time), experience in the PL, friends with SAF etc but he really let him self down because of the lack of belief and confidence he injects into his team, the rubbish defensive football he gets them playing and how they burst out of good form instantly. Yet they still beat us, the dippers and the rentboys this season. Moyes has been far more impressive, as we all agree. Our players have a lot to be ashamed out of, not just Villa nicking 4 points off us this season. Failing to score against Blackburn despite all the posession and going into the Chelsea game at OT like we were 10 points clear at the top of the table plus that woeful first half performance is way more shameful.

  4. Fze123 says:

    @ redscot, good night mate. Just don’t wet the bed while dreaming of Nani, :)

    @ Che Guevarist, yeah spot on. I think, had we progressed through, we would have been still talking about Nani’s performance until now. Even though our exit was pretty hard to take by the players and fans there will always be Nani’s peformance to look back on and smile about, and we will remember how the team set about going on to win from the start, no fucking about, just got on with their jobs. Proper Utd. Anyway, there is plenty to look forward to next season. With Hargo, Brown and Ando back we will be safe defensively and with extra options, incase we suffer from another defence crisis, because one of these 3 would probably do a better job in defence than Fletch and Carrick did. Rio, Vida and Evans are all injury prone so getting injured is inevitable.

  5. Dimitar Berbatov is King says:

    Spurs did a good job of holding off the Arsenal charge…

    I hope they hold off Chelsea, maybe even win it. Dippers have to have that last charge for 4th unless those idiots ‘conserve’ their energies for the Europa League (You know, their last chance at silverware). Who knows? This season has been full of ups and downs, we can always hope for it to be an up when the final whistle is heard on May 9th.

    It’s really painful though seeing that we need to depend on the other teams to help us. If only the linesman wasn’t blind…

  6. Corea says:

    Good morning guys. At least here at my place it is morning. ;)
    I don’t know what to make of the Tottenham vs. Arsenal result. They are now one point adrift of the 4th place. But even if they hadn’t beaten Arsenal yesterday they would have been in contention for this elusive 4th spot and their game against Chelsea would have still been important.
    I am not sure if we manage to beat City on Saturday but it’s a must for us not to lose our last chances of winning the league and bring Liverpool into contention as well.
    PS. Scott, is it possible to organize a vote whether we want Benzema or not at the club. He is a great player in terms of talent but i am not sure i want him at the club. Anyway we bought Michael Owen so it won’t be the end of the world.

  7. Walk in the Park says:

    i vote no for benzema…coz if we keep buying new striker when will our own young striker like macheda and wellbeck got the chance to prove themselves,..also benzema rejected us once,so you dont want to look desperate to keep asking when someone already say no to you..right?

  8. stretfordender says:

    Morning All!
    Got a spring in my step today after watching that last night. Was very impressed with Spurs. Modric was fantastic especially considering he played 120 minutes on the weekend. Great player with a fantastic football brain..
    @ Corea, hope you are well mate, good post as normal, personally I would like Benzema, I know Scott has pointed to the fact he turned us down, but his advisor was a Mr Z. Zidane, who loves Real probably a bit too much. He is a young kid who was mis advised, I can forgive him that. If Fergie got hold of him I’m sure we would have one of the most powerful, feared strike forces in the world.

  9. Corea says:

    @Walk in the Park – agree. but as i said for a couple of times already Fergie’s assessment of the young players and the way he gives them chances to promote to the first team is pretty much a secret to me. It depends on what kind of addition mexican player will be, Berba’s and Owen’s fortune etc.

  10. Manchuchu says:

    Sell Berbatov
    Buy Dzeko.

    Otherwise we have plenty of quality just waiting to make its way up the ranks.

    We might have to bite the bullet and let a bunch of young guys take front and center in the first team next season but develop their mental toughness with 1 or 2 senior players leading them out like the Fledglings.

    Whatever the case may be some of the older guys will have to make room. And Macheda could pack Berbatov’s luggage for him. At 18 Kiko might be making the mistake of wanting to hang on to the ball too long, but other than that he seems to have positional sense, vision, semi decent passing and good shooting boots. And the kid is built like a fucking tank. It’s very premature but I see shades of Totti (The good qualities mind you) in him already.

  11. aig alex is god says:

    Benzema may have turned us down but he is a top talent and SAF will get the best out of him i am sure. Berbatov turned us down too in 2006, yet we went after him in 2008 and got him. Its not about whether he turned us down. he has realised probably that real is not a club where he can fulfil his potential and that he made a mistake. Still only 22. Better late than never. I would like to see one of Dzeko or benzema but if this chicaritho guy is good than i dont mind even if we dont sign anyone but we have to ensure that we have a plan B next season and if a striker or two gets injured we can cope with it especially in wazzas case

    How much potential Hernandez has will be known soon. If he initially plays for the reserves it means SAF expects him to develop. If he straight away gets in the first team squad then SAF is sure he can make a difference and can perform at this level

  12. Corea says:

    @stretfordender – Benzema-Rooney partnership would certainly be magical. It would also give Fergie another striker to play 4-5-1 or 4-3-3 as much as am not fond of this formations.
    I am a romanticist and would have wanted to play with youth and the players we have at our disposal but it is pretty much obvious we would have to find an AM and be sure players like Gibson would develop into strong squad players and we would finally see Hargo on the playing field in that case.
    I certainly don’t find attractive possibily of seing us suffer again.

  13. Corea says:

    @aig alex is god – hi mate. Berba’s and Benzema’s cases were pretty much different.
    As i understood Hernandez is a player who uses both feet and i wonder whether he can play on the left wing sometimes. Not sure though.

  14. Manchuchu says:

    Palermo looking to loan Macheda in the summer. NoooOOOooo…

    Italian high-fliers Palermo will look to lure young Manchester United forward Federico Macheda this summer, according to the Daily Star.

    18 year-old Macheda burst onto the scene last season with a dramatic late goal against Aston Villa and has since been handed limited opportunities by Sir Alex Ferguson. Macheda started for Manchester United during last weekend’s game at Blackburn Rovers, as Ferguson’s attacking options have been limited with Wayne Rooney , Michael Owen and Danny Welbeck all injured.

    According to the Daily Star, Palermo attempted to arrange a loan deal for Macheda during the January transfer window and will renew their interest this summer. Palermo are locked in a battle with Sampdoria for the fourth and final Champions League spot in Italy and should Maurizio Zamparini’s side seal qualification it would surely help to lure Macheda.

    Sir Alex Ferguson will likely look to strengthen his attacking options over the summer, which could leave Macheda further down the OId Trafford pecking order. The Daily Star also comments that Manchester United will look to trim their wage bill and loaning out fringe players such as Macheda could help in this effort.

  15. lawman10 says:

    @redscot sorry for my reply been late had be at the airport last night pick up my daughter.
    anyway I never ment to disrespect your comment…………………………I think we can forget mike for stepping up, now rene for me he is the dark horse, whenever you see fergie in the dugout he is always talking to rene & not mike.
    by all accounts he is a well respected coach in europe, maybe the dream ticket is rene & ole?
    If you cast your mind back to post busby, wilf McGuness who I happen to think he got a raw deal with regards to transfers, for example he had a list of players he wanted for club ie…alan ball,david nish, shilton,
    he wanted to buld his side around george best & as we know he never got them.its what might of been.
    so I would not rule out someone steping up from within

  16. Costas says:

    Morning everyone.

    Sell Berbatov and buy Anichebe

  17. aig alex is god says:


    Hi mate.

    I dont think we meed any more wingers. we have plenty of them and valencia and nani have been impressive. WE need 4 strikers . That was the formula SAF used in 08-09 and in 98-99 and i must say it worked well. so we have rooney, hernandez, owen and berba. We know that owen is a injury prone and berba is ageing too. Plus we like playing 4-5-1 which dosent suit dimis strengths to be honest. hence i want to see us buy one more striker who can complement rooney well and can lead the line comfortably in his absence. dzeko fits the bill well because he is a great header of the ball and valencia and nani do pump a lot of crosses in the box which ahs benefited wazza.

  18. dromarared says:

    NANI on right, Obertan on left and Valencia in the middle. We need a midfielder who can score to replace Scholsey’s goals and Valencia plays in the middle for his national team and seems to do it well. Why not give it a go?

  19. Walk in the Park says:

    SAF launch 15m bid for Hugo Lloris according to daily mail..if its true this is the end of foster..

  20. redscot says:

    @ The Lawman, Good morning Dennis, lol.Absoloutly no need to say to say sorry about not replying quickly , I guess we are all not just scrolling the threads of ROM all day and night, as fascinating as it is, and have other things to attend to.
    I agree with your observation regards who Sir Alex consults with during the games for thoughts, my view also is he always looks concerned(Muelensteen) when games are not going to plan during the game, so he has the passion for the club.
    You may well have something there regards him and Ole together.There is a consensus of opinion as you know for Mourhnino, I favour that in a way there are advantages and disadvantages with that choice,Jose is a gamble from the point of view he always(Porto aside) spends a lot of cash for success.A great tactician though, but will NOT give youth a opportunity, or very seldom.If we can attract him, it will cost a lot of cash and he will wish to spend, but he will gaurentee us continued silverware,and a presence in the media, but sadly alienate us further from non United supporters.
    Your suggestion is very credible though,I can see it and the very desirable continuity in the club.Its probably going to be the biggest decision the club are going to have to make in the foreseeable future other than the financial ones that will need to be faced.I see both going hand in hand,the new manager is going to have to deal with more than just managing the team, he is clearly going to have diplomatic skills on several levels to keep the ship on a steady course.
    Mate I cant really comment on the era of Busby and Mcguiness, so there is no point in me bullshiting you there, its just not in my realm of knowledge.I hear what you are saying though, I shall take some time later and read a bit more on the net what you are meaning, thank you.
    May I also mention Guus Hiddink,I think he is successful, proven on many levels and as we are aware in England, humble, media friendly,gives the impression not someone to fuck around with.I dont think he comes with animosity or hostility.I again believe he would give 100% to our cause.Its all subjective of course and many names will and should be considered.I feel ulimately European experience and juggling experince will be key if you get my drift, lol although what is evolving is not a laughing matter.

    I am sorry if I have rattled on, its just I thought your post required the courtesy of a reply.
    I must go and get some work done, or I will be availiable for the job, lmao.
    Have a great day.

  21. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Sell Fletcher buy Noone because “I think at the moment midfield is not an issue for us because we have plenty of alternatives”

  22. bchilds says:

    Good goal, glad he’s doing well in the reserves.

  23. Corea says:

    @redscot – you know, for the first time it seems like i understood everything that you’d put. LOL

  24. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    35million bid on the table for david villa
    valencia wnt 40 bt united wont up the offer to 40
    35 million and a chance to wear the number 7 shirt
    i can see man city or real coming in with the extra 5 but here hoping villa would do a Berba and take the lower offer, and comeon 35million is mental money, and come to united if that happens but as it stands United offer 35 million for villa

  25. Costas says:

    Thanks GHTT. Interesting. Wasn’t there a rumor last summer that United would stop spending big amounts of money for players over 25? Or was that denied by Gill? Anyway, lets see where it goes. Villa might want to do a Silva and stay at Spain for all we know.

    Oh and how generous of Don Fabio:

    Instead of apologising for being the reason that Rooney’s injury problems started, he is gracious enough not to blame Fergie. Great.

  26. aig alex is god says:


    how reliable is that source????

  27. willierednut says:

    There’s nothing on SSN lads, so don’t get your hopes up.

  28. Corea says:

    GHTT must be kidding. :)

  29. Danillaço says:

    Coul you imagine Villa and Rooney? God damn it, I just came in my pants a little.

  30. redscot says:

    @Corea your post @10.50,Do you realise how offensive that comment is? fortunately I am extremely good natured. I think, but possibly I am incorrect most people understand what I am writing/posting.I appreciate I often use my native tongue for the sake of humour,and to add a bit of fun to the comments.
    I really believe its not fair to try and take the piss out of my command of the English language.
    But thank you for your pop at me, however stupid it makes you look.Just be gratefull I dont type in Gaelic!.I take the time and effort to read everyones posts and enjoy them all, some I dont understand, or think they are native speakers/writers, but I would never ever critizise someones ability to communicate.

  31. DomCon says:

    Dunno about comments from Gill, but Fergie just commented on the matter a couple of days back, saying signing a 27 yr old for 30+mil was a one off for the club as theres no resale value for the player then.. Or maybe it was just him playing his usual games with the media :)

    Anyways, cant see the Villa transfer coming through. Real/City will outbid us, plus it was reported he wanted 200,000 in weekly wages.. Guess only City/Chelsea/Madrid can afford those kind of salaries.

  32. Corea says:

    @redscot – i didn’t even think of critisizing your manner of posting. on the contrary i was taking the piss out of myself and my ability to understand what is written here sometimes. that post wasn’t meant to offend you in any way. i enjoy your posts very much. sorry if it offended you.

  33. redscot says:

    @Corea Oh okay mate,I just thought I was getting some malice aimed at me from within.Its just I feel sometimes with peoples ego’s, they like to score cheap points at weaker opponents.That simply is not my way, the opposite in fact.I apologise if I misread the intent. For you benifit Corea I will defenitely try and be clear as crystal from now on, although I am quite sure some of my posts will still be delivered a bit
    I am off the blog for the day, away to do some shopping,I only have a tiny tiny village shop for food and its extremely expensive so I go to the closest supermarket in the Highland capital of Scotland.
    Have a great day mate, and enjoy the discussions on the”departure of Wayne” lol

  34. Corea says:

    @redscot – it’s a load off my mind. had a terrible day yesterday, the last i needed was to make someone feel bad. i wouldn’t have been able to visit the blog if we didn’t clear the issue.
    have a nice day as well.

  35. redscot says:

    @ corea, come on mate we have one thing in common that is all we love our Club, I would never want anyone to feel bad because of my comments( unless they are totally disrespecting our players or club) its just my passion, i have witnessed yours often and genuinely i felt good. I hope you had a great day, I had a shit one as per normal around people who are so unfriendly that’s city live I am told.
    I am man enough at 18 to take it on the chin.
    Hope where ever you are mate you catch the match either in the ground a Pub at home wherever, just shout yer fucking heart out mate.
    Believe Just fucking cunting Believe it aint over Shitty 0 Reds 3

  36. Corea says:

    “I am man enough at 18 to take it on the chin.”
    surely it is not true. ) anyway if you are serious you have a lot of interesting years ahead of you ;)

  37. redscot says:

    @Corea Care to enlarge upon, what you mean?.

  38. Corea says:

    redscot – here we go again. i was saying about your age. don’t believe you are 18 :-P

  39. redscot says:

    @Corea .”here we go again” pmsl. tell me my age then?lol

  40. Corea says:

    @redscot – you are a person of a strange age. :)

  41. redscot says:

    @Corea,lol I am a person of a strange age? please before one of us Dies explain what that riddle means!

  42. Corea says:

    @redscot – see ya ;)

  43. redscot says:

    @ corea, yer leaving. shame.and i could have had fun with you, bye. get some Balls type to me in main thread and accuse me of what you have done so far. lmao


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