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Obertan: Very Proud The Fans Sing My Name

Manchester United fans revised the Nicky Butt chant for Rodrigo Possebon as he started to shine in League Cup performances last season.

The same has been done for Gabriel Obertan, particularly during his impressive display against Barnsley, which has made him feel very welcome.

“I’m very proud of that,” he told MUTV. “It gives you a huge push when you are playing and you hear the supporters singing your name. It’s like you have other forces behind you. It’s also made me feel very welcome here. If I hear the fans singing my name I want to give them something back by playing well and working hard for them.”

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  1. Mikael says:

    That’s a good boy… but don’t forget you need to perform to get “us” singing… it starts with you ;o)

  2. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    the possebon chant is no more , that was the chant that got Emily noticed

  3. mancstan says:

    Talking of Possebon, what became of him???

  4. wazza (Bezi) says:

    has already shown the positive signs of a top talent. hoping he atleast makes the bench against the rent boys. btw, what’s his chant ?


    Good to know. i think he’ll keep his fet on the ground after an excellent start to his united career. he seems level grounded which is good. guys do you think he may be as good as ronnie? he has the potential.

  6. Fabio says:

    @ wazza

    The old nicky butt song goes something like this
    Obertan, Obertan Gaby Obertan, Na nan-nan nan-nan nan-nan na
    I think he has the right attitude to become a star..


    When Johnny goes marching down the wing’

    He comes from France and he’s a Red, Gabby, Gabby

    His favourite food is Garlic Bread, Gabby, Gabby.

    He’s got the skills, he’s rapid too, so now we sing Ronaldo who?

    Gabriel Obertan, the best winger in the world.

  7. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    Possebon chant is dead :(
    long live the Obertan chant

  8. islandred says:


    Possebon went off on a year long loan to FC Braga in Portugal, but according to media reports, was so poor, the manager wanted to send him back to OT.

    Not sure if it’s true though.

    I’m happy with Obertan, he looks promising. If only he’d have been able to score against Blackburn, it would have settled him right down, but he’ll (hopefully) have plenty of time on his side to start grabbing the goals.

  9. hurr says:

    Have anyone seen the video where he kicked a CSKA player and went unnoticed by the referees? I hoped he doesn’t do this again.

  10. King Eric says:

    hurr – Fucking hell, that is the first time I have seen that. I know he got booked but didn’t know why. Not good to see but by the same token nowt wrong with a bit of Gaellic temperament! Familiar?

  11. Red Army says:

    To the tune of Forlan’s song.

    Gab-ri-el Obertan, he’s better than Zidane.

  12. rooninho says:


    that video of obertan kicking the cska player is shocking, though i did notice that the cska player did throw a quick elbow and forearm at obertan.

    i like that he stood up for himself, but that was just an unwise retaliation.

    still, the boy looks like he will do a great job with his pace and skill, and its easy to like him!

  13. RedDeviled Egg says:

    Who came up with the ‘better than Zidane’ chant? That’s awful.

  14. cav says:

    hurr- I saw that yesterday. Really shameful; it should’ve been a straight red. I’d rather not have him at all if he’s going to disgrace the club that way.

  15. Gandalf says:

    Ok now, surely we remember Bellion [new Henry!!]… as for me, I hope he is at least better than Nani.

  16. kevin says:

    @cav – he didn’t “disgrace the club” he just had a bad reaction to being fouled off the ball – twice!

    He was body checked hoping to do a 1-2 with Rooney – which would have put him clean through on goal. Then he was elbowed off the ball. He was keen to help us get back into the game and was a bit naive and made a bad reaction.

    @Gandalf – you can’t compare Obertan to Bellion – completely different class – that is obvious already.

  17. King Eric says:

    Kevin – Spot on mate. Personally I actually quite like the fact he has that Gaellic temperament! Gonna be a huge player for United. Looks different class already.

  18. cav says:

    kevin- if a liverpool player had done that, everyone on here would be flipping out. he deliberately ran up to a player and kicked him while the ball was nowhere in sight. it’s fucking disgraceful behavior and it hurts our image when players do stuff like that.

  19. Carrick's Fuckin Magic....4-3 mate says:

    i like him…hes got good feet and can be direct and beat a player :)

  20. DebRed says:

    The guys got great skills and speed.
    Its good he has the hunger to score, but what he does here is awful.
    Is this what his last manager referred to as mental issues. I hope Sir Alex or some one tells him that he is wearing the Red of United not the blue of chelsea, we respect our opponents and win by playing better, definitely not kicking off the ball. How the hell would we have reacted had this been done to any of our players?
    It should have been a straight red card.
    I hope Obertan sorts out these disciplinary issues soon and not wastes his talent getting booked stupidly.

  21. Jish Inc says:

    why are people overeacting to a simple kick. he is not the first united player to do that. we’ve seen Rooney do it many times over and used to say he will mature in time. give the boy a fucking break!! it was a bad decision but does not warrant ome of the comments here. Lets give him time before we know if he is a Bellion or a Henry

  22. Datnana says:

    The boy is hungry for success. That’s the united spirit. IT IS DONE, DONE, DONE! WE’VE GOT OBERTAN. WE ARE HAPPY! WE’VE GOT GABBY. WE’VE GOT OBERTAN.


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