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Observations From Audi Cup

1. Anderson really can take a free-kick.
2. German food is pretty rank. I don’t even know what they do to their mashed potato but it has the consistency of a stress ball.
3. Antonio Valencia looks to be a good buy.
4. Germans don’t get the concept of ‘jibbing’. Despite there being no checks for tickets the whole three days we were travelling around on the U-Bahn, the Germans always bought tickets. After the final, as thousands of fans poured in to the station, the Bayern Munich fans were still queueing up to buy tickets.
5. The new kit is nice.
6. Bayern fans don’t have a lot of chants but they’re fairly obsessed with Mexican waves and creating paper planes.
7. Prostitutes proposition men wearing football shirts more than they do men not wearing football shirts.
8. Wayne Rooney is very popular over there indeed.
9. The waitresses are old women. I didn’t come across a single young, hot, Ayran waitress in traditional dress the whole time we were there.
10. German fans seem to think all English fans are scary hooligans and are not interested in getting involved in the banter. Our fans gave up baiting them in the end after repeatedly singing “Who put the ball in the Germans’ net?” failed to even raise an eye-brow from from the thousands of surrounding Bayern fans.
11. They are so fucking efficient. The trains and buses run every few minutes and always arrive on time. Wonderful.
12. The Allianz Arena really is impressive. Looks good from the outside, looks good from the inside and traps the noise in well.

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Scott is the editor of Red Matters - 50 Years of Supporting Manchester United and an author of Play Like Fergie's Boys and Not Nineteen Forever. He writes for ESPN, The Metro and Bleacher Report. Follow @R_o_M on Twitter.

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  1. ManUtdPeople says:

    haha yea I don’t think I want to go there to be honest

  2. Macheda is GOD says:

    Thats it!

  3. Anon says:

    German women are hot. I don’t know about the old waitresses!

  4. hurr says:

    LOL at 10. Not sure about 1 though. Might be a once-in-a-blue-moon thing.

  5. NewTactics says:

    An Englishman criticizing German food;) Legendary

  6. The Binocular says:

    I am surprised that Rooney is popular there?

    Valencia is a good buy but hopefully he doesn’t carry the tag of Ronaldo’s replacement because that would be stupid pressure.

    But can Nani step up this season?

  7. Red Dave says:

    number 4 is a shocker
    a move to germany might not be a bad idea, how bad can they be if they rate rooney?
    except for the shit food

  8. trevor says:

    Interesting take on your time in Germany! I love this kinda humour, Hope you had a good time!

    I enjoyed watching the games, It still amazes me how much people read into Pre Season friendlies.

    For me thw whole purpose is Fitness & Fitness & improving the tactics!

    For me this year i hope to see the following!

    1) Berbatov – Will be far better this year. He suffered alot from the Ronaldo Tactics & Formation last year!
    2) The return of Owen Hargreaves! – Some fans have forgotten how good this guy actualy is! Some other fans feel its his fault that the club spent so much money on him and it was his fault he got injured!………. Give the lad a break!
    3)Rooney – For the past two years i feel that Rooney was relying on Ronaldo. Somehow self conciously adopting the attitude its ok, we can get ronaldo to score…. He needs to be more assertive & take more of his chances. Id like to see him blast it home more instead of going for the audasious (however spelt!! hahaha)
    4) Anderson – Think its his year!
    5) Giggs – Im also very keen to see how giggs performs this year. I said to myself last year that he isnt going to have much influance and be used sparingly but i was wrong! He was our shining light in many games!
    6) Fletcher………….. I can not sing this guys quality enough, some fans dont rate him. These fans only remember the people scoring the goals! Every team needs a player like Fletch and i think we have one if not the best going!

    How do you guys see this season going?

  9. Anon says:

    Trevor, mate, i too am looking to see how Fergie uses Giggsy. I donnoe how much he plays, but when he plays as Play maker in the centre, he is still our most dangerous player, and the only one capable of repeatedly beating defenders and set up a game!

  10. King Eric says:

    Trevor – You have pretty much summed up what I think as well mate. Sick of people slagging Fletch. He can and will be one of the best defensive midfielders in England. As someone said on here the other week and got slated, toward the end of last season he wasn’t just one of United’s best players but was playing better than most in the whole league. Why the fuck do people want Yaya Toure and the like. He ain’t as good as Fletch or Carrick. Furthermore if Ando steps up we will have the best midfield in the Premiership.

    Also some cunt on Talksport, Neil Ashton from I think the Mail said there is no way United will get 100 goals. He said he had followed our pre season and said Rooney was by far our best player and Berba was dissapointing! Does he just read newspaper articles or actually watch the game? I thought Rooney wasn’t up to standard to be fair in his last few appearances and Berba was fucking quality.

    I cannot wait till Valencia gets proper match fit and used to the United way. The kid looks awesome and can be a new United hero. Very very fast, strong, direct , beats players with consummate ease and has a great final ball. Can just imagine Old Trafford on their feet when this lad gets the ball and runs at players. Also can be used centrally if necessary.

    I thought Rio looked excellent all tour as did glimpses of Fabio. He looks a much better defender at the moment than his bro. Can you picture both of them tearing down the flanks? Evans is absolute quality.

    Thought Nani had a good pre season and looking forward to him pressing on.

    All in all I am very positive.

  11. King Eric says:

    Spot on regarding Giggsy. I just hope Sir Alex NEVER uses both he and Scholes together in any important games.

  12. redsoul says:

    @king eric-i agree agree wit u mate and fletch should neva be underated.wat is happening to rafael?

  13. wiuru says:

    Owen also showed he as well as getting stuck in can take punishment to . The challenge by Martin Demichelis Was Red in a normal game Owen looked undone , but he was up and back into the game Within no time. Long may he keep fit. Totally expecting him to be on the end of a lot of the same once the season starts.

  14. Tufty says:

    Great observations, reminds me of my first trip to Europe as well.

  15. Gotta hate tiny tears says:

    fabio is better than i taught
    and i taught he was unreal before

  16. RJ says:

    “German fans seem to think all English fans are scary hooligans”

    Well we do have a reputation for it!

  17. SULLY says:

    How are the German prosy’s?!? Anyone…

  18. jamie says:

    King Eric got it right

  19. krammerd says:

    Just think CR7 lost some of his ability to pass defenders in the last 3rd. All Valencia videos on youtube show him attacking and driving forward. I think we might see a few more spectacular goals; and more worried defenders with Valencia.

  20. daveob82 says:

    Ha ha… quality….

    They buy the tickets cos plainclothes guys check them on the trains and you get fined €40 if you have no ticket.

    The prosys in Berlin are exceptional… looking….
    Not many people realise it is legal in Germany.

    Another point would be that Nani looked decent.

  21. Drew Vader says:

    So you lot all liked the look of the black kit? I wasn’t so sure.

  22. smokebreaksteve says:

    King Eric

    I heard the interview with Neil Ashton too and thought I had heard wrong so glad you heard it too.I think the words he used were ‘Rooney was the best UTD player on the tour BY FAR’ and that Berbatov was well below par.
    It amazes me that people earn a good living coming out with observations like that and wonder if we are gonna get a season of the media tearing into Berbatov at every opportunity.The press are chomping at the bit to point out that he could be another Veron. As I have said before I think Berbatov was brought in as a missing link and some of his play on the tour albeit against inferior opposition was majestic.

  23. droylsdenred says:

    Can’t wait for the new season, if for nothing else just to shut the knockers up.
    Strong squad, motivation galore and a record 4th title on the table. All in all a quality season ahead. Just hope Hargreaves can be fit and really force the competition in the middle between Fletch/Anderson/Carrick/Hargreaves.
    Fergie to prove everyone wrong for the umpteenth time in his career..


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